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Martial Peak Chapter 865

Chapter 865 - Legendary Clan

Chapter 865, Legendary Clan

Atop the endless Snow Mountain Range, two powerful and beautiful women faced off against one another, tension rising as sparks flew between them.

Both of these women were apex level characters, both in terms of strength and beauty.

This made everyone present secretly eager, each of them wanting to know what the scene would be like if a fight really happened.

However, what made people feel strange was that the beautiful woman with only a Second-Order Saint Realm cultivation appeared calm and leisurely while the world-famous Demon General Xue Li actually wore a dignified expression.

This caused many to wear confused looks.

Li Rong glanced around at her clansmen who were still in the midst of their breakthroughs and feeling that they were nearly finished, she no longer held back, “Coffin Slave Senior, were you the one who killed him?”

“Do you mean that Coffin Carrying Man?” Xue Li’s expression became sullen, “So what if I did? As a member of my Demon Race, he actually dared raise his hand against this Queen, so he deserves to be damned!”

“Good! So you admit it!” Li Rong took a deep breath, her full peaks heaving once as sorrowful look flashing across her face. She coldly whispered, “Coffin Slave Senior has paid an unimaginable price for my clan for countless years, yet I never imagined that the moment before we regained our freedom, he was killed by you… Demon General Xue Li, you will pay for that!”

Saying so, Demonic Qi suddenly burst forth from her body, engulfing Li Rong in a thick black mist as she rushed straight towards Xue Li.

“I commend your courage!” Xue Li sneered, seeing Li Rong actually take the initiative to attack her, flying forward without hesitation to meet her head-on.

In a flash, the two beautiful and fascinating figures collided and a terrifying clash between two Saint Realm masters erupted.

Everyone’s entire focus was immediately attracted to this rare sight.

“Sir Holy Master, this group of Demon Race people you found are a bit strange,” Wu Jie’s mouth twitched slightly as he whispered to Yang Kai.

The ordinary clansmen had actually gathered together to break through and the beautiful woman who appeared to be their leader actually took the initiative to challenge Demon General Xue Li; it was as if she was trying to smash a rock with an egg.

Although there was only a single Minor Realm separating the Second Order and Third Order Saint Realm, the difference in combat power was actually quite vast.

Wu Jie thought that Li Rong would soon be defeated.

He had already begun sweeping his eyes over the surrounding area to determine which direction he should flee when Xue Li’s attention was no longer upon him.

“Of course they’re a bit abnormal,” Yang Kai chuckled, “It’s probably a result of being imprisoned for too long.”

That being said, Yang Kai could understand Li Rong’s current mood.

Coffin Slave Senior had been destroyed by Xue Li, his flesh and bones crushed and scattered across the barren tundra, how could Li Rong not be enraged?

Upon seeing this tragic scene, Li Rong had not immediately rushed to exact revenge upon Xue Li only because she had to safeguard her clansmen as they broke through, but now that their promotion was nearing its end, she naturally could not wait to get started.

High up in the night sky, two beautiful women viciously fought one another, as if there were sworn enemies, Demonic Qi flying back and forth as it slowly filled the surrounding region, subtle yet powerful energy fluctuation constantly occurring as the two clashed, causing everyone who witnessed them to narrow their eyes and tremble in awe.

Battles between Second Order and Third Order Saint Realm masters rarely happened and were almost impossible to spectate.

Yang Kai, who had been closely watching, couldn’t see which side had the advantage.

However, from the degree of volatility in their auras, it was clear that Li Rong was slowly being suppressed.

The Dark Demonic Qi in the surrounding suddenly condensed together into a giant python and bared its fangs as it flew towards a certain spot on the battlefield.

At the same time, potent Spiritual Energy which belonged to Xue Li shelled a certain place in the sky.

In that exact spot, Li Rong, who had just appeared, seemed to be affected by Xue Li’s Divine Sense attack, freezing up for an instant, causing her to get swallowed by the giant black python.

Gasps resounded as Zhang Ao and Cao Guan, who had been watching the battle closely, were shocked and amazed by Xue Li’s methods.

A Second-Order Saint had only managed to last half the time it would take to burn a stick of incense against her before being defeated. Zhang Ao secretly estimated that if he was the one who had been fighting Xue Li, he would have lost even quicker.

Though, the beautiful woman who had inexplicably appeared had already performed very well.

*Chi chi chi…*

Just as everyone began whispering amongst themselves, a cracking sound resounded from the body of the python and in the next moment, in a great burst of light, it exploded into a million pieces and Li Rong re-emerged, a drop of blood leaking from the corner of her mouth. It was obvious that during this confrontation, she had suffered a small loss.

Xue Li stared down at Li Rong from above, a smug look of confidence and disdain flashing across her face as she declared, “Daring to act dissolute in front of this Queen with only such meagre skill? I’ll give you one last chance, submit to me and I will spare your life!”

Li Rong lifted her jade hand and wiped away the blood at the corner of her lips as she stared back at Xue Li indifferently.

A moment later, Li Rong gently closed her beautiful eyes and her aura suddenly underwent an earth-shaking change.

Pitch black Demonic Qi surged out from her tender body and soon condensed into thin lines which spread across her skin, glowing ominously before they all sunk into her physique.

On Li Rong’s gorgeous face, strange black tattoos appeared.

These obsidian tattoos added a sense of wildness to her beauty.

Demon God Transformation!

Li Rong cultivated the most orthodox Demon God Transformation and although it was not comparable to Yang Kai’s, it was still capable of greatly enhancing her combat power and vitality.

