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Martial Peak Chapter 994

Chapter 993 - Insane

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

The artifacts the Purple Star cultivators summoned were all different kinds of Star Shuttles, shaped like chariots, flying swords, and various other dazzling designs, showcasing how unique the Starry Sky was.

From Sword Union Starship, a large number of people also suddenly emerged and met the Purple Star attackers head-on without fear, instantly setting off a great battle.

Amidst the Starry Sky, streaks of light flew about as the cultivators from both sides traded Martial Skills and artifact attacks.

Both the Purple Star and Sword Union forces pulsed with thick murderous intent, their eyes dyed red as they engaged in a desperate struggle.

In the tangled melee, low grade artifacts and Star Shuttles were struck and shattered directly.

Fragments of these burning artifacts shot out like the most luminous of fireworks, filling the sky with a thrilling beauty, then fading just as fast, becoming pieces of trash that were lost forever in the Chaotic Abyss.

In this chaotic battlefield, there were many Saint Realm masters while Transcendents were as common and weak as ants.

There were even a few figures that gave off shockingly powerful auras that could only belong to Saint King Realm powerhouses. Each of these masters displayed earth-shattering abilities and could easily slaughter the weak cultivators around them. Everywhere they flew, many enemy cultivators would fall, their bodies shattered and their souls erased.

Both sides suffered huge losses over the course of this short battle.

Neither side wanted to show weakness or easily admit defeat, so a continuous stream of reinforcements from their respective Starships poured out to join the battlefield.

For a moment, the fight entered a fragile stalemate.

In the Star Field, both Sword Union and Purple Star were first-class forces, each of them managing at least five Cultivation Stars along with countless Ore and Medicine Stars. The number of resources they controlled was simply unimaginable, allowing their many cultivators to grow and develop rapidly.

Their leaders could not care less about such losses.

Yang Kai was stunned speechless for a long time.

He was thoroughly shocked.

He was still astounded by the power of light beams the Starships had shot out a moment ago; he had never dreamed such incredible things existed in this vast Star Field.

Since coming to the Star Field, everything he had seen and heard about far exceeded his imagination.

He suddenly realized that the Star Field was a far more exciting place than he had anticipated, his eyes filling with light as his blood began to boil.

He neither panicked nor had any intention to withdraw because of these fantastical sights, but instead was more and more looking forward to this adventure.

Because only in such a wondrous place, could he live a more exciting life.

“Yang Kai, Yang Kai!” Shen Tu’s voice called out again.

Yang Kai turned his head back to look at him.

With an extremely bitter look upon his face, Shen Tu bit his cracked lips and asked, “Can you give me some more Saint Crystal? I can’t hold on much longer.”

At this moment, his strength was almost completely depleted, a true lamp without oil.

Yang Kai said nothing and directly threw him five or six pieces of Saint Crystal.

“Thanks!” Shen Tu’s face filled with gratitude as he sincerely thanked Yang Kai before quickly refining these crystals.

Yang Kai also calmed down finally and began scanning his surroundings with cold eyes, listening to the footsteps coming and going throughout the ship as well as observing the various energy fluctuations around him, his eyes slowly flashing a dangerous light.

A short time later, Shen Tu let out a heavy sigh of relief and said, “The suction finally slowed down. Fuck, if they had fired the crystal cannons even once more I would have died on the spot. That was far too dangerous.”

Saying so, he shot a grateful look towards Yang Kai, “Thanks are not enough for this kindness, I will remember this gratitude.”

“Shen Tu, what’s your real cultivation?” Yang Kai shot him a look and whispered.

Shen Tu raised his brow slightly, seemingly wanting to ask him what he was talking about, but soon grinned instead and asked, “You noticed?”

“I’d have to be blind not to have seen that much!” Yang Kai face became serious.

The fluctuations coming from Shen Tu’s body made him appear to be a First-Order Saint, the same as Yang Kai.

But in the crisis just now, when Shen Tu was frantically absorbing the pieces of Saint Crystal, unusual energy fluctuation had appeared in his aura.

From this, Yang Kai judged that he was hiding his true cultivation.

Being able to hide his true strength in the middle of this Purple Star Starship was not something just anyone could do, this Shen Tu was clearly not simple!

“Third-Order Saint Realm!” Shen Tu suddenly looked serious and whispered back.

Yang Kai nodded, knowing he shouldn’t be lying.

“Why do you ask?” Shen Tu looked at Yang Kai curiously.

“Nothing much, but if you have this kind of strength, we can probably do something. Right now there aren’t many aboard this Starship, and almost all the masters have gone outside to fight. Even this power room’s defences are far lighter than before,” Yang Kai said meaningfully.

Originally, there had been a Saint King Realm master guarding the power room from the dark, but after the battle outside broke out, the aura of that Saint King Realm master had disappeared. Yang Kai figured that he should have been gone out to fight and that right now, the number of Purple Star cultivators guarding the power room had been reduced by more than half. On top of that, now, besides Ke Meng, who was a Third Order Saint, the rest were just First or Second Order Saints numbering less than ten in total, all of whom were seated at various nodes of the giant Spirit Array that was keeping the Starship running.

