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Martial Peak Chapter 983

Chapter 982 - Flying Off Into The Beyond

The next day, Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang walked out of the Holy Master Court, side by side.

Outside, there were many people standing around, the leaders of the all the forces from the Great Han Dynasty, the Yang Family brothers and Elders, the leaders and Elders of the Holy Land, the Ancient Demon Clan’s Great Commanders, thirty or so Saint Grade Alchemists, The Old Man of Heaven’s Keep Li Rui and Di Yao…

All of them seemed to have been waiting for Yang Kai to appear.

Seeing him coming out from inside, everyone’s vision instantly fixed onto the pair, meaningful grins appearing on all their faces.

Xia Ning Chang’s face could not have been redder as she quickly hid behind Yang Kai’s back, her walking posture somewhat unnatural.

No matter who it was, they could see that Xia Ning Chang was practically glowing now and that there was a glamorous aura about her that was not there before, as if she had received a great moisturizing from something.

Everyone was a seasoned master here and was well aware of what had transpired.

Yang Kai let out a great laugh and cupped his fists said, “Why has everyone gathered here so suddenly?”

“To see you off!” Old Man Li took a step forward and said, “You said you would be leaving today.”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded, “Many thanks to all of you.”

“No need for superfluous words. Be careful out there, if the matters may not be, return as soon as possible!” Old Man Li said concisely.

“Junior will bear that in mind,” Yang Kai sincerely nodded.

Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu both walked up, the latter repeatedly cautioning her son about various things, to which Yang Kai promised to heed her warnings one by one.

“Little brat, you must come back safely. Ning Chang, more than anyone here, does not wish for anything to happen to you,” Meng Wu Ya lowered his voice and whispered into Yang Kai’s ear.

“I know,” Yang Kai solemnly promised, “I won’t make Little Senior Sister sad.”

“I wish you success,” Meng Wu Ya took a deep breath and declared.

Hearing the goodbyes from all friends and family, as well as their well wishes and words of concern, Yang Kai felt warmth from the bottom of his heart.

Entrusting the Holy Land to the various Elders and then bidding farewell to Li Rong and the others again, Yang Kai finished arranging everything he had to then gently kissed Little Senior Sister on her forehead and whispered his eternal love for her into her ear before he summoned out his Star Shuttle and disappeared in a blue streak of light.

He was embarking on a new journey.

Everyone waved goodbye to him in front of the Holy Master Court.

Waiting until Yang Kai’s figure disappeared, Yu Ying let out a faint sigh and comforted, “Ling’er, don’t cry. Holy Master will definitely come back.”

“Who’s crying?” An Ling’er wore a genuinely confused look.

“Why are your eyes so red then?” Yu Ying laughed lightly, thinking she was too embarrassed to admit the truth.

“My eyes are red because…” An Ling’er opened her mouth and began to explain but thinking about what happened last night, she really couldn’t bring herself to continue.

Glancing over at the innocent-looking veiled girl who had tears streaming down her face, An Ling’er silently expressed her deepest admirations!

Last night, she had spent the entire night outside the Holy Master Court staring at the stars…

The spirit and strength of those two were simply astonishing, but what was most shocking was that even though Ms Xia had clearly not slept a wink, she seemed to be the very picture of health and radiance.

For the life of her, An Ling’er couldn’t understand why.

(Silavin: All them vitamins and minerals… damn… should guys start eating their own to be so radiant? Hmm…? Anyone willing to try?)

A few days after Yang Kai set out, the Ancient Demon Clan also left Nine Heavens Holy Land and went to the Demon Land under the leadership of Li Rong and the other Great Commanders in accordance with her previous agreement with Zhang Yuan.

Old Demon followed suit!

After all, he too belonged to the Demon Race now, and only in the Demon Land could he have the best possible cultivation environment. On top of that, he was a peculiar case where it was all but certain that in less than twenty years he would reach the Third Order Saint Realm and become another Demon General.

The Hu Sisters also left from the former War Spirit Temple site and travelled to Twin Spirit Pavilion for further study.

Meng Wu Ya settled down in Nine Heavens Holy Land, becoming its grand protector.

Inside the former domain of War Spirit Temple, the Great Han cultivators made use of the abundant resources from Nine Heavens Holy Land to diligently cultivate themselves.

The nearly thirty Saint Grade Alchemists now essentially regarded Nine Heavens Holy Land as the headquarters of the Alchemist Guild, none of them showing any willingness to leave because Old Man Li had announced that from now on he and his apprentice would stop roaming the world and settle in the Holy Land.

Old Man Li also became the honorary Chief Alchemist of Nine Heavens Holy Land.

With Old Man Li and Xia Ning Chang both there, how could the other Saint Grade Alchemists bear to leave? All of them continuously found one excuse or another to stay behind.

In an instant, Nine Heavens Holy Land became the most powerful and influential force in the world, completely eclipsing any other Sect or Family.

Everyone entered a period of stable prosperity.


The Starry Sky was vast and endless.

Amidst the cold, dark, Star Field, Yang Kai’s Star Shuttle soared forward.

He had come to the Starry Sky from the Void Corridor above Ice Sect’s former site because Ice Sect’s Sect Master, Qing Ya, had come to the Starry Sky with Su Yan from there, so he had hoped to discover some clues by following their trail.

