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Martial Peak Chapter 970

Chapter 970 - Respectively Revealing Divine Abilities

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

The world shook as the ocean rose up and a hundred Bone Race clansmen at the head of their charge were struck by the combined attack of the Three Clans’ masters and burst into dust, leaving behind not even a trace of their existences.

More Bone Race figures emerged from the tidal wave and charged fearlessly into the Three Clans lineup.

They had blocked the wave of attacks with the help of this wall of seawater and by sacrificing over a hundred of their fellow clansmen.

A great melee was about to begin. As the two thousand Bone Race clansmen rushed over, the Three Clans coalition instantly began to split up to engage the enemy.

The Bone Race also knew that this battle would determine the fate of this world.

If they were defeated here, the enemy would completely exterminate them, not giving them a chance to preserve the last of their clan, like they had done all those thousands of years ago. But if they were to win, they would be able to enslave this world without the slightest opposition.

As such, Ke Luo had gone all out, investing the strength of his entire clan and disregarding any kind of losses they suffered in pursuit of victory.

Howls and pitiful screams echoed through the air as cultivators from both sides perished, crimson flowers blossoming across the sky and sea.

The Bone Race had the absolute advantage in terms of numbers; even after Yang Kai had used his Soul Devouring Insects to launch a surprise attack, the Bone Race was still twice as numerous as the Three Clans masters.

On top of that, they didn’t fear injuries. Even if their hearts or heads were pierced through, they would quickly be able to restore themselves. As long as their skeleton remained undamaged, they would not die!

However, they had no artifacts!

Perhaps thousands of years ago, when they first set foot on Tong Xuan Realm, they had their own artifacts, but after thousands of years unable to nourish them, all their artifacts had long decayed and been destroyed.

Right now, they could only fight using their personal strength.

The masters from the Three Clans were different, each of them possessing a few good offensive and defensive artifacts which they did not hesitate to summon.

The Bone Race also possessed far fewer Saint Realm masters than the Human, Demon, and Monster Races.

Each side had its own advantages and disadvantages, so when this battle to determine the future course of Tong Xuan Realm broke out, it almost immediately fell into a stalemate.

The Bone Race’s clansmen were quickly being killed, each of them being smashed to pieces or burnt to ashes, their pitiful screams constantly ringing through the air.

The Three Clans also suffered losses, but compared to the Bone Race, the number of people who fell was undoubtedly less.

The Human, Demon, and Monster Race masters all respectively revealed their own Divine Abilities, display a shocking array of astonishing methods.

A thick black cloud covered the sky, resembling the curtain of night.

The brilliant rays of the sun were unable to penetrate this cloud, blanketing the entire sea in darkness.

The atmosphere was filled with a gloomy chill as this black cloud descended, bringing with it a pressure akin to a falling mountain, weighing down hundreds of Bone Race clansmen, severely hindering their movements.

Beneath this cloud, Zhang Yuan led many Demon Race masters in a grand formation to launch a devastating attack.

A giant meteor of compressed dark energy rained down from the black cloud onto the Bone Race cultivators below.

This dark meteor pulsed with terrifying, Heaven-shaking energy.

When the meteor landed among the suppressed Bone Race cultivators, it silently exploded into a wave of pitch-black ripples.

As these ripples of black energy propagated outwards, they swept up all the surrounding Bone Race cultivators.

The sea below sank as a huge gully formed on its surface.

Even the main island of Water Spirit Temple, which was ten kilometres away, could not withstand this series of attacks and was quickly torn apart, collapsing into the sea.


Countless Bone Race clansmen were caught up in this dark explosion and shredded, as if they had been slashed apart by thousands of sharp blades.

The Transcendent Realm Bone Race clansmen were unable to bear this kind of violent attack.

Even the Saint Realm Bone Race masters suffered heavy losses under this attack and were nearly crushed by it. If they had not escaped quickly, their fate would have been no different from their Transcendent Realm counterparts.

After experiencing Zhang Yuan’s tyrannical might, the surviving Bone Race masters’ eyes flashed with dread.

The four Demon General followed close behind Zhang Yuan, each of them wearing fierce expressions as they madly pushed their Demonic Qi, soaring straight into the Bone Race cultivators and slaughtering in all directions.

Meng Wu Ya fought alone.

His hands seemed able to grasp the sky itself, his gestures wild and unrestrained as an amazing momentum centred on him constantly whipped about.

No Bone Race master dared to approach him, steering well clear of this frightening aura.

Above Meng Wu Ya’s head, inexplicable energy gathered and gradually condensed into a number of great beasts. These beasts were massive and carried with them an indomitable and ancient aura.

A moment later, these beasts seemed to come alive as their eyes all shot open and an overwhelming aura of destruction erupted from their bodies.

The world shuddered.

There were eight of these beasts in total, some that ran along the ground, others that flew through the sky, and some that even swam in the sea.

These eight beasts possessed real physical essence and were nearly indistinguishable from living Monster Beasts. A moment later, they rushed into the Bone Race cultivators, trampling and smashing them to pieces, swallowing them whole without spitting out even their bones.

Chu Ling Xiao led Cang Yan and the other Soaring Heaven Sect Saints through the battlefield. Accurately targeting the Third Order Saint Realm Bone Race masters, their group of five focusing solely on killing these top enemy powerhouses with the greatest efficiency.

Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon, Earth Splitting Divine Ox, and Ice Jade Python, the three Monster Race Great Seniors, also held nothing back, transforming into the Beast Forms as the led the other Monster Race masters on a wild rampage.

Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon spat out swaths of burning flames; everywhere he went, Bone Race cultivators were reduced to ash. Arcs of lightning as thick as an adult male’s torso also surged around his body, inspiring bolts of lightning from the Heavens above to endlessly fall on the surrounding Bone Race masters, shredding their forms before they could even resist.

Wherever Earth Splitting Divine Ox stepped, massive cracks would appear, and from these cracks an intense vortex of Earth Qi would emerge, drawing in the nearby Bone Race cultivators before grinding them into slag.

Ice Jade Python’s body was covered in beautiful jade white scales that granted physical defence so strong that all the Bone Race attacks that landed on her only managed to produce some small sparks without causing any damage.

Whenever she whipped her long tail about, any Bone Race clansman unlucky enough to be hit would explode into a bloody fog, their bones shattering to pieces.

Among the Ancient Demon Clan, Li Rong’s figure flickered about lightly, her movements elegant and graceful, her jade white hands reaping the lives of one Bone Race master after another in a seemingly relaxed fashion.

Han Fei wrapped herself in a frigid aura as she shuttled across the battlefield. Everywhere she went turned into a frozen tundra where snow fell from the sky. Gorgeous ice flowers blossomed on the chests of Bone Race masters she struck, freezing them into ice sculptures that soon shattered into particles of light.

None of the masters from the Human, Demon, and Monster Races concealed their strength, each of them constantly unleashing their strongest Divine Abilities, going all out to destroy the enemy before them.

They paid no attention to their own side’s losses, instead just striving to extinguish these Starry Sky invaders as quickly as possible.

They had seemingly been infected by Yang Kai’s boldness after witnessing him single-handedly charging into the enemy’s ranks.

Yang Kai was only a Third-Order Transcendent, but he had still flown straight into the three thousand Bone Race masters all alone and killed hundreds of them in an instant.

None of these masters were willing to show any weakness here.

Before leaving, Yang Kai had been appointed by the Three Clans as their commander, but he was not one to sit back and issue orders.

Rather than using words, he had chosen to inspire the spirits of the Three Clans through his actions instead.

He had to let them temporarily abandon the boundaries between their races and work together to carve out a future for all of them in this world.

Everyone was fighting bravely, and Yang Kai was no exception.

Unfortunately, as a Third Order Transcendent, in this tangled melee, the role he could play was too small. Every one of the Bone Race cultivators was at least a Transcendent and quite difficult to kill, even making full use of his Nine Heavens Divine Skills, Yang Kai had only managed to kill ten more enemies since the battle broke out.

A tinge of annoyance welled up in his heart and Yang Kai quickly began condensing the burning hot True Qi inside his body.

The Golden Dragon tattoo on his back which none around him could see suddenly came to life and began swimming across his skin.

The next moment, a dazzling golden light erupted from the Golden Dragon tattoo pattern, blinding everyone nearby.

An immense and majestic aura erupted.

A mighty dragon roar resounded through the sky, piercing the Heavens like an unstoppable sword and echoing across the world.

A huge golden dragon suddenly appeared at a certain spot on the battlefield. This Golden Dragon shone like the sun, the blazing hot energy pulsing from its body scalding all the Bone Race cultivators near it.

In the blink of an eye, four or five Transcendent Realm Bone Race cultivators were burned to ashes.

“The Dragon Emperor’s power!” Dragon Phoenix Palace’s Palace Master Chen Zhou gasped as he saw this Golden Dragon emerge and then begin to wantonly slaughter the Bone Race cultivators around it, shouting out excitedly, “My Dragon Phoenix Palace’s Dragon Emperor has once again reappeared in this world!”

Even after several years had passed, Chen Zhou still distinctly remembered this familiar scene. On that day, when Frozen Nether Cave Heaven had invaded Dragon Phoenix Palace, and the Sect was on the verge of collapsing, the Dragon Emperor had appeared and swiftly turned the tide of the battle, saving Dragon Phoenix Palace.

Today, on this battlefield against these Starry Sky invaders, the Dragon Emperor has once again appeared.

“Xiao Ling!” After recovering from his excitement, Chen Zhou called out angrily.

“Palace Master!” Elder Xiao Ling, who was fighting nearby Chen Zhou, rushed over.

“Did Sun Yu come?” Chen Zhou asked urgently.

“No, Sir Dragon Emperor’s strength was insufficient and did not participate in this matter.”

“Then what is that all about?” Chen Zhou stared blankly at the huge Golden Dragon.

Sun Yu was the Dragon Emperor of Dragon Phoenix Palace. If he wasn’t here though, how could the Dragon Emperor have appeared?

Chen Zhou’s head was filled with confusion.

“The aura of a True Dragon!”

At the same time, Thunder Dragon Great Senior couldn’t help freezing up and turning towards the Golden Dragon, exclaiming in shock.

He too had assumed the form of a dragon, but compared to this Golden Dragon, his Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon, whether it was in terms of size or purity of Monster Qi, differed greatly.

This Golden Dragon exuded the purest Monster Race aura, akin to that of a great sovereign.

For a moment, Thunder Dragon Great Senior’s heart was overawed, as if he had never expected a day would come when he could feel such an aura in this world.

Even Earth Splitting Divine Ox and Ice Jade Python wore solemn expressions as they stared towards the Golden Dragon with looks of reverence and yearning.

Many Monster Race masters became stimulated by this sight, transforming into their Beast Forms and releasing thunderous roars as they madly crashed against the Bone Race cultivators.

This True Dragon aura had greatly roused the spirits of the Monster Race.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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