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Martial Peak Chapter 903

Chapter 903 - Soul Spirit Body

Chapter 903, Soul Spirit Body

Hearing this, Earth Splitting Divine Ox couldn’t help but ask, “Does that mean the exit is also nearby?”

“It should be.” Yang Kai nodded.

Everyone looked around but couldn’t find anything that resembled the bright entrance from last time, yet just as they began to suspect the authenticity of Yang Kai’s claims, the latter called out, “It’s this way!”

Saying so, he changed his direction once more and walked off.

“Thunder Dragon, this kid looks quite relaxed. Has he been here before?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox quietly asked.

“I don’t know,” Thunder Dragon Great Senior slowly shook his head, “In any case, we should follow him for now. Originally I thought bringing him along would be a burden, but now we’re actually having to rely on his strength. It’s really quite interesting…”

“Could it just be a blind cat hitting a dead mouse?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox wondered out loud.

Thunder Dragon glanced over at him but didn’t say anything, instead turning to quickly follow after Yang Kai.

He had noticed that while the places Yang Kai stepped became smooth and free of turbulence, if he waited too long that sense of smoothness would collapse. If they didn’t follow closely after Yang Kai, they would have to use their own strength to resist the strange pressure around them instead.

Feeling the turbulent flow that seemed like was just waiting for a chance to tear them apart, none of them dared take it lightly.

Half an hour later, a faint ray of light suddenly appeared in front of the group.

“It’s the exit!” Earth Splitting Divine Ox cheered, hurriedly sprinting ahead past Yang Kai and leaping into the light, disappearing in the next instant.

After him, Thunder Dragon Great Senior and Cai Die also rapidly moved towards the exit.

Yang Kai still maintained his original pace together with Li Rong. After arriving at the exit, he quickly confirmed the other side didn’t have any danger before stepping through.

A blinding light stole his vision for a moment but after his eyes adjusted, Yang Kai saw a strange space spread out before him.

There were no sun, moon, or stars up above, just a thick, chaotic swirl of energy with the occasional black clouds drifting back and forth erratically. Every now and then a bolt of black energy would flicker across the sky.

This was actually quite standard for a Mysterious Small World.

However, Yang Kai couldn’t help knitting his brow as he felt that this Mysterious Small World was somehow subtly different from any of the others he had encountered before.

The four Monster Race masters who had entered slightly earlier were waiting for Yang Kai and Li Rong to arrive safely before they took back their gazes from the entrance to The Void.

Standing inside this Mysterious Small World, Yang Kai swept his eyes around, his brow furrowing even deeper as he did so.

He quickly discovered that this place was extremely barren, without the slightest trace of vitality, as if this entire Mysterious Small World was a desolate wasteland.

Looking around, all Yang Kai could see was a grey desert, while his Divine Sense seemed to be restricted by some invisible force, unable to spread out too far.

“Be careful, this place is quite strange. The last time Old Ox and I arrived here we only managed to explore about ten kilometres before we were forced to withdraw,” Thunder Dragon Great Senior warned.

Yang Kai nodded. There was no need to remind him, in such a strange environment there was no way he wouldn’t remain vigilant.

“Over there was where the Demon characters were engraved,” Thunder Dragon pointed to the road ahead, his expression showing a trace of dread, “But I advise you to only glance at it, don’t stare for too long otherwise you might die!”

Yang Kai was shocked, turning his head in the direction that was pointed out only to see a large stone pillar. This stone pillar seemed to have been placed here for many years, its surface worn down by time as it seemed a bit fail and rickety.

This stone pillar was made of ordinary stone that could be found anywhere.

But the few Demon characters engraved on it revealed a thick murderous intent.

When Yang Kai looked at these words, he clearly felt that cold murderous intent, causing a chill to grip his heart.

These Demon characters appeared vigorous and powerful; at first glance it was obvious they were left behind by a powerful master.

However, the faint aura that appeared around was what truly caught Yang Kai’s attention, causing him to stare at it for a while.

After only a few breaths of time, the profound Demon characters, as if coming to live, began to transform into a sharp blade that leapt off the stone pillar and flew towards Yang Kai’s eyes.

“Kid, you court death!” Thunder Dragon Great Senior shouted as he hurriedly pulled Yang Kai away, stepping forward to take his place as he rapidly pushed his Spiritual Energy. At that instant, a huge yet silent explosion took place, forcing Great Senior back several steps, his expression extremely solemn.

“Kid, didn’t I just tell you not to stare for too long?” Thunder Dragon scolded strongly.

Yang Kai knew that just now was his mistake so he didn’t say anything back, simply letting out a hollow laugh before turning to face Li Rong, the two of them both seeing the look of surprise in each other’s eyes.

Although these Demon characters had obviously been written countless years ago, there was still a faint aura remaining around them, and that faint aura belonged to Great Demon God!

Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon and Earth Splitting Divine Ox obviously would not recognize this, but there was no way Yang Kai and Li Rong didn’t.

Moreover, a mere set of words left behind countless years ago being able to make two Monster Race Great Seniors act so cautiously, in this world, besides Great Demon God, it was likely no one else could accomplish such a feat.

These words were definitely left behind by Great Demon God! Yang Kai was instantly able to affirm this point.

