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I Am A Prodigy
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I Am A Prodigy

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我 真是 学 神
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Synopsis I Am A Prodigy

Ye Lingchen was a regular high schooler who struggled with exams and expectations from his parents.

All that changed after he woke up from a strange dream and discovered that he had been granted the ‘Prodigy System’. His life changed from this point on. Reading a book allowed him to learn its content immediately. Listening to lectures granted instant understanding of the lesson. Observation of a technique imprinted knowledge of the technique used.

Learning had never been so easy, and as the saying goes, knowledge is power. In this case, he now had access to a ton of unbridled power.

What does it feel like to become a ‘prodigy’ overnight? Follow Ye Lingchen on this journey to discover the limitless possibilities…

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