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Martial Peak Chapter 952

Chapter 952 - Loss Of Life

 Chapter 952, Loss Of Life

Outside the nine peaks, Yang Kai personally saw off the two Sect Masters of Twin Spirit Pavilion and the Hu Sisters.

Wu Fa and Wu Tian walked in front while Yang Kai, Hu Jiao’er, and Hu Mei’er followed a few steps behind as he gave them some last warnings.

It had not been long since the two sisters came to this world, and now they were traveling far away to a place outside his reach, so there were many things Yang Kai urged them to pay attention to.

Jiao’er and Mei’er constantly nodded to his words.

After speaking to them for a while, Yang Kai finally said, “Then I’ll see you off here.  When you arrive on that side be sure to be on your best behaviour and not cause trouble for others, but if anyone wrongs you, just come back and find me. I’ll help you straighten them out.”

“En…” Hu Mei’er seemed reluctant to part.

Meanwhile, Hu Jiao’er pressed her tender body onto Yang Kai’s and drew his arm into her soft embrace.

“What are you doing?” Yang Kai stared at her with a look of blank surprise.

“You actually called us neighbourhood little sisters…” Hu Jiao’er bit her lip in frustration, “Mei’er isn’t a problem, she is younger than you after all, there’s nothing wrong with calling her a little sister, but me… you actually want I, your great aunt, to call you Elder Brother Yang?”

Staring at her enchanting appearance, and listening to her crisp yet refreshing voice which was filled with flirtatious overtones, Yang Kai simply nodded, “Naturally.”

“Could you be more shameless?” Hu Jiao’er didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

In terms of age, she was older than Yang Kai.

However, because she and her sister were too similar in appearance, everyone who didn’t know them would mistakenly think they were twins.

“I just said those words because they were convenient, moreover, I did so to raise your status. You know all this, so why are you trying to make trouble now?”  Yang Kai sighed helplessly.

“I know what your intentions were,” Hu Jiao’er released his hand and her expression became light again, laughing as she said, “Having a neighbourhood big brother like you might not be so bad!”

Yang Kai gawked.

While he was busy being dumbfounded though, the Hu Sisters had walked forward and caught up with Wu Fa and Wu Tian.

The two Twin Spirit Pavilion Sect Masters turned back and cupped their fists, “Holy Master Yang, we will take our leave here.  You don’t have to worry about these two’s safety. As long as we brothers are alive, no one can bully them.”

“I’ll have to trouble two Sect Masters then,” Yang Kai returned the courtesy.

Jiao’er and Mei’er looked at each other and in an instant understood each other’s intentions, both of them suddenly raising their hands and waving, “Bye-bye Big Brother Yang, we’ll miss you.”

Saying so, their figures gradually flew away.

Looking in the direction of their disappearance, Yang Kai let out a long sigh of relief, shaking off the chill he felt before quickly returning to Nine Heavens Holy Land to seek Little Senior Sister’s warmth.

After ten days, everything has been arranged properly.

Inside the former War Spirit Temple grounds, all the various parties from the Great Han Dynasty were peacefully co-existing.  The preliminary groundwork had been complete so now they all just needed time to familiarize themselves with this world.

Inside the Holy Land, there wasn’t much that required Yang Kai’s personal attention as Great Elder Xu Hui could handle most of the things on his own.

Saying goodbye to everyone, Yang Kai set out towards Ice Sect alone.

He was going to bring Su Yan back to reunite with the Sect.

He didn’t bring anyone with him this time; Li Rong and Han Fei had wanted to accompany him, but Yang Kai had refused.

How could he go to seek his woman while bringing along two great beauties?  Even if Su Yan was magnanimous and would not suspect him of impropriety, Yang Kai would still feel quite embarrassed.

And so, he resolutely refused Li Rong and Han Fei’s request to follow him.

How exactly to reach Ice Sect, Yang Kai wasn’t clear, so he planned to first visit Water Spirit Temple then use it as a transit point to locate Ice Sect.

High up in the sky, a blue streak of light sped along as Yang Kai stood atop the Flying Heavens Shuttle leisurely.

Over mountains and across rivers, as Yang Kai got closer to Water Spirit Temple, his mood became more and more excited.

The closer he got to Su Yan, the stronger his nostalgia became, as if he was getting closer and closer to his family.

He didn’t know what cultivation Su Yan had achieved by now but Yang Kai estimated that given her aptitude and cultivation environment, she shouldn’t have fallen behind him at all.

It was pursuing her and Xia Ning Chang that brought him to Tong Xuan Realm in the first place and at the time, Yang Kai’s only thought was to find them as soon as possible.

He hadn’t anticipated that such a simple wish would actually take him more than ten years to complete!

He had also never anticipated that he would have his current achievements.

Third Order Transcendent, True Qi Sanctification, Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land, Master of the Ancient Demon Clan, a hidden identity of the Dragon Emperor.

Besides a slight lack of personal strength, it could be said that Yang Kai had reached the summit of this world and stood as one of its great overlords.

On top of that, the promotion of his strength was only a matter of time.

When he first came here, he was like a lost child that had just emerged from the wild mountains, ignorant of everything around him.  He had followed behind Bold Independent Union’s Yun Xuan and the others while silently observing the world with his own eyes with no one to depend on but himself.  Bold Independent Union seemed shockingly formidable to him back then.

