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Martial Peak Chapter 951

Chapter 951 - Wu Fa And Wu Tian

Nine Heavens Holy Land reception hall.

Twin Spirit Pavilion’s two Sect Masters Wu Fa and Wu Tian sat anxiously upon their chairs, as if their cushions were made from pins and needles, their eyes darting around unceasingly.

They had been here for a few days now but they had yet to see the Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land or the pair of twin sisters who had obtained the Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art.

Naturally, they felt like ants on a hot wok.

With the Holy Land’s Great Elder Xu Hui standing nearby though, they didn’t dare show too much impatience and could only keep their anxiety to themselves.

A few years ago, an ordinary young disciple of Dragon Phoenix Palace had managed to enter the depths of Dragon Valley and obtain the Dragon Emperor’s Inheritance.

In just two years, that young disciple had managed to break through from the True Element Boundary Seventh Stage to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage, and upon exiting, had managed to kill the First Order Saint Realm Master of Frozen Nether Cave Heaven who had led his Sect to invade Dragon Phoenix Palace. In that conflict, Frozen Nether Cave Heaven had suffered heavy casualties while Dragon Phoenix Palace had won a near-total victory.

When this news spread to Twin Spirit Pavilion, Wu Fa and Wu Tian couldn’t help feeling deeply envious that Dragon Phoenix Palace had recovered its ancient inheritance.

At the same time that they felt happy for Dragon Phoenix Palace, they also felt a sense of dejection.

Twin Spirit Pavilion and the Dragon Phoenix Palace’s core inheritances were both lost at the same time, but now a new hope had risen in Dragon Phoenix Palace while their Twin Spirit Pavilion was still wallowing in decline.

With such a massive contrast between them, how could Wu Fa and Wu Tian not feel some indignation?

The two of them often sighed as they wondered why their Twin Spirit Pavilion hadn’t obtained such luck.

But a few months ago, Dragon Phoenix Palace’s Elder Xiao Ling had arrived with a message saying that in a Mysterious Small World, a pair of twin sisters who cultivated the original Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art had appeared.

On top of that, this pair of sisters had arrived in Tong Xuan Realm and was currently staying in Nine Heavens Holy Land!

Upon hearing the news, Wu Fa and Wu Tian immediately set out from the Twin Spirit Pavilion and rushed to this place, neither of them daring to delay, arriving at Nine Heavens Holy Land as quickly as possible.

But now, unable to meet those they wanted to, and unable to question Xu Hui about why, Wu Fa and Wu Tian’s mood had understandably dropped.

Fortunately, just now, Xu Hui had returned and told them that the Holy Master would soon see them.

“Great Elder, may I ask when Holy Master Yang will arrive?” Wu Fa couldn’t help the restlessness in his heart and asked, his expression becoming quite awkward the moment these words left his lips.

He was embarrassed with himself because this was the third or fourth time he had asked this same question in the last hour.

Xu Hui smiled faintly and said, “Holy Master said he will be here soon, is Sect Master Wu feeling that anxious?”

Wu Fa laughed awkwardly, “Something like that. Please don’t mind, Great Elder!”

“Big brother, they’re here!” At that moment, Wu Tian’s shoulder trembled as he shouted.

Wu Fa also quickly released his Divine Sense and noticed that a group of people were rapidly approaching. The two brothers could no longer sit still and immediately flew out, landing in front of the reception hall and staring towards the approaching group.

A moment later, a blue light flashed and three figures appeared.

In the lead was a heroic-looking youth whose aura was quite powerful and whose eyes shone with a sharp light. At first glance, it was apparent he was not weak.

However, Wu Fa and Wu Tian’s gaze was completely attracted by the two young women behind this youth.

These two women appeared exactly the same, their life auras and True Qi fluctuations identical in every way and, as they stood side by side, there seemed to be an invisible connection linking them together as if the very essence of their beings was shared between them.

