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Martial Peak Chapter 995

Chapter 994 - Deliver A Big Gift

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

How did he do it? How could he have done it?

Shen Tu held the key thrown to him by Yang Kai in his hand while staring dumbfounded at the bloody fog lingering in front of him, his heart tumbling and turning.

If it had been him who fought Ke Meng just now, who would win and who would lose was a tossup, so how did Yang Kai, a First-Order Saint, butcher him so easily?

Even if Ke Meng had his guard down at that moment, he shouldn’t have lost all ability to fight back given his cultivation realm and strength.

Everything happened so suddenly that Shen Tu was completely caught off guard.

He remained in place, too shocked to even move, forgetting all about his current situation, even forgetting to free himself from his shackles.

It was only now that he realized that Yang Kai was an extremely dangerous guy. If Yang Kai was able to kill Ke Meng in an instant, that meant he himself wouldn’t present much more of a challenge.

Shen Tu nearly gasped in alarm.

“Are you coming or not?” Yang Kai’s low voice called out.

Shen Tu suddenly returned to his senses and quickly used the key to unlock his shackles. In the next instant, numerous bolts of lightning suddenly spread from his body, each one distinct and lifelike, making it seems as though he was wrapped in a million lightning snakes.

These vivid lightning bolts wandered around his body before shooting outwards in every direction, lighting up the entire power room.

Shen Tu let out a hearty laugh, “Brother, your performance just now was outstanding. I deeply admire you!”

After letting out this laugh, Shen Tu’s figure suddenly vanished and, in the next moment, reappeared next to a First-Order Saint Purple Star cultivator.

This Purple Star cultivator was trying to sneak attack Yang Kai, but Shen Tu had easily captured him.

Violent thunder began to surge and the cultivator trembled fiercely as a massive amount of lightning poured into his body and soul, causing him to instantly lose all ability to resist.

A burnt smell filled the air as black smoke emerged from the top of the cultivator’s head. After Shen Tu let this man go, his charred body collapsed to the ground dead.

The power room was the heart of the entire Starship, therefore it was normally heavily guarded, with at least one Saint King Realm personally watching over it to ensure no accidents occurred.

But at this moment, it seemed that Purple Star was completely focused on Sword Union, so the various masters who would normally be stationed here had all been deployed as reinforcements, leaving behind only Ke Meng to oversee the situation.

Ke Meng was the first to die, and under Shen Tu and Yang Kai’s rapid and unexpected assault, the other Purple Star cultivators quickly fell.

Relying on his immense physical strength and the element of surprise, Yang Kai swiftly killed five cultivators and, after returning to the power room, discovered that only Shen Tu and him were still alive. The Purple Star cultivators who had realized the situation was dire and tried to run away had all been struck down by Shen Tu’s lightning.

“I’m finally free, hahaha!” Shen Tu shouted joyously, like a wild beast that had at last escaped from its cage.

“Where to next? You’re more familiar with this place than me, you lead the way,” Yang Kai said to him indifferently.

“No need to rush, let’s deliver Purple Star a big gift before we leave,” Shen Tu suddenly grinned menacingly.

Dashing to the middle of the power room, he sat quickly sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes.

Releasing his Divine Sense, Shen Tu connected the power in his body to that of the central Spirit Array.

Yang Kai stared at him curiously but didn’t try to stop him, simply waiting and watching.

After spending so many days inside this power room, Yang Kai had also acquired a certain understanding of how this giant Starship artifact worked and knew what role the Spirit Array Shen Tu was currently operating played.

This was the central control interface for the Starship.

Shen Tu obviously wanted to make this Saint King High-Rank Starship take some kind of action.

The lines of the giant Spirit Array lit up and the Starship, which was parked somewhere in the Starry Sky, slowly re-oriented itself and came to a stop a moment later.

“Heh heh, I’ll let you all know today that this Shen Tu isn’t someone good to bully!” Shen Tu’s eyes shot open and a violent light flashed across them as he poured his strength into the giant Spirit Array beneath him.

In the next instant, the Starship trembled.

A massive beam of light, filled with destructive energy, shot out from the Starship and flew straight towards the chaotic battlefield.

At the same time, Yang Kai keenly felt the energy in the Saint Crystals placed around the power room drastically reduce, their original radiant glow fading rapidly and becoming dim.

The beam of divine light surged forward, causing all the cultivators from both Sword Union and Purple Star who were in the middle of their battle to come to a halt. Seeing the approaching earth-destroying beam, all of them became panic-stricken, screamed out in alarm, and pushed their flight type artifacts to their limit in an attempt to escape.

It was too late for a lot of them, the speed of the beam of light was so fast that before any of these cultivators could even blink, it was upon them.

The entire world suddenly fell silent.

The intense sounds of battle had all disappeared and those fortunate enough to have been outside the light beam’s range stared at the scene before them as if the apocalypse had just descended, none of them able to speak, or even open their mouths to breath.

