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Martial Peak Chapter 959

Chapter 959 - My Person

Chapter 959, My Person

Zhang Yuan didn’t seem to want to take the life of this demon, nor did he intend to cripple him, his only intent was to torment him enough so that he would yield and submit to him.

As such, although the injuries this demon man had suffered looked serious, they were actually not too big a problem; it was just that after a few months of this torture he had grown very weak.

After taking a few drops of Myriad Drug Milk, with the strength of this man’s physique, he would recover within a dozen days or so.

Yang Kai took a deep breath and his expression relaxed.

“Holy Master Yang…” Beside Yang Kai, a voice called out and Demon Commander Zhang Yuan strangely appeared, a somewhat bitter smile look upon his face as he stared at Yang Kai and asked, “You come to my Demon Palace and then arbitrarily move my person, don’t you think that’s a bit inappropriate? Did you not think you should first at least ask for my opinion?”

“Your person?” Yang Kai straightened up and looked at him coldly, sneering in the next moment, “He is my person!”

Zhang Yuan’s brow furrowed as he stared at Yang Kai in confusion, “What is the meaning of Holy Master Yang? This Senior, doesn’t quite understand, is Holy Master Yang possibly mistaking him for something else? He…”

“His body is that of a former Demon General, but the Soul which resides inside is an old friend of mine!” Yang Kai didn’t wait for him to finish what he was saying and interrupted directly, not giving this Demon Commander any face.

Zhang Yuan’s expression changed greatly and said with some amazement, “Holy Master Yang knows about this?!”

“I’ll add this to the list of things we must settle between us!” Yang Kai grit his teeth before gently picking up the man lying on the ground then casting a sidelong glance at Zhang Yuan, “Arrange a place for us, I need to help him recover.”

Zhang Yuan wore a forced smile and nodded.

He could tell that Yang Kai was not just trying to make trouble, it was clear that the Soul which had seized this Demon General’s body was really related to him.

And that relationship was not shallow!

Choking down a lot of unstated criticism, Zhang Yuan quickly arranged a small building for Yang Kai’s party.

Inside this guest house, the demon man lay on a bed while Li Rong and Han Fei slowly poured their Demonic Qi into his body to help him recover.

Zhang Yuan watched for a while, but soon grew disinterested and found an excuse to leave.

Outside Demon Palace, the Second-Order Saint who had led Yang Kai and his group over patiently waited. Seeing Zhang Yuan soon appear, this man respectfully bowed.

“Send a message to Gou Qiong and them. Tell all of them to immediately come to the Demon Capital, I must see them here within ten days!” Zhang Yuan firmly ordered.

“Yes!” The Demon Race Saint shouted before departing to carry out his orders.

After this man left, Zhang Yuan turned back to stare at the majestic Demon Palace, a barely concealed excitement flashing across his eyes.

Yang Kai had come, bringing with him the Demon Mystic Tome, which meant that the mystery which had plagued him for hundreds of years would finally be solved! This was the greatest wish he had after he had become Demon Commander, so now that he finally saw a glimmer of hope, how could he not be excited?

“It’s alright now, he should wake up after half a day or so!” Li Rong and Han Fei took back their hands and stopped pouring their Demonic Qi into this man before nodding to Yang Kai.

“En.” Yang Kai responded as he stared down at the demon in front of him with a complex look on his face, not having anticipated that he would be reduced to such a state one day.

“Master… this person…” Li Rong looked at Yang Kai curiously, wondering why he was so concerned about this demon man.

Yang Kai smiled, “His name is Old Demon!”

“I just heard that his body is that of a former Demon General?”

“Yes, Old Demon was originally just a remnant Soul and by coincidence managed to obtain the heavily damaged body of a Demon General, allowing him to seize control of it,” Yang Kai explained.

Li Rong and Han Fei nodded as they listened to the story of Yang Kai and Old Demon.

When Yang Kai was small and weak, Old Demon had continuously accompanied him and provided a lot of assistance to his survival and growth. Although at the beginning neither of them trusted one another, even going so far as to harbour murderous intent to the other, as time passed, both sides grew closer and eventually began sincerely cooperating. Even after Old Demon regained his freedom, he did not leave Yang Kai.

He was grateful to Yang Kai for giving him a second chance at life and Yang Kai was also quite thankful for all the help he gave him over the years.

As he was speaking, Old Demon suddenly opened his eyes and hoarsely called out, “Young Master, Old Meng!”

Yang Kai’s spirit shook as he turned to look at him quickly, asking with concern, “How do you feel?”

“Terrible!” Old Demon curled his lips and remarked resentfully.

Meng Wu Ya laughed, “You old demon, aren’t you doing well? If Yang Kai and this old master didn’t happen to arrive here today, you’d likely have to bear that suffering without end!”

“Hateful! Just wait for this old master to reach the Third-Order Saint Realm! I’ll certainly unscrew that damn Zhang Yuan’s head and use it as a chamber pot, otherwise, I won’t be able to soothe the hatred in my heart!” Old Demon cursed as he gasped for breath.

“If you think you have such skill, you’re welcome to try, this Senior will be waiting expectantly!” Zhang Yuan walked in with a slight grin, a leisurely look upon his face.

Yang Kai shot him a gloomy look.

Zhang Yuan paid this no mind and said, “Holy Master Yang, don’t blame me for this, this Senior had no idea he was your person, and really had no other choice but to offend him. Well, regardless, this Senior will apologize.”

