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Martial Peak Chapter 960

Chapter 960 - Conditions

Chapter 960: Conditions

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Old Demon was originally a remnant Soul, so before now, Yang Kai didn’t know which age he belonged to. But as his position in this world grew and he learned more secrets, Yang Kai was able to determine that Old Demon was from at least a few thousands of years in the past.

Because Yang Kai found him inside the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave.

And that Inheritance Heaven’s Cave was related to Dragon Phoenix Palace and Twin Spirit Pavilion.

The core inheritances of these two forces had been lost several thousand years ago.

That age was the era of Great Demon God!

In other words, Old Demon and Great Demon God both came from the same period in history! It was also possible Old Demon had fought against the Bone Race, but his memory loss was so serious that he couldn’t even remember his own name and only vaguely recalled being called Old Demon.

Obviously he didn’t know much about the Bone Race.

“With that Bone Race, was there another race that had a single horn on their forehead?” Old Demon seemed to recall something else and asked.

“You mean the Monster Race?” Yang Kai asked. A single longhorn was a characteristic of certain human form Monster Beasts.

“No no no, that race seemed to call themselves the Horn Race,” Old Demon frowned, but couldn’t remember much else.

After a few more words, Yang Kai made Old Demon rest.

For the next five days, Yang Kai and his group stayed in Demon Palace.

Zhang Yuan’s hospitality was impeccable, sending an array of delicacies crafted from the finest unique ingredients from all over the Demon Land, things most Humans would never be able to sample. Not only were these dishes delicious, but they also benefited one’s cultivation and help refine their physique.

However, Yang Kai didn’t have the frame of mind to enjoy these luxuries as repeatedly asked Zhang Yuan about the secrets left behind by Great Demon God, only to have Zhang Yuan tell him there was no hurry while encouraging him to enjoy the amenities of the Demon Capital for a few days before they discussed this matter.

Yang Kai was well aware that Zhang Yuan was wary of his strength, knowing he alone couldn’t compete with Meng Wu Ya and Li Rong. It was likely he had sent word to the four Demon Generals already, ordering them to quickly arrive and balance the situation.

Neither of them wanted to start a fight, but what secrets were left behind by Great Demon God were a complete mystery, it was possible there were massive benefits waiting to be reaped just behind that strange barrier. If that was the case, Zhang Yuan would definitely not be polite and would try to seize all these benefits with the help of his four Demon Generals.

Understanding Zhang Yuan’s concerns, Yang Kai no longer insisted.

A few days later, Yang Kai, who was wandering around the Demon Capital, suddenly looked up into the sky, his expression becoming serious.

“The four Demon Generals are here!” Meng Wu Ya grinned, “This old master knew that Zhang Yuan was waiting for them. His vigilance is still so heavy, actually worrying about us trying to monopolize the secrets left behind by Great Demon God.”

“Him having scruples is a matter of course,” Yang Kai snorted, “Let’s head back, I doubt he’d decline us again.”

Saying so, Yang Kai led his group back towards Demon Palace.

On the streets, countless demons cast curious eyes towards Yang Kai.

The demons living in the Demon Capital were aware that this human youth was a guest of the Demon Commander, so over the past few days, none of them had tried to find trouble with Yang Kai, but that didn’t stop them from wondering why their respected Demon Commander would invite and entertain a mere human boy.

In front of Demon Palace, Yang Kai and his group had only just entered the square when a demon race man walked up to them and cupped his fists, “Holy Master Yang, Sir Demon Commander invites you to join him in the hall, this way please!”

Yang Kai and Meng Wu Ya looked at each other and exchanged a knowing smile.

“Lead the way!” Yang Kai nodded lightly to this man.

The Demon Race master didn’t utter a word, simply turning around and guiding them inside.

Inside the palace, Zhang Yuan and the four Demon Generals were sitting at a large table, quietly waiting for the arrival of Yang Kai.

