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Martial Peak Chapter 961

Chapter 961 - Broken Ship

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Zhang Yuan walked through the halls of the Demon Palace, soon arriving at a certain courtyard which he entered, followed closely by everyone else.

Yang Kai looked around quickly and discovered that this courtyard was actually where Zhang Yuan normally lived. Apparently, the entrance to the room where Great Demon God had left behind his last secrets was hidden here.

For many millennia, only the Demon Commander had been qualified to enter this place, but today, a great many people had come.

In one of the buildings tucked away in the corner of the courtyard, Zhang Yuan released a few strands of Demonic Qi towards one of the walls and a hidden passage opened.

Zhang Yuan walked inside without a word, followed by the four Demon Generals. Meng Wu Ya shot Yang Kai a glance and whispered a few words of caution to him before taking the lead.

Yang Kai then entered.

Li Rong, Han Fei, and Old Demon brought up the rear.

The passage sloped downward gently, leading deep underground, and although there was no way for sunlight to enter, it was not dark. The walls of this passage were lined with many strange stones that emitted a soft glow.

There was a faint hint of whispering coming from up ahead; it seemed the four Demon Generals were quietly discussing something.

Yang Kai also discovered something interesting. On the walls of this ramp, there were many profound and mysterious carvings. These patterns were quite abstract, and if one wasn’t paying close attention, they wouldn’t have even noticed them.

Zhang Yuan’s voice came from the front, “These murals depict the legacy of Great Demon God’s life. Perhaps they were even carved by Great Demon God himself, but they don’t contain any hidden secrets.”

Yang Kai gently nodded, and as he walked forward while observing these carvings, they seemed to come alive before his very eyes, as if they were silently telling him the life story of Great Demon God.

Yang Kai even saw the scene of Great Demon God fighting with that generation’s Nine Heavens Holy Land Holy Master. Great Demon God had suffered some injuries, but the master of Nine Heavens Holy Land was badly wounded, only managing to snatch a drop of Demon God Golden Blood before fleeing.

He also saw a scene of Great Demon God fighting with a man and a woman who were proficient in an exquisite Dual Cultivation Technique, the two of them displaying the power of a Golden Dragon and Ice Phoenix.

He then saw a pair of burly twin brothers suffering defeat at Great Demon God’s hand!

Atop an ancient iceberg, Great Demon God stood proudly as a woman dressing in a long white robe that was drenched in blood stared at him with a look filled with both love and hate. After a long time, Great Demon God departed casually while that woman silently shed tears.

Yang Kai trembled greatly as he immediately realized that these murals contained a great deal of hidden information.

The couple who was proficient in Dual Cultivation was that era’s Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress.

The twin brothers must have been the Sect Masters of Twin Spirit Pavilion at the time.

The woman in white robes standing atop an iceberg, if Yang Kai did not guess wrong, should have been the Sect Master of Ice Sect!

These three Sects were all top forces of their time.

The people who fought against Great Demon God were all the most powerful masters of their time, but Great Demon God never tasted defeat, remaining ever victorious!

The images flow by like a stream of water in front of Yang Kai’s eyes, making him feel like he had somehow been transported back in time to that era and become Great Demon God himself, coldly overlooking the world from an unsurpassed height.

Great Demon God had only used a few dozen years to establish his status as the First Under Heaven master from ancient to present, never once being surpassed. From that point on though, he became all alone.

He embarked on a journey to the Starry Sky to continue exploring the secrets of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao.

After that, there was no word from him!

Rumours had it that he had perished out amongst the Starry Sky.

“Holy Master Yang… Holy Master Yang!” Zhang Yuan’s shouts reached Yang Kai’s ears, waking him up from his daze only for him to discover that everyone was staring at him strangely. He immediately realized he had allowed himself to become immersed in these strange murals.

“What is it?” Yang Kai asked.

Zhang Yuan frowned slightly as he stared into Yang Kai’s eyes. From his perspective, he could now see a kind of desolateness residing in their depths, as if in that instant, Yang Kai had experienced the passage of many years, causing this youth to now display the vicissitudes of age.

Meng Wu Ya also noticed this and couldn’t help wrinkling his brow.

However, the desolate light inside Yang Kai’s eyes quickly dispersed and Zhang Yuan dismissed it as him simply thinking too much, smiling lightly as he said, “We’ve arrived, the rest is up to Holy Master Yang.”

“Arrived?” Yang Kai looked forward and found that there was a dead-end in front of them, a thick wall that blocked everyone’s path forward.

On the wall, there was a smooth, square-shaped indentation.

Everyone looked at him with expectant eyes.

Yang Kai knew what to do, pushing his Divine Sense slightly to summon the Demon Mystic Tome.

In an instant, Zhang Yuan and the four Demon Generals’ eyes became hot.

“Don’t get any ideas, if we fight here, none of you will feel any better!” Meng Wu Ya grinned fiercely.

This space was far too small. Once so many Saint Realm masters began fighting here, the only possible result would be a mutual loss.

Zhang Yuan smiled wryly, “Isn’t Brother Meng a bit too suspicious? This Senior never thought of trying to seize this treasure.”