Saying so, he quickly added, “In fact, this Senior did not have any malicious intent, I just wanted him to submit to me, it’s just that his spirit was more stubborn than I had anticipated. If he had told me earlier he was one of Holy Master Yang’s subordinates, how could I have treated him like this? You should have also seen that although he’s suffered some pain, his foundation wasn’t injured. This is all a result of this Senior’s generosity.”

Old Demon just snickered wickedly and said, “It’s true that I am the inferior one today and have no way to defeat you, but one day, when my strength dominates above yours, I’ll let you understand the meaning of generosity!”

Zhang Yuan raised his brow, “I think you should focus on how to make your Soul fit perfectly with this body first. According to my observations, in less than twenty years, the two will surely begin rejecting one another! At that time, you’ll have to find a new skin to wear and re-cultivate from the beginning again. If that keeps happening, just when will you be able to unscrew the head of this Senior?”

Listening to him say this, Old Demon’s face went black.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, what Zhang Yuan just said was right on the mark.

When he first obtained this Demon General’s body, he had told Yang Kai that there would be no problems occupying it for thirty years, but if he could not find a way to perfectly integrate his Soul into it by then, he would have to abandon it and seek a new body.

It had now been just over a decade since then. The Demon Commander’s eyes were quite sharp and had easily peered into Old Demon’s future.

“Holy Master Yang, although this Senior carries some blame in this incident, the body your friend is currently inhabiting once belonged to a Demon General of my Demon Race. Technically, as this Senior is the current lord of the Demon Race, it would be well within my rights to take back this body. It was also for this reason that this Senior had wanted him to submit, but seeing how he is Holy Master Yang’s subordinate, how about a compromise? I will deliver this body to Holy Master Yang, and in exchange, Holy Master Yang will not make a fuss over the torture he was put through.”

Zhang Yuan’s face was sincere, but Yang Kai still frowned and looked at Old Demon, “I’ll respect your wishes, if you’re unwilling and wish to seek redress immediately, I’ll help you level this Demon Capital!”

As soon as this statement came out, Zhang Yuan’s complexion changed greatly, “Holy Master Yang, please don’t make such tasteless jokes.”

Yang Kai glanced over at him coldly and flatly said, “Do you think I’m joking?”

Meng Wu Ya, Li Rong, and Han Fei all shot him a bad look as well.

Zhang Yuan suddenly felt a great deal of pressure. Although he was confident in his own strength and possessed many earth-shaking methods, he was only a match for either Meng Wu Ya or Li Rong. If the two of them were to act together, he would definitely be at a great disadvantage.

If a fight were to really start here, the Demon Capital would probably be destroyed.

In an instant, Zhang Yuan’s expression became heavy as he turned a slightly nervous glance towards Old Demon, for fear that an unfavourable word might leave his lips.

“Many thanks for Young Master’s consideration, but this old master will seek retribution for this humiliation himself, there is no need for Young Master to intervene!” Old Demon grinned fiendishly.

Zhang Yuan’s expression relaxed greatly.

Yang Kai nodded and no longer said anything.

“This Senior will arrange for some healing supplements to be sent over,” Zhang Yuan said and quickly snuck away.

As Demon Commander, he had not been threatened by others for many years, how could he just stand here and endure such shame? If it weren’t for his need to use the Demon Mystic Tome in Yang Kai’s hand to open the barrier Great Demon God left behind, he certainly wouldn’t swallow this insult!

A Demon Commander naturally had the pride of a Demon Commander.

A short time later, a few precious treasures were delivered by one of Demon Palace’s maids to help Old Demon restore his vitality.

Old Demon was extremely satisfied and began conversing with Yang Kai and the others about his experiences these past ten years.

When he first arrived in Tong Xuan Realm with Meng Wu Ya, Old Demon had quickly separated from the group. He was currently inhabiting the body of a Demon General and it was too dangerous for him to act in Human Territory, so he set out for the Demon Land alone.

Over the following ten years, he had hidden his identity and worked hard to rapidly improve his strength.

After all, he had the foundation of a top-ranked master and the body of a top powerhouse, everything was already prepared and all he needed to do was accumulate enough World Energy into his body to improve his strength. He had no bottlenecks at all.

After more than a decade, he had managed to restore his cultivation to the peak of the First Order Saint Realm.

However, no matter how careful he was, he wasn’t able to completely conceal himself.

Someone had recognized him as a long lost Demon General and reported him to the Demon Commander. Zhang Yuan had personally brought him back to Demon Palace and ordered him to swear allegiance. Naturally, Old Demon refused and was then nailed to the stone pillar by the Demon Commander.

A few months later, Yang Kai showed up.

After listening to his remarks, Yang Kai and Meng Wu Ya exchanged a surprised glance, neither of them having expected Old Demon to show such unwavering loyalty.

“Young Master, how is your situation? Why are you here?” Old Demon then inquired about Yang Kai’s experience.

Yang Kai briefly explained.

Compared with Old Demon’s experience, Yang Kai’s was far more spectacular. Even Li Rong and the others had not heard about all these matters and incidents and were quickly drawn into his story.

Learning that Ling Tai Xu and the others had also come to Tong Xuan Realm, Old Demon couldn’t help showing a happy expression.

When he heard about the great change in the world and the recovery of the Bone Race, Old Demon’s expression suddenly becomes very strange, solemnly asking, “Young Master, are these Bone Race people you speak of nothing more than skeletons, but also capable of absorbing the flesh and blood of fallen masters to shape their own physique?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai was shocked and looked at Old Demon with surprise, “Have you encountered them before?”

Old Demon shook his head, “I only have a vague impression of them. I believe I should have fought with this race before!”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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