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Martial Peak Chapter 939

Chapter 939, - People Have Their Own Paths

The Central Capital quickly became busy, with the Yang Family, Qiu Family, and Huo Family all packing their things in preparation to depart. Although Yang Kai had told him to pack lightly, the simple act of trying to organize so many people was quite time-consuming.

Yang Kai waited for ten days in the Central Capital before everyone was ready to set out.

With one order, three great families, nearly a thousand people, marched out of the Central Capital towards High Heaven Pavilion.

Of course, there were more than these three families consisted of more than a thousand people, but there were naturally some who were unwilling to leave the Central Capital and others who volunteered to stay behind. The Yang Family had the most departing, with approximately ninety percent of the family following Yang Kai. Only some of the elders and their families who weren’t willing to travel such long distances remained.

As for the Huo Family and Qiu Family, only about half of each decided to leave, only the younger generation and those who were willing to follow Huo Xing Chen and Qiu Yi Meng joined the caravan.

Yang Kai’s close friends were also part of this team. They had already sent word back to their Sects. As for how their forces would decide to act, that was up to their respective leaders and Elders.

Yang Kai had told them that anyone who was willing to follow him back to Tong Xuan Realm could go directly to High Heaven Pavilion. He was planning on waiting in High Heaven Pavilion for a while so there was no great rush.

Outside the Central Capital, a long stretch of people streamed out of the gates, with many people gathering around, watching them leave, complex looks upon their faces.

Most of these people were members of the other five great families in the Central Capital.

“Brother Meng, was it really the correct choice for us to stay?” The Kang Family Patriarch, Kang Jian asked, a hesitant and slightly envious look upon his face as he watched the thousand-person convoy gradually drift away.

These people were headed to a higher world, where they would surely achieve greater things, yet they chose to stay behind in the Central Capital and not get involved.

The Meng Family Patriarch, Meng Shan Yi shook his head and sighed, “I don’t know if staying here is the correct choice or not, it’s just… We don’t have much friendship with Yang Kai. Following him to the other side might not be any better than us remaining here. If he has access to good resources and treasures, he will definitely give priority to the Yang, Qiu, and Huo Families while perhaps not minding about our five families at all. There’s even a chance he might intentionally exclude or forcefully annex us.”

“What Brother Meng said is right,” The Ye Family Patriarch, Ye Jing nodded, “It was because we had such concerns that we refused his invitation, I believe he understands this too, which is why he did not insist.”

“Could it be that we’re just thinking too much? Since that place is a higher-level world, couldn’t it be that our strength and resources now mean nothing to Yang Kai?” Kang Jian hesitated, “Perhaps he invited us this time simply because it didn’t matter to him whether we accepted or not.”

“What use is wondering about such things? We’ve already rejected his offer, or what, do you want to chase after him now?”

“Brother Liu, what do you think?” The Gao Family Patriarch, Gao Rang Xian turned his eyes to Liu Qing Yao and asked.

Liu Qing Yao had once been the strongest master among their generation in the Central Capital, so his opinion still carried some weight.

“I have no opinion,” Liu Qing Yao slowly shook his head, refusing to say any more.


Ten kilometres outside the Central Capital, Yang Kai, Huo Xing Chen, and Qiu Yi Meng were walking side by side.

Huo Xing Chen suddenly glanced back and asked, “Young Lord Kai, are you just going to ignore those people?”

“What do you want me to do? If they don’t want to follow me, am I supposed to force them? People have their own paths; just let them do as they please.”

“En, this is their choice, why take it to heart?” Qiu Yi Meng shot a glance over at Huo Xing Chen.

Huo Xing Chen let out a hollow laugh, “I just had their best interests at heart. All of us lived together for so many years, yet now we’re suddenly separating, I guess I was feeling a bit reluctant is all… En, anyways, enough about them, Young Lord Kai, let me introduce you to my fifteen wives and concubines. All of them are quite interested in meeting you and have been asking me to introduce them.”

Yang Kai’s face went black, “That’s all right.”

Meeting more than a dozen young ladies was nothing but a hassle for him, and if they were expected him to deliver gifts on first meeting…

“How could you say that? If you don’t greet them, they’ll definitely find me tonight to settle accounts!” Huo Xing Chen shouted.

Helpless, Yang Kai prepared to handle this mess when suddenly, his brow furrowed and he turned his eyes towards a certain direction, his expression gradually becoming dignified.

“Master!” Li Rong called out solemnly.

“I know,” Yang Kai nodded before hurriedly saying, “Brother Huo, Qiu Yi Meng, you two continue leading the group forward, I’ll be right back!”

Saying so, his figure flickered and disappeared.

Li Rong and Han Fei exchanged a glance before quickly keeping up.

Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen were both startled and remained in place, not knowing why Yang Kai had suddenly run off.

“Where did Kai’er go?” Dong Su Zhu walked up and asked.

“I don’t know, it was as if he suddenly discovered something,” Qiu Yi Meng replied pensively.

“Could it be some kind of danger?” Dong Su Zhu asked worriedly.

“Please relax Aunty, Yang Kai has those two masters with him. Although I’m not entirely clear on those two’s strength, they should both be very powerful,” Qiu Yi Meng smiled and comforted.

