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Martial Peak Chapter 941

Chapter 941 - Unsolicited

After returning to High Heaven Pavilion, Yang Kai did not rush to leave and instead waited as he had agreed too.

A few days later, the Dong Family rushed over.

A few days after that, a group of beautiful Ten Thousand Flower Palace women also arrived, dazzling the surrounding people with their charm and allure.

A few days after that, Treasure Instrument Sect came…

Almost every two or three days, a group of people would arrive from different places and joined the migration to Tong Xuan Realm. Yang Kai did not refuse any of them. As long as they were from the same Sects as his friends, he would accept them enthusiastically.

This made all these newcomers very grateful.

The world was in chaos, the Central Capital has fallen, and suddenly there were now masters at something called the Saint Realm appearing. This news had spread like the wind across the entire Great Han Dynasty.

Just when these Sects didn’t know what to do, Yang Kai had shown them a path forward.

So after receiving the news from their disciples who were in the Central Capital, none of these Sects hesitated, all of them quickly packing up their things and rushing over to High Heaven Pavilion to join Yang Kai.

The crowd grew day by day, and soon the original thousand person team snowballed into a massive four or five thousand person crowd.

While waiting, Yang Kai didn’t remain idle, letting Li Rong, Han Fei, and Shi Kun direct everyone’s cultivation while he refined and distributed some simple pills, doing everything possible to help his friends and family improve their strength.

Everyone was ecstatic, Li Rong, Han Fei, and Shi Kun sat in front of countless cultivators day and night, teaching these good students about their own comprehensions of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao.

The three Saint Realm masters who followed Yang Kai spoke each day until their mouths went dry, but when they looked out and saw the yearning in the eyes of the crowd, so they couldn’t bear to disappoint them.

And so they braced themselves and continued their cultivation lectures.

Among the eager students, the Yang Family Blood Warriors and the Hu Sisters’ growth was the most noticeable. In just a few days, each of them seemed to have experienced subtle changes in their True Qi and cultivation.

Under the shackles of this world, even if they had reached the Transcendent Realm, what they could comprehend of the Heavenly Way was limited.

But after being enlightened by Li Rong and the other Saints, their eyes were immediately opened.

Outside the crowd, Qiu Yi Meng stared at the Transcendent Realm cultivators with some envy before examining her own cultivation and sighing.

These days, she had spoken a lot with Yang Kai and learned about the many wonders of Tong Xuan Realm. She knew that Transcendents were abundant on that side and that such cultivation wasn’t enough to be considered a true master.

On the contrary, as a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator, she was already a top-level master here, but on the other side, that really wouldn’t be enough to look at.

Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators on that side were as common as hairs on an ox.

In her heart, she was secretly anxious.

“Are you envious of their cultivation?” Yang Kai suddenly appeared beside her and asked.

“What use is envy? It just means my aptitude is only such,” Qiu Yi Meng smiled, “Moreover, I am a woman, later in life, I will have to focus on tending the household and raising children, what point will there be in having such high cultivation then?”

“Were you always a woman who could be so easily satisfied?” Yang Kai glanced over at her curiously.

Qiu Yi Meng wore a forced smile, “I’m very easy to satisfy, it’s just that you refuse to.”

“Stop, enough of that crazy talk,” Yang Kai really couldn’t endure it.

Qiu Yi Meng glanced at him faintly before sighing helplessly, “Fine, I envy them, but so what? Why can’t I envy them? Especially those Hu Sisters. You know that in the past, their cultivation was even lower than mine, but since you left, they experienced an astonishing growth period and their strength soared all the way up to the Transcendent Realm, causing everyone’s eyes to go red with envy. Look, can’t you see the red in my eyes too?”

Saying so, she pushed her tender body provocatively onto Yang Kai before ruthlessly pinching his waist, grumbling through clenched teeth, “Tell me honestly, did you give them something good but didn’t give it to me?”

“How could that be?” Yang Kai truly felt wronged, “Didn’t I give you a lot of Myriad Drug Liquid right from the beginning? That spirit liquid should have been enough to greatly improve your aptitude.”

“Then why are they so much fiercer?”

“They have their own opportunities,” Yang Kai didn’t know how to explain.

“Then what about your wife’s little brother?” Qiu Yi Meng looked at him pitifully, “He was even further behind than those two sisters when you left!”

“He also has his own opportunities…” Yang Kai could only brace himself as he repeated.

However, from what Qiu Yi Meng had just said, Yang Kai suddenly discovered that of the younger generation here, only those few people who had obtained benefits from the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave stood out from the crowd. Others, even those on Qiu Yi Meng’s level, had not yet broken through to the Transcendent Realm.

It was clear from this how massively advantageous the benefits from the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave were.

“I believe you!” Qiu Yi Meng saw Yang Kai’s embarrassed appearance and no longer interrogated him, complacently saying, “You’ve always consider those on your side as one family, I know that you wouldn’t treat me poorly.”

Yang Kai nodded, sweeping her with his Divine Sense secretively, suddenly smiling in the next instant, “Just wait until we reach Tong Xuan Realm and I’ll deliver you a pleasant surprise.”

“What kind of surprise?” Qiu Yi Meng’s beautiful eyes brightened.

