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Martial Peak Chapter 981

Chapter 981 - Remember My Appearance

Inside the room, atop the soft bed, Xia Ning Chang had fallen into an intoxicated state.

Yang Kai didn’t hadn’t acted aggressively, instead whispering sweet words filled with tender feelings and allowing her to lower all her defences on her own. This made her feel as if she was floating on clouds, fluttering in the wind, her soft body unconsciously swaying to and fro, hot breath leaking from her lips.

Her beautiful eyes became blurred and an immense look of satisfaction appeared on her innocent face.

Yang Kai leaned down and kissed her brow, then the tip of her nose, his movements cautious to the extreme, like he was handling the finest work of art.

Meeting his eyes, her small and delicate ears dyed bright red, Xia Ning Chang softly whispered, “Junior Brother… Before you leave, remember my appearance well.”

Yang Kai was startled for a moment but soon gently nodded.

It had been more than a decade since he had met Xia Ning Chang, but in all that time he had never truly seen his Little Senior Sister’s visage.

At all times, Little Senior Sister would wear her veil, making it impossible for anyone to gaze upon her face.

In the beginning, Yang Kai was also curious about what she looked like, but as time passed, he found himself not caring at all.

Whether she possessed beauty that could destroy a country or a completely ordinary appearance, Little Senior Sister would always be Little Senior Sister, an irreplaceable existence.

She had the purest pair of eyes in the world. That was enough.

Yang Kai had never thought that before his departure, Xia Ning Chang would actually take the initiative to show him. Naturally, he wouldn’t refuse.

In the next moment, Xia Ning Chang gently removed her veil and revealed to him her immaculate appearance.

A gentle breeze blew in from the window, lifting her veil and carrying it to the other side of the bed.

Xia Ning Chang closed her eyes, somewhat nervously lifting her head, allowing Yang Kai to gaze upon her unobstructed face.

Yang Kai stared carefully, his body trembling with shock as a strong light flashed across his eyes.

Even though he had mentally prepared himself, the moment he laid eyes on Xia Ning Chang’s true portrait, he couldn’t help feeling a bit overwhelmed.

The appearance of Little Senior Sister wasn’t the most beautiful Yang Kai had seen. After all, she could be said to be as beautiful as Su Yan or Shan Qing Luo. However, there was something more to her appearance that made it unique on its own.

Su Yan had a noble coldness to her while Shan Qing Luo exuded seductiveness meanwhile; Little Senior Sister gave off a pure, holy temperament.

It was as if more than two decades of life had not left a single trace of dust upon her body or soul.

A delicate porcelain nose, with lightly blushing cheeks and two petal-like lips. No trace of cosmetics adorned or was necessary for her tender, snow-white skin which glistened like the finest jade.

Each one of these facets was similar to those of other great beauties, exquisite and flawless.

But when these pure, pristine features were combined together, an unexpected result occurred.

Her sacredness and innocence intertwined, causing Yang Kai to feel as if the beautiful young woman before him was inviolable and aloof from the mortal world.

Yang Kai had travelled far and wide for many years and seen no shortage of beautiful women, but none had ever given him as intense an impact from their image alone as Xia Ning Chang.

The moment he saw her true appearance, Yang Kai’s heart was filled with an impulse that was difficult to suppress.

He wished he could embrace Xia Ning Chang so tightly that their bodies became one so she could never leave his side again.

As this thought washed over him, Yang Kai had to force himself to take a deep breath and firmly suppress it, his expression turning solemn.

He was not a man without self-restraint; on the contrary, he was quite adept at controlling his actions and emotions.

Yet he still had such thoughts.

Yang Kai didn’t know just how intense of a reaction other men would have if they were to see Xia Ning Chang’s face.

“Master said long ago… I mustn’t expose my face easily, so I have been wearing a veil all these years,” Xia Ning Chang whispered softly, her cheeks blushing bright red under Yang Kai’s intense gaze, clearly somewhat embarrassed still.

