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Martial Peak Chapter 972

Chapter 972 - Ke Luo’s Tyrannical Strength

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

The ground below caved in as brilliant light shone; it was as if the entire world was trembling.

The skeletal hand shattered into fragments and before the pieces could hit the ground they disintegrated and disappeared.

Li Rong’s tender body shivered as her face flushed red; in the confrontation with Ke Luo’s just now, she had clearly suffered a slight loss.

At some point during this exchange, the other masters around Yang Kai had disappeared.

Zhang Yuan once again appeared mysterious right beside Ke Luo, his body wrapped in a thick black cloud and a jet black halberd in his hand. This weapon exuded terrifying energy and seemed able to swallow all light in its surrounding.

The long halberd pierced out, as if breaking the shackles of space, and stabbed towards Ke Luo’s chest.

This strike was made silently, but actually contained the full might of Zhang Yuan’s strength!

Until now, the Demon Commander had never displayed his full strength, causing Yang Kai to secretly marvel.

The tip of the halberd was filled with Zhang Yuan’s comprehension of the Martial Dao and Demonic Qi, creating an attack that tore through the world itself.

“Paltry tricks!” Ke Luo seemed to have already detected this attack and coldly snorted, showing neither panic nor anxiety as he summoned a bone shield beside him.

The halberd struck the centre of this bone shield and a shockwave of energy burst forth, forcing Zhang Yuan to retreat a dozen steps while the bone shield itself shattered.

Ke Luo was unscathed, causing Zhang Yuan’s eyes to flash with shock, he had never imagined this Bone Race leader’s strength would be this tyrannical.

His current strength, although not reaching the Saint King Realm, definitely exceeded the limits of this world, forcing Zhang Yuan to unwillingly admit his inferiority.

A cold gale whipped up and a dozen floating skulls suddenly appeared around Ke Luo. These skulls rapidly grew to become big as a houses and riding the swirling wind, rapidly surrounded Zhang Yuan, their eye sockets and mouths spurting out eldritch power as they closed in.

They were trying to swiftly kill Zhang Yuan!

Zhang Yuan didn’t even have time to dodge before he was struck by this mysterious power and a look of pain surfaced on his face. Even given the intrepid strength of his Demon body, he was unable to completely withstand this violent attack.

Not daring to delay, Meng Wu Ya flew in and pushed his Saint Qi to the limit, shielding Zhang Yuan from the next wave of attacks. Without saying a word, Zhang Yuan immediately began cooperating as he wielded his long halberd, sending out waves of black energy towards the giant skulls.

These two rivals who had competed against one another for hundreds of years were unexpectedly capable of perfectly coordinating with one another.

“The Saint King Realm expert from all those years ago only hit me once, leaving me severely wounded, I must see whether his descendants inherited any of his strength!” Ke Luo shouted, waving his hands and sending out a deep green rope from his sleeve. This rope seemed to have a mind of its own and quickly began to inflate, soon becoming even bigger than Yang Kai’s Golden Dragon incarnation.

When it revealed itself, everyone realized it was a powerful artifact.

No one knew how Ke Luo had managed to maintain the power of this artifact over thousands of years.

This artifact soon transformed into an incredibly realistic flying serpent with a pair of wings on its back.

When this flying snake artifact appeared, it gave Yang Kai an immense pressure and he couldn’t help give birth to the illusion that he was being crushed beneath a mountain, his body becoming heavy and difficult to move.

The flying snake danced through the air, sending out mysterious ripples from its body that seemed to contain a magical force that bound everyone present, like they were tied up with ropes.

At this moment, the masters present all felt as if they had been shackled and sunk into a muddy swamp, finding it difficult to move or even circulate their strength.

Chu Ling Xiao flew forward to confront this flying snake artifact, summoning his Demon Sealing Chain and releasing a brilliant golden light from it to block these ripples.

Thunder Dragon Great Senior also rushed up, wantonly releasing the power of flames, thunder, and lightning from his body, cooperating with Chu Ling Xiao to finally hold back the power of this flying snake artifact.

Ke Luo himself had not yet moved, only relying on the dozen skulls and his flying snake artifact to tie down four of Tong Xuan Realm’s top masters.

The four masters had each unleashed their full strength and were still only capable of dealing with the problem in front of them, having no spare ability to deal with Ke Luo himself.

Only Li Rong remained to guard Yang Kai.

Ke Luo turned his eyes towards Yang Kai and smiled coldly, “You should have escaped! You should have run away as far as you could, but since you’ve chosen to remain, you can have the honour of dying by my hand.”

Saying so, he leisurely stepped towards Yang Kai.

As he approached, Li Rong’s expression became heavier and heavier, an inexplicable pressure pressing down on her, making her bones creak, threatening to force her to the ground at any moment.

Yang Kai also noticed that something was wrong and quickly whispered in a low voice, “Devil Transformation!”

With these words, the True Yang Yuan Qi flowing through Yang Kai’s meridians madly retreated to his dantian and was replaced by a rich Demonic Qi. Demon Crests, which could not be seen by the naked eye, flickered before disappearing into his physique, forming a profound and shocking array inside his body.

Yang Kai’s strength of vitality soared and the energy fluctuations coming from his body sharply rose in intensity, become many times stronger than a moment ago.

Ke Luo steps paused briefly as he stared at Yang Kai with some surprise. In the blink of an eye, the young man in front of him who was supposed to only be a Third-Order Transcendent actually began giving off an aura similar to that of a Third Order Saint, a shocking phenomenon.

