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Martial Peak Chapter 984

Chapter 983 - Little Beauty and Big Beauty

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Standing atop this asteroid, Yang Kai’s expression brightened as he began sweeping his eyes over his surroundings.

Everywhere he looked, he saw traces left behind by other cultivators!

In other words, on its surface, this asteroid had trace of life!

Yang Kai was overwhelmed with excitement. When he began his journey, he was completely blind, with no idea where he should be heading. However, now that he had finally found a clue, it was only natural for his spirits to rise.

His gaze became sharp and firm, no longer containing any of the gloom they just had as he began to carefully investigate these traces.

This asteroid was a large as a mountain and had many smaller asteroids floating about it nearby. Clearly, these asteroids had come from some Asteroid Sea somewhere and had been brought here under the influence of the Starry Sky storm.

There were many pits and ridges on this huge asteroid which were not naturally formed; instead, they seemed to be left behind by sharp cuts and strong impacts, many of them similar to marks that would be made by sword slashes.

Someone had fought here!

Yang Kai clearly understood this and, inferring from the traces left behind, this fight had not taken place long ago, somewhere between a few days and a few months before. Otherwise, these traces would have been smoothed out or erased by the violent Starry Sky Storm already.

Yang Kai could almost picture the scene of this battle, but what surprised him the most was that the strength of those who fought here didn’t seem too high.

This knowledge allowed him to further relax; he had been worried that the first people he would encounter out here would be powerful masters.

Staring out beyond the Starry Sky Storm, Yang Kai attempted to peer deeper into the Starry Sky, immediately afterwards engaging his Star Shuttle to quickly fly in the opposite direction the storm was moving.

The Starry Sky Storm had come from that direction, which meant that whoever it was that had found on this asteroid might still be over there somewhere.

Although the chances were small, it was worth a try.

Yang Kai flew forward, releasing his Divine Sense to its maximum extent, not missing a single asteroid that passed by him.

From these asteroids, he really discovered some additional clues, and from these signs, he determined that he was indeed getting closer and closer to the people he was tracking.

Yang Kai pushed his Star Shuttle even faster.

After searching around in the darkness for an unknown amount of time, a bright light appeared in Yang Kai’s eyes.

In front of Yang Kai, a new piece of this vast Star Field entered his view.

The sector of the Star Field was filled with countless beautiful shining stars that seemed to exude a rich aura. It was as if he had arrived at a different side of the Star Field, this one filled with warmth and life while the previous one contained nothing but dark silence, the two diametrically opposite one another.

Innumerable large and small stars had been born in this Star Field since ancient times, each of them in motion, forming a myriad of patterns as they seemingly rotated around some central point.

Colourful rays of light filled this section of the Star Field.

Some of these stars burned extremely brightly, emitting a rich, scalding hot strength. Yang Kai had no doubt that the power contained in these stars was enough to force anyone to draw back without even getting close.

Anyone who did approach too close would certainly be reduced to ash.

This burning power poured into Yang Kai’s body and gave him an incredible sense of satisfaction and comfort; it was the purest Yang Attribute strength.

Other stars appeared extremely cold, like they were entirely composed of the most profound ice, sending out a deep chill that created a visible domain several thousand times greater in radius than the stars themselves.

This domain seemed to be filled with a chill capable of freezing the entire universe.

Still, other stars were deep green in colour and appeared very different from the others nearby. With great rounded tops, they seemed closer to umbrellas in shape than anything else, almost like gigantic trees which exuded rich Wood Attribute Strength.

They were like massive trees standing proudly in the Starry Sky.

Yang Kai was dazzled by this sight and couldn’t help staring around blankly.

He had finally seen with his own eyes the splendours of this Star Field.

The unquantifiable amount of energy being released from these different stars gathered together in this place and filled this stretch of Star Field with an incomparably rich aura.

Any Holy Land or Paradise in Tong Xuan Realm would be completely insignificant compared to this place.

Cultivating here for a year would be equivalent to cultivating anywhere else for several tens of years.

Yang Kai’s pores involuntarily opened and as he closed his eyes, greedily absorbing the surrounding World Energy and causing his physique to shiver while his expression filled with happiness.

Yang Kai even felt an urge to enter secluded retreat here. Although he knew that this idea was somewhat impractical, he really couldn’t bear to give up on the rich World Energy here.

As he was immersed in such thoughts, his Divine Sense, which he had constantly been releasing, suddenly noticed signs of someone entering the range of his detection.

Yang Kai’s swiftly withdraw his Divine Sense and opened his eyes, turning his gaze towards the direction he had sensed the disturbance with a look of pleasant surprise.

He had discovered another party, while they had discovered him; Yang Kai could tell this because the moment he took back his Divine Sense, he senses two other Divine Senses which weren’t inferior to his own reach out.

Two people! Moreover, their gap in cultivation levels was not too far. They were only around the Second Or Third-Order Saint Realm.

In this vast Star Field, two people he had casually bumped into actually turned out to be Saint Realm cultivators. Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a meaningful sigh, but the other side’s cultivation also made him feel relieved because even if these two people harboured hostile intentions, he would at least have the strength to resist.