“Treasurer Meng was right,” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly while brushing his hand through Xia Ning Chang’s silky hair, leaning in even closer to her as he softly said, “I think most men who see will you have one of two thoughts.”

“What two thoughts?” Xia Ning Chang was dreadfully ashamed but couldn’t repress her curiosity and asked.

“Protect or violate!”

Protect her innocence and keep her ignorant of worldly affairs, or dye her purity in their own colour, forever destroying her sacredness. Any man would feel a great sense of accomplishment from either of these acts.

The combination of these contradictory ideas would undoubtedly bring a great deal of unnecessary trouble to Xia Ning Chang.

“Then Junior Brother, what about you?” Xia Ning Chang suddenly found her courage and stared directly into Yang Kai’s eyes. Asking about her beloved’s true thoughts was a matter of great concern!

She couldn’t care less about anyone else’s thoughts, all she wanted to know was what Yang Kai felt.

“Me?” Yang Kai grinned evilly, “Junior Brother is part of the majority.”

Saying so, he leaned over all the way and lightly kissed Little Senior Sister’s red lips.

“Em…” Xia Ning Chang’s tender body suddenly tensed up as her beautiful eyes opened wide. It was like her Soul had received a devastating attack, causing her to lose all control over her body, immobilizing her to the point where she couldn’t even think straight, much less talk.

However, all that was soon overwhelmed by great happiness and satisfaction.

She slowly closed her eyes and enjoyed this long-awaited, intoxicating moment, her heart beating as strongly as a drum in her tight chest.

As Yang Kai gently kissed her, his hands reached out and slipped inside Little Senior Sister’s dress, finding their way to her two flawless peaks and gently began kneading them, indulging in their astonishing elasticity and dream-like softness, feeling the incredible heat that rose from them as he pinched and massaged their jade tips.

Little Senior Sister’s panting became even fiercer as a tingling sensation flooded her chest every time Yang Kai’s strong hands caressed her supple flesh.

This tingling did not cause her any kind of discomfort, but instead stimulated her nerves and sent shocks through her soul, filling her with feelings of comfort and bliss.

She couldn’t help wanting time to freeze in this moment and never flow on.


As her clothes were untied, Xia Ning Chang’s tender body trembled.

With the many times she had been ‘asleep’ around Yang Kai and Su Yan, she knew all about the matters between men and women, and exactly what came next after her dress had been removed.

Her clothes became disordered and her breathing became short.

Under the pale moonlight, Little Senior Sister’s exquisite figure shimmered like the finest jade. Yang Kai took his time gazing at this divine creation, engraving everything about it into the deepest depths of his soul.

He continued to kiss and caress, plucking at Xia Ning Chang’s taut heartstrings.

He was determined to leave Little Senior Sister with the most perfect, most unforgettable night of her life.

With his departure on the horizon, this was the only thing he could do for his Little Senior Sister. Therefore he refused to leave behind any kind of unpleasantness or regrets for her.

The sheets gradually grew wet as Little Senior Sister lost all ability to think for herself, her desires unconsciously leaking from her lips in between her gasps and moans, her tender body writhing back and forth as her skin glowed a pinkish hue from top to bottom.

Yang Kai gathered his strength and began his assault on the enemy’s last line of defence.

His gentle movements soon growing vigorous.

The entire Holy Master Court seemed to be shrouded in an aura of spring, the breath of life filling the air as flowers blossomed one after another…

Outside the Holy Master Court, a pretty shadow quietly stood, a pair of beautiful eyes filled with complex emotions staring forward.

Another shadow slowly approached. It was An Ling’er who was carrying a small lantern with her, but the previous shadow remained unaware of her arrival until An Ling’er lightly coughed, waking her from her stupor and causing her to jump like a frightened rabbit, her pretty face immediately blushing bright red.

“Ms Qiu, are you still not resting at such a late hour?” An Ling’er looked at Qiu Yi Meng suspiciously, not knowing why she was standing here.

“Oh… I was about to rest,” Qiu Yi Meng stealthily shot a glance in the direction of the Holy Master Court and hurriedly replied.