“When we get to that side, you’ll know. Don’t ask anything more for now, just focus on your cultivation.”

Qiu Yi Meng spat disdainfully, “Playing cheap tricks, what kind of wicked scheme are you up to now?”

Yang Kai just smiled and said nothing more, acting mysterious in the same way Qiu Yi Meng had always hated, causing her to be at her wit’s end yet helpless to change anything.

Qiu Yi Meng’s greatest strength was that she didn’t regard herself as an outsider. Even though she and Yang Kai now had a huge disparity in strength and status, she still dared maintain the same level of intimacy in their relationship and didn’t deliberately humble or alienate herself.

This was something Yang Kai greatly appreciated.

The same was true of Huo Xing Chen.

On the contrary, there are the four girls from Ten Thousand Flower Palace, Chen Xue Shu, and many of the others now acted somewhat restrained when they were facing Yang Kai, no longer interacting as freely as they used to.

The gap in strength and status was something they were conscious of.

As he was happily chatting with Qiu Yi Meng, Yang Kai’s face dramatically changed as he turned his eyes towards the distant horizon.

“Master!” Li Rong and Han Fei, who were even now lecturing others about their cultivation experiences, called out simultaneously.

“Damn!” Yang Kai couldn’t help but swear, his expression becoming incredibly dark and gloomy.

He would rarely swear in front of others, only doing so when his mood was greatly disturbed.

“What happened?” Qiu Yi Meng hurriedly asked, realizing something was terribly wrong from Yang Kai’s unusually stern expression and harsh language; it seemed that there was some kind of huge danger approaching, causing her face to pale slightly.

“Stay alert. If you sense the fallout from a battle from that direction, begin evacuating the people here through the Void Corridor immediately, don’t wait for us!” Yang Kai solemnly replied.

“What exactly is going on?” Qiu Yi Meng anxiously stomped her foot.

“Powerful enemies are coming, several of them,” Yang Kai explained haphazardly before no longer wasting time, signalling to Li Rong and Han Fei, preparing to take them to intercept these newcomers.

He didn’t even need to guess about the identity of the ones approaching, from the shocking Demonic Qi they gave off, it was obvious it was Demon General Meng Ge and Xue Li.

More than a month ago, Yang Kai had driven them away from the Central Capital City and at the time concluded that they would not return to disgrace themselves again, but unexpectedly they had really come back.

On top of that, there was the aura of another master with them this time, and this master was clearly far stronger than Meng Ge or Xue Li, their aura as vast as the sea.

[Another Demon General?]

Facing three Demon Generals, even if Li Rong and Han Fei teamed up, they wouldn’t be able to defeat them quickly nor would they be able to guarantee the safety of the thousands of people here.

Yang Kai planned to seize the initiative and not allow the enemy to approach this place.

But who would have thought that before he could act, from above the thick layer of clouds, a voice would suddenly call out, “This Senior has arrived unsolicited in order to discuss an important matter with Holy Master Yang. I hope Holy Master Yang will not take offence!”

The owner of this voice was still around a hundred kilometres away, but the sound of their voice seemed to resound right beside Yang Kai’s ear, crisp and clear.

The several thousand people gathered nearby all turned and looked up into the sky, quickly seeing the originally bright sun covered in a thick black cloud, blanketing the world around them in darkness. At the same time, this dark cloud seemed to press down upon them, causing everyone present to feel very uncomfortable.

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed and he remained in place.

Li Rong and Han Fei looked to him for instructions, but Yang Kai just slowly shook his head, signaling them to standby.

Before the other party had even arrived, he had taken the initiative to send a message, as if trying to show courtesy. This alone made Yang Kai quite confused, wondering who this individual was and what objective he had.

From the horizon, a pitch-black light swept across the world and rapidly approached, like the herald of disaster, making everyone who saw it pale with fear.

Yang Kai coldly snorted and shouted, “Could Your Excellency withdraw your Demonic Qi? You’re frightening my friends.”

Yang Kai’s voice shot out like an arrow, piercing through the dark clouds of black light, opening a hole in them and allowing the rays of the sun to once again shine down on High Heaven Pavilion.

The oppressive pressure stagnated, allowing everyone to gasp for breath.

Soon, an apologetic voice called out, “Excuse me, Holy Master Yang, this Senior is used to acting freely and had not expected so many people to be present!”

As he spoke, the dark clouds high up in the sky, as if they were brushed aside by a great hand, were scattered and soon melted away.

The world was quickly restored to its former brightness.

Yang Kai’s eyes revealed a deep sense of wariness and even Li Rong’s expression became quite dignified.

They quickly became aware of the tyrannical strength of the man who had come!

Soon, the three figures appeared before the eyes of the crowd, quietly suspended mid-air, as if they had been standing there from the very beginning.

Among the three, the first one was a middle-aged man with a plain appearance, wearing a regal yet somewhat gaudy robe embroidered with images of dragons and phoenixes.

Standing behind this middle-aged man was Demon General Xue Li and Meng Ge, both of them holding their backs up straight with solemn looks upon their faces, a mix of fear and respect flashing across their eyes as whenever they glanced towards the middle-aged man’s back.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as a storm began raging in the depths of his heart.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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