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Martial Peak Chapter 902

Chapter 902 - Trying My Luck

Chapter 902, Trying My Luck

“I don’t understand as well.” Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon shrugged his shoulders, “It might be related to the Beast Soul Skill he cultivated.”

Before, Great Senior really had no clue as to why Yang Kai possessed Monster Qi, but a few days ago, when he saw him display his Beast Soul Skill, he finally found a reasonable explanation.

However, whether this was the actual reason or not, Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon wasn’t sure.

“Beast Soul Skill? What kind of Beast Soul Skill?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox asked, “Let this Old Ox take a look.”

He completely didn’t treat Yang Kai like an outsider; apparently, his character was quite open-minded. Yang Kai smiled lightly and didn’t decline, immediately executing his White Tiger Seal and Divine Ox Seal.

After seeing the mighty White Tiger and Divine Ox phantoms, this Monster Race Great Senior’s eyes bulged as a look of excitement filled his face.

Now that the Divine Ox Seal had appeared, Old Ox could clearly feel the aura of his ancestor from Yang Kai’s Beast Soul Skill. Naturally, he was very excited.

Wrapping his hand around Yang Kai’s shoulder, Earth Splitting Divine Ox patted his back firmly in a friendly manner, “Little friend, when you have time, you must come to visit this Old Ox’s territory so we chat.”

Yang Kai almost spat blood from how hard his back was patted.

Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon grinned deeply as he said, “His Beast Soul Skill truly contains the remnant will of your ancestor, so if you carefully observe and emulate it, you indeed might gain some unexpected harvest; however, this little brat is always concerned about profits so Old Ox, you best be ready to lose a pound of flesh, hahaha!”

Earth Splitting Divine Ox’s face immediately went black as he muttered a few curses under his breath before releasing Yang Kai.

Listening to Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon’s words, Yang Kai finally understood why this other Great Senior’s attitude had suddenly changed so dramatically, even wanting to become friends with a human was a ploy to dig up his ancestral inheritance from Yang Kai’s Beast Soul Skill.

Thunder Dragon Great Senior deliberately speaking out like that was obviously to remind Yang Kai not to be taken advantage of.

“Alright, enough idle chit-chat. Whatever deal you want to strike can be worked out after we finish this matter,” Thunder Dragon Great Senior said, putting on a serious expression as he continued, “Old Ox, let me introduce you, this kid is the one I told you about before, the new Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land, Yang Kai!”

“Oh? So you’re the new Holy Master,” Hearing this, Earth Splitting Divine Ox’s expression also became a little more serious as he took another look at Yang Kai.

“The lady next to him is his subordinate, Demon Race’s Li Rong. This time we’ll have to rely on her strength to resolve the mysteries of this place. Old Ox, when we enter this time don’t act recklessly.”

“I know,” Earth Splitting Divine Ox nodded firmly.

Thunder Dragon Great Senior then turned to look at Yang Kai again and solemnly asked, “Kid, are you sure you want to enter along with us? There’s no way of knowing what is waiting inside and there may very well be life-threatening dangers and crisis. If you find yourself in mortal danger, neither I nor Old Ox may not be able to save you, at that time, you’ll only drag this lady beside you down with you, possibly dooming you both.”

“Please feel relieved, Great Senior. I will take care of myself, there’s no need to concern yourselves with me.”

Thunder Dragon frowned upon seeing Yang Kai still insist on tagging along, but after a moment of thought he simply sighed and no longer tried to persuade him, “So be it.”

Closing his mouth, Thunder Dragon and Earth Splitting Divine Ox both turned to stare at the void crack ten kilometres away, their eyes narrowing as they searched for a suitable opportunity to enter it.

This thousand-meter long void crack was like a great beast’s open mouth, twisting and turning while sending out unstable energy fluctuations, if they didn’t choose the right time to enter it, they would only be bringing harm to themselves.

Yang Kai quietly released his Divine Sense towards the void crack, attempting to probe what was inside it.

Unlike the two Monster Race Great Seniors, Yang Kai had a deep understanding of the mysteries of space, was able to tear space himself, and had even spent a long time immersed in the turbulent Void.

Soon, Yang Kai was surprised to discover that just inside the void crack, there were traces of void turbulence; it was because of these turbulences that the Void Corridor’s entrance had become so unstable.

Using his Divine Sense like a giant hand, Yang Kai gently smoothed out these turbulences, gradually allowing the fluctuating void cracks to stabilize.

Seeing this, Thunder Dragon’s eyes lit up and he immediately shouted, “Go!”

As he shouted, his figure flew towards the void crack.

The others hurriedly followed.

A few breaths later, the group of six dove into the void crack.

Of these six, besides Yang Kai who was a Third Order Transcendent, the remaining five were all Saints.

The two Monster Race Great Seniors each brought a Second-Order Saint Realm subordinate and Yang Kai brought Li Rong.

Thunder Dragon Great Senior was followed by Cai Die while Earth Splitting Divine Ox was followed by a Monster Race master named Jin Ni. Yang Kai guessed that Jin Ni’s Beast Form was that of a Nine Nether Golden Beast, a Monster Beast known for its ability to pierce even the toughest of defences with its claws.

This lineup was incredibly strong, so it was obvious at a glance just how much importance the two Great Seniors placed on this matter.

