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Martial Peak Chapter 971

Chapter 971 - What Do You Have To Fight Me With

Chapter 971, What Do You Have To Fight Me With

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

The melee dragged on into the night, and the entire sea had become a battlefield, the number of Bone Race clansmen rapidly decreasing from originally more than two thousand during the day until only several hundred now, and this number was still falling.

From the original thousand Human, Demon, and Monster Race masters, less than half remained.

All who had fallen on this battlefield had no hope of survival.

Whether they were Transcendents or Saints, in this kind of tangled melee, their individual strength mattered not, only the Third Order Saints could move somewhat unscrupulously throughout the battlefield.

After Yang Kai transformed into a Golden Dragon, it was as if his bloodthirst had been awoken and he madly slaughtered all the Bone Race clansmen around him. Intense burning heat was the Bone Race’s biggest nemesis and the heat which naturally overflowed from the Golden Dragon was enough to melt any Bone Race clansmen below the Saint Realm.

The situation gradually changed from a balanced stalemate to a one-sided slaughter.

As soon as the Three Clans gained the advantage, they pressed it hard until the Bone Race was unable to resist, reducing them to pigs waiting for the slaughter.

However, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a sense of discomfort.

For some time now, he had been looking for the leader of the Bone Race, Ke Luo, but ever since the melee began, he had never appeared and no one knew where he had gone.

All of the masters present were busy fighting the enemies in front of them and had no time to pay attention to this oddity.

Yang Kai flew high up into the sky, ignoring all the commotion around him.

Fully releasing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai began searching for Ke Luo’s trail.

This person was the leader of the Bone Race and should be the most powerful among them. If he didn’t die here today, even wiping out the rest of the Bone Race would become meaningless.

As time passed, Yang Kai’s frown deepened.

Ke Luo seemed to no longer be here, as if he had long ago fled. No matter how Yang Kai pushed his Divine Sense, he simply couldn’t feel his aura!

Yang Kai’s heart sank but not believing such a ridiculous possibility, he persisted in his search.

After a cup of tea worth of time, Yang Kai finally found some clues.

All the Bone Race, Human, Demon, and Monster Race masters who died on this battlefield had their flesh and blood transformed into vital essence which then invisibly sank into the ground before gathering towards a certain spot where a formidable aura was concealing itself.

Ke Luo!

Yang Kai dove down without hesitation, his Golden Dragon form transforming into a streak of golden light, like the sun itself was falling from the sky, slamming into the ground in the next instant.


The earth trembled violently as a wild strength passed through the soil and sank underground.

A cold snorted came out and Ke Luo’s figure smashed out from the ground, his face dyed in an unusual red light as he stood overlooking the crowds down below, his flaming green eyes filled with a contemptuous and self-satisfied light.

An astonishing energy fluctuated around him.

Yang Kai’s eyes shrank as his instincts screamed out in alarm.

He saw that something was wrong!

Just as Ke Luo came to a halt, a black demonic hand emerged from the void and grabbed towards him. This black hand grew bigger and bigger and soon seemed as if it was able to grasp the entire world in its palm.

Naturally, this hand belonged to Demon Commander Zhang Yuan!

Ke Luo seemed to have not realized at all and simply remained hovering mid-air.

“Zhang Yuan, fall back!” Yang Kai quickly shouted.

Unfortunately, he was too late; Zhang Yuan was the Demon Commander, the strongest master in the Demon Land, naturally he held absolute confidence in his own strength, but just as his black hand was about to seize Ke Luo, it was as if it was pierced by something and he hastily withdrew it.

The next moment, Zhang Yuan appeared beside Yang Kai, his expression incredibly solemn as red blood dripped from his right hand and a potent stench of death wrapped around his arm.

In that instant, he had been injured by Ke Luo.

A thick sense of dread flashed across Zhang Yuan’s eyes and he quickly circulated the Demonic Qi in his body to expel the malevolent energy Ke Luo had injected into his arm.

In a flash of light, Li Rong, Meng Wu Ya, Chu Ling Xiao, Thunder Dragon Great Senior appeared.

At this moment, the Saint Realm masters of the Bone Race had almost been completely eliminated and the remaining Transcendent Realm cultivators were fleeing. The Human, Demon, and Monster Masters were in pursuit, vowing to not let a single one escape alive.

Only the top powerhouses remained behind to deal with Ke Luo.

“Saint King Realm?” Meng Wu Ya asked in amazement.

The strength of Zhang Yuan was something he was clearer about than anyone else; after all, he had fought against Zhang Yuan hundreds of years ago. Naturally, he was incomparable to an ordinary Third Order Saint, but Zhang Yuan had still been easily wounded by Ke Luo.

Ke Luo’s strength at this moment seemed to be above everyone else here, and even as he faced the top masters from the Three Clans, he didn’t show any signs of panic.

“He’s not a Saint King yet, but he’s on the verge of breaking through!” Yang Kai said while maintaining his Golden Dragon form.

Ke Luo’s aura was truly earth-shaking, significantly more potent than anyone else present, but he had definitely not reached the Saint King Realm yet because his strength was still fluctuating wildly, a clear sign of imminent breakthrough.

“I must thank you!” Ke Luo looked down at the crowd arrogantly and said in a cold voice, “Thanks to your efforts I was able to obtain this opportunity! If it wasn’t for so many masters dying here, I would never have been able to break through to the Saint King Realm so quickly! Thousands of years ago, you had a powerful Saint King masters on your side who slaughtered my clan’s leaders, but now, I’d like to see what you plan to fight me with!”

