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Martial Peak Chapter 976

Chapter 976 - Extinguish Your Soul

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Even surrounded by his bone shields, Ke Luo was extremely nervous.

Han Fei’s figure flashed and appeared directly before him, slashing her ice crystal sword to create a light barrier engulfing him.

When she attacked, Li Rong also acted.

The leader of the Ancient Demon Clan swung her pair of jade fists repeatedly, smashing Ke Luo’s bones shields as easily as one would crush dry weeds and smash rotten wood, opening up a path to him and slamming her fist down.

An astonishing destructive force suddenly surrounded her fist as she punched forward.

Ke Luo’s face changed greatly and was just about to defend himself when Zhang Yuan’s black halberd stabbed towards him from behind. Unable to deflect both attacks, he could only hurriedly avoid Zhang Yuan’s strike while meeting Li Rong’s head-on.


The earth shook and a deafening sound spread out; Ke Luo’s just reformed flesh body seemed to be incapable of bearing such a violent blow and began to show cracks.

Chu Ling Xiao’s Demon Sealing Chain wrapped around his body at that moment and further restricted his movements.

The other masters seized this opening and rushed in together, exerting their full strength to wantonly bombard Ke Luo’s figure.

Ke Luo was immediately thrust into a dangerous situation, the cracks on his flesh rapidly expanding and pieces of it soon blowing off entirely, exposing his skeleton, the root of his existence, to the enemies surrounding him.


His skeleton was unable to bear the ten masters endless storm of attacks and soon too began to crack.

Ke Luo was finished!

This time he had truly reached a dead end.

He had counted on his Bone Race’s Blood Pond Flesh Forest to wipe out the top Tong Xuan Realm masters, but at the last minute this plan was destroyed by Yang Kai; now, Ke Luo didn’t dare use this forbidden technique, and subsequently was no longer a match for these ten masters.

All his various means had been restrained, and he no longer had any hope of victory.

Ke Luo’s green eyes flashed with annoyance, anger, and unwillingness, all kinds of intertwined emotions. Zhang Yuan’s long halberd directly penetrated his head, puncturing his eyes.

As his flesh and blood flew apart, Ke Luo suddenly came to a halt.

The next moment, as if he was violently dismembered, his entire physique exploded, bones and all, scattering in all directions.

An illusory ethereal figure suddenly emerged from Ke Luo’s head the moment before it exploded, shrank down into a ball of faint light, and quickly flew away.

“His Soul is trying to flee!” Meng Wu Ya shouted.

With his body completely destroyed, Ke Luo’s Soul decisively escaped, striving only to survive.

No matter how powerful it was, a pure Soul could not remain in the world for very long unless it was placed inside a specially refined artifact designed to store a Soul, otherwise, the only option was for it to find a compatible body to occupy.

Old Demon was a perfect example of this.

If Ke Luo was allowed to escape and he found the right body, with the strangeness of the Bone Race, it wasn’t impossible for him to stage a comeback.

How could the ten masters possible give him such an opportunity? All of them had long been guarding against this possibility.

Just as Meng Wu Ya’s voice fell, ten Divine Sense attacks crashed towards Ke Luo’s escaping Soul.

The next moment, Ke Luo’s pitiful screams resounded and his Soul Avatar came to a halt mid-air, his semi-transparent face filled with terrible wrath as a dangerous aura pulsed from his form.

Feeling the strangeness of his state, the ten masters didn’t dare act rashly, instead using their Spiritual Energy to surround Ke Luo and prevented him from continuing to flee.

Battles between Souls were far too dangerous. One wrong move could result in injuring one’s own Soul, and naturally, none of them could bear such a cost.

All the masters were worried about Ke Luo lashing out in one last desperate attack and dragging them down with him.

If they truly forced Ke Luo into a hopeless situation and he detonated his Soul right on top of them, none of them would emerge unscathed.

“Don’t force me, or we’ll all perish together here!” Ke Luo hysterically screamed, the dangerous aura radiating from his Soul Avatar became more and more dangerous, seemingly like it was on the verge of exploding.

The ten masters couldn’t help but frown, feeling the situation had become a bit tricky.

“Ke Luo!” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly sounded.

Hearing this shout, Ke Luo turned his gaze towards Yang Kai, but in the next instant, he realized that the situation was bad. The moment he saw the golden eye, a huge suction force enveloped him and pulled his Soul Avatar in.

Regardless of how Ke Luo tried to break free, he could not. In fact, the more he struggled, the faster he was drawn in.


In a flash, the ten masters felt the Ke Luo’s incredibly volatile Soul get directly sucked into Yang Kai’s left eye, all of them hearing the unwilling echo of Ke Luo’s voice as it happened.

Everyone was stunned.

Before anyone even had time to ask Yang Kai about the situation, he had closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged.

Inside his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar appeared and faced the terrified Ke Luo who was gazing about in fear. Feeling the burning hot temperature of the world around him, Ke Luo couldn’t help screaming, “A mutated Knowledge Sea? You actually have an attributed Spiritual Energy?”

With his eyesight, Ke Luo could naturally see how extraordinary Yang Kai Knowledge Sea was.

This was a Soul filled with blazing flames.

Even if one considered an entire Star Field, there were very few people would possess a mutated Knowledge Sea. Ke Luo had never expected to find such an individual in this backwater world.