“What do you want to do? Don’t act rashly, these shackles are forged from Qi Scattering Stone. Anyone chained by them won’t be able to use their full strength,” Shen Tu’s face changed greatly, suddenly understanding what Yang Kai was planning.

“Then we just need someone to unlock them for us,” Yang Kai grinned, his face suddenly became pale and his life aura becoming faint.

He then shot a meaningful glance towards Shen Tu.

Shen Tu wore a bitter and hesitant look on his face, but after a moment, he grit his teeth and muttered, “Forget it, in any case, my life was saved by you, I’ll play along with your insane idea.”

Saying so, he began shouting loudly.

Ke Meng, who was monitoring the various functions inside the power room, heard his cries and his expression turned cold, shooting a sharp glance over towards Shen Tu and Yang Kai and letting out a slightly surprised grunt, “You two haven’t died yet?”

This was really somewhat unexpected.

During the battle between the two Starships a moment ago, nearly all of the cultivators imprisoned in the power room had used up all their strength and perished.

Shen Tu and Yang Kai still clinging to life was no small surprise to Ke Meng.

“My vitality has always been strong, but he’s on the verge of dying!” Shen Tu continued to yell, “Isn’t this guy the one Bi Ya wants? If you just let him die like this, won’t it cause you trouble?”

Ke Meng frowned as he stared deeply at Yang Kai. After sweeping him with his Divine Sense, Ke Meng noticed Yang Kai’s vanishing vitality and impatiently grumbled, “So troublesome, why did he have to have one last breath instead of just dying directly?”

Saying so, he quickly came over to Yang Kai.

When he was commanding the Starship’s actions just now, he didn’t consider the side effects at all, and had naturally not paid any attention to Yang Kai’s situation.

But now that he had calmed down and thought carefully, if Yang Kai really happened to die, Bi Ya would likely vent her anger on him.

That wasn’t a responsibility he could afford.

So went up to Yang Kai and took out the key for his shackles before unlocking them, releasing him from their effects.

At this moment, he had completely let his guard down.

After all, Yang Kai’s current appearance couldn’t have been weaker; what’s more, Ke Meng was a Third Order Saint so he didn’t have much wariness towards the First Order Saint Yang Kai in the first place.

This self-confidence backfired against him severely.

The moment the shackles were unlocked, Yang Kai suddenly bit his own finger and drew some blood.

He then rapidly wiped his cut finger across his left eye.

The golden blood dripped into his left eye, causing it to change from its original black and white to pure gold in colour.

Yang Kai swiftly raised his head towards Ke Meng.

Four eyes suddenly met, and Ke Meng’s look became absent-minded as he stared into the golden eye filled with overwhelming majesty. At that moment, Ke Meng felt a soul gripping terror as well as a crushing sense of inferiority, as if before this eye he was the lowliest of beings.

An invisible vortex formed from the golden eye that produced an astonishing suction force that tore at Ke Meng’s Soul, nearly frightening him out of his wits.

His face draining of all colour, Ke Meng cried out strangely and went all out to resist this suction force.

Yang Kai instantly displayed his Demon God Transformation, filling his body with rich evil energy, drastically changing his temperament, and causing the temperature inside the power room to drop precipitously.

A cruel and malevolent aura burst out and filled the air.

Yang Kai body slammed Ke Meng’s chest, unleashing the full might of his intrepid physique, knocking him into the nearby wall and pouncing towards him.

Blood splashed out as punches and palms rained down on Ke Meng’s back, causing his clothes to explode into dust in an instant.

Ke Meng wasn’t weak, but in a moment of defencelessness, under Yang Kai’s wanton bombardment, he was unable to summon any of his profound artifacts or display any of his polished Martial Skills, only becoming more and more muddleheaded as he suffered under the unceasing blows.

In the blink of an eye, Ke Meng’s body burst into a bloody fog that spattered red all across the power room in a thrilling explosion.

An ethereal figure, exactly the same as Ke Meng, stood in his original position.

Naturally it was Ke Meng’s Soul Avatar.

Even until now, he didn’t seem to have reacted to what had happened to him, just staring there blankly at Yang Kai.

From Yang Kai’s golden eye, an even more powerful suction force appeared, drawing Ke Meng’s Soul Avatar into the former’s Knowledge Sea.

Yang Kai’s eyes swept over the blood fog rapidly and in the next instant, his hand reached out and snatched the key to the shackles before tossing it over to Shen Tu.

“Open it yourself!” Yang Kai said before disappearing in a gust of wind. The next moment, tragic and chaotic cries rang out all over the power room.

Shen Tu shook violently, his eyes nearly bulging out of their sockets.

He simply couldn’t believe what he had just seen.

When he first realized Yang Kai’s intentions, Shen Tu decided to accompany him despite thinking the later was insane, not even asking what Yang Kai’s exact plan was. Originally, Shen Tu thought Yang Kai was going to leave here temporarily and look for an opportunity to act.

As for whether Yang Kai would come back to help him escape, Shen Tu hadn’t thought much about it; after all, Yang Kai had already saved his life a couple of times now, asking for anything more would be ungrateful.

How was Shen Tu supposed to know this guy was even crazier than he had thought, actually daring to launch a sneak attack the moment he was freed?

However, what was most surprising to Shen Tu was that Ke Meng, a Third-Order Saint, had actually been killed so easily by Yang Kai.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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