Seeing him walk in, Zhang Yuan stood up, laughed happily and greeted him, “Holy Master Yang, I’ve kept you waiting for a few days. The truth is my four subordinates are also quite interested in the secrets left behind by Great Demon God so I intentionally delayed things so they could arrive. En, come come, let this Senior introduce you.”

Saying so, he turned to the four people and said, “This is Yang Kai, the master of Nine Heavens Holy Land, the most talked about force in the world. Some of you have met him before, while others have not, but I believe all of you have heard the word of his reputation.”

Yang Kai swept his eyes over the four and added, “I am Great Demon God’s successor!”

Zhang Yuan’s complexion changed and the four Demon Generals couldn’t help revealing a slightly tense look, a faint trace of awe and respect flashing across their faces. Even Xue Li flashed Yang Kai a friendly smile devoid of any of her previous hostility and arrogance.

Great Demon God’s successor, the weight of this title was almost equal to that of the Demon Commander, so none of them dared act the least bit scornful or disrespectful.

Zhang Yuan gawked for a moment before letting out a hearty laugh, “Good, Holy Master Yang is indeed Sir Great Demon God’s successor, unfortunately, he is of the Human Race! If he was from my Demon Race… En, this Senior would immediately hand over the position of Demon Commander to him!”

The Demon Land was developed by Great Demon God, so naturally, his successor was its rightful ruler.

Zhang Yuan had spoken these words lightly, but secretly he was quite worried that Yang Kai would use this opportunity to snatch the position of Demon Commander from him.

Quickly switching the topic, Zhang Yuan began introducing the others to Yang Kai, “These four are the pillars of my Demon Land. En, Holy Master Yang has already greeted Xue Li and Meng Ge, he is Gou Qiong, and he is Ba He.”

As he spoke, he pointed to the other two seated men.

Ba He nodded towards Yang Kai lightly. Yang Kai had only heard about this Demon General in passing and never had any dealings with him.

Gou Qiong, however, wore an awkward expression as he looked towards Yang Kai.

His cheeks twitching slightly, Gou Qiong cupped his fists and said, “Holy Master Yang, before, there seems to have been some misunderstanding between us for which I apologize. I hope Holy Master Yang will not take these matters to heart. In addition, I must thank Holy Master Yang for saving my son’s life, if not for Holy Master Yang, I’m afraid he would have already lost his life back in that Mysterious Small World.”

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “Sir Gou Qiong is too polite, is Gou Che alright?”

“Many thanks for Holy Master Yang’s concern, my son is doing well,” Gou Qiong showed a slight look of surprise. He hadn’t expected Yang Kai to so easily brush off the past matters and even speak so freely with him.

His son, Gou Che, had once been trapped together with Yang Kai in a Mysterious Small World, and it was ultimately thanks to Yang Kai that he was able to escape. It was in that Mysterious Small World that Yang Kai obtained the Divine Tree.

However, after fleeing from that Mysterious Small World, their group had been captured by Xue Li and brought back to Sand City. Gou Qiong then sent someone to redeem Gou Che and at the same time take Yang Kai’s life.

With all these intertwined gratitudes and grudges, it was difficult to say the two were strangers.

“What about the Sun Clan? When the world’s Mysterious Small Worlds all opened, that one containing the Sun Clan must have as well, what became of them?” Yang Kai asked.

At that time, he had suffered a lot at the hands of the Sun Clan.

“Exterminated completely!” Gou Qiong replied sincerely, “The strength within their bodies has a highly suppressive effect on my Demon Race, so they can’t be allowed to remain!”

Yang Kai nodded, thinking that the Sun Clan suffering such a fate was perfectly normal, who made their Mysterious Small World exit into the Demon Land? Even if Gou Qiong hadn’t acted, Xue Li wouldn’t have just sat back and ignored them.

“Good, enough idle chatter, let’s get down to business!” Zhang Yuan stated.

Everyone’s expression suddenly turned serious.

“This time, I invited Holy Master Yang to come in order to unlock the secrets left behind by Great Demon God. Holy Master Yang must also be quite curious about these,” Zhang Yuan smiled knowingly towards Yang Kai.

