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Martial Peak Chapter 977

Chapter 977 - Saint Realm

Chapter 977, Saint Realm

A few years ago, no one had heard the name Yang Kai, but after a mere decade, he had become famous throughout the Tong Xuan Realm.

At the age of 30, he was about to break through to the Saint Realm. This kind of cultivation was enough for the entire world to pay attention to him.

What’s more, Yang Kai’s status was not low, and during this time’s battle against the Bone Race, he had taken on the role of commander.

No one dared look down on him.

Everyone believed that from today on, his name would echo across the entire world, becoming the topic of discussion of commoners and experts alike as the most dazzling talent in history!

His future achievements would definitely be higher than anyone else’s.

When the Human, Demon, and Monster Race experts arrived, the Ancient Demon Clan’s clansmen, led by Li Rong and Han Fei, had already cordoned off a ten-kilometre radius around Yang Kai, forbidding anyone from approaching any closer.

Everyone could only settle for watching from a distance.

After clearly seeing Yang Kai’s current condition though, all of them changed continence.

The violent World Energy storm that seemed capable of tearing the earth asunder was repeatedly slamming down and smashing into Yang Kai’s body.

The clothes on his upper body had already been shredded, revealing his solid figure.

He remained sitting in a cross-legged position, not circulating a trace of his Qi, relying solely on the strength of his physique to endure the World Energy baptism.

The energy of Heaven and Earth that fell was not wasted by him in the slightest, every last drop of it sucked into his body and transformed into his own strength.

His flesh shivered and tensed, fully demonstrating its formidability, shocking everyone who saw it.

Everyone present could feel that his flesh body was rapidly becoming more powerful and was already comparable to even the strongest of defensive artifacts.

The masters from the three races were dumbstruck.

“Brother Meng, when you broke through to the Saint Realm…” Chu Ling Xiao whispered, “How much of the World Energy baptism were you able to endure?”

“Half,” Meng Wu Ya replied in a low voice, “I could not withstand anymore.”

“I was slightly worse than Brother Meng then,” Chu Ling Xiao breathed a light breath and silently compared his own performance to the one Yang Kai was showing right now, causing him to let out a sigh.

Zhang Yuan’s face was constantly twitching, secretly thinking to himself that he really had to build a better relationship with Yang Kai.

This time, two Demon Generals had fallen, causing his Demon Race’s total strength to drop precipitously. If he failed to grasp the opportunity in front of him, the Demon Race’s very future would become very uncertain.

The potential of the young man who was breaking through right now far surpassed any of the forces or races present.

In the past, Zhang Yuan couldn’t understand why top-level masters like Li Rong and Han Fei expressed such unwavering loyalty to Yang Kai, who was but a mere Transcendent at the time. Even considering his relationship with Great Demon God, that shouldn’t have been the case.

This was nothing short of demeaning themselves. With their strength, they could easily stand on their own; with none in this world that could take advantage of them.

However, at this moment, Zhang Yuan finally understood: Li Rong and Han Fei simply had greater vision than he did.

Because this young man could give the Ancient Demon Clan a grander, and farther future than any other.

Just as everyone was recovering from their initial shock, Yang Kai suddenly took an action which astounded them once again.

Under that unbearable pressure, in a state where the world itself was battering his body, Yang Kai suddenly stood up, directed a cold look towards the sky, and immediately flew up, soaring into the very heart of the World Energy baptism.

In the blink of an eye, his figure disappeared into the violent storm clouds filled with World Energy high up in the sky.

“This…” Everyone was dumbstruck, their jaws all going slack.

Simply withstanding the World Energy baptism was already a difficult task, but if one were to directly break into the World Energy storm, the pressure they would need to bear would increase exponentially.

If one acted carelessly, they would end up dying a pitiful death.

Everyone close to Yang Kai couldn’t help wearing a nervous look, worried that his reckless actions would lead to unbearable consequences.

But in the next moment, high up in the sky, a strange phenomenon suddenly occurred.

The seemingly unstoppable swirling storm of power, as if something was hindering it, suddenly came to a stop and the massive storm none dared to approach actually began rotating in reverse, as if there was a powerful vortex at its centre pulling it in the opposite direction.

The speed of the rotation grew faster and faster and the devastating power of the storm rapidly began to reduce.

Or rather, it was being absorbed.

After the time it would take to boil a cup of tea, the World Energy storm disappeared entirely and at what was once its centre, Yang Kai’s figure was revealed, a faint look of disappointment upon his face.

“This little brat…” Meng Wu Ya laughed helplessly, “He’s too rash.”

“There is actually someone who can enter the centre of a World Energy storm to withstand its baptism. Holy Master Yang is truly an astonishing man!”

“Congratulations Elder Brother Cu, Soaring Heaven Sect has produced an exceptional character, all of us are deeply envious.”

“Many congratulate to Great Elder Xu Hui as well, with this Holy Master, your Holy Land will surely become even more magnificent in the future.”

A series of compliments echoed, causing Xu Hui’s smile to stretch from one ear to the other.

After this battle, and witnessing Yang Kai’s breakthrough, everyone present realized just how great Yang Kai’s personal strength was.

Those who didn’t care much about him as a single cultivator were forced to re-examine their evaluations of him and correct their attitudes.

Yang Kai slowly walked down from the sky.

The Three Clans’ masters all congratulated him sincerely.

Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Many thanks to all of you as well for your efforts in this great war. I believe that future generations will not forget the sacrifices made today and will forever remember them in gratitude.”

On many people’s face, a look of glory and fulfilment rose.

