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Martial Peak Chapter 940

Chapter 940 - Enemies Often Meet Along The Narrow Road

While it was true that Xue Li was annoyed over the fact that this human brat had escaped from Sand City, her real objective was the Demon God Golden Blood in his body! This secret was one Xue Li had not told anyone.

As long as she could catch him and absorb the Demon God Golden Blood in his veins, Xue Li had confidence she could defeat the current Demon Commander and become the ruler of the Demon Land, the first female ruler of the whole Demon Land.

How glorious would that be?!

When she thought about this bright future, Xue Li’s blood began to boil.

“They’re coming right to us, it seems their courage isn’t small,” Meng Ge lightly sneered, standing mid-air in a relaxed stance, not showing any intent to escape.

With two Demon Generals here, they had nothing to fear.

“It’s Xue Li!” Yang Kai muttered as the distance between the two groups shrank and he determined the identity of one of the unknown masters, his brow slightly wrinkling in the next moment, “But the other master… His aura is somewhat familiar, where have I seen it before?”

Both he and Meng Ge simultaneously felt a sense of deja vu upon sensing one another.

“Master, when we reach them, you must act carefully.”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded, his thoughts turning quickly. Earlier, Yang Kai had noticed a pair of powerful masters rapidly approaching their group, causing him some concern, so he had left with Li Rong and Han Fei to investigate.

After confirming that one of the approaching masters was actually Xue Li, Yang Kai’s heart couldn’t help sinking.

This world was not small, so there was definitely more than one passage connecting it to Tong Xuan Realm, he had come here from High Heaven Pavilion, but where had Xue Li come from?

A moment later, Yang Kai’s group of three arrived in the two Demon Generals’ fields of vision.

Coming to a stop, the two groups stared at each other across a thousand-meter distance.

“Little human brat, I didn’t expect to see you again in such a place, enemies truly meet often along narrow roads,” Xue Li’s pair of beautiful eyes seemed ablaze with anger, as if she couldn’t wait to burn down the entire world as she sneered gloomily.

“Enemies do often meet along the narrow road. Last time you managed to run away, but this time you won’t be so lucky,” Yang Kai coldly snorted.

“Your tone is not small!” Meng Ge laughed happily as he sized up Yang Kai with great interest, frowning a moment later, “Boy, have we met before somewhere? Why do you look somewhat familiar?”

“Who are you?” Yang Kai frowned, also feeling like this man’s face was familiar.

He had absolutely met him somewhere before.

“This King is Demon Commander’s subordinate, Demon General Meng Ge!” Meng Ge replied proudly.

“Meng Ge?” Yang Kai was startled, his expression becoming strange as he snickered, “No wonder you seemed so familiar, it turns out it’s you!”

Meng Ge looked at him suspiciously.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you remember me?” Yang Kai said dismissively as he laughed, “Perhaps you recall who it was that killed your Soul Clone in the past?”

Meng Ge expression changed greatly as he carefully stared at Yang Kai’s face, finally recalling where he had seen it before, shouting loudly, “So it’s you! You really wear out iron shoes while seeking one’s feet, what a stroke of good fortune!”

Meng Ge had once transferred his Soul Clone to the Evil Cavern of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land. At that time his Soul Clone’s strength was great but it had actually been destroyed by Yang Kai with the help of the Demon Sealing Chain.

This was an event from many years ago, so not only had Yang Kai’s impression of it faded, so had Meng Ge’s, leading to the two of them to only feel the other was somewhat familiar when they finally met face to face again.

With Yang Kai’s reminder though, Meng Ge’s anger suddenly erupted as he grinned ferociously, “I’ve been looking for you for a long time, but I never expected you’d deliver yourself to me today! Good, today I will exact my revenge for that past slight and finally relieve the hatred in my heart!”

As he spoke, his murderous intent condensed so much it almost materialized and struck towards Yang Kai.

Xue Li’s complexion changed greatly and with a wave of her hand, sent out a blood-red light to block Meng Ge’s strike, shouting as she did, “Meng Ge, you and I had an agreement, this human brat belongs to me! If you dare to kill him, you’ll have to answer to me!”

Meng Ge didn’t care at all about her threat and simply sneered, “Today, he must die, no one can stop me! Xue Li, if you dare to interfere, don’t blame me for ignoring our years of friendship.”

What had happened to his Soul Clone was an incredible humiliation to Meng Ge, one which had been like a bone stuck in his throat for many years. Now that he had finally come across the culprit responsible for it, how could he allow him to leave alive? Meng Ge couldn’t wait to flay Yang Kai living before reducing his corpse to ash.

That Soul Clone had taken him an enormous amount of time and effort to cultivate, yet the moment it had been born, it was destroyed, and even after so many years, Meng Ge had been unable to cultivate a second one.

Yang Kai’s past actions had made him suffer a huge loss!

“If you want to kill him, you’ll have to get past me first!” Xue Li refused to back down and openly displayed her determination.

Yang Kai just snickered as he watched the two Demon Generals fight amongst themselves and even Li Rong and Han Fei could only shake their heads in amazement.

They hadn’t even begun to fight yet the two Demon General had already had a big falling out, it was really quite laughable.

Xue Li and Meng Ge stared at each other, neither of them willing to give in, but suddenly, after they seemingly reached some kind of agreement, their anger disappeared.

Meng Ge nodded, “We can decide what to do with this human after we first deal with these two women.”

“That was my intention too,” Xue Li nodded lightly and turned her eyes towards Li Rong and Han Fei.

The two Ancient Demon Clan Great Commanders stared back at them, not showing the slightest fear.

