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The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 2136

Chapter 985

Chapter 985 Inside the Temple

Not far from the entrance of the Darkest Temple, there was a three-meter-high black inscription with Darkest Temple carved on it.

Li Mu was not in the mood to care about these things. He quickly walked toward the inside of the temple.

The Darkest Temple was a large building, which had six floors. After entering the door, they were on the first floor, which was quite spacious and large. It seemed to be a warehouse used for storing casting materials or semi-finished products in the past.

“We discovered the defective armor and weapons refined by the Cosmic Emperor Deathless here. I obtained a damaged Heart Protect Mirror. I blocked the attack of Liuyun Wufeng because of it.” Liuyun Wuxin said.

Within the first floor, there should have been a Transmitting Array that could reach the second floor. However, it had broken down for a long time, so it could not be used. They could only see a few altars that had lost their effectiveness. Under the guidance of Liuyun Wuxin, the two of them found the secret passage to the second floor at the fastest speed.

On the second floor, the layout was much more meticulous. It had different types of rooms. There were a few large rooms that looked like prisons, but they were all empty. They were probably used to imprison some living things by the Cosmic Emperor Deathless in the past. It was quite clean and tidy.

“We’ve found some bones of extinct divine beasts here, which can be used as materials for refining weapons in the Great Way Realm. They’re valuable. They were probably taken away by that old bastard, Liuyun Wufeng.” Liuyun Wuxin said.

Li Mu asked, “Which floor do you see the female shadow in white on?”

“The third floor.”

“Okay! Let’s go straight to the third floor.”

Li Mu couldn’t wait any longer.

After getting through a hidden secret passage, they reached the third floor.

The third floor of the Darkest Temple seemed to be a large refining field. There were many small and exquisite rooms. They should be the warehouses where important alchemy materials were stored. The building was exquisite, and the layout was strange. It was a little like the layout of the Eight Trigrams of Yin and Yang. In the center of the Yin and Yang Fish area, there was a ten-meter-high giant copper furnace.

The bronze furnace was shaped like a bell, with three legs and rough lines on its surface. There were four strange smiling faces imprinted on the surface of the bronze furnace. There were four holes between the smiling faces, and the holes were pitch-black. No one knew what else was in the bronze furnace.

Liuyun Wuxin said, “At that time, we found the Darkest Soul-devouring Fires in this bronze furnace. There were a total of four of them. I got one. The old bastard, Liuyun Wufeng, got three. The method to merge with the Divine Fires was in the file room that records the experience of various casting mental cultivation methods.”

He pointed to a relatively large room in front of him.

Li Mu observed carefully and felt the air was full of the smell of death. A massacre had happened here before. There were traces of being burned by the Divine Fire. The dead core disciples of the Liuyun family had been burned to ashes by the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire. It proved that what Liuyun Wuxin said was true.

As expected, the rusted sword vibrated more and more frequently.

That was right.

“Wang Shiyu’s soul and psyche must be here.”

Liuyun Wuxin walked out of the file room and said, “All the things inside are gone. They were probably taken away by Liuyun Wufeng. After all, the experience of the Cosmic Emperor Deathless in casting is significant.”

They searched the entire third floor but did not find any trace of Wang Shiyu’s soul and psyche.

Li Mu carefully sensed the vibration frequency of the rusted sword and got something. He said, “Let’s go to the fourth floor.”

Liuyun Wuxin said, “I didn’t enter the fourth floor at that time, so I don’t know where the secret passage is, nor do I know what’s on the fourth floor.”

Li Mu said, “I’ll lead the way.”

Li Mu determined the correct route according to the vibration frequency of the rusted sword. It was useful.

Under the guidance of the rusted sword, Li Mu soon found the secret passage to the fourth floor.

The passage they climbed up had twists and turns like stairs.

Finally, the door of the fourth floor appeared before their eyes.

Liuyun Wuxin was surprised. “Have you been here before?”

Li Mu shook his head.

He looked at the closed door and frowned slightly. “It’s strange! Someone has been here before.”

“Could it be Liuyun Wufeng?” Killing intent appeared on Liuyun Wuxin’s face.

“I’m not sure. Be careful.”

Li Mu walked over and slowly pushed open the door of the fourth floor.

A gust of cold wind blew from behind the door.

At first glance, Li Mu saw a skeleton in ragged armor lying at the door. It held a broken sword. The style, the materials, and the figures of its armor and the sword were not ordinary. However, They had lost their spirituality and become scrap metal after a long time.

The two of them entered the door.

“This is…”

Li Mu was extremely surprised.

The first, second, and third floors of the Darkest Temple were well-preserved without any trace of damage. Even the various forging tips and methods of merging with the Divine Fires in the file room were intact. Therefore, both Li Mu and Liuyun Wuxin subconsciously thought the Darkest Temple should not have encountered any catastrophe.

However, the fourth floor was completely different.