After leaping into the Void Corridor, the group immediately found themselves surrounded by darkness. Sending out their Divine Senses, everyone felt like they had fallen into a muddy swamp, greatly hindering their forward momentum as if they were constantly being sucked down into a mire.

Chaotic energy fluctuations surrounded them, pressing down on them like a mountain.

After entering this place, all the Saints began circulating their strength to withstand the external pressure.

Only Yang Kai appeared carefree as he strolled about, as if he wasn’t affected by this environment in the slightest.

This was because he discovered that this place was exactly the same as the Void he would enter every time he tore space.

Yang Kai had spent a great deal of time in this environment so he was far more familiar with how to handle it than anyone else in this group.

“Old Ox, do you remember which direction we went after we entered last time?” Standing still, Thunder Dragon Great Senior didn’t dare act rashly and asked.

“Even if you ask me, how the hell am I suppose to know? There’s nothing here to use as a reference, even this Old Ox is completely helpless,” Earth Splitting Divine Ox flatly declared.

“Cai Die, Jin Ni, what about you two? Can you remember anything?” Thunder Dragon asked the other two.

Both of them quickly shook their heads, indicating they were also lost.

“Space here is quite chaotic. Even if you remember what direction you went last time, it isn’t necessarily the correct direction now,” As everyone was worried about what to do, Yang Kai suddenly spoke.

Hearing this, Thunder Dragon’s heart sank. The last time they had come here, there was a bright light in the distance which they had been able to move towards, entering a strange space after they arrived at it.

He had thought that this time would be the same, but the reality was completely different from his expectations.

Just after entering this void crack, they had already encountered a problem, causing the faces of Thunder Dragon and Divine Ox to twist, thinking to themselves that this exploration would be fraught with even more crises than they imagined.

“Follow me!” Yang Kai suddenly stepped forward and beckoned to everyone while walking in a certain direction.

Li Rong said nothing and immediately followed, using her Demonic Qi to shield Yang Kai in order to guarantee his safety.

The four Monster Race masters were dumbstruck as the stood in place, not sure whether they could believe and follow Yang Kai or not.

“What should we do?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox turned to Thunder Dragon and asked, “You brought him, so whether we follow or not I’ll leave up to you. If not, we should still be able to leave this place.”

Thunder Dragon Great Senior’s expression hardened as he hesitated to make a decision.

He didn’t know where Yang Kai was getting all his confidence from, picking a direction and walking off like that. Just like Yang Kai had said, space here was very chaotic, so if they couldn’t find an exit, they may find themselves trapped here, unable to escape for the rest of their lives.

“Say something!” Earth Splitting Divine Ox apparently didn’t have much patience, so seeing Thunder Dragon unable to make a decision, he couldn’t help shouting.

“Follow him!” Thunder Dragon Great Senior grit his teeth and said, “That kid seems quite confident about this so he must have discovered something.”

Saying so, he and Cai Die chased after Yang Kai.

Earth Splitting Divine Ox snorted, hesitated for a moment, and then followed after them while shouting, “Damn it, if I die this time, it’s all your fault Thunder Dragon you bastard!”

Yang Kai and Li Rong, who were leading the way, had deliberately slowed their pace so it only took a moment for the two Monster Race Great Seniors and their subordinates to catch up.

“Kid, what kind of confidence do you have here? You’re not leading us into a dead-end are you?” Thunder Dragon asked without hesitation.

“Haha, I’m just trying my luck,” Yang Kai replied with a smile.

Thunder Dragon’s face went black, feeling like he had just been swindled, his guts turning green from regret.

However, now that things had gotten to this point, it was impossible to return the way they came as space here was too twisted and difficult to navigate.

His spirit slumping, he had no choice but to follow after Yang Kai while preparing for the worst.

But soon, he discovered something odd. Space here was very chaotic as if it had been shattered and was now overlapping and folding in on itself as strange turbulence swirled about.

However, wherever Yang Kai passed, all the chaotic energy in the surroundings would become calm, allowing the group of six to advance as if they were walking on flat ground, no longer feeling like they were stepping through a swamp.

Thunder Dragon Great Senior’s eyes couldn’t help glowing, thinking that Yang Kai wasn’t just trying his luck but instead was truly confident about which direction to go.

How did he understand this though? Inside this chaotic space, even the five Saints were completely helpless. What kind of mysterious skill did this Third Order Transcendent kid posses that allowed him to navigate it?

Behind Yang Kai, through the faint light Li Rong was generating, the more Thunder Dragon observed him and more assured in his conclusion he became.

After half an hour, Yang Kai suddenly came to a stop and turned towards a certain spot.

“What happened?” Thunder Dragon’s heart tightened once more as he asked.

“Is he one of your Monster Race’s people?” Yang Kai pointed to the side.

Everyone looked in the direction he pointed and saw a broken corpse with a great deal of flesh and blood, as if it had been chopped into a million pieces, scattered about inside one of the turbulent flows.

A faint bloody smell reached each of their noses.

“It’s one of my subordinates!” Earth Splitting Divine Ox said gloomily, “The last time we came here, both Thunder Dragon and I brought a number of our subordinates with us, but some of them got swept away in the strange turbulence and disappeared.”

“But how come their bodies appeared here?” Thunder Dragon looked puzzled.

“As I said before, space here is very chaotic. Even the entrance is constantly shifting. It may seem like we entered from the same place, but that’s wrong,” Yang Kai faintly explained, “The position you all entered last time is probably somewhere around here.”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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