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Martial Peak Chapter 982

Chapter 981.5 - Final Night Together

As her clothes were untied, Xia Ning Chang’s tender body trembled.

With the many times she had been ‘asleep’ around Yang Kai and Su Yan, she knew all about the matters between men and women and exactly what came next after her dress had been removed.

Her clothes became disordered and her breathing became short.

Under the pale moonlight, Little Senior Sister’s exquisite figure shimmered like the finest jade. Yang Kai took his time gazing at this divine creation, engraving everything about it into the deepest depths of his soul.

He continued to kiss and caress, plucking at Xia Ning Chang’s taut heartstrings.

He was determined to leave Little Senior Sister with the most perfect, most unforgettable night of her life.

With his departure on the horizon, this was the only thing he could do for his Little Senior Sister. Therefore he refused to leave behind any kind of unpleasantness or regrets for her.

The sheets gradually grew wet as Little Senior Sister lost all ability to think for herself, her desires unconsciously leaking from her lips in between her gasps and moans, her tender body writhing back and forth as her skin glowed a pinkish hue from top to bottom.

Yang Kai gathered his strength and began his assault on the enemy’s last line of defence.

He slowly inserted his tongue through her lips, gently forcing his way past her teeth while sucking the dew from her mouth. He didn’t have to push too much, however, as her own soon came out to meet his. One hand wrapped around Xia Ning Chang’s neck and caressed her flowing hair while the other slowly crept up the outside of her thigh before grasping onto one of her peaks as she shivered in anticipation. Feeling the softness that overflowed from his hand, he freed the other for the same job and forced Xia Ning Chang’s head into the mattress. He slowly grasped tighter with both his hands before drawing them together in a soft pinch on her erect nipples, eliciting a moan from the embarrassed girl.

Their lips parted and he continued down her face and neck, the urge to taint her growing steadily in his heart and lower body. She was the purest shade of white at the moment, but after tonight, she would be his shade of white. As his lips touched the jade white skin of her neck, he bit her softly, sending a shock up Xia Ning Chang’s body. By now she was panting heavily, her eyes half-closed in ecstasy and embarrassment.

His lips finally made it to her bosom, so one of his hand went down further to do more work, entering her wet valley. Under the moonlight, her white jade peaks glowed with a faint tint of pink from his kneading. Yang Kai buried his face between the two and took a deep breath before sticking out his tongue and following the right mound to its tip. Meanwhile, his right hand massaged her already overflowing valley before he gently pushed a finger in, his Little Senior Sister’s legs clamping instinctively and pushing his finger deeper.


Xia Ning Chang moaned as her Junior Brother’s hands and tongue stimulated her pleasure areas. Soon, another finger joined the first to massage inside her lower lips, speeding up and slowing down to a tempo that gave her bursts of pleasure, then left her begging for more. At the same time, Yang Kai moved to her other peak, leaving the previous one to the further stimulation of the light breeze.

By now, Xia Ning Chang arched to Yang Kai’s masterful tempo without even realizing it, her heavy breathing and moaning speeding up as her pleasure climbed. Finally, as her heart seemed to leap from her chest from beating too hard, Yang Kai’s mouth slipped down to her hidden valley and he buried his tongue deep within, raising her lower body with his shoulders and sucking her love juices.

As his tongue penetrated her lower lips, she convulsed and her legs wrapped around his head as if trying to push his tongue deeper. While he enjoyed her taste, Yang Kai’s clothes joined Xia Ning Chang’s on the floor as he looked at her flushed face.

Seeing his Little Senior Sister’s pure face glow red as she panted, the urge to taint her overwhelmed him. Yang Kai swiftly lifted her from the bed and pinned her against the wall as he brought his lips back to hers, stifling her surprised yelp. His hands grasped her supple bottom as his stiff rod rested snugly against her valley, causing her breathing to accelerate once more despite her previous climax.

By now, Xia Ning Chang couldn’t think straight, the bliss overwhelming her and causing her to press for more. This time, she took the initiative, pulling her lover as close as she could and shoving her tongue into his mouth. Her passionate kiss and soft chest against his stimulated Yang Kai to grind back and forth across her lower lips, causing her legs to clench around his waist.

This time, they both began to pant and moan in between their deep kisses, reaching a frenzy as Yang Kai’s rod slipped in. Xia Ning Chang stiffened, the subtle change clearing Yang Kai’s head slightly and pulling him from the brink enough to pause.

As his Little Senior Sister eased up, Yang Kai slowly began to move again. He allowed himself to get caught up in the feeling of his pure girlfriend as they gradually began to moan in pleasure. The slow back and forth escalated as Yang Kai used both his hands and his waist to ram his spear into her faster. Then, he flipped her back onto the bed, one hand grasping her supple waist and the other grabbing one of her bouncing tits, and rose to an even faster speed.