“Go, there’s no need to show any mercy,” Yang Kai lightly ordered.

Li Rong and Han Fei both nodded.

Meng Ge laughed loudly, “Boy, your courage is simply enormous. You actually dare not put we Demon Generals in your eyes? Do you really think these two women can defeat us?”

“The last we met, I acted too hasty and was unable to ask for some proper advice, this time we’ll have to compare notes carefully,” Xue Li coldly declared as she stared towards Li Rong, calling her out directly.

“Good!” Li Rong gently nodded, her tender body suddenly disappearing, leaving behind a trail of afterimages and reappearing right beside Xue Li, her palm gently patting towards the latter’s chest.

The relaxed look on Xue Li pretty face rapidly distorted and she hurriedly sent out a powerful burst of Blood Qi from her body.

Demon Crests appeared on Li Rong’s face at the same time and the force behind her exquisite palm multiplied, easily smashing through Xue Li’s Blood Qi defence and landing directly on her chest.

Calling out in alarm, Xue Li managed to avoid taking a critical hit as she retreated back a thousand meters.

Li Rong didn’t pursue Xue Li, instead choosing to just silently stand in place and indifferently stare towards her.

“Your cultivation…” Xue Li’s expression sank, a thick sense of disbelief apparent in her tone.

Last time, only after Li Rong used her Demon God Transformation and went all out could she fight Xue Li to a standstill, but this time, a single palm strike from Li Rong was enough to cause Xue Li to feel great pressure.

This kind of pressure was something only the Demon Commander could give her.

This left Xue Li somewhat dumbfounded.

She couldn’t help giving birth to the idea that if the two of them were to fight again, the only possible result would be her death.

As this thought flashed across her mind, Xue Li’s tender body shivered as she shouted, “Did you break through to the Third Order?”

Li Rong nodded, “Yes!”

The blood drained from Xue Li’s face and she turned pale.

As a Demon General, she understood better than anyone the great strength of the clan that directly served Great Demon God. With the Demon God Transformation they received from Great Demon God, each of them was capable of fighting opponents above their own realm.

When she was a Second-Order Saint, this woman named Li Rong was able to fight her to a draw. Now that she had reached the Third Order, Xue Li simply had no hope of victory.

Xue Li hurriedly glanced over towards Meng Ge, but what she saw caused her to suck in a cold breath, almost not daring to believe what she was witnessing.

During her and Li Rong’s exchange, the other woman had engaged Meng Ge, creating an icy domain that covered a dozen kilometre radius where everything, even the earth and sky, seemed to be freeze over as seemingly delicate snowflakes gently drifted down, blanketing the ground in pure white.

Against this kind of frigid cold, even the two Demon Generals had to fully push their Saint Qi in order to resist.

The previously arrogant Meng Ge was now in a state of confusion, thick Demonic Qi constantly emerging from his body only to be frozen by the surrounding environment, traces of frost appearing on him, hampering his movements as he fought against this female, quickly becoming frustrated.

Even if the strength of this woman was inferior to Meng Ge’s, the difference wasn’t great.

Meng Ge wanting to capture or even kill her was all but impossible.

Xue Li’s heart clenched as she immediately realized that obtaining victory here was nothing but a dream. She and Meng Ge had completely underestimated the other side’s combat effectiveness, causing them to lose the initiative and fall into a disadvantage.

The other party daring to come here so unscrupulously was not because of arrogance but rather because of confidence

“Xue Li, we need to withdraw,” Meng Ge also realized this point as he stared bitterly and angrily towards Han Fei.

“Let’s go!” Xue Li acted decisively, shouting as she surrounded herself in bloody light and soared off towards the distance.

Meng Ge also wrapped himself in a black cloud and like a malevolent ghost, followed after Xue Li.

The two Demon Generals arrived like a great thunderstorm but failed to deliver any rain, fighting for less than ten breaths before deciding to retreat.

“There’s no need to pursue,” Yang Kai shouted, causing Li Rong and Han Fei to come to a halt and withdraw their Demon God Transformations, restoring their original appearances.

The other two were top-level Third-Order Saints. If they escaped wholeheartedly, there was no way Li Rong and Han Fei could stop them.

Returning to Yang Kai’s side, all three of them stared off in the direction the two Demon Generals had disappeared.

“There should be a place called the Great Yan Dynasty in that direction,” Yang Kai frowned as he pondered.

In this world, he was only familiar with the Great Han Dynasty as well as the nearby Tian Lang Dynasty, he had never been to the Great Yan Dynasty.

“Master, two Demon Generals showing up here, could it be…” Li Rong asked worriedly.

“They shouldn’t have come from High Heaven Pavilion, there are definitely other passages in this world that lead to Tong Xuan Realm; moreover, one of them actually leads to the Demon Land… Knowing the methods of the Demon Race people, I’m afraid that side has already suffered terrible losses.”

“What should we do now?”

“Nothing. Them coming here at this time was probably to explore the Central Capital, but they unexpectedly ran into us halfway. After suffering such a loss, I doubt they’ll try to approach this place again,” Yang Kai took a breath, “Let’s head back. This world is big, everyone has their own lives, and I only have enough ability to take care of my own loved ones and friends. Bringing them back to Nine Heavens Holy Land is the priority.”

“En, it is as Master says,” Li Rong gently nodded, agreeing with him.

A short time later, the group of three returned to the caravan where Yang Ying Feng asked him a few simple questions, all of which Yang Kai skillfully dodged.

After a month’s long journey, the thousand-person convoy finally arrived at the High Heaven Pavilion where they met up with the people from the Three Sects.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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