Unfortunately, he failed to discover anything.

He didn’t know where he should go or whether he would be able to encounter any other living beings, the only thing he was certain of was that there were others out here amongst the vast Starry Sky.

The Bone Race had managed to find Tong Xuan Realm many thousands of years ago.

Yang Kai hoped that one day, as long as he kept going, he would be able to discover some traces of life.

The Star Shuttle’s blue hue flashed through the endless Starry Sky, its thin protective shield tightly covering Yang Kai and blocking out the destructive power of the Starry Sky.

Without this Star Shuttle, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to travel too far into the Starry Sky as he would have to constantly consume his own strength to resist the omnipresent Starry Sky pressure.

The strength he needed to consume to operate the Star Shuttle was definitely a lot smaller than the alternative!

Yang Kai didn’t know how long he had drifted through the Starry Sky, but his First Order Saint Realm cultivation had long ago been consolidated, so he had begun to spend his idle time cultivating while operating his Star Shuttle.

So far, he had not made any special discoveries.

His experience was actually quite similar to that of Great Demon God’s initial foray into the Starry Sky, encountering Starry Sky Storms and Asteroid Seas.

However, he had yet to encounter any trace of life.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling somewhat dispirited, wondering if continuing this blind exploration would ever yield any results.

Perhaps he would become lost in this Star Field forever and die all alone of old age.

But despite these negative thoughts, he was not prepared to retreat because Su Yan was still somewhere out here in this Star Field.

One day, while he was idle, Yang Kai took out the Demon Mystic Tome and quietly began examining it while allowing the Star Shuttle to simply fly forward.

Since obtaining this Demon Mystic Tome, his life had undergone unimaginable changes, and Yang Kai knew that all his current achievements were inextricably linked to this Demon Mystic Tome.

From this ancient book, he had obtained the Unyielding Golden Skeleton, the Demon Eye of Annihilation, and the inheritance of Great Demon God.

Great Demon God had seemingly arranged a set path for his successor’s life before he died.

But now, Yang Kai had finally embarked on Great Demon God’s greatest unfulfilled adventure, exploring the Starry Sky.

From this moment on, he had leapt out of the arrangements made by Great Demon God and flown off into the beyond.

Yang Kai firmly believed that in the near future, he would exceed Great Demon God and accomplish what he had failed to do in the past, fulfilling the ritual of disciple surpassing master.

“Em…” During his contemplations, Yang Kai suddenly discovered something and knit his brow as he stared at the Demon Mystic Tome.

He found that from all directions, light from the surrounding stars was transforming into thing rays of energy and being drawn into the interior of the Demon Mystic Tome.

At the same time, the Divine Tree which still resided inside the Demon Mystic Tome sent him a Divine Sense Message.

Receiving this message, Yang Kai nodded in response, “I’ll come in immediately.”

Saying so, Yang Kai sent his Soul Avatar into the Demon Mystic Tome and was greeted by the scene of numerous rays of starlight drifting towards a certain location.

Unexpectedly, these rays destination was the two mysterious pitch-black round stones.

These two pitch-black round stones were the source of much confusion for Yang Kai; to this day he still didn’t even know what they were.

They had extracted the essence of a large number of precious ores and their surfaces had developed patterns which resembled human meridians. They had also begun to rhythmically pulse.

It was like they were somehow alive!

At this moment, the ambient energy in the Starry Sky was being absorbed by the two pitch-black round stones.

After absorbing the power of the stars, the lines on their surfaces became both clearer and more distinct while the pulsing sensation they gave off also gradually increased.

“I think they really are alive,” The Divine Tree suddenly said; it had stayed in the Demon Mystic Tome this whole time and had been able to carefully observe the two pitch-black round stones, thus giving it a better understanding of them than Yang Kai. “They give off feeling very similar to the Shimmering Moon Grass!”

“You mean, they are also World Spirit Treasures?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows.

“I’m not sure. Do you want to cut them apart and find out?” Divine Tree proposed.

“There’s still no need for that, if they really are World Spirit Treasures, it would be too wasteful to cut them open,” Yang Kai shook his head, “In any case, it seems they’re still undergoing changes so just continue to monitor them for now. If something out of place happens, tell me immediately.”

“Got it,” The Divine Tree responded.

Regardless of what these objects really were, Yang Kai believed that as long as he waited patiently, he would eventually discover the truth.

As such, Yang Kai didn’t rush to take back the Demon Mystic Tome and instead left it out so it could absorb more Starry Sky energy to satisfy the two pitch-black round stones.

Yang Kai continued forward.

One day, in front of him, another energy storm appeared, this one extremely vast in scope.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, circulating his Saint Qi quietly and preparing to resist the oncoming danger.

Since he stepped into the Starry Sky, this kind of situation had become commonplace. Unlike when he broke through to the Transcendent Realm and had barely survived the Starry Sky Storm, his physique and strength were much higher and he was now able to essentially ignore them.

When the storm hit, Yang Kai maintained his Star Shuttle’s calm and leisurely forward pace.

Countless big and small asteroids which had been caught up in the storm added to its destructive power.

Suddenly, a certain asteroid caught Yang Kai’s eyes and he swiftly flew over it. After carefully scrutinizing it for a while, his body began to tremble as a look of excitement flashed across his face.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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