Being able to see the original writings of Great Demon God in this lifetime came as a great surprise to Yang Kai, but what concerned him more was why Great Demon God had left such a warning here?

Yang Kai suddenly thought that his insisting on coming along this time was truly the right choice.

Perhaps he would be able to harvest some unexpected gains.

Li Rong’s expression also filled with anticipation; obviously she too had become interested in the mysteries of this place.

“Don’t stare at it again,” Thunder Dragon said solemnly. Seeing Yang Kai’s somewhat reserved behaviour and thinking he had learned his lesson he quickly added, “The murderous intent contained in those words is something even Old Ox and I don’t dare to disregard. With your Third-Order Transcendent cultivation, if you get hit by it, you’ll definitely die!”

“En, I know,” Yang Kai nodded.

“I really wonder which profound master left these writings here. His methods are simply astonishing,” Earth Splitting Divine Ox spoke fervently.

“Although this King can’t say for certain, he is no doubt a Demon Race master of the highest order, quite possibly the legendary Great Demon God himself,” Thunder Dragon frowned and boldly guessed.

Though a casual remark, he was unaware that his guess was absolutely correct.

“Let’s move on and see what mysteries are hidden up ahead,” Thunder Dragon waved his hand as he volunteered to lead the way.

The last time he and Earth Splitting Divine Ox came to this place, after passing this stone pillar, they only advanced about ten kilometres before they encountered some profound dangers and decided to temporarily withdraw.

Remembering that there were a number of powerful Demon Race masters around Yang Kai, Thunder Dragon Great Senior had sent Cai Die to invite him.

One more Saint Realm master may not completely eliminate the danger in this place, but if they were to encounter any other Demon writings they could at least have Li Rong translate them for them.

Along the way, as Thunder Dragon was explaining what had occurred the last time he and Earth Splitting Divine Ox came here, he suddenly asked, “Kid, what do you think of this place?”

“I don’t know,” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders.

“If you notice anything or have something to say, don’t hesitate to speak up,” It seemed that because of Yang Kai’s strange performance back in the void crack, Thunder Dragon became much more interested in Yang Kai’s thoughts and opinions.

Thunder Dragon even secretly thought this Human kid might have been here before.

About that, Thunder Dragon was obviously wrong; Yang Kai’s ability to navigate and smooth the Void was only because it was something he was already used to doing. He really knew nothing about this Mysterious Small World.

“If I notice anything, I’ll tell you,” Yang Kai nodded.

After walking forward for about ten kilometers, Thunder Dragon suddenly paused and pointed to the front, “This is where Old Ox and I drew back last time.”

“There’s something strange about this place, an unusual energy flowing about that I can’t identify,” Old Ox shook his head and said.

Looking towards the front, Yang Kai’s expression also couldn’t help distorting.

The path their group of six had been following was suddenly cut off by a deep canyon.

Inside this canyon, there was a strange green liquid that was pulsing with a strange energy. This green sea was thick so it was impossible to see to the bottom of the canyon and every now and then a cry or a howl would echo from down below, making this place seem extremely eerie.

Standing at the edge of the cliff and looking down, all that could be seen was a green viscous sea, as well as a few twisted faces that would float up and down, struggling against the flow but seemingly unable to escape.

Every now and then, something would bubble to the surface and burst, sending out a loud yet gloomy cry.

Cai Die and Li Rong’s faces both paled.

The expressions of Thunder Dragon and Earth Splitting Divine Ox were not much better, both of them circulating their strength to resist the seething resentment that was seemingly overflowing from this green sea.

The distorted faces were constantly sending out invisible waves of resentment which impacted the minds of the six people.

“Remember, you’d best not use your Divine Sense to probe what’s beneath this place,” Thunder Dragon warned solemnly, “If I am not mistaken, the floating faces here are all Soul Spirit Bodies.”

“Soul-Spirit Bodies?” Yang Kai parroted.

“Indeed!” Thunder Dragon nodded repeatedly, “Each face is the Soul of a deceased master that was somehow exiled here. Last time we arrived here, I carelessly used my Divine Sense to investigate this place and almost had my consciousness pulled under by them.”

As he spoke about this experience, Thunder Dragon’s face flashed with a lingering fear, “When they were alive, the masters of these Soul-Spirit Bodies were not inferior to me. Although their physical forms had been destroyed, their Souls have actually been imprisoned here, so once you are contaminated by them, it is almost impossible to escape and you will eventually become one of them.”

“You said that the masters these Souls belonged to were not inferior to you when they were alive?” Yang Kai was shocked.

“There’s so many of them!”

“Just where did so many masters come from? Across the entire world today, how many Third Order Saint are there? Fifty? Fewer? If the present age is so, it should be like that for previous ages too.”

However, even a quick glance at the green sea revealed over a thousand disembodied faces; even if only a small part of them were masters on par with Thunder Dragon, it would still be an astonishing number.

According to what Yang Kai knew, no previous age had seen such prosperity in the Martial Dao.

Yet he did not doubt the strength of these Soul-Spirit Bodies down below either. Many of them were incredibly powerful.

“I don’t know either, perhaps a very, very long time ago masters of this level were common throughout the world,” Thunder Dragon shook his head, unable to offer a proper explanation.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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