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The Divine Martial Stars Chapter 2137

Chapter 986

Chapter 986 The Mystery

Li Mu was nervous because he was worried about Wang Shiyu’s soul and psyche.

If someone was setting up a trap in the dark, it was possible to find and endanger Wang Shiyu’s soul and psyche.

After all, the soul and psyche had no resistance at all. Once encountering an expert, the person could kill or imprison them at will.

Liuyun Wuxin pushed the door open.

The door to the sixth floor was easily opened with a push.

There was still no protective tactical deployment.

The two entered.

The layout of the sixth floor was different from the previous five floors.

After entering, Li Mu saw square stone pillars placed on the ground in a mess. The stone pillars in the distance became more and more crowded in the strange darkness of the temple. They stood still in the darkness like demons’ shadows.

These square stone pillars divided the entire sixth floor into different sizes. At a glance, it looked like a maze.

It was hard to search here.

The rusted sword buzzed and vibrated rapidly behind Li Mu.

Li Mu walked toward the stone pillars without hesitation.

Liuyun Wuxin followed closely behind him.

However, as they walked, Liuyun Wuxin discovered a terrifying thing.

Li Mu was gone.

Just a moment ago, Li Mu was in front of him, just one step away. But the next moment, Li Mu’s figure suddenly disappeared like a bubble disappearing from water. It was unbelievable!

Liuyun Wuxin chased wildly, and a square stone pillar in front of him blocked his way. When he bypassed the stone pillar, he found not only Li Mu had disappeared, but he had also lost his way. He looked back, but he couldn’t even find the way where he had marked with his aura.

“No! This is a tactical deployment!”

Liuyun Wuxin cursed in his heart.

It was a terrible hallucinatory tactical deployment. It deceived his senses, causing him to be separated from Li Mu.

“What should I do next?”

Liuyun Wuxin was lost in thought.

He knew he was in big trouble.

“Is it an Illusionary Deployment?”

At the same time, Li Mu also noticed the disappearance of Liuyun Wuxin.

There was indeed something strange.

After thinking for a while, he decided to continue to search for Wang Shiyu’s soul and psyche under the guidance of the rusted sword.

Liuyun Wuxin was a great expert in the Way Sage Realm, so he should not be in any danger in a short time. Moreover, if there was a danger that even Liuyun Wuxin could not deal with, Li Mu might just be courting death if he rushed over.

Fortunately, the rusted sword seemed not to have been affected by the Illusionary Deployment.

Under its guidance, Li Mu ignored the surrounding environment and continued to move forward. Even if he encountered a stone pillar blocking the way, he would use the easiest method to bypass it.

He didn’t encounter any obstructions all along the way.

This Stone Pillar Illusion Deployment didn’t seem to have any killing intent aside from causing one to lose their sense of direction.

After passing by a stone pillar, everything in front of him suddenly became clear.

Another round open space for the area of the Eight Trigrams of Yin and Yang Fish appeared.

Li Mu saw a monster-like figure sitting on the Yang Fish on the Eight Trigrams of Yin and Yang, but Li Mu had no time to observe it. His eyes fell on the Yin Fish area, where a slim figure in a white dress was standing. She had long black hair and a pure face, standing quietly like a fairy in the moonlight.

Wang Shiyu!

It was Wang Shiyu’s soul and psyche.

Li Mu was ecstatic.

Moreover, it should not be a soul or a psyche. The shadow was clear, and the body exuded a faint white brilliance as if it was carved out of divine jade. The white dress fluttered without wind as if it would fly away at any time.


Li Mu was so excited that he pulled out the rusted sword and injected his True Energy into it, ready to collect it.

At this time, something strange happened.

A streak of dark red light appeared in the darkness behind Li Mu. It was silent and extremely fast. In an instant, it pierced Li Mu’s back and penetrated his body.


At this moment, a blazing palm hit Li Mu’s back.

“Puff.” Li Mu was caught off guard and was seriously injured all of a sudden. He spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying. He hit a square stone pillar on the right side and bounced back. Then he landed outside the round area of the Eight Trigrams of Yin and Yang Fish.

He was badly hurt, so he didn’t get up immediately.

An arrogant laugh rang out.

It was a little familiar.

“Li Mu, you didn’t expect we would meet again, did you?”

Yan Yalun stood in the darkness beneath the cube, faint Thousand Flames burning all over his body. His expression was sinister and proud.

Li Mu stood up with the help of the stone pillar.

“It’s you. Your strength has become stronger.”

With Yan Yalun’s original cultivation, even if he had a thousand opportunities, he would not have succeeded in the sneak attack. However, this time, he seriously injured Li Mu in such a straightforward manner. Obviously, the strength of this playboy of the Holy Land of Thousand Flames had improved a lot.

“Ha… That’s right. God blessed me. I met with…” He laughed in a pleased manner. However, his face suddenly stiffened, and he stopped speaking. He did not say what he had met in the end. Instead, he laughed in a sinister manner and said, “You killed my older brother and the four elders of the Holy Land of Thousand Flames. You even wanted to kill me. Now, it is time for you to pay the price. I will let you die miserably. Ha… Let’s play something interesting first. The Power of the Thousand Flames! Explode!”

As Yan Yalun spoke, he snapped his fingers.

Li Mu immediately felt a burning destructive force in his body, like magma in the Earthvein. It raged wildly in his meridians, trying to explode and destroy his meridians and Dantian.

Was that the Power of the Thousand Flames of the Holy Land of Thousand Flames?

