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Martial Peak Chapter 993

Chapter 992 - Yang Kai, Save Me

Shen Tu glanced over at Yang Kai and thought for a moment before nodding, “What you say makes sense. Whatever it is those two sisters obtained must be extraordinary, as long as the retrieve it, Sword Union wouldn’t have any reason to stay here and fight with Purple Star… Your way of thinking is really somewhat different from ordinary people.”

Just from Liu Shan and Bi Ya’s return, and the state they were in, Yang Kai was able to infer what had transpired and what was likely to happen next, Shen Tu had to admit that such insight and analytical skill were beyond him.

At this moment, he sincerely admired Yang Kai.

“Shen Tu, the people placed in this power room are here mainly to provide an auxiliary boost to the Starship when it executes intense actions, right?” Yang Kai suddenly asked.

“En, that’s right, why do you ask?”

“I suddenly had a bad premonition,” Yang Kai stared at him deeply.

Shen Tu’s face changed and his mouth twitched, “Don’t frighten me like that. What kind of bad premonition did you have?”

Yang Kai shook his head and didn’t answer.

The two of them suddenly fell silent and began quietly observing their surroundings, raising their vigilance as they closely watched Ke Meng’s movements.

After the time it would take to burn a stick of incense, Ke Meng’s communication artifact suddenly flickered and he quickly poured his Divine Sense into it to receive whatever message was sent.

A moment later, Ke Meng put away this artifact and in a loud, commanding voice, shouted, “Increase speed, we’re going after Sword Union’s Starship. We cannot let them escape!”

When this order came out, both Yang Kai and Shen Tu went pale.

“Congratulations, you were right again, I’m also having a bad promotion now,” Shen Tu said sarcastically before indignantly shouting, “You and your damn mouth!”

In the next instant, alarms began sounding throughout the huge Saint King Grade Starship and its speed suddenly shot up, flying forward towards a certain direction in the Starry Sky.

At the same time, the suction force from the shackles binding Yang Kai and Shen Tu increased greatly, madly draining them of their strength.

This suction force was now twice as strong as before, doubling the burden on their bodies.

Shen Tu couldn’t help letting out a groan as his body shivered unconsciously. Even Yang Kai felt a sharp ache throughout his body. No matter how he circulated his Secret Art, he was unable to stop the outflow of his strength.

The cultivators who were imprisoned in the power room usually only provided a temporary boost to the Starship’s operations while most of the energy was supplied by the giant pieces of Saint Crystal; however, once this massive artifact began making rapid manoeuvres, it’s energy requirements would drastically increase. This was nothing short of a disaster for the people like Shen Tu and Yang Kai.

The power in their bodies was being drawn out more and more intensely.

Ke Meng shuttled through the power room as he issued one command after another, his expression fierce.

Because of the indiscriminate extraction of power by the shackles, the cultivators who were bound in the power room began to rapidly expire.

Only moments after the Starship began accelerating, in all directions, tragic screams rang out. All at once, imprisoned cultivators at the end of their ropes began collapsing to the ground, dead.

They really couldn’t bear this kind of torture anymore as the last vestiges of their strength were sucked clean from their bodies.

Shen Tu became frightened as a deep look of bitterness spread across his face. He knew that in his current state he wouldn’t last long. If the strength in his body really continued to be drained like this, even if he didn’t die, his cultivation realm would inevitably fall.

Although he was cursing violently in his heart, that long wouldn’t change his destiny.

Sneaking a glance over at Yang Kai, Shen Tu couldn’t help showing a confused expression for a moment.

He found that although Yang Kai’s expression was painful, and the strength in his body really was flowing out, the intensity of the energy fluctuations coming from him didn’t show any sign of weakening, almost as if his body was constantly maintaining his level of Saint Qi.

This greatly puzzled Shen Tu, wondering just what was going on with Yang Kai.

“Sir, five people have already died,” A cultivator suddenly came up to Ke Meng and reported.

Ke Meng gawked, like he had only just remembered about this, shooting the chained up cultivators on the ground a cold glance before snorting, “Useless wastes, give them some Saint Crystals!”

“Yes!” The cultivator saluted and quickly walked over to still-living prisoners and dropped three pieces of Saint Crystal in front of each of them.

All the pairs of gloomy eyes suddenly lit up as everyone reached out hastily to pick up the Saint Crystals in front of them and began extracting the energy within them to supplement their rapid consumption.

Shen Tu also did the same. His Secret Art was clearly quite high grade as it took him less than half a cup of tea’s worth of time to absorb all the energy in the three Saint Crystals.

Having finally obtained some extra energy, his complexion became much better.

The Saint King High-Rank Starship continued advancing through the Starry Sky at a speed far beyond what a Star Shuttle was capable of.

Sitting in the power room, Yang Kai only managed to catch a glimpse of an asteroid shoot past the windows and disappear into the distance. The Starship’s hull was incredibly strong and could easily shrug off minor obstacles in the Starry Sky. Small asteroids it ran into were smashed into oblivion while the Starship itself remained unaffected.

