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Martial Peak Chapter 953

Chapter 953 - Bone Crushing

Chapter 953, Bone Crushing

This strange race was not only absorbing the vital essence of deceased cultivators but they could also use it to shape their own flesh and even ignore what would normally be fatal injuries.

It was almost like they were immortal, greatly disturbing Yang Kai.

The blow Yang Kai struck a moment ago seemed to completely irritate the other party. The Bone Race masters howled, releasing a blood red light that seemed to cover the sky before it descended onto Yang Kai.

This blood red light contained a terrifying strength and released a hissing noise as it passed through the air, clearly illustrating its extreme corrosiveness.

Yang Kai let out a snort and opened all the pores on his skin before he pushed his True Yang Yuan Qi, sending out an eruption of golden light, like a miniature sun, which bathed all of Blue Water City in a stunning radiance.

The blood red light falling towards him could not even approach before it was evaporated by the intense heat.

The Bone Race master was obviously startled by this, but before he could regain his composure, Yang Kai had already dashed towards him while condensing a Profound Heavenly Sword that he slashed out from close range.

An angry and unwilling scream burst from the Bone Race master’s mouth as the thin layer of flesh on his bones was cut apart and flew off, spewing blood all over the surroundings, turning him in to a miserable sight.

Yang Kai’s face remained indifferent as he silently observed the Bone Race master’s strength and reactions.

He had the aura of a First Order Saint, but it seemed he was unable to exert all his power, and as his flesh was cleaved from his skeleton, his aura grew increasingly weaker.

A moment later, Yang Kai withdrew and stared at his opponent.

The Bone Race master in front of him had been reduced back to nothing but a skeleton with meridians running across his bones, a strange sight as usual.

However, Yang Kai discovered to his amazement that even after suffering so many attacks, the Bone Race master’s skeleton didn’t have a single scar on it.

It seemed his bones were comparable to high grade artifacts.

On top of that, although his flesh had been destroyed, his vitality had not been affected. The Bone Race’s body once again exuded a huge attractive force and in an instant, Yang Kai felt as if his own flesh, blood, and vitality were being pulled from his body. His skin felt like it would rip open at any moment.

Yang Kai’s face changed dramatically as he hurriedly circulated his True Qi to resist this attractive force from the Bone Race master.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

From all around, the flesh and blood of the deceased cultivators transformed into stream of pure vitality and poured into the Bone Race’s skeleton.

Soon after, another thin layer of flesh appeared on the bones of the Bone Race master, fueling his violent momentum.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed.

He suddenly felt that the guess he had made back in Soaring Heaven Sect a few days ago may be correct.

For this strange race, flesh was only a decoration; their true essence lay in their bones. As long as their bones were not destroyed, they would never die!

No wonder at that time Qing Ya had made him incinerate the Bone Race’s skeleton!

Only by doing so could they be completely destroyed.

Yang Kai’s eyes flickered as he secretly felt he had come to understand this race’s characteristics.

The Profound Heavenly Sword in his hands scattered into particles of light and Yang Kai gathered strength in his palms, pushing them forward slowly in the next instant.

Beast Soul Skill!

The White Tiger and Divine Ox appeared with a great roar and bellow.

“Crush him!” Yang Kai commanded, and the two beast phantoms condensed from his True Qi crashed towards the Bone Race master, Yang Kai following close behind.

One person and two beasts launched a simple and crude attack.

The Earth Splitting Divine Ox phantom dashed and impaled the Bone Race master’s abdomen with one of its horns. This huge impact caused the fire in the Bone Race master’s eyes to flicker, seemingly somewhat unable to withstand the violent force.

The Heaven Shaking White Tiger phantom took this opportunity to fiercely bite down on one of the Bone Race’s arms, refusing to let go no matter how its prey struggled.

Yang Kai flew out and stood opposite the White Tiger, a cold look upon his face as he reached for the other arm of the Bone Race master.

*Ci la la…*

Burning hot True Qi singed the thin layer of flesh, sending out an unpleasant smell.

Yang Kai ignored his opponent’s struggles as he pulled hard on this arm.

A wild aura burst from the body of the Bone Race master as he struggled violently, trying to escape from the fetters of the two beast phantoms.

The two beast phantoms were condensed from Yang Kai’s True Qi and were unable to withstand this intense struggle, soon growing dim and threatening to collapse at any moment.

Yang Kai reacted quickly, using his free hand to display the Imprisoning Heaven Chain.

A golden chain wrapped around the Bone Race master in the next instant, sealing his movements.

The two flame-like eyes flashed, convey the uneasiness of the Bone Race master, a thick and pure Blood Qi soon rushing out from his skeleton and transforming into a strange, disfigured face that bit towards Yang Kai.

“Grand Heavenly Shield!”

A solid barrier appeared and blocked the Bone Race master’s attack.

Yang Kai instantly increased the force in his arm.


Along with a crisp sound, one of Bone Race’s arms was gradually stretched until it finally tore off.

Blazing hot True Qi burst from Yang Kai’s hand and burned the torn arm down to ash.