“Do you have something you need to discuss with Holy Master?” An Ling’er quickly saw some clues from her behaviour and smiled thoughtfully, “If there is any matter you need to see him for, you should go on in. You’re not an outsider, after all. He shouldn’t be asleep yet.”

“N… no…” Qiu Yi Meng quickly waved her hands, “I… I didn’t come here for him… I just… came here to see the stars!”

“To look at the stars?” An Ling’er looked up at the sky for a moment before letting out a giggle, “It’s a bright moon tonight, there aren’t many stars to see.”

Qiu Yi Meng’s pretty face blushed an even brighter shade of red.

“Holy Master will probably be leaving tomorrow, and there’s no way to know how long it will be before he returns. If you miss this opportunity, I don’t know when the next one will appear. What is there to hesitate about, Ms. Qiu?” An Ling’er had seemingly seen through Qiu Yi Meng’s hearts and couldn’t help giving her a little push.

“I really didn’t come here for him,” Qiu Yi Meng spoke with embarrassment.

An Ling’er continued to smile meaningfully and was just about to say something when suddenly a strange sound reached her ear, causing her brow to wrinkle as she concentrated her hearing.

Qiu Yi Meng also took notice and cupped her ear in an attempt to identify the sound.

A moment later, the faces of the two women became crimson red as they exchanged an flustered glance.

“Ahem…” An Ling’er lightly coughed, “The night wind is nice, so I’ll accompany Ms. Qiu here to see the stars.”

An Ling’er was too embarrassed to return back to the Holy Master Court so she took the initiative to sit down at a nearby table and looked up at the sky.

Qiu Yi Meng nodded and quickly sat down next to her.

The two young ladies didn’t say a word, allowing them to hear the violent beating of their own hearts as well as the intermittent sounds coming from behind them that seemed to penetrate straight into the ears, making them feel incredibly uncomfortable and involuntarily clamp their legs together while their bodies squirmed gently.

“Hehe… such wonderful weather today,” An Ling’er spoke some meaningless words.

“Indeed,” Qiu Yi Meng absent-mindedly nodded and agreed.

The muffled sounds grew clearer and louder with each passing moment, causing the two young women to feel as if a flame had been lit in their lower abdomens while the cold night wind blowing past their slender legs sent chills up their spines. The mixture of hot and cold made them feel as if their bodies had suddenly become far more sensitive than before.

“I really couldn’t have imagined it!” An Ling’er suddenly declared with a speechless look upon her face.

“Couldn’t imagine what?” Qiu Yi Meng turned to her and asked.

“That always quiet, reserved girl, calling out so intensely…”

“Hehe…” Qiu Yi Meng didn’t know how to respond.

“Aren’t you going in?” An Ling’er bit her red lips and suddenly asked, “Now is the perfect time, nothing would need to be said.”

“Ah…” Qiu Yi Meng was shocked and blushed bashfully, “How could that be alright?”

“What need is there to be embarrassed now? If I were you, I’d rush in right now and teach him a lesson!” An Ling’er needled, anxious to stir up trouble.

“No way!” Qiu Yi Meng waved her hands frantically, “I couldn’t possibly do that.”

Acting like a jealous beggar, pleading for the love of another, Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t bring herself to act so shamefully.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll fully support you. If you pass by this village there won’t be another with the same store after it,” An Ling’er continued to be whisper devilish temptations.

Qiu Yi Meng seemed to be wavering, but after carefully thinking for a moment, she suddenly shook her head, stood up and declared, “I’ll wait for him to return. When he comes back next time… I won’t let him off! Goodnight, Ms An. I’ll be heading back first to rest.”

“Ah, hey, don’t just leave me here…” An Ling’er raised her hands to stop Qiu Yi Meng but the latter had already disappeared.

All alone now, heavy breathing and stimulating moans floated into An Ling’er’s ears, causing her to bite her lip hard and shrink her body up, covering her ears with her hands as she cursed under her breath, cursing Yang Kai to never be able to go forth into battle again and for tonight to be the last meal he ever eats…

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
Score 8.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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