The beam of light passed through the battlefield and soared off into the distance.

All that was left behind was an empty void, clear of even dust.

Only a moment ago, that space was filled with cultivators who were each displaying their own Divine Abilities and waving their artifacts in a desperate battle! But now, everything was gone.

It was as if they had never existed.

At least a hundred people were directly wiped away by the beam of light.

Inside the power room, Shen Tu laughed wildly, extremely satisfied with himself.

Yang Kai frowned slightly, thinking that Shen Tu’s act of vengeance had unjustly involved many of the Sword Union cultivators, but he chose to not say anything at this moment.

He didn’t have any friendship with Sword Union, and even He Zao and He Miao were just casual acquaintances he had met by chance.

“Done venting? If so, we need to leave quickly,” Yang Kai muttered, “Your little stunt will no doubt cause all those masters to return here immediately.”

“Ah, you’re right!” Shen Tu suddenly realized the implications of what he had done and hurriedly jumped up from the Spirit Array control centre before rushing out of the power room together with Yang Kai.

Inside the Purple Star Starship, there was only a handful of cultivators left, and because of the sudden firing of the crystal cannons, they had all become alarmed and were rushing towards the power room.

Shen Tu seemed to have a good understanding of the structure of this Starship and led Yang Kai through a series of more remote corridors.

Along the road, unexpectedly, they didn’t encounter any trouble.

“Where are we going? Is this the way to the Starship’s exit?” Yang Kai followed behind Shen Tu for a while before suddenly asking with a calm expression.

Although he was not too familiar with this place, he also had his own instincts and intuition and they were telling him that Shen Tu was actually leading him in a giant circle through the Starship rather than immediately heading to the hatch.

“The exit?” Shen Tu continued forward while concealing his aura, only glancing back briefly to ask, “Do you have an accurate Star Chart?”

Yang Kai shook his head.

“How do you plan on leaving without a Star Chart?” Shen Tu chuckled, “Do you have a Star Shuttle?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded, “But I heard that my Star Shuttle is broken and can’t store a Star Chart anymore.”

“It doesn’t matter, we just need to grab a certain individual and let him take us out,” Shen Tu said lightly.

“Who? If you’re just looking to capture someone, there’s a Second-Order Saint a few dozen meters to our left, you can just grab him,” Yang Kai proposed.

Shen Tu shook his head, “He’s no good, even if we catch him, we won’t be able to leave the Chaotic Abyss. You should know that it’s very easy to get lost in the Chaotic Abyss, my goal is not just to escape from this Starship.”

Yang Kai expression changed, suddenly understanding, “You want to catch the Chart Master on this Starship?”

“It really is much easier talking with a smart person,” Shen Tu grinned, “I’m looking for that guy right now.”

“Do you know where he is?”

“I have a general idea where he is, but whether or not we can find him there is up to luck.”

Yang Kai didn’t say anything more and simply followed behind Shen Tu quietly.

From his previous conversations with Shen Tu, Yang Kai had learned that Chart Masters were people who specialized in creating the Star Charts that cultivators used to accurately navigate the vast Star Field.

The Star Chart created by skilled Chart Masters would allow cultivators to avoid many potential dangers of the Starry Sky and smoothly reach their desired destination. As long as the Star Chart was extremely accurate, it didn’t matter how far one had to fly, they would arrive without error.

Essentially, the Star Charts produced by every Chart Master would be different; poor quality Star Charts were cheaper while more accurate ones sold at much higher prices.

The most expensive of Star Charts could cost tens to hundreds of thousands of Saint Crystals while the cheapest ones could be acquired for a few dozen Saint Crystals.

Outstanding Chart Masters were always sought after by big forces, and their status was highly respected. Regardless of their personal strength, wherever skilled Chart Masters went, they would be treated as honoured guests.

Starships often had a Chart Master standing by because they would often change their direction of travel and destination. When such a course change was made, a Chart Master was needed to map out an appropriate route.

Becoming a Chart Master was many times more difficult than becoming an Alchemist or Artifact Refiners, because the basic required of a Chart Master was that they understand the makeup of the entire Star Field, including the location of innumerable stars and the distance between them.

Chart Masters were the rarest existences in the entire Star Field, with any particular master only passing their knowledge down to a single successor rather than multiple disciples.

Because the nurturing of any Chart Master required dedicated and painstaking teaching from a current master.

This was an extremely time-consuming matter, so even the most excellent Chart Masters would only accept one or two apprentices because they would not be able to teach any more than that.

The foundations of creating Star Charts were all held tightly by famous Chart Master, it was basically their legacy and inheritance, not something they would easily pass to outsiders.

All sorts of information about the Chart Master flashed through Yang Kai’s mind, causing him to realize that this profession was quite daunting.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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