But now, with a few words, he could actually consign a force like Bold Independent Union to oblivion and Yun Cheng, Bold Independent Union’s Union Master would actually humble himself in order to build a good relationship with him.

As such thoughts flashed across his mind, Yang Kai couldn’t help shaking his head and laughing wryly.

Suddenly, Yang Kai heard a spattering of panicked screams and saw a number of cultivators dashing in his direction, many of them wearing terrified expressions as they constantly glance behind them, as if they were being pursued by some kind of horrifying abomination.

Yang Kai frowned and slowed his pace.

He wasn’t clear what had happened down below to cause so many people to flee like this.

Approximately thirty kilometres in front of him lay Blue Water City, the place Yang Kai had come to in order to find Su Yan in the past and a territory under Water Spirit Temple’s jurisdiction.

Looking up ahead, at this moment, Yang Kai saw columns of smoke rising from Blue Water City and a great many panic-stricken screams resounded as total chaos ensued.

Yang Kai’s face sank and he shot forward in a streak of blue light.

A moment later, when he reappeared atop Blue Water City and looked down, his eyes shrank violently.

Blue Water City had been transformed into what could only be described as a bloody purgatory, with rivers of red running through the streets and smashed corpses scattered everywhere, a terrible scene to behold.

Yang Kai was greatly confused, unable to understand what kind of disaster had occurred here that could transform this once vibrant city into a bloody hellscape.

This was Water Spirit Temple’s territory, could Water Spirit Temple ignore such a tragedy?

Spreading out his Divine Sense, Yang Kai soon discovered some unusual places.

From a number of locations inside the city, Yang Kai detected somewhat familiar cruel and malevolent auras.  These auras were making no attempt to conceal themselves, wantonly spreading out a rich Evil Qi that caused one’s skin to crawl.

Looking towards the nearest aura, Yang Kai was startled by what he saw.

In that position, there was a dark red skeleton standing upright and walking around, a thumbing sound echoing from it as if blood was pumping through its bones.

In the sockets of his eyes were two fiery green lights that terrified anyone who saw them.

All around, there were tragically killed cultivators, and at this moment, an inexplicable attraction was being emitted from the skeleton, causing the flesh and blood of the dead bodies to transform into a stream of energy and flow into it.

After absorbing the flesh and blood of these dead people, a thin layer of flesh appeared on the surface of the skeleton.

It was looking at an extremely thin man whose skin had been peeled off.

Seeing all this, Yang Kai couldn’t help calling out in alarm, “Bone Race?”

The skeleton in front of him, exuding a rich vitality, was clearly a Bone Race master, but he was not the same as the ones Yang Kai had seen in Ice Sect and Soaring Heaven Sect.

It was as if he was completely alive.

The aura pulsing from his thin body belonged to a First Order Saint.

Yang Kai’s thoughts were in a state of chaos as he found himself unable to explain the strange phenomenon he had just witnessed.

As he was lost in thought, the Bone Race master suddenly turned his head and stared straight at him, his greens eyes fiercely glowing as his Divine Sense locked onto Yang Kai.

Immediately, his mouth curled into a cruel grin.

Yang Kai felt a cold chill spread throughout his body, finally understanding why all the residents of Blue Water City had been fleeing, anyone who saw this hellish scene would only be thinking about escaping.

What’s more, Blue Water City’s residents’ strength wasn’t very high while this Bone Race kin was a Saint Realm master!

The Bone Race kin in front of him was also not the only one inside Blue Water City, Yang Kai had noticed at least four or five other powerful auras scattered throughout the city.

The sudden appearance of Yang Kai seemed to have caught the Bone Race master’s attention, and after observing him for a moment, the Bone Race master slowly began walking towards him.

There was clearly no skin on his body, but the places where he stepped remained clean, none of the blood flowing along the surface of his flesh spilling out and contaminating the ground.

After approaching halfway, the Bone Race master’s body suddenly emitted a bloody light and disappeared.

At the same time, Yang Kai’s instincts screamed out and he hastily pushed his True Qi, sending a palm strike forward.

A huge palm print flew out and with a great crashing sound, the Bone Race master that had just disappeared was struck by Yang Kai’s Heaven Covering Hand, revealing his figure.

Drops of jewel-like blood splattered from him, and the thin layer of flesh he had just condensed was greatly shaved off, revealing his blood red bones beneath it.

The Bone Race master was stunned, the green flames in his eyes flickering even more, seemingly not having expected Yang Kai to be able to block him.

His aura revealed clear anger as he opened his mouth and let out a piercing scream.  His howl hit Yang Kai like a sledgehammer, causing the latter’s Knowledge Sea to toss and turn.

The Bone Race master’s scream was clearly a powerful Soul attack.

Yang Kai’s face became cold and he summoned a golden spear into his hand, tossing it ruthlessly towards the screaming Bone Race master.


The Heaven Punishing Spear turned into a streak of golden light and passed straight through the mouth of the Bone Race master like a bolt of lightning before exiting out the back of his head.

A hole appeared, allowing Yang Kai to see straight through the Bone Race master’s heads.

The Bone Race master, however, remained indifferent, the thin flesh around his neck squirming and quickly covering this wound, returning it to its original shape, as if it had never been pierced at all.

Yang Kai suddenly felt that the situation was more dire than he originally thought and his mood gradually became heavy.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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