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The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 2135

Chapter 984

Chapter 984 The Truth

“Don’t you want to know who that person is?” Liuyun Wuxin paused and looked at Li Mu.

Li Mu said, “Isn’t it Liuyun Wufeng, the patriarch you hate the most?”

“Yes! It’s him,” Liuyun Wuxin said. “As the patriarch, he killed all the elites of the family, including his own sons, his brothers, nephews, and nieces, in the mine hole for himself. To deceive others, he even secretly poisoned some guards and disciples of the family, who had heard the news. They turned into monsters that were half-human and half-ghost. Shouldn’t he be killed?”

When talking about Liuyun Wufeng, Liuyun Wuxin couldn’t restrain his hatred.

Li Mu suddenly asked, “Did your relatives also die in the Darkest Temple?”

Liuyun Wuxin gritted his teeth and said, “Yes. My two sons, my daughter, and my wife, who had been with me for more than 120 years, were all killed by this beast, Liuyun Wufeng, in the Darkest Temple. I was lucky to get a protective treasure when I explored the temple before. I blocked his sneak attack at the critical moment and escaped.”

Li Mu immediately understood the hatred that Liuyun Wuxin showed when mentioning his patriarch.

His family was destroyed.

The person who had killed his wife and children was unforgivable.

“If there is a chance, I will let you take revenge,” Li Mu said.

Liuyun Wuxin restrained his emotions and said, “I took such a risk to forcibly merge with the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire with half of the mental cultivation method for revenge. God blessed me, and I succeeded. But I may not be a match for that beast now. He got three Darkest Soul-devouring Fires and a mental Cultivation Method. I guess he has succeeded in merging with the Divine Fire before me.”

“Really?” Li Mu was shocked.

The patriarch of the Liuyun family had successfully merged with the Divine Fire.

In that case, his strength was at least in the Way Sage Realm or even the peak of the Way Sage Realm.

Li Mu didn’t find any clues about it before.

“According to what you said, shouldn’t Liuyun Wufeng keep the secret and block all the news? Why did he report it to the Military of Man and tell it about the inheritance of the Cosmic Emperor Deathless? In this way, he can’t keep the treasures in the Darkest Temple. Once all parties know it and fight for the treasures, won’t he be in danger?” Li Mu asked.

Liuyun Wuxin said casually, “How can such a secret be kept? Liuyun Manor is not unbreakable. Some forces outside have their people in it, so it’s possible for the outside world to notice some changes. If he insists on keeping it a secret, he may end up losing both his money and life or even his cultivation. Now that the news has been spread out, not only the Military of Man but also all the Holy Lands know about it. Everyone focuses on it. The other people don’t dare to secretly deal with him easily. Moreover, he has made up an explanation about what happened in the mine hole. No one knows how many treasures he has obtained in the Darkest Temple. If he gives some of them to others, he can get protection. Why doesn’t he do it? Liuyun Wufeng is cruel, but he is not stupid. He knows that he can’t get too many alone. He can only occupy what he needs.”

When Li Mu heard that, he felt ashamed of his simple and childish idea.

No matter what, he could not imagine others to be too simple.

Especially Liuyun Wufeng was so cunning. He had a lot of tricks.

“In that case, what happened in the mine hole is a trap set by Liuyun Wufeng?” Li Mu asked, “Does he know that you are alive?”

“Of course, he doesn’t know,” Liuyun Wuxin said casually. “He can go in and out of the mine hole at will. He has the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire in his body, so the red-haired monsters don’t dare to attack him. He can get in and out easily. Everything is in his plan. That’s why he dares to let you disciples of the Holy Lands enter the mine hole. You can’t find anything at all. He didn’t expect that I was still alive, successfully merged with the Divine Fire, and met you.”

Li Mu rubbed his nose.

“Have all the treasures of the Darkest Temple been obtained by Liuyun Wufeng?” Li Mu asked, “Did you find any other strange things in it?”

Liuyun Wuxin thought for a moment and said, “At that time, before the exploration was over, he killed our people. I didn’t know if he had found anything else besides what I knew. Now, after thinking about it, I’m afraid he has found something else that is enough to make him crazy to sacrifice everything. Of course, this is only my guess. But if you want to get the complete inheritance of the Cosmic Emperor Deathless in this place, you’re overthinking it. After all, it’s just a temple, not the legendary Athanasia Immortal Mansion.”

Li Mu said, “I’m not asking about the inheritance of the Cosmic Emperor Deathless. I’m asking about some other strange things, such as the psyche and soul of a human. Have you seen any before?”

Liuyun Wuxin was slightly stunned. “Psyche and soul? I seem to have thought of a strange thing. In the Darkest Temple, there seemed to be a vague shadow of a woman in white. I have seen it once. But at that time, I was being chased by Liuyun Wufeng. Maybe I was wrong.”

