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Martial Peak Chapter 969

Chapter 969 - Meeting Head On

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

In the sky over Water Spirit Temple, Yang Kai, who was aboard his Star Shuttle, seemed to have frozen up and incapable of moving, a painful look upon his face.

Everyone who saw this scene paled, Earth Splitting Divine Ox quickly shouted, “Not good, that kid’s been incapacitated! We need to save him!”

“It’s too late!” Demon General Meng Ge’s expression turned ugly as he stared at the Bone Race master who was quickly approaching Yang Kai.

Just now, Yang Kai had taken advantage of his strange artifact to avoid being caught by the pursuing Bone Race Saint, but now that he had been locked in place, the Bone Race master was quickly able to close in, a malicious grin on his face as he reached out his hand to grab Yang Kai’s neck.

Everyone had no doubt that in the next breath, Yang Kai head would be separated from his body!

Many people couldn’t bear to witness this cruel sight and quickly turned their heads away, lamenting Yang Kai’s untimely demise.

In the next instant though, a wave of heat burst out and several muffled explosions resounded, dying Water Spirit Temple in a reddish hue. Numerous brilliant flames suddenly appeared and rained down like a meteor shower on the island below, each one containing a terrifying concentration of power that upon contact with the ground, erupting into an inferno that rapidly blackened the earth.

Many of the Bone Race clansmen’s green eyes couldn’t help flashing with fright as they hurriedly leapt up into the sky to avoid this raging hellfire.

What they feared most was fire, for potent flames were one of the few things that could completely kill them.

At the same time, Yang Kai, who was on the brink of being captured after suddenly losing his freedom, grinned mockingly towards the approaching Bone Race master as if he had never been hit before his figure flickered and he returned to his own camp.

“Smelly brat, you nearly scared this old master to death!” Meng Wu Ya was not exaggerating. Although he had great confidence in Yang Kai, the scene just now had been too close to the edge.

“Did you run over just to play a little trick and frighten them?” Zhang Yuan glanced over at Yang Kai, a slight look of dissatisfaction on his face.

“Of course not,” Yang Kai smiled lightly, “Just wait.”

“Wait for what?” Zhang Yuan couldn’t help but frown, not knowing what scheme Yang Kai was up to.

In fact, no one understood Yang Kai’s actions, not even Ke Luo, the leader of the Bone Race.

Although they had been hibernating for thousands of years, before that, they had fought against many of the inhabitants of this world, yet never before had they encountered such a strange young man.

A moment ago, Ke Luo realized that this youth’s Spiritual Energy was actually no weaker than his own! If it weren’t, there would have been no way for him to withdraw safely.

But what Ke Luo was confused about was this youth’s objective. Did he deliberately fly over just to show the unusual strength of his Soul?

After ten breaths of confusion though, a pitiful scream rang out from among the Bone Race camp. This one scream seemed to set off a chain reaction as more and more Bone Race clansmen began wailing.

Each of them seemed to be experiencing unbearable pain, their green eyes flickering as they soon began uncontrollably falling from the sky like raindrops onto the island and water below.

Within moments, five to six hundred of the three thousand Bone Race clansmen had fallen.

“What happened!” Ke Luo changed continence and shouted angrily.

“Sir, we’re not clear!” One of the nearby Bone Race clansmen replied.

The masters from the Three Clans were also staring dumbfounded at this development, unable to understand the situation.

However, they were keenly aware that the Bone Race clansmen who screamed and fell from the sky were all Transcendent Realm’s cultivators, and the less powerful ones at that.

“It was that Divine Sense attack!” A First-Order Saint Realm Bone Race master’s complexion paled as he endured a sharp pain coming from his Knowledge Sea, gritting his teeth as he reported, “His Divine Sense attack was laced with some strange insects that are now eating away at our Souls. These bugs are extremely tiny and difficult to detect, even I’ve been affected!”

“Soul Devouring Insects?” Ke Luo expression changed greatly as he suddenly thought of a certain type of insect which matched his subordinate’s description, “How could this backwater planet have these things?”

What was even more shocking to him though was how this young man could utilize these Soul Devouring Insects and even mix them into his Divine Sense attacks.

As they spoke out loud, their voices could be heard ten kilometres away and the masters from the Three Clans couldn’t help staring towards Yang Kai with amazement, their eyes filled with shock and pleasant surprise.

Naturally, they had heard of Soul Devouring Insects. They were a type of Exotic Ancient Insect that specifically fed on Spiritual Energy. Once someone was infested by these insects, if their Soul wasn’t strong enough to expel them, they would inevitably die.

However, what surprised them was that the Soul Devouring Insects released by Yang Kai seemed to be far more powerful than the rumors, because according to ancient records, as long as one arrived at the Saint Realm, they could easily use their powerful Spiritual Energy to kill these bugs.

But among the Bone Race clansmen, there were clearly Saint Realm masters affected as well; although these masters had not succumbed, they looked extremely uncomfortable. Obviously, they were completely occupied by these Soul Devouring Insects and had temporarily lost their combat capabilities.

