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Martial Peak Chapter 958

Chapter 958 - Similar

Chapter 958, Similar

Meng Wu Ya continued cursing resentfully for quite some time.

It was apparent that he was deeply disgruntled with Zhang Yuan using the grand Spirit Array to deal with him in the past. Yang Kai smiled bitterly as he thought to himself that if he had known Treasurer Meng had cared so much about this matter, he wouldn’t have asked about it in the first place, thus avoiding the suffering he was going through right now. This was a perfect example of moving a stone only to smashed one’s foot.

A few days later, the Demon Capital came into sight.

From far away, the entire Demon Capital appeared like an ominous beast lying down on the ground, exuding an ancient and desolate aura. Even from dozens of kilometres away, Yang Kai could clearly feel the violent Demonic Qi pulsing from it.

Naturally, this was the aura of the Demon Race masters living in the Demon Capital.

Although there were only five Third Order Saints in the Demon Land, there were more than a dozen Saint Realm masters living in the Demon Capital.

Ordinarily, Demon Commander Zhang Yuan would be in retreat to explore the mysteries of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao, and wouldn’t pay much attention to the Demon Land’s day to day occurrences. There were rumours floating about that he was trying to break through the current world’s shackles and arrive at the same height as Great Demon God had in the past.

Unfortunately, even after several dozen years had passed, his cultivation seemed to have not made any progress, remaining at its current realm.

Even so, he was the undisputed strongest master in the Demon Land, far more powerful than any of the four Demon Generals.

The Demon Race city was not the same as one built by humans, not only was the architectural style different, but the buildings themselves were rougher and gave off a kind of wild beauty. On top of that, no one guarded this Demon Race city.

Anyone could freely enter or exit from the main gate, quite unlike cities in the Human Territory where someone would stand at the entrance and force people to pay a certain number of Crystal Stones before they could enter.

The group of four didn’t bother concealing their true faces and openly strode into the Demon Capital from the gate.

In an instant, countless eyes landed on Yang Kai, looks of great interest flashing across the Demons’ faces.

“A human?”

“Heh heh, interesting, unexpectedly there are humans who dare to intrude upon my Demon Capital!”

“This little brat’s courage is not small, isn’t he looking down on my Demon Race too much?”

These Demon Race cultivators who were originally walking about the Demon Capital stopped to sneer at Yang Kai, cold murderous intent slowly rising from their forms. Many Demons even began approaching Yang Kai, intending to teach this arrogant boy a lesson.

Meng Wu Ya coldly snorted and swept his piercing eyes across the crowd, causing every Demon Race cultivator he met eyes with to freeze in place as an icy chill gripped their hearts.

Only now did they comprehend why this human youth dared enter the Demon Capital: He had someone to depend on.

Yang Kai smiled faintly and stopped in place, allowing himself and his group to be surrounded by hundreds of Demon Race cultivator s. If he had continued walking forward, a fight would likely break out immediately.

“Who here has authority to speak?” Yang Kai looked around and asked.

The numerous Demon Race cultivators just stared at him, none of them answering.

Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly landed on a certain spot in the crowd; there, a Demon Race master with a Second-Order Saint Realm cultivation was walking over, his expression extremely solemn and his Demonic Qi quietly fluctuating, his eyes occasionally glancing towards the three figures behind Yang Kai, the light of fear apparent in their depths.

The other Demons here did not possess the vision to see the fierceness of Meng Wu Ya, Li Rong, and Han Fei, but he was different.

No matter which one of these three it was, they gave him a terrifying amount of pressure. Naturally, they weren’t nameless individuals, yet these three top powerhouses were actually standing behind a mere human youth, which begged the question, just who was this boy?

“Who is Your Excellency? What business do you have in my Demon Capital?” The Demon Race stood ten meters in front of Yang Kai and asked, not daring to approach any closer.

“Your Demon Commander invited me, please notify him that Yang Kai has come!”

“Yang Kai?” The Demon Race man’s brow wrinkled, vaguely recalling hearing this name before, but he couldn’t immediately place it, asking for confirmation, “Did Sir Demon Commander really invite you?”

“Is there any reason for me to deceive you?” Yang Kai chuckled.

“Good, wait here a moment, I must go to the Demon Palace to seek instructions!” The demon said but just as he finished his words, his brow furrowed slightly and he inclined his head, seemingly listening to something, a moment later nodding and respectfully replying, “Yes!”

Turning back to Yang Kai, he cupped his fists and said, “Sir Demon Commander has just sent a message informing me to guide you to Demon Palace, please follow me!”

Yang Kai nodded and kept up, followed soon after by Meng Wu Ya and the others.

Countless demons stared curiously at the backs of Yang Kai and his group, all of them wondering why their Demon Commander had suddenly invited such a human into the Demon Capital.

In front of the Demon Palace was a large open square.

In this square, there were a number of black pillars, each of them engraved with a mysterious Spirit Array that gave off a faint energy fluctuation.

There were a number of people bound to these stone pillars, some of them already dead, some of them looking as though they could die any moment.

The entire square was filled with a rancid aura and cawing birds were flying about, freely feasting on the various corpses.