If not for the contrast in their innate temperaments and demeanours, it was likely that people would think of them as copies of the same person.

Wu Fa and Wu Tian felt their breath catch in their chests as a look of excitement filled their faces. The moment they laid eyes on the Hu Sisters, they refused to look away, their eyes gradually filling with both surprise and joy.

There was to confirm if these two were the sisters they had come to see as Wu Fa and Wu Tian had already concluded that they were definitely cultivating the Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art.

Because in this world, there was no other Secret Art which could create this kind of result other than the Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art.

Moreover, these two sisters had clearly cultivated the most orthodox version of this Secret Art.

The extent to which these two young women’s life auras and True Qi fluctuations mirrored one another far surpassed even Wu Fa and Wu Tian who were the Sect Masters of Twin Spirit Pavilion.

“Big Brother!” Wu Tian gasped, a frantic look appearing on his face.

“En,” Wu Fa was also very excited, “It is absolutely our Twin Spirit Pavilion’s lost inheritance!”

The Hu Sisters were also curiously sizing up Wu Fa and Wu Tian, they had never seen other cultivators in a similar situation to themselves.

However, the look in these two people’s eyes that seemed almost like starving beasts that couldn’t wait to devour them cause them some slight fear, so the two sisters couldn’t help hiding behind Yang Kai.

Their subtle movements made Wu Fa and Wu Tian realize their own impropriety and the two quickly composed themselves and wore temperate smiles, trying to appear harmless to humans and small animals.

“Are two friends the Sect Masters of Twin Spirit Pavilion?” Yang Kai asked with a smile.

Wu Fa and Wu Tian stood up straight and cupped their fists, “Indeed, is Your Excellency Holy Master Yang?”

Yang Kai nodded.

“Greetings! We have long heard your resounding name!” Wu Fa exchanged some quick pleasantries before getting straight to the point, “Holy Master Yang, these two girls…”

Yang Kai interrupted him with a smile and said, “Let us go inside first.”

Saying so, he led the Hu Sisters into the reception hall.

Wu Fa and Wu Tian exchanged a quick glance before hurriedly keeping up.

After the guests and hosts were seated, Yang Kai made the waiting maids serve fresh tea before calmly stating, “I will get straight to the point then. En, I am well aware of two Sect Masters’ purpose in coming here.”

Wu Fa face brightened as he directed an expectant gaze towards Yang Kai, anxiously waiting for him to continue.

“However, my Nine Heavens Holy Land and Twin Spirit Pavilion have never had any dealings with one another and this Holy Master is not familiar with two Sect Masters, so… there are some things I’d like to clarify first. I hope two Sect Masters will not mind!”

“What Holy Master Yang says is how it should be,” Wu Fa and Wu Tian quickly agreed.

“Ultimately, you wish for both of them to go to your Twin Spirit Pavilion, right?”

Wu Fa and Wu Tian nodded together.

“Because they have obtained the core inheritance of your Twin Spirit Pavilion and are your Sect’s hope for revitalization yes? The two of them also wish to see your Twin Spirit Pavilion, this point I have already confirmed with them.”

“Truly?” Wu Fa was overjoyed and directed a grateful look towards the Hu Sisters.

Wu Fa and Wu Tian had been extremely on edge this whole time, worried that the two sisters would not be willing to go with them. If it had turned out like that, they would have been helpless to do anything about it.

They were currently inside Nine Heavens Holy Land, where masters were as abundant as clouds. The two brothers were both only First Order Saints, and although when they collaborated, they wouldn’t have a problem handling a Second-Order Saint, such strength was far from enough to face a giant like Nine Heavens Holy Land.

They had already stayed here for a few days and were well aware of an incredibly powerful aura residing on one of the nearby mountains. They did not doubt that there was Third Order Saint Realm powerhouse guarding this place.

Acting dissolute here would be akin to digging their own graves.