Xia Ning Chang twisted and bit her lip as she climaxed for the second time but was unable to completely stifle the sexy moan. Following her direction, Yang Kai threw her left leg over his head, twisting her ass sideways as he continued, his rod growing bigger still. Still sensitive from her second climax and caught by surprise at the change in position, Xia Ning Chang had no more strength, leaving herself at Yang Kai’s mercy as he explored new sweet spots around her womb.

Yang Kai opened his eyes slightly and saw his lover’s face washed in ecstasy, one jade rabbit bouncing with each thrust and the other squished against her arm. He grunted as this pushed him closer to the edge, the volume of Xia Ning Chang’s moans rising with his increase in size.

“Ah, ah, ahh…”


Finally, Xia Ning Chang felt something warm fill her womb entirely as she climaxed yet again, heating up her body and melting her heart. In this moment, she felt so happy and blessed. Happy that she now truly became his.

Yang Kai laid down behind his Little Senior Sister and pulled her into his chest with one arm circling her stomach and the other grasping her breast. As Xia Ning Chang regained her wits, she breathed in, smelling a familiar scent that she hadn’t met with since she was pretending to be asleep in his room. However, it was slightly different, her own scent was mixed into it instead of Su Yan’s, and this warmed her heart further. And yet…

[How long will it be till I next get to see Junior Brother?]

Once again, sorrow and loneliness flashed through her big, beautiful eyes before a resolution and love replaced them. Yang Kai was caught by surprise when Xia Ning Chang turned around and pushed her lips to his. Then she pushed him over and straddled him, their lips still connected. Eventually, the girl moved her way down his strong chest before eventually arriving at his quickly stiffening rod.

Gently grasping it with her hand, she looked at Yang Kai, who was also watching her.

“Junior Brother…”

Love filled Xia Ning Chang’s face as she gently moved her hand back and forth across his rod. His intentions were clearly realized by her, and she knew everything he had done was to make this night unforgettable for her, but she also wanted to make it the same for him. Not to mention…

Xia Ning Chang’s face flushed as she thought things she could never admit out loud. Yang Kai took a direct hit looking at that pure, holy face with a deep flush right next to his rod. Immediately, it turned into a roaring dragon once again as the fire was set ablaze in his eyes. Then, that petite, beautiful mouth opened and enveloped his spear, reaching as far down the shaft as it could. Her tongue swirled clumsily around the tip as she moved her head up and down, causing his rod to swell swiftly.

Her technique improved quickly and Yang Kai lost himself in his Little Senior Sister’s service, his hand subconsciously reaching down and cradling the back of her head, forcing his rod deeper into her mouth. However, just before he was about to blow his load, Xia Ning Chang pulled away. Yang Kai opened his eyes with confusion only to find Xia Ning Chang climbing back on top of him.

As she sat on his waist, he looked past her perky mountains to her face and watched her mumble shyly.

“…shouldn’t waste…”

Positioning his rod, she sat on it and moved up and down at her own pace, slowly speeding up as she tried to quell her moans. Watching Xia Ning Chang like this, Yang Kai couldn’t hold back and began to move, causing her to squeal and stiffen. Eyes glazed over and gasping for breath, she fell on Yang Kai and he brought his lips to her jade rabbits, not pausing in the least.

“Ah! Ah!”

Xia Ning Chang hugged Yang Kai’s head to her chest and moaned.

“Junior Brother… Ju… Broth…”

Yang Kai lost himself in the twitches of her womb as it squeezed his rod and the taste of her snowy peaks as Xia Ning Chang dazedly called for him.

Yang Kai pushed his Little Senior off of him and rolled to his knees before pulling Xia Ning Chang’s waist to meet with his once more. She tried to raise her upper body as well but couldn’t gather the strength. As Yang Kai was pounding his dragon into her womb, Xia Ning Chang’s perfect bottom glowed in the moonlight. Yang Kai’s hand raised, then fell, eliciting a juicy slap and a sharp yelp from his Little Senior Sister. Yang Kai raised the tempo of his thrusts as well as his spanking as he pushed deeper and deeper into her.

As he reached a crescendo, he pulled on Xia Ning Chang’s arms, raising her upper body and allowing her giant peaks to bounce in ovals. Yang Kai finally let loose again as his Little Senior Sister’s toes curled and her womb clenched around his rod. Yang Kai let go of her arms and grasped firmly at both of her hopping rabbits as they both fell to the bed gasping for breath.

Yang Kai didn’t pull out, instead allowing the contraction of Xia Ning Chang’s womb to arouse him again as he kneaded her jade rabbits. As he hardened again one of his hands lowered to their connection and began to massage her valley. Xia Ning Chang clenched harder at the added stimulus and her ears flushed. Unable to help himself, he gently bit one and began to thrust again.

“We still have the rest of the night, Little Senior Sister.”

He whispered, causing her to shiver in anticipation.

Their cries continued as a certain someone listened in, unable to go back in, but also not wanting to leave. Although cursing in her head, this person’s cheeks flushed and her legs squirmed. Numerous times, she had thought of just spending the night at a female elder’s place, but stayed nonetheless.

Silavin: Reflections

Why did I do this?

Should I continue this?

It took so long to do up…


Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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