“One can’t be too careful, that’s the Demon Mystic Tome after all. Who knows what you might be thinking,” Meng Wu Ya coldly snorted before moving towards Yang Kai’s side and saying, “Go on, I’ll watch them.”

Yang Kai nodded and slowly pushed the Demon Mystic Tome in his hand into the spot on the wall.

Inside the tunnel, everyone’s breathing suddenly stagnated, their eyes completely focused on the Demon Mystic Tome, anticipation apparent in their gazes.

As the distance narrowed, Yang Kai felt the Demon Mystic Tome in his hand tremble slightly and an intermittent buzz began sounding from it. Suddenly, the Demon Mystic Tome transformed into a ray of black light and directly entered the slot.

The square depression was instantly filled and in the next moment, the whole world shook.

Rumbling sounds resounded and bits of loose dirt and gravel began falling from the ceiling, giving everyone present the illusion that it would collapse at any moment.

Everyone’s look changed and they secretly became vigilant, all of them wondering if some kind of accident had happened.

With a cracking sound, the thick wall in front of them suddenly split open and a dazzling white light bloomed, blinding everyone for a moment.

At the same time, a huge and irresistible attraction came from the crack in the wall and even characters like Zhang Yuan and Meng Wu Ya were powerless to resist it.

Along with a strange whistling noise, everyone was swallowed by the crack and disappeared.

It was as if they were being swallowed into the belly of a beast.

The next moment, in a world of white, the many Demon Race masters, Yang Kai, Meng Wu Ya, and the others appeared one by one.

“Kid, what about that Demon Mystic Tome?” Meng Wu Ya quickly checked his situation before hurriedly asking Yang Kai.

Yang Kai frowned and inspected himself before replying, “It’s returned!”

Just as they were being swallowed by the crack, the Demon Mystic Tome, which had been used to open this barrier, had returned to Yang Kai’s body.

“Good!” Meng Wu Ya nodded.

“What is this?” Meng Ge suddenly yelled, his voice mixed with shock and agitation, as if he had just witnessed something incredible.

Turning towards the direction Meng Ge was staring, the eyes of everyone present shrank sharply.

In front of everyone was a ship!

An incredibly massive ship.

However, it was hard to tell just how many years this ship had been resting here. It was already in ruins and there were many traces left on its hull that told of a fierce battle it had experienced.

What was most strange to everyone though, was that this ship did not have a mast, nor any trace of water stains, as if it had never before sailed upon the sea.

The desolate aura which spread from this broken ship made everyone realize it was very old.

Yang Kai swept it with his Divine Sense and was shocked to discover that the materials used to produce this large ship were all extremely high grade, its broken hull actually exuding the same aura as a Saint Grade artifact.

Staring at it, Yang Kai was struck speechless.

How much material was required to construct such a huge ship? That much Saint Grade material would be enough to create thousands of Saint Grade artifacts.

“Is this the secret left behind by Sir Great Demon God?” Zhang Yuan muttered to himself with a look of unwillingness himself, a look of deep disappointment flashing across his eyes.

He had made innumerable guesses about what was hidden here, many times fantasising about Great Demon God’s Secret Arts and Divine Abilities resting in this place, things which allow him to break through his current bottleneck and arrive at a higher cultivation realm.

Regardless of what treasures had been left here, he was very much looking forward to them, so he had even decided to lower himself to asking for Yang Kai’s help, hoping to open the barrier with the Demon Mystic Tome in his hand.

But when Yang Kai finally came and they managed to open the barrier beneath the Demon Palace that all previous Demon Commander couldn’t, Zhang Yuan discovered that the situation here was completely different from what he had thought.

All that was here was a broken ship!

Even though this broken ship exuded the aura of a Saint Grade artifact, what use was it? Could he use it to go out to sea? Zhang Yuan’s strength had reached the pinnacle of this world, he didn’t need to use a ship to traverse the sea.

He couldn’t accept this!

He even suspected that everything here was a big joke that Great Demon God had decided to play on his descendants.

“It seems that it’s only this broken ship here!” Meng Wu Ya smirked, clearly taking pleasure in other’s misfortune.

The more disappointed Zhang Yuan was, the happier he was. Meng Wu Yu even wished Zhang Yuan would drop dead here due to disappointment.

“It shouldn’t be,” Yang Kai frowned deeply. In that strange world, Great Demon God’s Soul Clone had clearly said that as long as he went to the Demon Capital, he would be able to unravel all the world’s mysteries. Now that he had come here though, opened this barrier that had been untouched for thousands of years, and was finally about to obtain the answers to all his questions, things had actually differed greatly from his expectations.

He was also somewhat disappointed.

There would have been no point in him traveling hundreds of thousands of kilometers just to see this broken ship.

Releasing his Divine Sense thought, there really was nothing else here except for this broken ship.

“The mysteries must be hidden inside this boat, search it!” Zhang Yuan seemed to recover and shouted.

The four Demon Generals exchanged a glance before rushing into the ship.

“I’ll also go take a look!” Meng Wu Ya grinned strangely before he quickly chased after the four Demon Generals, obviously not wanting to let them gain any kind of advantage by themselves.

Yang Kai shook his head wryly but didn’t follow.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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