Without hesitation, Yang Kai steered his Star Shuttle towards these two strangers and flew over to them.

After finally bumping into two people, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity to inquire about some information. It would be best if he could find the location of someplace nearby where people gathered and lived.

To his surprise, when he began approaching these two, the other party seemed to also be flying quickly towards him.

This discovery made Yang Kai feel slightly vigilant.

With their cultivation realms, they should have already noticed his strength, and if they had ill intentions, this is exactly the course of action they would take.

Yang Kai didn’t withdraw though and instead just raised his vigilance while continuing to approach this unknown party because he urgently needed to obtain directions.

A moment later, a blue light appeared in front of Yang Kai, similar to the light of his own Star Shuttle.

Yang Kai came to a halt and stared towards the blue light which had stopped in front of him, in the next moment seeing two pairs of bright, beautiful eyes staring back at him.

It was only now that Yang Kai discovered that the ones who had entered the range of his Divine Sense were actually a pair of young women.

Both of them were dressed in matching white robes and shared the same refined temperament and good looks. The pair had graceful figures and rich curves which were emphasized by their tight clothes. On their chests, over their hearts, was a sword symbol, indicating they belonged to the same force.

The two of them were riding a single Star Shuttle.

After sweeping his eyes over them once, Yang Kai secretly nodded, confirming that what the Bone Race leader Ke Luo had told him was true. In the Star Field, Star Shuttles weren’t rare. This fast flight type artifact was clearly quite common.

However, the young women’s Star Shuttle was obviously significantly higher grade than his. Both the materials it was refined from and the energy fluctuations it gave off were vastly superior to Yang Kai’s Star Shuttle.

[So, Star Shuttles came in all kinds of different grades!] Yang Kai secretly thought to himself, putting on his best harmless to humans and animals appearance as he nodded to the two young women and greeted, “Hello!”

The woman standing in front gently nodded back, her pretty face staring at Yang Kai with a hint of caution; however, seeing that Yang Kai’s cultivation was far lower than theirs, she wasn’t in any way flustered.

On the other hand, the woman who stood behind her, who appeared to be a bit younger, was curiously examining Yang Kai, sweeping her eyes over him unscrupulously.

“Elder Sister, is he one of that side’s people?” The little beauty whispered, “Why haven’t I seen him before?”

“His cultivation is too low, he shouldn’t be one of them,” The big beauty standing in front of her shook her head slowly, “But be careful.”

“En,” The little beauty nodded repeatedly.

“Hello,” The big beauty in front returned Yang Kai’s greeting before continuing, “We have no malicious intent, we simply wanted to ask you for a favour, so please don’t be too anxious.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his brow and smiled, “I’m not anxious, in fact, I also wanted to ask for your help.”

“You also want help from us?” The big beauty frowned slightly.

“En,” Yang Kai maintained his smile, “Since everyone has their own needs, why don’t we help each other? Of course, only within the limits of our respective abilities without forcing the other against their will.”

Yang Kai was loathing to be in other’s debt so the opposite party’s words were really a blessing to him.

The big beauty turned her head and whispered something to the little beauty behind her, a moment later turning around and nodding, “Agreed.”

“You go first, what do you want my help with?” Yang Kai took the initiative to offer as he was currently in a very good mood.

“Can you let us copy your Star Chart?” The big beauty asked.

“Star Chart?” Yang Kai heard these words and was confused, “What’s a Star Chart?”

“What else could a Star Chart be but a Star Chart?” The big beauty’s brow wrinkled, thinking that Yang Kai’s words were somewhat muddled, “You don’t have a Star Chart?”

Yang Kai shook his head.

“Who are you trying to fool?” The little beauty standing at the back of the Star Shuttle shouted, “How could you come here without a Star Chart? Don’t think that because we’re women you can bully us so easily.”

Letting out a cute snort, she glared back at Yang Kai and waved her small fist threateningly, seemingly having determined that Yang Kai was lying to them.

“I’m not trying to bully you,” Yang Kai was astonished.

“Hmph, you don’t have the skill to bully us anyways, you’d best be careful not to anger me or I’ll beat you up, snatch your Star Chart, and leave you here to fend for yourself,” The little girl snorted.

“He Miao!” The big beauty scolded lightly.

The little beauty simply grinned, “Elder Sister, he looks suspicious and is obviously spouting a bunch of lies; maybe he really is one of those people and is just here to delay us.”

Listening to her say this, the big beauty’s expression became even more vigilant as she stared deeply at Yang Kai and said, “I don’t care if you are one of their people or not, I only want your Star Chart right now. I’ll buy it from you! Is ten Low-Rank Saint Crystals enough?”

Saying so, the bracelet on her wrist flashed and ten shimmering Saint Crystals appeared in her hand.

“Elder Sister, we don’t have many Saint Crystals left,” The little beauty exclaimed, her pretty eyes filled with a look of anxiety, as if these ten Low-Rank Saint Crystals were her most precious treasure.

Yang Kai looked calm on the surface but in his heart was shocked.

Not because the other party had so easily brought out ten pieces of Saint Crystal, but because of the bracelet worn by the big beauty.

If he was not mistaken, that bracelet should be a storage artifact!

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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