“Right here, right now, I’ll extinguish your Soul!” Yang Kai didn’t speak any nonsense, condensing the full strength of his Knowledge Sea the moment his Soul Avatar appeared and burning Ke Luo’s Soul Avatar.

At the same time, the Demon Eye of Annihilation reappeared inside his Knowledge Sea, and from it, a golden beam of light shot forth.

Ke Luo screamed and struggled, but was ultimately powerless to resist. Faced with the Conflagrated Knowledge Sea’s flames and the Demon Eye’s Golden Light, his consciousness and lifetime worth of experiences were quickly purified, leaving behind only a pure mass of Spiritual Energy.

Yang Kai reached out and drew in this mass of Spiritual Energy. Feeling its intensity, his expression changed greatly.

Worthy of a master on the verge of breaking through to the Saint King Realm, Ke Luo’s remnant Spiritual Energy was far more powerful than any Yang Kai had ever absorbed before.

Floating above Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea was a large number of pure energy masses.

These were remnant Souls Yang Kai had inadvertently absorbed during the previous fight.

As long as someone died nearby him, their remnant Soul would be drawn into his Knowledge Sea regardless of whether Yang Kai intended it to be or not.

However, thanks to this, he had managed to obtain an unimaginable amount of benefits.

Yang Kai didn’t rush to return his consciousness to his body. In any case, the overall situation had been decided. The Bone Race had been stamped out and all that remained was to clean up the battlefield and count the casualties.

Yang Kai began to absorb the countless masses of energy.

These energy masses mostly belonged to Transcendent Realm cultivators, but there was no shortage of those which came from Saints either.

Inside each of these masses of energy were the comprehensive insights into the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao of that particular cultivator.

Yang Kai absorbed what was useful and discarded the rest, transforming all of it into his own strength.

Gradually, a kind of ethereal door appeared before him, and as he opened this door, Yang Kai caught a glimpse of a wider world behind it.

His heart and mind shook violently and his Knowledge Sea began to churn as a frightening energy fluctuation immediately erupted from his body.

Outside, everyone who was sitting in meditation felt Yang Kai’s change and opened their eyes in shock, quickly turning their attention towards him.

A moment later, Li Rong’s tender body trembled as she exclaimed, “Master is about to break through!”

Meng Wu Ya expression stiffened, “So fast?”

Previously he had inquired to Li Rong about when Yang began undergoing True Qi Sanctification and learned that it had only been about a year since the process had started.

According to his estimations, even with Yang Kai’s outstanding aptitude, it would still take two or three years of hard work after his True Qi underwent Sanctification before he could spy on the mysteries of the Saint Realm.

When that time came, whether he could make a breakthrough or not would be up to fate.

But now, after only a single year, Yang Kai had already begun to break through.

He would soon become a Saint Realm master.

Meng Wu Ya was somewhat unable to accept the scene in front of his eyes, staring towards Yang Kai as if he was seeing some kind of monster, muttering something under his breath, a look of shock mixed with a trace of jealousy covering his face.

He believed himself to be a rare genius, but compared with Yang Kai, he couldn’t help feeling inferior.

“It really looks like he’s about to break through,” Chu Ling Xiao smiled and nodded, his old face showing a gratified look, “It seems that he harvested much during this battle. En, we should clear the area to ensure we do not bother him.”

Saying so, the two of them took the initiative to withdraw.

The Demon Race and Monster Race masters also fell back, and after everyone else had left, Li Rong and Han Fei also stepped back.

They still did not feel relieved leaving the Demon and Monster Race masters nearby; although everyone had just been collaborating to deal with the Bone Race, now that the threat that bound them together was gone, no one could guarantee that they wouldn’t take this opportunity to kill Yang Kai to prevent him from fully maturing.

As such, Li Rong and Han Fei remained vigilant.

After some time, from all directions, many masters from the Three Clans returned. They had been chasing down the last remnants of the Bone Race, pursing every one of them relentlessly, ensuring that none of these Starry Sky invaders remained, eliminating any possibility for them to rise again.

After half a day, everyone who was still alive had gradually returned, and the Three Clans began to assess their casualties.

When the results came out, everyone’s heart grew heavy. When the Three Clans masters had set out, there were just over a thousand of them in total, but after this great war ended, only about five hundred remained.

Nearly half of Tong Xuan Realm’s top masters had perished here, including many Saints.

Although this war had secured the future of the world, rooting out a fatal catastrophe, each of the three races had suffered a serious decline in strength, with the Demon Race having taken the worst hit. In the battle with Ke Luo, two Demon Generals had fallen. This kind of loss was something even Zhang Yuan was unable to withstand. Together with the surviving Xue Li and Meng Ge, all three of them were both worried and depressed.

The most sorrowful aspect of the aftermath though was that those who had died had been stripped of all their flesh and blood, leaving behind only bleached bones. No one could even identify which skeleton belonged to who.

The Three Clans jointly collected the remains of the dead and buried them on Water Spirit Temple’s main island while consoling one another.

The surviving masters paid homage to their fallen brethren for their contributions in this war.

One day later, the sky suddenly clouded over and a terrifying pressure began to condense.

“Yang Kai’s about to break through!” On the island down below, Meng Wu Ya’s eyes lit up as he shouted excitedly.

“Let’s go take a look,” Chu Ling Xiao said and flew straight over, the various masters from the Monster Race and Demon Race following close behind.

The masters of the Human Race who heard the news were also filled with curiosity and rushed over to watch.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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