“Unexpectedly you are still able to summon out this kind of strength, impressive!” Ke Luo gently nodded, maintaining an aloof attitude as he grinned, “But you will still die! Without arriving at the Saint King Realm, no one can rival me!”

Saying so, he gently pushed his palm forward, sending a terrifying invisible strike towards Yang Kai, as if he was planning to crush him to dust.

Yang Kai dragged Li Rong behind him and also sent out palm strike of his own.

A massive palm print that seemed capable of blotting out the sky emerged.

Heaven Covering Hand, the hand that covers the Heavens!

This was the Heaven Covering Hand Yang Kai displayed while in his Devil Transformation state, causing it to be many times more powerful than normal.


A loud explosion erupted, rattling everyone’s eardrums as shockwaves visible to the naked eye spread out in all directions, sending massive tidal waves racing across the sea down below.

“Hm?” Ke Luo expression changed once more, seemingly not having expected Yang Kai to so easily counter his blow and even remain uninjured.

He was clear just how much power was behind his attack just now, and though the young man in front of him gave off an aura equivalent to a Third-Order Saint, he had only been able to achieve this by borrowing some kind of external force.

In the end, he should still have just been a weak Third Order Transcendent.

But the reality was that this youth had managed to block his attack. The only explanation was that his body could fully utilize this external force without any reservations!

[Just how powerful is his physique?]

Ke Luo’s eyes lit up as he suddenly gained a strong interest in Yang Kai’s physique. He secretly felt that if he could extract all of this youth’s vital essence, his own strength would improve by leaps and bounds.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, didn’t stop moving for an instant, swiftly condensing a number of dark spears above his hand and hurling them out.

Li Rong followed immediately behind this rain of spears, waiting for an opportunity to deliver a critical blow to Ke Luo.

The bone shield once again appeared in front of Ke Luo.

This bone shield seemed to be condensed purely of Ke Luo’s energy, so it could be used over and over again as long as he still had enough strength.

The storm of Heaven Punishing Spears landed on this bone shield, breaking it to pieces once more, but Ke Luo remained unharmed.

Li Rong saw that the situation was unfavourable and rapidly pushed her Demonic Qi to send out two black spikes towards Ke Luo’s eyes as she fell back and returned to Yang Kai’s side, their joint offensive producing no appreciable results.

Ke Luo smiled lightly, “Is this the extent of your ability? If you only have such skill, I’m afraid your luck has run out.”

“You spew too much nonsense!” Yang Kai sneered and said impatiently.

At the same time, he hurriedly sent a Divine Sense Message to Li Rong, “His goal right now is the Blood Essence Stone in my hand. He wants to absorb the Blood Qi inside it to help him achieve a breakthrough. You don’t have to worry about me here, quickly help Treasurer Meng, Zhang Yuan and the others. As long as they can break that snake artifact and those skulls, we can encircle Ke Luo.”

Li Rong was startled and immediately understood what Yang Kai was planning.

Right now, the other four top masters present were completely tied down, leaving only her and Yang Kai to face this Bone Race leader. Obviously with just the two of them there was nothing they could do to Ke Luo, but if the other four could be freed up and all six of them joined forces, even if this Bone Race leader was strong he wouldn’t be able to resist.

After all, he hadn’t yet reached the Saint King Realm!

Li Rong’s pretty face filled with hesitation, “But…”

“No buts, just hurry,” Yang Kai cut her off.

A look of struggle flashed across Li Rong’s beautiful eyes.

Yang Kai was the master of the Ancient Demon Clan, so she naturally wanted to protect him above all else, but she also understood the correctness of Yang Kai’s proposal, causing her to temporarily not know what decision to make.

If any kind of accident happened to Yang Kai…

She almost didn’t dare to imagine it.

But after a moment, her look became firm as she grit her teeth, “Then Master must be careful!”

Saying so, her tender body flickered and flew off towards Zhang Yuan and Meng Wu Ya.

The two men were constantly trying to distance themselves from the dozen strange skulls but were unable to escape, only barely managing to avoid the strange energy which was being released by them as they exchanged blows. However, as they were withdrawing, they had managed to destroy a number of these skulls so their efforts were not totally in vain.

Li Rong had decided to help them first; as long as they were freed up and were able to assist Thunder Dragon and Chu Ling Xiao, the flying snake artifact was would be nothing to fear.

Seeing Li Rong depart, Ke Luo grinned towards Yang Kai, remaining in place, not taking any obvious actions.

He also understood what Yang Kai’s plan was and couldn’t help snickering, “Before they return, I can easily kill you!”

“Go ahead and try,” Yang Kai grinned back, “Let’s see if you can catch up to me!”

Ke Luo slowly shook his head, “Don’t think you can use that Star Shuttle in front of me, that’s useless, I told you as such the last time we met.”

Pausing for a moment he continued, “En, don’t think you can tear space either, I’ve blocked the surrounding area with my Divine Sense. Your cultivation is far lower than mine so you won’t be able to use that Divine Ability of yours. If I had previously known you possessed such a skill I would never have allowed you to escape!”

“I wasn’t planning on tearing space,” Yang Kai smiled meaningfully.

“Then how do you plan on dragging for time?” Ke Luo seemed quite interested in what methods Yang Kai was still hiding and wasn’t in a hurry to act.

“Guess!” Yang Kai’s eyes became cold as the strength of wind burst from his body and tiny arcs of lightning flashed across his form, this wind and thunder quickly condensing on his back to form a pair of semi-transparent wings.

The Wind and Thunder Wings!

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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