“I indeed came for this matter.”

Zhang Yuan gently nodded and said, “To be honest, if the situation had not left me with no other choice, this Senior had not wanted to draw support from others; after all, the secrets left behind by Sir Great Demon God are the supreme treasures of my Demon Race. However, besides the Demon Mystic Tome in Holy Master Yang’s hand, there is truly no other way to open the barrier, I believe this was also the intention of Great Demon God.”

The four Demon Generals all wore dignified expression as the turned complicated looks towards Yang Kai.

“As such, this Senior needs to first confirm one thing; I hope Holy Master Yang can agree to a few conditions.”

“What conditions?”

“Regardless of what these secrets are, Holy Master Yang must not expose them to others!”

“Good!” Yang Kai nodded.

“If there are any benefits left inside, they will belong to my Demon Race, Holy Master Yang cannot covet them. Of course, this Senior will not make Holy Master Yang travel all this way and work for free, I will provide a satisfactory reward!”

“Does Sir Demon Commander think there will be many advantages inside?” Yang Kai chuckled.

“Who knows? Legend has it that Great Demon God possessed all kinds of Divine Abilities, perhaps the cultivation methods for those are hidden there!”

As soon as this statement came out, the four Demon Generals’ breathing suddenly became hurried, their eyes flashing a greedy light.

All of them couldn’t help feeling excited.

“I actually believe there won’t be anything of value left there!” Yang Kai smiled confidently.

“Why does Holy Master Yang say so?” Zhang Yuan looked at him strangely, secretly thinking that Yang Kai might have uncovered something he was unaware of.

“Just speaking thoughtlessly,” Yang Kai grinned.

In that strange world, Great Demon God’s Soul Clone had once said that if he had a chance, he should go to the Demon Capital, and that as long as he went there, all his questions would be answered.

So Yang Kai believed that the secrets hidden in the Demon Capital had nothing to do with Great Demon God’s Divine Abilities of treasures, but were instead purely information.

The benefits left behind by Great Demon God had all been stored in the Demon Mystic Tome, which Yang Kai had long ago obtained.

Seeing Yang Kai not willing to explain any further, Zhang Yuan knit his brow slightly and helplessly said, “Does Holy Master Yang agree or disagree with this Senior’s proposal?”

“It doesn’t matter, have it your way,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders.

Seeing him agree so easily, Zhang Yuan’s mood dropped, feeling a faint premonition that the secrets left behind by Great Demon God in the Demon Capital’s barrier did not have any tangible advantages.

However, before arriving at the end, he refused to give up hope, silently encouraging himself before saying, “Then it’s settled. If Holy Master Yang trusts this Senior, this Senior would like to you to enter alone!”

“Impossible!” Meng Wu Ya decisively shook his head and stared at Zhang Yuan with a sneer, “With you and those four Demon Generals there, what difference is letting him go alone than sending a sheep into a wolf’s den? No matter what, this old master and these two ladies must accompany you, there’s no way this old master can trust you.”

In the past, he had suffered a big loss because of this Demon Commander’s schemes, so he wasn’t about to make the same mistake again.

Zhang Yuan looked at Meng Wu Ya and sighed helplessly, he could tell how resolute his attitude was, so after hesitating for a moment he nodded, “Good, then we’ll all go in together! But this Senior still must insist on the previous conditions, when we get there, no matter what we see, it cannot be leaked out, otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” Meng Wu Ya stared provocatively at Zhang Yuan.

“This Senior cherishes his friendship with Holy Master Yang and doesn’t want things to sour because of such trifles!” Zhang Yuan smiled calmly, not saying any more on the subject and simply beckoning, “Please come with me.”

The four Demon Generals followed behind him with excitement, they too were very curious about the secrets left behind by Great Demon God. Although they have heard rumours before, none of them had ever even seen this barrier before, so this was a great opportunity for them, one they owed to Yang Kai.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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