As Yang Kai followed the demon man into the square, he couldn’t help looking around curiously, his brows wrinkling soon after.

The demon man seemed to notice Yang Kai’s look and voluntarily explained, “These people are criminals who dared disobey Sir Demon Commander. Their sentence is ninety days of drying in the sun before they are allowed to die.”

“Ninety days? Your Demon Commander’s means are too cruel, if you must kill them, just kill them,” Yang Kai grumbled unhappily.

The demon man sneered, “Sir Demon Commander has shown them enough mercy, if it were up to me, I would definitely extract their Souls and torture them for all eternity!”

Yang Kai glanced over at him before shaking his head.

Although it was well known that the Demon Race were violent and cutthroat, this kind of torture was still somewhat excessive.

“It seems like not everyone shackled here is from your Demon Race, there seems to be a few humans mixed in with them.” Yang Kai looked at one of the pillars and saw a corpse without a single trace of Demonic Qi, it was clearly once a Human Race master.

“Oh, that’s only natural. These few Humans called themselves experts and invaded my Demon Land, and obviously they need to pay a price for their arrogance!” The Demon Race man snickered casually.

Yang Kai simply nodded. There were always some fools in this world with too much time and too little brains. They thought themselves strong so they decided to come to the Demon Land to stir up trouble and make a name for themselves without comprehending their own depths, the result being their attempt to steal a chicken ending with them losing their rice.

Regarding these kinds of people, Yang Kai only felt they got what they deserved and had no sympathy for them.

“Yang Kai!” Meng Wu Ya suddenly came to a halt and stared towards one of the pillars seriously.

“What is it?”

“Look at that person!” Meng Wu Ya pointed in a certain direction.

Yang Kai looked in the direction Treasurer Meng pointed only to see a dishevelled Demon Race man shackled to a pillar, his aura as weak as a candle in the wind, in danger of blowing out at any moment.

His head drooped down and his long messy hair was blocking his face, making it impossible to see his true appearance.

On top of that, his hands and feet had been nailed to the pillar by some kind of dark metallic spikes, rendering him unable to move.

The blood that flowed out of his wounds had already dried up, giving him a particularly miserable look.

Li Rong and Han Fei both frowned, secretly thinking it was fortunate they not followed a master as cruel as this Demon Commander Zhang Yuan!

The Demon Race man who was leading Yang Kai and others also looked over and said with a grin, “This fellow is truly unyielding, even I admire him somewhat.”

Saying so, he began to explain lightly, “He was a rising star in my Demon Land. Ten years ago, no one had heard of him, but this past decade his strength grew rapidly until it eventually reached the peak of the First-Order Saint Realm. If he was giving another two years, he may have been able to break through to the same realm as me. Unfortunately, he refused to submit to Sir Demon Commander. Sir Demon Commander then crucified him here and declared that once he had reflected upon his decision and come to his senses he would be released. Who could have expected that even after a few months, he would continue to stubbornly refuse? Sir Demon Commander actually said that this guy would reach the Third-Order Saint sooner or later. When that time came, my Demon Land would welcome its fifth Demon General!”

“Isn’t he similar?” Meng Wu Ya ignored the demons musings and instead directed a solemn look towards Yang Kai.

“Not just similar, it’s him!” Yang Kai’s expression became gloomy as he quickly walked towards the stone pillar.

“Hey, what are you doing?” The demon man saw this and quickly called out while at the same time moving to block Yang Kai.

“You shut up!” Meng Wu Ya glared at him and emitted a thick murderous intent, “If you dare run your mouth, I’ll kill you. If you dare take another step, I’ll also kill you!”

The Demon Race man opened his mouth to speak but no words came out, his face turning bright red, not daring to say anything or even more.

He could feel the thick murderous intent flowing from Meng Wu Ya’s eyes.

“Master, what happened?” Li Rong was puzzled, “Do you know this Demon?”

“We know him!” Meng Wu Ya nodded solemnly.

Li Rong’s shoulder shook lightly as she glanced over to the other side with concern.

Over there, Yang Kai had arrived in front of the stone pillar, seemingly unable to suppress his excitement and surprise as he lifted his trembling hands to move aside this demon’s messy hair, revealing his pale face.

Sensing this movement, the bound demon slowly opened his eyes to see Yang Kai’s figure. After seeing Yang Kai’s face, the man’s dull eyes suddenly burst with light, revealing a look of shock, his lips moving slightly like he wanted to say something but failing to do so.

“I know,” Yang Kai nodded, “Don’t try to speak.”

The man gently nodded and obeyed Yang Kai’s instructions.

“Brace yourself, I’ll get you down now,” Yang Kai urged him before reaching out and grabbing hold of the black spike nailed through his right hand and swiftly pulling it out, causing black blood to spray out.

In the same way, Yang Kai removed the other three spikes.

As this was happening, because of the severe pain, the man continuously shuddered, but it was clear his will was extremely firm as he refused to make a sound from beginning to end.

Li Rong and Han Fei both wore uncomfortable looks.

Yang Kai brought down the half dead demon man and fed him some Myriad Drug Milk to help him restore himself while hurriedly checking his condition.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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