Listening to her, Dong Su Zhu also relaxed slightly.

Yang Ying Feng laughed and nodded, “Our son is a grown man now, will you always keep worrying about him? Whatever it is he left to do, Kai’er has his own sense of discretion.”

The convoy continued moving forward, and besides the few people who were nearby who saw Yang Kai leave, no one else realized anything had happened.

A hundred kilometres away.

A blood-red light and a black light were rapidly approaching the caravan.

The speed of these two lights was extremely high, and it was obvious their strength was not low. As they sped along, they unscrupulously exuded a shocking malevolent aura, causing the vegetation beneath them to wilt, as if they had experienced long years of decay, their vitality rapidly draining.

All those who perceived the horrifying Demonic Qi from this pair froze up in fear, their wills nearly collapsing just from their mere presence.

Such terrible Demonic Qi was not something this world’s cultivators could withstand.

“Oh…” An exclamation came out and immediately after the black shadow came to a halt, revealing a tall and sturdily built man that gave off an imposing aura like that of a great mountain.

The blood-red shadow also came to a halt beside him, revealing a graceful woman.

“Did someone beat us here?” The grand man frowned, showing a curious expression, “Moreover, it seems to be someone from my Demon Race, could it be Gou Che?”

The woman shook her head, “Unlikely, if Gou Che wanted to come here, he would definitely have moved together with us, how could he act alone?”

“It’s not Gou Che? Then who else among my Demon Race has such a cultivation?” The man showed a confused look, but soon after his brow furrowed, “No, that’s not all, there’s also a human approaching… But this human’s aura, why do I feel like it’s somewhat familiar?”

Muttering to himself, the man sunk into thought but couldn’t remember where he had met this human before.

Just as he was beginning to doubt himself, the expression of the graceful figured woman beside him changed greatly, “I know who’s coming.”


The woman sneered softly, “The road of life is truly narrow… it turns out to be her.”

“Explain clearly!” The man shouted impatiently.

The woman glanced over at him coldly and snorted, “Do you still remember the incident two or three years ago where I was injured?”

The man’s lips curled into a sneer, clearly taking pleasure in the woman’s misfortune, “You mean when you ran off to the Human Territory without authorization and were injured by one of those Human Race masters? Naturally, I remember, but so what? What does that have to do with the person approaching?”

The woman gnashed her teeth, “How is it related? The person who I was fighting with at that time was her! Clearly, she belongs to my Demon Race yet she actually pledged allegiance to a mere human boy, it’s an utter disgrace!”

The man’s brow rose as he grinned fiendishly, “Looks like today you’ll have a chance for revenge!”

The woman’s tone dropped as she bluntly stated, “She’s not weak. At the time, she was only a Second-Order Saint yet she was able to fight evenly with me.”

“How can that be? Were you sleepwalking at the time or something?” The man’s expression changed greatly, “You are a Demon General, how could you possibly be matched by an opponent an entire Minor Realm below you?”

“That woman is different from other people. If I’m not mistaken, she should be a member of ‘that’ clan.”

“Which clan?”

The woman glanced at him faintly and solemnly said, “The clan which directly served under the Great Demon God!”

The man paled as a look of hesitation appeared on his face; it seemed the mere mention of that clan was enough to illicit dread, “Are you sure she belongs to that clan?”

“You think after fighting her I wouldn’t be able to tell? The Divine Ability she used was definitely the Demon God Transformation that Great Demon God passed to that clan!”

“This is really strange, does that clan’s bloodline actually still exist?” The expression of the man is gradually brightened, as if he had just discovered a rare treasure, his eyes filling with greed.

“Meng Ge, are you interested in her?” The woman shot him a glance and asked seemingly casually.

“I have no interest in her, but I am interested in that Demon God Transformation!” The man named Meng Ge smiled lowly.

“I also have some interest in it,” The woman chuckled, “How about this, you and I will collaborate. There are three people coming, two of them belong to that clan while the last one is a human boy, the two of us can each take one of those two, as for the human…”

“You’re also interested in that human?” Meng Ge was looking at her with surprise before suddenly becoming vigilant, “Xue Li, what kind of wicked scheme are you up to? What is it about that human that makes him worthy of your attention?”

With his understanding of this snake woman, if this human didn’t have something special about him, it was impossible for her to even bother with him. This human was only a Third Order Transcendent, in front of two Demon Generals, he was no different from an ant, someone that could be casually slaughtered at any will.

Xue Li laughed pleasantly, “Meng Ge, you’re thinking too much. Actually, that human was the one who escaped from my Sand City that year, causing this Queen to lose a great deal of face, I want to take him back with me and torture him well to sooth the hate in my heart.”

Meng Ge was startled by her response but soon recalled such an incident.

In the past, a human boy had actually managed to escape from Sand City which was governed by Xue Li. This matter had made noise around the Demon Land for a while, causing Xue Li to become a laughing stock amongst the other Demon Generals. Every time they met, they would taunt her about it, annoying her to no end.

“Do as you like,” Meng Ge waved impatiently, “As long as you don’t harm my interests, I don’t care what you do. If you do though, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Xue Li nodded with satisfaction, a cunning light subtly flashing across the depths of her beautiful eyes.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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