After about half a day, Ke Meng’s expression suddenly brightened as he shouted, “Sword Union dogs, we’ve finally caught up to you! Let’s see where you can run now!”

Hearing this, Shen Tu and Yang Kai simultaneously turned their eyes towards the front window.

Up ahead, a huge ship that was basically the same shape as the Starship they were riding was sailing through the Starry Sky, a giant sword-shaped emblem emblazoned on its hull.

This symbol was exactly the same as the one Yang Kai had seen on He Zao and He Miao’s clothes.

It was a Sword Union Starship!

“Hahahaha, have a taste of my Purple Star Starship’s power!” Ke Meng’s entire personality seemed to have transformed, a bloodthirsty aura pulsing from his body as he quickly issued a series of orders.

With a loud bang, the entire Starship shook violently and a number of dazzling beams of light suddenly shot out from its hull.

These beams of light were thick and fast, seemingly able to break through the shackles of space, soaring through the Starry Sky and closing in on the Sword Union Starship.

All the asteroids blocking these light beams’ path were instantly vaporized.

As Yang Kai observed these beams of light, his complexion turned ashen.

Even sitting inside the power room, he could feel the destructive power each of these beams of light possessed.

He had no doubt that each one of these beams of light could level a mountain or evaporate a lake.

This was a true Heaven shaking, Earth destroying power.

If he were to be hit by one of those beams, Yang Kai estimated that even if he used all his strength, he would still be reduced to dust.

At that moment, he couldn’t help sympathizing with Sword Union’s Starship.

However, what happened next greatly stemmed from his expectations. Just as the light beams were about to hit the Sword Union Starship, a seemingly thin barrier suddenly appeared and surrounded its hull in five coloured light.

This barrier of light trembled under the impact of the light beams, sending out many ripples that spread towards the depths of the Starry Sky.

A moment later, aside from shaking a bit, Sword Union’s Starship emerged from this bombardment unscathed.

The look of excitement on Ke Meng’s face turned gloomy, he hadn’t thought that the sneak attack he had just made would be so easily blocked by the other side.

Shouting once more, the ship trembled again and a second volley of light beams short forth.

“Fuck!” Shen Tu cursed as his face turned pale. All the energy he had just absorbed had been sucked away again, so he quickly turned to Yang Kai and shouted, “Yang Kai, save me!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai turned a blank look towards him and finally came back to his senses.

Just now he had all of his attention attracted by the powerful beams of light so he hadn’t taken any notice of the changes inside himself or his surroundings.

When Shen Tu shouted, he suddenly realized that the neatly arranged Saint Crystals inside the power room had dimmed noticeably after those two shots were fired. On top of that, many of the cultivators around him had also fallen.

At the same time, all the Saint Qi in his meridians and flesh had been sucked clean by the shackles on his hands and feet.

[Those two rounds of divine light must require a massive amount of energy to produce,] Yang Kai quickly understood what had happened.

The two light beam volleys not only drained a lot of energy from the Saint Crystals in the power room but also put an unimaginable load on the cultivators who were bound here.

After the two shots, of the fifty or sixty cultivators imprisoned in the power room, more than half had died, their vitality drained and their souls scattered in the wind.

Those that were still alive were gasping for breath, barely managing to maintain their feeble existences. As long as those beams of light were fired once more, they would all certainly die.

Only Shen Tu, who was nearby Yang Kai, was barely better off.

Yang Kai quickly burst a drop of Yang Liquid in his dantian, filling his body and meridians again before throwing a few of the Saint Crystals he had previous hidden away over to Shen Tu.

Shen Tu’s eyes brightened and immediately reached out to catch these Saint Crystals and madly began refining them, his complexion gradually becoming rosy again.

“Those bastards dare fight back?” Ke Meng shouted again.

It seemed like because of Purple Star’s had aggressively opened fire, Sword Union responded in kind.

Beams of light shot out from the other side as a defensive energy shield was raised around Purple Star’s Starship.

With a loud bang, the Starship shook violently.

Shen Tu’s face went pale again as he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

He didn’t even have the spare energy to curse, as whether the Starship sent out that light beam attack or activated its defensive shield, both siphoned a massive amount of energy from him. Every action the two Starships took placed an unbearable burden on Shen Tu and the other prisoners.

“Fire again, I want them blow to smithereens!” Ke Meng shouted hysterically like a madman.

“Sir, the crystal cannons cannot be used again! If we do, the Saint Crystals won’t be able to provide sufficient energy to operate the ship!” A nearby cultivator warned.

Ke Meng’s brow furrowed deeply, his hot-tempered mood finally calming down.

He finally remembered this problem.

At this moment, the communication artifact in his hand flashed again and Ke Meng quickly poured his Divine Sense into it. After a brief exchange, a fierce grin appeared on his face as he waved his hand, “Open the hatch! Today we’ll let these Sword Union dogs experience our true strength!”


The next moment, the Starship’s hatch was opened, and one after another, Purple Star’s cultivators flew out, summoning various artifacts and quickly charging towards Sword Union’s Starship.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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