“This is a matter between your two parties and not really the place of an outsider like me to interfere,” Yang Kai smiled softly, “But these two girls, to me… En… they are like younger sisters who live next door.”

As soon as he said these words, the Hu Sisters shot him a complicated look.

Yang Kai feigned ignorance and continued, “Moreover, they had just now arrived in Tong Xuan Realm. Before now, they used to live in a remote Mysterious Small World so they know practically nothing about this world, so I must ask about some things on their behalf.”

“Please ask, Holy Master Yang, we brother will definitely give you satisfactory answers,” Wu Fa declared sincerely.

“What would their treatment be if they went to the Twin Spirit Pavilion?” Yang Kai was no longer polite and began asking directly.

Wu Fa thought for a moment before replying, “Dragon Phoenix Palace has a disciple called Sun Yu, the Dragon Emperor’s successor. How Dragon Phoenix Palace treats Sun Yu is how we will treat these two girls in Twin Spirit Pavilion.”

Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction, “If they want to come back later?”

“We will not try to stop them. Twin Spirit Pavilion’s inheritance being carried forward is our greatest wish. As for where it is carried forward, it matters not.”

“When they arrive in your Sect, their cultivation…”

“We will provide them with the best cultivation materials in the Sect as well as the finest cultivation environment, we two brothers can even personally protect them at all times to ensure no harm comes to them unless we die.”

“The Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art they inherited…”

“If they are not willing to share it, no one will force them to; it was the blessings of my Twin Spirit Pavilion’s ancestors which gave them that opportunity.”



Each proposal Yang Kai made was swiftly agreed to by Wu Fa and Wu Tian, ​​the two brothers showing the utmost sincerity and unconditionally.


“Yang Kai!” Hu Jiao’er finally called out to Yang Kai, directing an accusing look at him, “That’s good enough, don’t embarrass them any further.”

Even though the various conditions put forward by Yang Kai and the various problems he asked about were all designed to reap the greatest benefits for them, the Hu Sisters were really unable to watch Wu Fa and Wu Tian continue on like this.

They had already felt the sincerity of the other party.

“En, so be it,” Yang Kai chuckled, turning to the side and saying, “Xu Hui, prepare some cultivation Saint Pills for them to take with them.”

“Yes!” Xu Hui quickly left to make arrangements.

These days, Xia Ning Chang and the five Grandmasters were refining many pills each day even when no patrons came to seek Alchemy services, so the Holy Land now had a great deal of Saint Pills in storage.

Wu Fa and Wu Tian were both quite shocked when they heard this and directed meaningful looks towards Yang Kai.

Saint Pills were rare treasures, but this Holy Master Yang actually intended to give these two girls several all at once, further articulating their status in his heart.

For a time, their looks became ambiguous.

“When do you intend to depart?” Yang Kai turned to the Hu Sisters.

Hu Jiao’er hesitated for a moment before saying, “Our departure is up to the two Seniors.”

Wu Fa clearly couldn’t wait and immediately proposed, “Then we should start off now, the road is quite far and it will take at least a month or two to arrive at Twin Spirit Pavilion.”

“Good.” Hu Jiao’er nodded before looking towards Yang Kai, “I’ll have to trouble you to inform our father over there. Tell him that this time we’re just going to Twin Spirit Pavilion to have a look and that after some time we’ll return so he doesn’t worry.”

“En, no problem,” Yang Kai nodded.

“How may we address two young ladies?” Wu Fa and Wu Tian asked finally. After today, the Hu Sisters would be spending a lot of time in Twin Spirit Pavilion, so naturally, they had to ask for their names.

The Hu Sisters replied promptly.

The four of them then began engaging in a lively discussion, creating a harmonious atmosphere, causing the two Twin Spirit Pavilion Sect Masters to even more appreciate the Hu Sisters.

(Silavin: Rip harem with the twins? Well, the novel is still ongoing so the author might pull a ‘you got them all pregnant’ on us.)

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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