“Holy Master Yang…” Dragon Phoenix Palace’s Palace Master Chen Zhou suddenly walked up and hesitantly spoke, “Can this Chen ask you something?”

Since the beginning of the battle with the Bone Race, many doubts had filled his heart which he no choice but to temporarily suppress, but now that he had a chance, he certainly wished to clear them up.

Yang Kai glanced over at him and knew what he wanted to ask, nodding as he said, “Can Palace Master Chen wait a moment? I too have some things I need to discuss with you, but before that, I wish to speak with Sir Demon Commander first.”

“Good, this Chen will be waiting,” Chen Zhou’s shoulders trembled, faintly realizing the truth of the matter.

“Does Holy Master Yang have something to say to me?” Zhang Yuan turned a somewhat puzzled look towards Yang Kai.

“Let’s step away for a moment,” Yang Kai said before beckoning to Li Rong, “You come too.”

Li Rong and Han Fei both exchanged a confused glance, neither of them knowing what Yang Kai wanted to do, but quickly following after him.

The other masters remained where they were, enjoying the aftertaste of victory while chaotically discussing what to do next.

“What matter does Holy Master Yang wish to discuss with this Senior?” Zhang Yuan asked Yang Kai after they had walked a fair distance away, unable to hold back his curiosity any longer.

Yang Kai took out a new set of robes from the Black Book Space and dressed himself before saying, “Gou Qiong and Ba He died, I hope Demon Commander can restrain his grief.”

Zhang Yuan gawked for a moment before letting out a helpless laugh, “They died a worthy death, many thanks for Holy Master Yang’s consideration.”

“En, I wanted to tell you that although I had the idea to use the ​​Demon Eye of Annihilation to restrain Ke Luo from the beginning, without him showing himself to me, I had no way to act, rendering me powerless to prevent Gou Qiong and Ba He’s deaths.”

“Holy Master Yang need not pay it any mind, I understand your difficulties,” Zhang Yuan nodded lightly.

“That’s good,” Yang Kai smiled before continuing, “Now that your Demon Land has lost two Demon Generals and your overall strength has dropped, what are you planning on doing?”

“What do you mean?” Zhang Yuan frowned, coldly snorting, “If you’re mean to imply that the other two races might take this opportunity to invade my Demon Land, you are mistaken. As long as this Senior still breathes, none should have any ideas about my Demon Land!”

“You misunderstand me,” Yang Kai shook his head, “I just wanted to ask you if you were interested in finding another Demon General to fill the vacant position?”

“Finding another Demon General?” Zhang Yuan brow furrowed for a moment before suddenly understanding, turning his eyes to Li Rong and asking, “You mean this lady?”

“Naturally. Li Rong belongs to the Demon Race, and her strength is not worse than your own, is there any problem with her becoming a Demon General?”

“Of course there’s no problem, but… is Holy Master Yang willing to part with her? Is this lady willing to go to my Demon Land?” Zhang Yuan smiled deeply as he stared at Yang Kai deeply, seemingly wanting to peer into his heart and understand what his true intentions were.

Li Rong becoming a Demon General truly wasn’t an issue; in fact, with her strength, she was already qualified to compete for the position of Demon Commander, but Yang Kai suddenly proposing this inevitably elicited a hint of caution from Zhang Yuan.

He thought Yang Kai was having ideas about seizing the Demon Land.

“I refuse!” Li Rong decisively cut in.

Yang Kai raised his hand to stop her though and said, “Listen to everything I have to say first before you decide. En, soon after this, I’ll be leaving this place.”

“Leaving?” Zhang Yuan, Li Rong, and Han Fei all asked simultaneously.

“Wherever Master goes, we will go,” Li Rong declared firmly.

Yang Kai pointed his figure towards the sky, “I must go to the Starry Sky, so I can’t take you together with me.”

“The Starry Sky?” Zhang Yuan paled, “What do you intend to do by travelling to the Starry Sky? That place is filled with crisis upon crisis! You’ve only just broken through to the Saint Realm, and if you go there you won’t even have the ability to protect yourself.”

“That’s right, Master, if you really must go, take me with you,” Li Rong hurriedly stated.

“Me as well!” Han Fei quickly chimed in.

Yang Kai however just slowly shook his head, “I’ll be going alone. More than a decade ago, when I came to Tong Xuan Realm, I was only an Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator and didn’t have the strength to protect myself, but I persisted. If I hadn’t come here at that time but instead stayed back in my old world, I definitely wouldn’t have my current strength. When the people from this side invaded my homeland, I might have degenerated into a slave with no ability to resist, but because I came here that year, when crisis befell my home, I was able to defuse it and even bring my friends and family here to settle near Nine Heavens Holy Land while guaranteeing their safety and livelihood. The present situation is the same as it was ten years ago.”

“How is it the same?” Zhang Yuan was puzzled.

“Great Demon God sealed this world and concealed it from the rest of the of Starry Sky’s view, but now that the seal has been lifted. Perhaps, one day, there will be a master at the Saint King Realm or higher that arrives here. At that time, how will we resist them?”

Zhang Yuan paled as he instantly recalled the chilling images he had seen from Great Demon God’s memories.

Thousands of years ago, Great Demon God had been here to resist the Starry Sky invaders, but if that situation were to repeat itself now, with the current level of Tong Xuan Realm’s masters, all of them would really be reduced to slaves in an instant.

Just killing Ke Luo had cost two Demon Generals their lives, and Ke Luo’s cultivation was only close to the Saint King Realm, not actually having achieved it.

If a true Saint King Realm powerhouse came, no one would be able to stop them.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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