“Are those Soul Devouring Insects they’re talking about really yours?” Meng Wu Ya asked curiously.

“En,” Yang Kai nodded, “I raised them with my own Spiritual Energy.”

“Raised them yourself…” Meng Wu Ya’s expression cramped up as he simultaneously admired Yang Kai’s courage and wondered what he was thinking.

“No wonder you said to leave those Transcendent Realm Bone Race to you. It turns out you had such a card,” Thunder Dragon Great Senior suddenly understood, these Soul Devouring Insects were indeed terrible and could even exterminate a race if used recklessly.

Considering this, Thunder Dragon, Zhang Yuan, and many others behind them felt cold sweat drip down their backs.

All of them secretly rejoiced that they had taken the initiative to be on good terms with Yang Kai and not become enemies with him. If they had really become intractable enemies, with just his Soul Devouring Insects alone he would be able to destroy their Demon or Monster Race.

Saints might not have to fear these insects, but how many Saints did each of their two races possess? The overwhelming majority of their clansmen were below the Saint Realm and would be helpless against these Exotic Ancient Insects.

Many Human Race masters also took notice of this and the looks they directed at Yang Kai became subtly different from before, all of them seemingly re-evaluating him and wondering how they could go about building good relationships with Nine Heavens Holy Land in the future.

“The opening of this war has gone well,” Chu Ling Xiao smiled heartily, “Eliminating several hundred of their number at once, it seems they are doomed to die here today.”

“If they have any intelligence at all, they won’t just sit there waiting to die!” Yang Kai knit his brow as he stared forward. Although he had successfully launched a pre-emptive attack on the Bone Race, if the situation turned into a melee, his Soul Devouring Insects would no longer be able to play such a big role.

These little insects only followed their instincts to devour Spiritual Energy, in a melee they were very likely to accidentally injure the masters from the Three Clans as well.

Yang Kai was now hoping the Bone Race would continue to remain in a state of confusion. Once enough time had passed, the Soul Devouring Insects would be able to kill all the Bone Race clansmen below the Saint Realm!

At the time, with less than a hundred Bone Race Saints left, it would a simply task for the forces of the Three Clans to clean them up.

In less than thirty breaths, the five or six hundred Bone Race clansmen that had fallen into the sea or onto the island down below had all died, their green eyes losing their former light and instead filling with dullness.

Even the strange Bone Race cultivators would die if their Souls were destroyed!

Seeing so many of his clansmen die like this, Ke Luo green eyes seemed to become red with anger, and in his fury, he roared towards the sky, releasing a thick blood fog from his body that washed over the island.

This blood fog not only contained his potent physical strength, but also Ke Luo’s tyrannical Spiritual Energy.

In an instant, Yang Kai felt the Soul Devouring Insects he had been raising for so many years suffer massive losses, causing his expression to ink as he quickly recalled the survivors back.

At this point, there were still more than two thousand Bone Race clansmen remaining, each of them now directing looks of bitter hatred towards him.

A huge suction force suddenly spread from these Bone Race masters.

The bodies of the Bone Race clansmen who had just died quickly shriveled up, their physiques transforming into stream of vital essence that was swallowed up by their living counterparts, enhancing their strength.

Within moments, the five or six hundred dead Bone Race clansmen had been transformed in dust and thoroughly vanished.

Yang Kai was stunned as he couldn’t help muttering, “They can even do this?”

The masters from the Three Clans also wore grim looks.

With this strange ability, the more people who died, whether they were their allies or enemies, the stronger the remaining Bone Race masters would become.

Yang Kai immediately realized this point, as did the others.

Everyone understood that this was going to be a difficult fight.

“They’re advancing!” Meng Wu Ya shouted.

“Meet them head-on!” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as he shouted, “Remember, ordinary injuries have no effect on them! Even what would normally be mortal wounds are meaningless, the best way to kill them is to tear them apart, crush them to pieces, or burn them into ash!”

Yang Kai had previously explained this information to everyone, but with the battle about to begin, he couldn’t help issuing a reminder.

“I know, I’ll let these walking skeletons experience this Senior’s methods,” Zhang Yuan grinned.

On the opposite side, the two thousand or so Bone Race clansmen were flying over, each of them eerily silent, their expressions fierce and determined, seemingly unafraid of even death.

The masters from the Three Clans didn’t move, but all one thousand of them had begun to condense their strength, ready to strike at any moment.

The ten kilometres between the two groups quickly shrank.

When the Bone Race had crossed half the distance, the Human, Demon, and Monster Race masters finally moved, streams of potent Saint Qi, Demonic Qi, and Monster Qi flying out as all kinds of radiant artifacts were summoned out.

The entire sky was lit up with explosions of light as the world itself seemed to tremble under the fury of this combined attack.

Artifacts of all shapes and sizes flashed as they released one strike after another.

The more than two thousand Bone Race clansmen all simultaneously opened their mouths and let out a terrible howl, sending out an invisible shockwave that caused the sea below them to rise into the sky and blend together with the rancid Blood Qi they were emitting, countering the opening salvo from the Three Clans.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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