When Li Mu heard that, he suddenly became excited.

He took out Wang Shiyu’s portrait and said, “Please take a closer look. Was the shadow of the woman in white like this person?”

Liuyun Wuxin found it quite strange. Li Mu didn’t seem to be interested in the inheritance of the Cosmic Emperor Deathless. It seemed he had another purpose. Could it be that the woman in white was very important?

He took a closer look at the portrait in Li Mu’s hand and said, “It seems a little similar. But at that time, it was in a split second. I’m sure.”

“Come on! Let’s go to the Darkest Temple now.” Li Mu couldn’t wait any longer.

Liuyun Wuxin had already sworn to be Li Mu’s Knife Hut servant, so he naturally would not go against Li Mu. He said, “There is still a little far from the Darkest Temple in the depths of the mine hole. But as long as I’m here, we can ignore the red-haired monsters. If we meet people from other Holy Lands on the way, how to deal with them?”

Li Mu said, “It’s fine as long as they only mind their own business. If they recklessly block our way, kill them all.”

When Liuyun Wuxin heard this answer, which was filled with killing intent, his heart skipped a beat.

It seemed his new master was not as harmless as he looked. When there was a choice, he was a decisive person. This was good. Liuyun Wuxin was satisfied with Li Mu. If he met a soft-hearted master, he would be in real trouble.

After leaving the nest, Li Mu sped up and rushed to the Darkest Temple under the guidance of Liuyun Wuxin.


Yan Yalun was frightened and gasped for breath.

He escaped.

However, he witnessed the tragic deaths of his brother and the four experts from the Holy Land of Thousand Flames.

“Li Mu, how dare you? The Holy Land of Thousand Flames will not let you off.”

He swore bitterly.

After he blankly looked at his surroundings, fear arose in his heart. As a typical scion of a wealthy family, although Yan Yalun had some strength, without his brother and guards, the unfamiliar and dangerous environment around him made him uneasy.

“Second Young Master Yan, are you alone? Where are First Young Master Yan and the rest of the Holy Land of Thousand Flames?” A voice appeared behind Yan Yalun like a ghost.

“Who are you?” Yan Yalun was shocked. He immediately turned around and was overjoyed. “It turns out to be you. You came at the right time. Be quick to tell me how to leave this place. I want to return to the Holy Land of Thousand Flames.”

“Sister, why do I feel that this mine hole is strange? Apart from the red-haired monsters, there seem to be other dangers.” Sister Jianing from the Holy Land of Delirious Voices said in a frightened tone.

“Follow me.”

Sister Shu Ying frowned slightly.

She knew her little martial sister had a special talent. She could sense the approaching danger. Her intuition was accurate. If her little martial sister felt an unexpected danger this time, things had become troublesome.

Of course. There was another thing that made things very troublesome.

There were some mistakes in the map of the mine hole given by the Liuyun family.

After standing at the entrance of the trident several times and choosing the safe route marked on the map, Shu Ying finally realized that some parts of the map were wrong. It was difficult to distinguish whether some marks were real or not.

Things didn’t seem to be as simple as she had imagined.

“The Darkest Temple is next to here. But we have to be careful. I don’t know if that old bastard, Liuyun Wufeng, has any backup plan there.”

Liuyun Wuxin pointed at a huge vertical pit in front of him.

With Liuyun Wuxin in the Way Sage Realm, who had merged with the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire, those red-haired monsters, who were fierce like walking dead, knelt on the ground. They did not dare to move when seeing Li Mu and Liuyun Wuxin along the way as if they were courtiers meeting an emperor.

Therefore, in less than 30 minutes, the two of them successfully arrived near the Darkest Temple.

Li Mu leaped down from above.

It was as dark as an abyss underground. They went hundreds of meters and landed on the ground.

Li Mu used his full vision.

He was standing on a stone step in front of a towering black temple’s hall, which appeared in his sight. At first glance, the temple looked like a sleeping underground horror beast, silently standing in front of him. The open door seemed to be ready to devour people at any time.

“This pit existed naturally. It was covered by a huge flat rock. When we dug the pit, we accidentally broke the rock and discovered it. I don’t know how the Cosmic Emperor Deathless buried the Darkest Temple so deep in the past.”

Liuyun Wuxin followed him without hesitation.

Li Mu felt the frequency of the vibration and heat flow from the rusted sword on his back got higher and higher. He was excited.

“Let’s go in and have a look.”

The two of them went straight into the Darkest Temple.

The Divine Martial Stars

The Divine Martial Stars

Martial Star Ocean, MSO, 圣武星辰
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The world is about to be destroyed to make way for an interstellar transmission array formation. A young man journeys through the stars to save his home. A bloody fantasy adventure.


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