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Martial Peak Chapter 975

Chapter 975 - Life And Death Struggle

Great Demon God’s Demon Eye of Annihilation had long been integrated into Yang Kai’s left eye.

The Demon Eye of Annihilation contained one of Great Demon God’s Divine Abilities, the soul extinguishing golden light.

Yang Kai didn’t know how this mysterious golden light worked, or even the principles behind it, but he did know that Great Demon God was able to use this golden light to purify and erase all kinds of Soul.

However, when this demon eye appeared in his left eye’s socket, Yang Kai’s perception of the entire world became a little different.

The outside world also trembled as the blood sea became turbulent, seeming suffering a heavy blow. Amidst the roiling blood sea, a faint figure gradually became clear.

Naturally, it was Ke Luo’s figure.

This figure had no physique but was instead comprised of Spiritual Energy, Ke Luo’s Soul Avatar.

His body had already exploded, forming the Blood Pond Flesh Forest, and his bones were scattered across the entire blood sea, becoming his sharpest and deadliest weapons.

At this moment, Ke Luo’s Soul Avatar stood in front of Yang Kai, holding a bone spear which was pierced through Yang Kai’s abdomen. The golden blood flowed out from the wound and dropped into the blood sea, but instead of merging together, the blood sea actually separated and automatically gave way for this golden blood.

Ke Luo’s eyes trembled fiercely as he stared at Yang Kai’s left eye, its majestic glint giving him the illusion that he was seeing the proud and invincible master for thousands of years.

In the past, when that master had passed by him, a simple wave of his hand was all that was necessary to make Ke Luo slam into the ground and pass out.

From beginning to end, that master had never looked at Ke Luo, obviously never caring about him in the slightest.

That scene had left an indelible mark on Ke Luo’s heart. Even when he was slumbering away the millennia, he had remained fearful and uneasy, worried that the master would track him down and finish him off.

Ke Luo had hidden for thousands of years until that master’s aura finally disappeared from this world, only then daring to wake up along with the rest of his clansmen.

But now, that aura which filled him with terror from the bottom of his heart had appeared once more.

That same overbearing and domineering eye from thousands of years ago was now right before him.

From this eye a mysterious power emerged and gradually condensed into a great vortex seemingly capable of swallowing the entire world. Ke Luo instantly felt like his Soul Avatar had been seized by a giant invisible hand that was drawing him into this whirlpool, dragging him down into a purgatory from which there was no return.

“Impossible!” Ke Luo screamed desperately as he went all out to withdraw, pushing his Spiritual Energy frantically to resist the attraction of the golden eye.

“Ke Luo, your time of death had arrived. Obediently accept your fate!” Yang Kai stepped heavily towards him, not caring at all about the wound on his abdomen, constantly using words to further influence Ke Luo’s chaotic state of mind and make him lose focus.

“You’re not him!” Ke Luo cried out in panic, “Even if you have one of his eyes, you’re not him, he’s already dead!”

Ke Luo’s Soul Avatar quickly plunged into the blood sea to hide, howling as he controlled innumerable bone spears throughout the blood sea to fly towards Yang Kai.

He had listed Yang Kai as the most dangerous enemy present and immediately tried to kill him.

The masters from the Three Clans scattered throughout the blood sea instantly felt the pressure on them decrease and released their Divine Senses to seek out everyone else’s position.

At this moment, all of Ke Luo’s attention was concentrated on Yang Kai and he had no spare capacity to suppress the others, causing the effects of his Blood Pond Flesh Forest to drop sharply.

“Ice Crystal Shield!” Han Fei shouted as she swung her long sword as she simultaneously cut through the blood sea and condensed a giant shield of ice in front of Yang Kai to protect his safety.

Li Rong also flew in from the side, reaching out with her jade hand to grab one of the bone spears which was piercing towards Yang Kai, tightly wrapping it in her Demonic Qi to prevent it from advancing.

Zhang Yuan, Meng Wu Ya, Chu Ling Xiao, Thunder Dragon and the others all raced over as well, displaying their methods to intercept the bone spears one after another.

In front of Yang Kai, the ten masters worked together to block Ke Luo’s crazed offensive, allowing Yang Kai to remain completely unharmed despite not taking a single step.

Moreover, seemingly because of the appearance of the Demon Eye of Annihilation, all illusions and fabrications were broken, allowing everyone’s vision of the surrounding fifty meters to become clear.

Ke Luo was still hiding in the blood sea, far from Yang Kai, not daring to come out and expose himself.

He had exploded his own flesh and bones to display the Bone Race’s forbidden technique, leaving only his Soul Avatar behind in the blood sea. He thought he was the master here, but this development had shattered that belief.

The Demon Eye of Annihilation had an unparalleled ability to suppress Souls. Without a physical shell to protect himself, he dared not show himself.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

The bone spears danced through the sky, each one carrying an incomparably sharp and imposing momentum. The red blood also gathered together to form several blood dragons which bared their fangs and roared towards Yang Kai’s group, recklessly attacking them.

The ten masters met these attacks head-on, no longer showing any signs of distress. Standing next to Yang Kai, they would not be lost in the blood sea again, so everyone’s nerves had relaxed as they once against saw hope of victory.

“Over there, use Divine Sense attacks. Right now, he’s only a Soul Avatar!” Yang Kai shouted as he pointed towards a certain position.