It was obvious that a cruel battle had taken place here. Everything inside had been destroyed, and broken and collapsed rocks were everywhere. If it weren’t for the few intact stone pillars, the entire temple would have collapsed long ago.

In addition to gravel and broken walls, there were dead bodies.

There were a total of 30 to 40 corpses scattered about on the ruins. Some wore armor, and some were only incomplete skeletons.

“The battle took place thousands of years ago. These people were at least in the Way Sage Realm before they died. It seemed they were not descendants of the Cosmic Emperor Deathless. If the people of the Protoss created by the Cosmic Emperor Deathless die, their bodies will disappear. Could they be invaders?”

Liuyun Wuxin said.

Li Mu was not concerned about this.

What happened thousands of years ago was just some hidden history for him. In the past, he might be curious. But now, he just wanted to find Wang Shiyu’s soul and psyche as soon as possible.

Li Mu didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he always felt that this experience would not be as simple as it seemed.

The entire fourth floor had been destroyed.

They did not find anything valuable here.

Under the guidance of the rusted sword, Li Mu soon found the secret passage to the fifth floor.

There was no door at the entrance of the fifth floor. It was opened.

A battle had happened here before, and the degree of damage was slightly smaller than on the fourth floor. Some closed rooms could be seen, and they didn’t know what was stored inside. There were traces of cuts made by swords and sabers on the walls of some stone rooms.

They walked along the passage to the deepest part of the fifth floor, and a huge hall appeared.

Four huge French windows were on the south side of the hall. It was dark inside.

A two-meter-tall figure stood quietly in front of the window and looked, with his back to Li Mu and Liuyun Wuxin.

The person’s body emitted terrible pressure like a vast ocean.

He wore a suit of red and yellow armor, exuding the majesty of a God-king. He wore a golden helmet, and a scarlet red tassel fell from the back of his head. A golden spear was inserted into the ground, emitting a dazzling light.

“Be careful.”

Liuyun Wuxin immediately stood in front of Li Mu to protect him.

As a Knife Hut servant, he had long been prepared.

The figure’s aura was so strong and terrifying that even he, who was at the peak of the Way Sage Realm, felt threatened. He was afraid that Li Mu would be in danger.

“Don’t worry. He’s already dead.”

Li Mu said.

Liuyun Wuxin was stunned. When he sensed it carefully, he looked shocked.

Yes! Although the aura of the God-king in the Divine Armor was so powerful, there was no fluctuation of his soul and spirit. He stood still like an ice-cold stone.

How could such a person be dead?

How did he die?

What killed him?

Liuyun Wuxin was extremely curious.

Li Mu was the same.

However, they were unable to determine his identity without seeing his face.

Liuyun Wuxin tried to bypass the person from the side, but he soon gave up.

They couldn’t bear the powerful energy fluctuations and pressure surging from this person. Once they got within 20 meters of this figure, Liuyun Wuxin felt that his body was about to shatter. The horrible killing intent seemed to be about to crush all the souls approaching.

Even though the person was dead, his cultivation had not completely dissipated. This man had cultivated his body to be as powerful as a divine treasure. Not only was he dead and immortal, but his divinity had also not dissipated. Li Mu even wondered if the true energy in this figure was running automatically.

It was terrifying.

Could he have been an imperial fighter when he was alive?

Could the person be the Cosmic Emperor Deathless himself?

Countless speculations came to Li Mu and Liuyun Wuxin’s minds.

“That golden long spear,” a burning light appeared in Liuyun Wuxin’s eyes.

Everyone could tell the golden spear inserted in the ground next to the terrible figure was a rare precious weapon. Liuyun Wuxin was a spear master. At first glance, he could hardly take his eyes off the spear, just like a lecherous man seeing a naked peerless beauty.

But he couldn’t get it.

He couldn’t get close to it, not to mention get it.

Li Mu searched everywhere on the fifth floor, but he didn’t find Wang Shiyu’s soul and psyche.

“We can only go to the last floor, the sixth floor.”

Under the guidance of the rusted sword, Li Mu soon found the secret passage to the sixth floor.

“Do you think it strange that there are no restrictions or tactical deployments on the fourth and fifth floors?” Li Mu asked, “When you explored the first three floors, did you encounter any protective tactical deployments?”

Liuyun Wuxin said, “Yes, but they were not strong. After losing some manpower, we passed.”

Li Mu said, “Then there is only one possibility.”

He raised his head to see the sixth floor’s door.

Someone must have arrived here ahead of us and broken the defensive formations of the fourth and fifth floors.

This person was likely to have reached the sixth floor.

What was on the sixth floor?

Unconsciously, Li Mu became nervous.

The Divine Martial Stars

The Divine Martial Stars

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The world is about to be destroyed to make way for an interstellar transmission array formation. A young man journeys through the stars to save his home. A bloody fantasy adventure.


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