With a shout, a great suction force erupted from his body, like an invisible vortex that spun madly.

The vital essence of the countless dead bodies down below flowed towards him at a rate visible to the naked eye.

The rivers of blood and essence continuously poured into Ke Luo’s body, transforming into his own strength, fueling his ever-rising momentum.

Most embarrassing of all was that the majority of this fresh blood came from the corpses of the deceased Human, Demon, and Monster Race masters!

The sky clouded over as Ke Luo breakthrough drew closer!

“This was your objective all along!” Chu Ling Xiao shouted.

The faces of the masters present all became gloomy as they suddenly understood.

This time, when the Three Clans collaborated to attack the Bone Race, the Bone Race had fought back without the slightest fear. The Human, Demon, and Monster Race masters had thought that these Bone Race invaders had simply been overconfident, but it was only now that they realized that Ke Luo didn’t care at all about the lives of his clansmen. The past six months, he had only expanded his clan’s numbers in order to force the Three Clans to confront him.

During this battle, both his clansmen and this world’s masters died in droves!

Ke Luo was aiming at this opportunity to obtain a massive amount of vital essence.

The dead Human, Demon, and Monster Race masters had all at least reached the Transcendent Realm and there was no shortage of fallen Saints.

With such a huge amount of vital energy injected into his body, Ke Luo wouldn’t have any trouble breaking through.

This was all one giant plot; while the Three Clans had thought victory was within their grasp, they were actually being manipulated into doing Ke Luo’s bidding.

“You can exterminate my clansmen to the last! As long as I live, I can spawn as many of them as I want!” Ke Luo seemed to think he had already won, turning his head towards the sky and letting out a victorious laugh.

Everyone’s face instantly darkened as they stared up at the terrifying swirl of World Energy gathering in the sky. Naturally this energy was the makings of the baptism one would receive when they broke through from the Saint Realm to the Saint King Realm; none of the masters here dared test its power.

If they were caught up in it, they may very well be reduced to dust.

“You plan to live on?” Yang Kai dismissed his Golden Dragon form and stared towards Ke Luo coldly, a grin quickly forming on his face, “Wishful thinking!”

Saying so, Yang Kai flipped his hand and summoned an item out from the Black Book space.

It was a dark red stone roughly the size of a fist.

Pouring his True Qi into this stone, it immediately released a brilliant red light as well as an astonishing attractive force, one many times stronger than the one Ke Luo was emitting.

The fresh blood which had been gathering rapidly toward Ke Luo instantly froze, as if it was grasped by a giant invisible hand, and then began flowing faster and faster through the air towards the red stone before being swallowed up by it.

Not a single drop of vital essence flew towards Ke Luo anymore.

The source of energy he was using to break through had been abruptly cut off.

“Blood Essence Stone!” Ke Luo’s green eyes shook violently and he couldn’t help calling out in alarm, a hint of panic flashing across his face, “How could you have a Blood Essence Stone?”

At this moment, he even seemed afraid of this strange stone.

Yang Kai grinned mockingly, “Without any energy to support you, I’d like to see how you break through to the Saint King Realm!”

As if to echo Yang Kai’s words, the gathering World Energy high up in the sky suddenly began to disperse.

Ke Luo raised his head to the sky and upon realizing he had no hope of breaking through, he finally began to panic.

Yang Kai held tightly to the Blood Essence Stone, constantly pouring his True Qi into it, absorbing every last drop of vital essence and fresh blood from the surrounding dozens of kilometre radius, refusing to give Ke Luo a single opportunity.

Sneering deeply, Yang Kai taunted, “What’s wrong, you suddenly seem afraid?”

The eyes of the masters gathered around Yang Kai also brightened as they once again saw hope of wiping out the Bone Race.

All of them were secretly rejoicing; if Yang Kai had not promptly discovered traces of Ke Luo, after he had gathered enough energy, no one would have been able to resist him.

Ke Luo’s eyes flashed as a thick murderous intent burned within them; glaring at Yang Kai, he gnashed his teeth and shouted, “Even if I have not arrived at the Saint King Realm, none of you are my opponent! I’ll kill you first then seize your Blood Essence Stone!”

Saying so, a cold, gloomy Spiritual Energy suddenly burst out from Ke Luo and flew towards Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, clearly trying to extinguish Yang Kai’s Soul.

Realizing that this was a pure Divine Sense attack, Yang Kai didn’t show the slightest fear and stood his ground.

“Burn!” With a low shout, Yang Kai unleashed his Conflagrated Divine Sense and incinerated Ke Luo’s malevolent Spiritual Energy before it could even get close.

Not pausing for an instant, Ke Luo lifted his hand and palmed towards Yang Kai.

A pale, skeletal had suddenly appeared, giving people the illusion that it was the hand of death itself, causing everyone present to shudder.

This bone hand was massive and seemed to be comprised of the hardest jade, it gave off a strange power and terrifying pressure, its five fingers curling into hooks as it pressed down towards Yang Kai.

The surrounding world seemingly couldn’t withstand this pressure and began to crack and collapse, a huge palm print appearing on the ground.

“In your dreams!” Li Rong shouted as her pretty face was instantly filled with dense Demon Crests, giving her a wild look as a dreadful Demonic Qi overflowed from her tender body and shot like a barrage of arrows towards this giant bone hand.

“Go!” Yang Kai also shouted, summoning his Silver Leaf Grade Top-Rank artifact and transforming it into a silver shield to block the oncoming attack.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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