Li Mu ran the Xiantian Skill with no expression, and his True Energy rushed into the flames like seawater. It immediately extinguished the Power of Thousand Flames.

His body was so strong that it was far beyond the realm of his True Energy. It was not something that outsiders could understand. He recovered very quickly.

He ran his cultivation to force out the long sword inserted in his back, and the wounds on his body healed very fast.

He stood up straight, stared at Yan Yalun, and said, “Unfortunately, you can’t kill me with one strike. You won’t have another chance. Why don’t you talk about who gave you the courage to take revenge on me after you escaped?”

Yan Yalun looked shocked.

He couldn’t imagine why Li Mu recovered so quickly after getting badly injured. Yan Yalun had injected the most terrifying Power of the Thousand Flames of the Holy Land of Thousand Flames into Li Mu’s body but failed to explode it with the secret skill.

Yan Yalun felt panicked for a moment.

However, when he quickly thought of something else, he became happy.

He laughed wildly again and said, “Ha… Good! That’s good. Only when I defeat you in your peak state can I really avenge my brother. Ha… In fact, I have to thank you. You killed the guy in charge of me all the time. I will be the only future leader of the Holy Land of Thousand Flames. Everything that belonged to him will be mine. Ha…”


Li Mu was speechless.

He held the rusted sword in his hand and wanted to suck and store Wang Shiyu’s soul and psyche first, lest something unexpected should happen.

Unexpectedly, the pattern of the Yin and Yang Fish suddenly shone brightly. An invisible shield came out and directly isolated the suction power of the rusted sword.

Li Mu tried several times but failed.

At this time, Yan Yalun clenched his fists in the void, and the orange flames turned into two long swords along his hands. With a flash, he came to Li Mu in an instant.

“Li Mu, try my new power. Ha… Slashing with Thousand Flames!”

It was the signature swordsmanship of the Holy Land of Thousand Flames.

Li Mu stepped back with the rusted sword on his back, and the long-handled podao appeared in his hand.

To improve his broadsword level, he transformed the 12 styles of swordsmanship in the Whitehair Swordsmanship into broadsword skills. Li Mu deliberately used broadswords when fighting against the enemies.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Sparks splashed, and the long-handled podao turned into scrap iron and exploded in a few seconds.

“Eh? His strength has multiplied. He seems to have the power of the Great Way Realm.”

Li Mu secretly judged the strength of his opponent and took out a pair of giant broadswords in his hands to block Yan Yalun’s attack.

They fought for a while.

Feeling the rebound force from the weapon, he found that the power of this playboy had increased sharply and reached the Great Way Realm.

It was an inconceivable and absurd improvement.

Soon, the giant broadswords in Li Mu’s hands turned into scraps in the fight.

However, he carried a lot of weapons that he had obtained when exploring the Tomb of the God of Sin, the immortal palace, and other relics. Although the weapons were of ordinary quality, they were many. Therefore, he didn’t have to worry about weapons. With a casual wave of his hand, another long broadsword of another shape appeared in his hand.

“Sky Cracking Six!”

Li Mu found an opportunity to fight back with his broadsword skills.

Silver broadsword light suddenly flashed in the originally dark space as if the rising sun had cut through the darkest darkness before dawn. With a slight flash, Yan Yalun roared and flew backward.


He hit a stone pillar hard.

But immediately, he looked down at his body and found no scars. He laughed and said, “Ha… Yes! You killed my genius elder brother with this skill. What a terrible broadsword skill. It’s terrifying. But unfortunately, you can’t kill me.”

A layer of faint black light appeared, protecting him within.

If Li Mu didn’t pay close attention, he wouldn’t discover the existence of the protective barrier.

Li Mu’s broadsword had hit the light barrier just now, so he could only send Yan Yalun flying but could not hurt him.

“This isn’t your power. Are you borrowing power, the power of the tactical deployment?”

Li Mu opened his Third Eye and switched to the Eye of Flaws. He soon found some clues. Yan Yalun was relying on the power of the huge square Stone Pillar Illusion Deployment on the sixth floor.

“Have you figured it out?” Yan Yalun said with a crazy smile on his face, “But so what? I am invincible in this Mystery Deployment unless you have the ability to destroy the entire Darkest Temple. But that is impossible. Even an Emperor-to-be can’t do it. After all, this is the place created by the Cosmic Emperor Deathless! Ha…”

He charged at Li Mu again madly.

“Li Mu, enjoy despair. Today, I will blow you up alive.”

He roared wildly.

Inside the Mystery Deployment of the square stone pillar, two people were talking.

“You’re still alive, and you’ve merged with the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire. But so what?” Liuyun Wufeng was dressed in black as if he had merged with the surrounding darkness. With a faint smile on his face, he said, “It’s cruel to let you feel despair again after seeing hope. Why don’t you reunite with your wife and children underground? You’ll be happy together.”

Liuyun Wuxin’s eyes flickered with extreme anger. “You inhuman bastard, how dare you appear in front of me?”

“Oh? Why dare I not? Do you think you’re invincible after merging with one Darkest Soul-devouring Fire?” Liuyun Wufeng laughed wildly. “I’ve merged with three. Even this tactical deployment is under my control. You have no chance of winning at all. There’s nothing you can do but be angry.”

The Divine Martial Stars

The Divine Martial Stars

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The world is about to be destroyed to make way for an interstellar transmission array formation. A young man journeys through the stars to save his home. A bloody fantasy adventure.


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