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Martial Peak Chapter 901

Chapter 901 - Earth Splitting Divine Ox

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Li Rong’s brow furrowed slightly as she asked, “What kind of Demon characters were they?”

“Something like this…” Great Senior said as he moved his power to his fingertip and portrayed the characters on the table in front of him.

A moment later, a few profound and complicated lines of text were written on the table, shining brightly.

Yang Kai studied these characters for a moment and discovered that they had a kind of unique rhythm and pattern to them but were unlike anything he had ever seen before. Helpless, he could only turn to Li Rong.

Li Rong stared at these words for a moment before speaking in a dignified tone, “These are indeed Demon characters, a very ancient script at that.”

“What do they mean?” Great Senior saw that she recognized this language and couldn’t help asking enthusiastically.

“It’s similar to a sign a Sect would put up in front of one of its restricted areas, it literally means ‘warning, those who enter will die!’”

Great Senior gently nodded, seemingly agreeing with this explanation.

“Since these are ancient Demon characters, shouldn’t they only exist in a place where the Demon Race lives? Why could they appear in the Monster Domain?” Yang Kai frowned, not quite understanding.

Great Senior chuckled, “In the past, the Demon Land was much larger than it is today. Much of the current Monster Domain and your Human Territory used to belong to the Demon Race, but after the Great Demon God left, the Demon Race was gradually forced to surrender a lot of their territory and retreat until all that was left is the current Demon Land.”

“So it’s like that…” Yang Kai nodded.

“Although I don’t know which Demon Race force the ruins inside that Void Corridor belong to, without a doubt it was an extremely powerful one. The one who wrote these words was a top-class master, even Old Ox and I could feel a thick murderous intent from them when we read them. That was a murderous intent that had not faded even after thousands of years!”

Yang Kai paled, “Since it is so dangerous, why do you insist on exploring it?”

“If such a strange phenomenon appeared inside your Nine Heavens Holy Land’s territory, wouldn’t you investigate it?” Great Senior replied.

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before nodding, “Yes!”

Even if he didn’t explore the mysteries inside it, at the very least, he would have to make sure it wouldn’t bring harm to his Sect or his disciples.

“Exactly, the Monster Domain isn’t that large, and that Void Corridor actually appeared right between Old Ox and my territories. If some kind of accident occurred because of it, we might have to give up the Beast Sea Jungle and retreat to other places, shrinking our already small living space,” Great Senior explained before turning his eyes towards Li Rong, “Therefore, This King wished to ask this Lady to join our next expedition. Would you be willing?”

“You’ll have to ask Master,” Li Rong smiled, “I don’t have the authority to accept your request.”

Great Senior immediately turned his attention to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai chuckled, “Even two Monster Race Great Senior’s feel that place is dangerous, obviously it’s not somewhere to be stepped into lightly! This Junior is weak, I’m afraid if I went I would only end up dead.”

Great Senior couldn’t help rolling his eyes, “I never asked you to come along, I only want the lady behind you to come with us. You can stay here in Thunder Tree Palace, I’ll make sure my clan entertains you well. If you don’t want to remain, you can always return to Nine Heavens Holy Land now, no one will stop you.”

“What are you talking about?” Yang Kai grinned, “Li Rong came out with me, naturally we have to go back together.”

“Why you little brat…” Great Senior grumbled, helplessly sighing, “Speak, what are your conditions? You’re really not willing to let off even the slightest bit of opportunity!”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Your Monster Race’s territory is quite barren. Besides some rare spirit grasses and spirit medicines, there’s nothing worth talking about, and right now I don’t even lack spirit herbs.”

Seeing Yang Kai look like he was getting ready to shave off the biggest piece of meat he could, Great Senior felt both frustrated and helpless as he sat on edge, wondering just what kind of excessive demand this greedy human boy would propose. Turning towards Li Rong, he half desperately made an appeal, “Do you not want to go in?”

Li Rong pursed her lips and softly declared, “I’ll follow Master’s decision.”

Yang Kai gave her a deep look before nodding lightly, “Then you can go.”

He could tell that Li Rong was quite concerned about these ancient Demon characters and wanted to explore whatever mysteries were hidden beyond them.

Naturally, he had no intention to stop her.

“What are your conditions?” Great Senior asked anxiously.

“If I said there are no conditions, would you believe me?”

Great Senior shook his head decisively.

“Alright then,” Yang Kai frowned and thought for a moment before suddenly wearing a big smile and glancing towards Cai Die who was standing behind Great Senior and said, “Then I want a smile from her.”

Cai Die was stunned for an instant but soon a bone-chilling light flashed across her beautiful eyes as she directed a piercing glare towards Yang Kai.

“Why you…” Great Senior was speechless, not sure what he should do next.

“Hahaha, just a little joke. Ms Cai Die doesn’t have to take it so seriously,” Yang Kai stood up, “Since we’re going, hurry up and lead the way. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can settle things.”

Seeing that he really didn’t want to ask for more, Great Senior seemed quite surprised and his evaluation of Yang Kai rose a few points.

“Good, then let’s go!” Great Senior also stood up, releasing his Monster Qi to wrap up Yang Kai before flying off with him, Li Rong hurried to keep up while Cai Die stood there for a moment directing her frigid glare towards Yang Kai’s back before also reluctantly following.