Screams left the mouth of the Bone Race master as a thick flow of blood and energy escaped from where his arm once was, instantly making him appear dispirited.

Yang Kai clenched his fist and struck his opponent’s chest like a ten thousand kilogram hammer, devastating the Bone Race master’s body.

*Kacha, kacha…*

The bones of Bone Race’s chest gradually broke and shattered while the Heaven Shaking White Tiger’s jaw also began crushing the bones and meridians in his remaining arm.

After half a cup of tea’s worth of time, the flames in the Bone Race master’s eyes finally became dull and fully extinguished, his body collapsing and scattering in the next moment.

Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief, standing in place and frowning.

He now realized the difficulty in dealing with the Bone Race!

Ordinary attacks had next to no effect on this strange race and what would be fatal injuries for humans couldn’t even harm them. The only way to kill them was to complete incinerate or crush their skeleton.

With Yang Kai’s current strength, it wasn’t difficult for him to deal with an ordinary First Order Saint, but this Bone Race master had actually taken him quite a lot of effort to destroy.

Throughout Blue Water City, there were five other auras, one of them even showing the energy fluctuations of a Second Order Saint.

This situation was beyond what he could handle.

At that moment, a familiar life aura suddenly appeared inside the range of Yang Kai’s Divine Sense perception. Yang Kai quickly flew up high and looked over towards this life aura, quickly discovering Water Spirit Temple’s Shui Ling who was currently fleeing under the protection of a Saint Realm cultivator.

The strength of this Saint Realm cultivator was not low, his body giving off a rich Water Attribute aura that was both soft and powerful. He appeared to be around forty years old and his robes were stained with fresh blood, his Saint Qi fluctuating chaotically, clearly having just experienced a difficult battle.

As soon as he appeared, he was immediately noticed by the five Bone Race masters inside Blue Water City and a series of blood-red lights quickly shot towards him.

To these Bone Race masters, he seemed like a delicious meal, strongly arousing their interest.

In the blink of an eye, the five Bone Race masters had rushed over and surrounded him, their green glowing eyes staring at him with wicked interest.

Shui Ling, who was being guarded by him, couldn’t help but tremble, her pretty face draining of all colour.

The middle-aged man’s expression became dignified as he turned towards Shui Ling and spoke a few words. As Shui Ling listened to these words, her beautiful eyes filled with tears as she constantly shook her head.

“Be obedient!” The middle-aged man saw this and shouted firmly.

Shui Ling’s expression went blank as she faintly nodded.

The middle-aged man showed a face filled with tragic resolve as a supple strength burst from his body, filling the surrounding world with a raging Water Attribute Energy.

Drops of crystal clear water suddenly condensed around the middle-aged man, their number too high to count.

All at once, these water droplets shot out like arrows towards the surrounding Bone Race masters, each one containing tyrannical penetrating power.

“Go!” The middle-aged man shouted, his hands swiftly forming a series of seals, manipulating the water droplets around him to combine and pierce.

The Bone Race masters surrounding the middle-aged people remained completely indifferent, allowing these water arrows to penetrate their bodies, seemingly ignoring them altogether.

When these water arrows shot out, Shui Ling transformed into mist and vanished into the sky.

She was the possessor of the Water Spirit Body special constitution and was born with this Divine Ability. In the past, Yang Kai had suffered a number of losses because of this trick of hers, finally having to rely on Old Demon’s strange methods to capture Shui Ling.

However, Shui Ling still couldn’t escape. One of the Bone Race masters turned his gaze towards a certain place in the air and released a pulse of Spiritual Energy, sending out an invisible Divine Sense attack. A moment later, Shui Ling screamed and her figure reappeared, falling from the sky as red blood flowed from her mouth and nose.

Eerie laughter left the lips of the Bone Race masters, but because their physiques were seemingly incomplete, their voices were particularly harsh and grating.

The Bone Race masters were greedily eyeing Shui Ling, apparently interested in her physique.

It seemed like her Water Spirit Body would allow them to more quickly restore themselves than the flesh and blood of ordinary cultivators.

At that moment, a flash of blue light appeared and swept up Shui Ling before she could hit the ground.

The Bone Race masters stared coldly at this scene before a look of pleasant surprise appeared on their faces, their Divine Sense bursting out, seemingly be communicating with one another.

As she was held in his arms, Shui Ling saw who her rescuer was and exclaimed, “Yang Kai?”

“We’ll talk later!” Yang Kai rushed over to the absent-minded middle-aged man and shouted, “Come up!”

The middle-aged man didn’t hesitate and jumped directly onto the Flying Heavens Shuttle.

In a flash of light, Yang Kai, together with the middle-aged man and Shui Ling, were already a hundred kilometres away.

The few Bone Race masters didn’t even try to stop them, as if they knew it was futile, instead just staring at Yang Kai’s disappearing back while cackling lowly.

The few of them continued communicating via Divine Sense for a while before one of the nodded and quickly left Blue Water City and headed out towards the sea.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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