“Only a Soul Avatar?” Zhang Yuan was startled for a moment but immediately wore a fierce grin, “Good, then this will be easy. I’d like to see how long he manages to preserve his feeble existence!”

As he spoke, the Divine Sense attacks of all ten masters shot towards the direction indicated while Yang Kai also strengthened the power of his Demon Eye of Annihilation to constrain Ke Luo’s actions.

This silent and invisible attack burst out, causing a terrifying explosion of Spiritual Energy.

Ke Luo screamed out miserably.

He had finally been injured.

Even if he was close to breaking through to the Saint King Realm, he was unable to resist the simultaneous Divine Sense attacks of ten top-level masters.

“Over there!” Yang Kai pointed to another position and the Divine Sense attacks of the ten masters flew in that direction.

The blood sea once again trembled unstably and the bone spears and blood dragons which Ke Luo was originally controlling to suppress the ten masters lost all the force behind them. The blood dragons collapsed and merged back into the blood sea while all the bone spears were taken back by Ke Luo and disappeared.

Ke Luo obviously didn’t have any energy to spare on controlling them as evading the Divine Sense attacks of the ten masters was currently all he could do.

“Here!” Yang Kai pointed once more.

The attacks of the ten masters were akin to a sharp sword that slashed towards Ke Luo with extreme accuracy, causing him to remain constantly on edge.

After a half cup of tea’s time, the blood sea which had been surrounding everyone burst apart.

Everyone’s vision became clear and the Bone Race forbidden technique, the Blood Pond Flesh Forest, disappeared.

Not far from their position, the bone spears and fresh blood re-integrated and Ke Luo’s figure gradually formed.

Unexpectedly, he could still restore his original shape.

“Without that strange forbidden technique of yours, I’d like to see what you plan on fighting us with!” Zhang Yuan eyes flashed as he taunted.

The other masters also stared towards Ke Luo with thick malicious intent. Inside that blood sea, they were forced to dance on the top of his palm. Everyone here was a top master with their own sense of pride, what they just experienced was nothing short of a great disgrace.

Now that they had escaped from the blood sea, naturally they had to seek revenge for this slight.

Not waiting for Ke Luo’s figure to fully reform, the ten masters dispersed and surrounded him, leaving him no path the Heaven or gate to Hell.

Ke Luo finally began panicking, his face pale and his green eyes overflowing with fear and regret.

He felt that he should not have been so eager to wake up and instead remained asleep for another thousand years.

“Ke Luo, haven’t you forgotten something?” Yang Kai stared at him indifferently and asked.

Ke Luo turned his attention to Yang Kai and his eyes shrank.

What he saw was the bone spear he had inserted into Yang Kai’s stomach!

This spear was like fine white jade, seemingly carved from the most beautiful Crystal Stone, and inside it was fearsome energy. He had stabbed it into Yang Kai not too long ago and it was even now still there.

The instant he saw this spear, Ke Luo’s expression changed greatly and became more and more alarmed. This spear was a part of his body and contained a large amount of his life essence, if he lost this bone spear, his strength would be greatly reduced.

Yang Kai’s expression became fierce as he reached out and grabbed hold of the spear, slowly pulling it out of his abdomen.

His eyes were firm and never left Ke Luo, not a single rippled appearing in his vision despite the severe pain he was experiencing.

Golden blood flowed out as soon as the bone spear was removed, and Yang Kai’s wound automatically began to heal.

Ke Luo’s eyes stared fixedly on the bone spear, his lips trembling, seemingly wanting to say something but unable to form the words.

Yang Kai grinned as he stared towards Ke Luo in a calm and composed manner, lightly saying, “For your Bone Race, your bones are the basis of your life, right?”

“What about it?” Ke Luo grit his teeth and snapped back angrily.

“Very good!” Yang Kai gently nodded before a devastating Demonic Qi emerged from the palm of his hand and wrapped around the bone spear. In a flash, as if it had been lit on fire by these dark flames, the bone spear rapidly burned down and changed to ashes, slipping through Yang Kai’s and scattering into the wind.

Right before his eyes, Yang Kai had incinerated his bone spear.

Ke Luo’s expression warped madly, as if his most precious possession had been destroyed by Yang Kai, his face twisting horribly as he screamed, “For destroying my bones, I’ll make you pay the price!”

“You won’t get the opportunity!” Meng Wu Ya shouted, his hands wildly clawing at the void.

From the sky above, as if a meteor had been caught by Meng Wu Ya, a bright sphere of light containing a terrifying destructive force fell towards Ke Luo, as if it was trying to destroy the world together with him.

“For killing my Demon General, I’ll ground your corpse to ashes today!” Zhang Yuan’s long halberd pulsed with thick darkness and shot out like a great dragon towards Ke Luo.

Meng Ge and Xue Li immediately followed behind Zhang Yuan, looks of intense hatred and hostility filling their faces as they pushed their strength to its limits.

The three Monster Race Great Seniors all transformed into their Beast Forms and attacked towards Ke Luo.

Chu Ling Xiao’s Demon Sealing Chain flew out and entangled Ke Luo, restricting his actions.

Bone shields condensed all around Ke Luo as he felt a huge sense of crisis. He knew if he was unable to resist this blow, he would without a doubt die. He was counting on these bone shields to buy him a moment of time.

He still had ample strength to fight!

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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