“Boy, don’t tease Cai Die so much, or she’ll really snap at you,” As he was speeding along, Great Senior whispered.

Yang Kai grinned helplessly as he nodded, “I get that, the murderous intent behind me is hard to ignore.”

“Serves you right,” Great Senior grinned, taking pleasure in his misfortune for a moment before sighing, “There are sometimes even this King has no way to handle her. In this King’s impression, it’s difficult to recall if she has ever smiled.”

“How can you stand being around such an ice woman?”

“It’s you who are too weird, receiving such loyalty from your subordinates,” Great Senior spoke, intentionally or unconsciously glancing towards Li Rong.

A Second-Order Saint Realm master docilely taking orders from a Third Order Transcendent Realm boy, Great Senior really couldn’t figure out how it was possible.

“Hmph, what do you know? Naturally, I conquered them with my own charisma,” Yang Kai spat disdainfully.

“Shameless boasting!” Great Senior laughed.

As he interacted more with Yang Kai, Great Senior found that this little brat was essentially the exact opposite of the old Holy Master’s in terms of personality, and although he was always somewhat unreasonable and difficult to handle, when he was around Yang Kai, Great Senior couldn’t help feeling a bit younger.

Time passed slowly. Yang Kai allowed Great Senior to carry him along, as if he was too lazy to use his own strength to fly.

However, as they approached their destination, the strange aura flowing through the air became more and more obvious.

It was the aura of The Void!

The Void Energy that was leaking out seemed to be affecting the entire Beast Sea Jungle, causing Yang Kai to wonder just how massive this Void Corridor was to be able to cause such a pervasive change.

There was nothing of note along the way, but after three days, a small, narrow crack on the horizon appeared in Yang Kai’s field of vision.

When he saw this dark crack, Yang Kai’s face changed suddenly as he shouted, “Is that the entrance to the Void Corridor?”

“Yes, that’s the entrance!”

“So big?” Yang Kai exclaimed.

Although he couldn’t judge its size precisely from his current position, Yang Kai estimated that the thin crack in the distance was actually at least a thousand metres in length. Rather than an entrance to the Void, it looked more like someone had torn the entire sky apart.

Moreover, this crack was clearly unstable, twisting and distorting as it spewed out random Void Energy fluctuations, folding in on itself repeatedly as if one moment it would collapse only to rapidly expand in the next.

There was a group of Monster Race masters standing by about ten kilometres from the void crack.

Great Senior flew straight over with Yang Kai.

Noticing the aura of Great Senior, a particularly burly man opened his closed eyes and turned to stare at him.

A moment later, the burly man shouted, “Thunder Dragon, why did you take so long? This Old Ox was growing impatient.”

Great Senior smiled lightly, “It took some time to find someone who can help us. On top of that, it’s only been seven or eight days, what’s there to be so anxious about?”

As the two spoke, the group of four landed.

Yang Kai looked at the man who had just been yelling and couldn’t help feeling his heart clench slightly, realizing this man was another Great Senior of the Monster Race, Earth Splitting Divine Ox!

Like most Monster Race masters, even in human form, he still retained some of his Beast Form’s features, the two dark red horns extending from the sides of his head exuding a faint energy fluctuation.

Yang Kai had no doubt that these two horns were no less sturdy or sharp than a top-grade artifact.

Earth Splitting Divine Ox’s dress was much rougher than Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon’s, a few pieces of animal skins covering his body with his thick legs and arms almost completely exposed to the air.

“Are these the helpers you went to look for?” Old Ox squinted his eyes as he stared back and forth between Yang Kai and Li Rong, faintly nodding, “This woman is alright, but what is this kid doing here?”

Pointing one of his thick fingers towards Yang Kai, he couldn’t help saying, “A brat that hasn’t even reached the Saint Realm yet, did you bring him here just to die?”

It was clear he was looking down on Yang Kai, as if he was some fly he could swat with a single slap, causing Li Rong’s expression to become cold as she directed an unfriendly glare towards Earth Splitting Divine Ox.

Anyone who dares say such words to Yang Kai, Li Rong would not give any face to, if not for her having scruples about Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon being here, Li Rong would have already attacked.

Yang Kai just smiled lightly, his expression remaining unchanged.

Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon didn’t show any intention to mediate the situation, simply smiling as he said, “He really hasn’t reached the Saint Realm yet, but if you look carefully, perhaps you’ll discover something interesting.”

“Something interesting?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox frowned, stroking his chin as he swept his eyes over Yang Kai unceremoniously, soon releasing his Divine Sense to probe the Human boy in front of him.

Suddenly, his face changed as he stepped back unconsciously, his eyes overflowing with shock, seemingly unable to believe what he was seeing.

“Did you notice it?” Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon chuckled.

“Who is he? Why does he possess such pure Monster Qi?” Earth Splitting Divine Ox muttered.

The Monster Qi coming from Yang Kai was faint, almost imperceptible, but it had an incomparable purity, surpassing even his and Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon’s!

The presence of such pure Monster Qi indicated an incredibly noble bloodline from a peak lineage.

But there was no doubt Yang Kai was human, greatly confusing Earth Splitting Divine Ox.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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