Li Rong was only a Second-Order Saint, but after summoning her Demon Crests, her violent aura swelled to the point where it was essentially on par with Xue Li’s.

As if in response to Li Rong’s Demon God Transformation, the Ancient Demon clansmen who were in the final stages of their breakthroughs let out great roars, like a pack of ferocious beasts.

Demonic Qi began leaking from all of them as well, quickly forming varying amounts of Demon Crests on their faces and torsos.

From the Heavens above, the last round of the World Energy baptism descended upon the roaring Ancient Demon clansmen who still faced it without condensing any of their Demonic Qi, resisting it completely with just the strength of their flesh.

From their bodies, the crisp sounds of bones fracturing under this pressure rang out as several hundred people all simultaneously rose a Minor Realm.

Xue Li’s beautiful eyes trembled while Yu Mo’s expression became solemn; shivering ever so slightly.

The moment the two of them saw the Demon Crests appear; they couldn’t help remembering an ancient story.

“You’re…” Xue Li shouted like a crazed woman, seemingly having realized what Li Rong and the other’s origins really were yet not daring to actually speak it aloud, “Are you ‘that’ clan?”

According to legend, in the era when Great Demon God ruled supreme, there was a small clan among the Demon Race who had been his most loyal and dedicated servants

This clan was personally cultivated by Great Demon God and had the noblest lineage of the entire Demon Race with the exception of Great Demon God himself.

In front of that clan, the title Demon General was worthless.

Any Demon Race person who saw anyone from this clan would have to act respectfully to them, for they were the direct servants of Great Demon God, the most glorious members of the entire Demon Race.

At that time, the highest pursuit of all Demon Race cultivators was to join this clan; unfortunately, they never accepted outsiders to avoid diluting their bloodlines. Although this limited their numbers, their incredible individual strength more than made up for it.

Almost every member of this clan could fight and defeat opponents above their realm while the greatest of them were even capable of challenging those more than one Minor Realm above themselves.

This small clan of Demon Race masters followed Great Demon God on his many crusades, making great contributions to his glorious name, even acting as his representatives in ruling the world.

They were Great Demon God’s vanguard and a symbol of his invincibility!

Legend has it that when they fought at full strength, their bodies would be covered in intricate tattoos called Demon Crests. These Demons Crests contained the power of Great Demon God. Once they summoned their Demon Crests, few could challenge them.

However, since the fall of Great Demon God, this clan had disappeared.

That clan was referred to as the Ancient Demon Clan!

(Silavin: Great name. I know. But it is translated this way :/).

After so many years, no one knew if the old legends were true or not, many people even believing that this legendary clan was only a fabrication that people used to increase Great Demon God’s prestige.

But now this legendary clan had actually appeared in front of Xue Li.

The Demon Crests which covered their skin was the best proof of this.

Xue Li felt incredible power flowing through these Demon Crests.

“You finally recognize us?” Li Rong stared at her sarcastically, nodding faintly a moment later, “It seems you’re not completely blind after all.”

“Impossible!” Xue Li roared, no longer showing any of the aloof demeanour a Demon General should possess as she pointed and screamed, “You should have all died thousands of years ago! The ancient records clearly stated that Great Demon God personally crippled all of you because you violated an inviolable command!”

As a Demon General, Xue Li naturally knew some secrets that others weren’t privy to.

She had also read the ancient records regarding the Ancient Demon Clan.

It was said that for some profound yet unexplained reasons, Great Demon God had deliberately destroyed the Ancient Demon Clan before his fall.

So Xue Li had always assumed this clan was long gone.

“If you don’t believe it, you just need to verify it for yourself with your body!” Li Rong coldly snorted, rushing forward for a second time.

Xue Li’s thoughts and emotions were in chaos, allowing Li Rong to appear right in front of her and point her glowing finger towards her, an amazing amount of power condensed at its tip, causing Xue Li to freeze up in shock.

“Mistress!” Yu Mo exclaimed and was just about to rush to assist her when the two newly promoted Great Commanders from the Ancient Demon Clan, Yin Ya and Xue Ji blocked his path.

The two of them snickered as they flanked Yu Mo, causing the latter to immediately fall into a disadvantage.

A pitiful scream suddenly resounded as Xue Li was sent flying like a paper kite, a new bone-deep gash appearing on her slender shoulder that leaked out fresh red blood tinged with a hint of golden radiance.

“You think you’re worthy of possessing Great Demon God’s Golden Blood?” When she saw this faint golden hue, Li Rong’s eyes became even colder as a thick murderous intent pulsed from her body, her attacks suddenly becoming both swifter and sharper.

Xue Li hurriedly regained her composure. The shock she had received a moment ago had caused her reactions to become dull and allowed Li Rong to get in a clean hit. Now that she knew she was facing a master from the Ancient Demon Clan, Xue Li didn’t dare act carelessly.

They were warriors straight out of legends!

It wasn’t until this moment that Xue Li realized that her opponent truly had the capital and strength to fight with her, even though her cultivation was a Minor Realm lower.

“What are you still standing around gawking at!?” Yu Mo, who was being suppressed by Yin Ya and Xue Ji roared, “If you want to live, come up and help, or else all of you will die!”

Obviously, he was shouting towards the still dumbfounded Zhang Ao and Cao Guan.

Hearing this, Zhang Ao, Cao Guan and the other human Saints glanced around at each other with complex looks but soon grit their teeth and summoned their artifacts, preparing to rush up and assist Yu Mo.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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