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Martial Peak Chapter 866

Chapter 866 - Blood Escape

Chapter 866, Blood Escape

The battle between Xue Li and Li Rong was basically a showdown between the peak level cultivators of this world; it was so intense that Zhang Ao and Cao Guan weren’t willing to intervene it at all possible.

So they immediately rushed up and wanted to open a path for Yu Mo.

Shattering Mystical Palace and War Spirit Temple had a total of four Saints between them, with Zhang Ao being the only Second Order. This kind of strength was not negligible, and after they joined the battle, the situation immediately reversed and Yin Ya and Xue Ji found themselves quickly being suppressed.

Five against two, even if Yin Ya and Xue Ji have both used their Demon God Transformations, they still found themselves in danger.

“Sir Holy Master, do you want my help?” Wu Jie leaned over and asked quietly.

“No need,” Yang Kai shook his head. Wu Jie wouldn’t be able to make much of a difference in this kind of battle. Yang Kai had been planning to take action just now but after sensing something, he realized it wasn’t necessary.

From the distance, two figures were rushing over.

It was none of than the two Great Commanders Han Fei and Hua Mo who had successfully broken through.

The former’s aura was ice cold while the latter’s was overbearing. They had yet to arrive but their auras were already exerting pressure on the enemy cultivators, allowing both Yin Ya and Xue Ji to grin fiercely and counterattack recklessly.

A several kilometre radii of the pure white Snow Mountain Range had now been blanketed in black Demonic Qi.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

Ice spikes filled with concentrated destructive power flew over from the horizon towards Zhang Ao, Cao Guan, and the other human Saints. Sensing the approaching crisis, Zhang Ao and the others all hurriedly tried to dodge but from the dark shadows down below them, countless strange hands reached up and entangled them.

Like a ghost, Hua Mo had rapidly closed the distance between them and used an exquisite technique to summon these bindings from the shadows, hampering the enemy’s movements.

Suddenly suffering this coordinated attack, Zhang Ao, Cao Guan and the others immediately became distressed. With the exception of Zhang Ao, who had slightly higher strength, the other Human Saint Realm masters were suffered direct hits and were heavily wounded.

“They’re finished,” Yang Kai coldly snorted, no longer paying any attention to that battle and instead focusing on the one high up in the sky.

There, the battle between Li Rong and Xue Li has reached a superheated level, the latter had suffered a small loss because of her lapse in concentration but after focusing herself she was able to hold her own.

The two beautiful women seemed to have reached a stalemate in their contest.

Potent energy fluctuations propagated from these two peak level masters as they fought, causing the world around them to tremble and creak.

Under those fluctuations, Yang Kai felt as if the surrounding space was on the brink of collapsing.

Yang Kai’s heart raced as he watched this top-level battle play out, focusing all his attention on it, trying to extract useful insights from it.

However, to his disappointment, Xue Li no longer seemed to have any motivation and was simply striving to fend off Li Rong’s attacks and defend herself rather than seek victory.

When Xue Li noticed that Han Fei and Hua Mo had arrived, that last remnants of her desire to fight disappeared.

Under the cold moonlight, a great bang erupted and the two females flew apart.

Separated by a thousand meters now, the two beautiful women stared each other down with solemn expressions. Li Rong’s eyes flashed with infinite murderous intent and hatred while Xue Li’s eyes were filled with hesitation.

The Ancient Demon Clan was a legendary existence for all members of the Demon Race.

Li Rong was only a Second-Order Saint yet she could already fight evenly with a Demon General. If she were allowed to reach the Third Order, it was likely that even the current Demon Commander would not be her opponent!

Realizing this, Xue Li’s confidence wavered, wondering whether she should continue treating this legendary clan as her enemy, even secretly regretting killing the Coffin Carrying Man.

If she had not destroyed his corpse, all of them would have been able to sit down and discuss things; after all, they are all from the Demon Race, there was no need for them to kill each other in front of these Humans, allowing them to scoff at them for their lack of unity.

But from the look in Li Rong’s eyes, Xue Li knew there was no way this enmity could be resolved, it had reached a level where there could only be one survivor!

Gritting her teeth, Xue Li muttered, “Ancient Demon Clan… This Queen has experienced your methods today… When the Demon Commander comes to visit you, I hope you can still maintain your arrogance!”

Saying so, Xue Li’s tender body suddenly began squirming like a snake and the sound of bones snapping rang out. In the next moment, Blood Qi burst out from her body.

Li Rong’s beautiful face changed dramatically but it was too late for her to stop Xue Li even though she knew what she was trying to do.


A muffled bang rang out and Demon General Xue Li’s body burst into a bloody fog, even her bones disintegrating in a crimson flash.

Yang Kai and Wu Jie, who were paying close attention to this battle, saw this scene and were instantly dumbstruck, neither of them even having imagined Xue Li would choose to blow herself up, especially when the fight was nowhere near being decided.

However, faintly, Yang Kai felt that something was off, silently thinking it was impossible for Xue Li to just up and die like this.

“Blood Escape?” Li Rong gnashed her teeth as she stared towards the blood fog in front of her. The fog seemed to contain strange yet powerful energy within it but that soon disappeared and the blood fog then swiftly dissipated, quickly fading into nothingness.

At the same time, just as Han Fei was about to strike down Yu Mo, the latter was shielded by a thin layer of red blood which had a faint golden radiance to it.

This blood layer wrapped Yu Mo up before transforming into a crimson bolt of lightning that soared away towards the horizon.

Li Rong stared sullenly towards the direction this crimson bolt escaped, clenching her fists and grinding her teeth but not making any attempt to pursue.

She had not anticipated that Xue Li would have such a technique up her sleeve. Although this technique consumed a vast amount of True Qi and vitality, it was a perfect method of escape. Once Xue Li displayed it, Li Rong no longer had a way to block her.

Because this was one of the Great Demon God’s Divine Abilities!

It seemed like Xue Li had gotten lucky when she refined the Demon God Golden Blood she inadvertently obtained and managed to comprehend some of the mysterious abilities belonging to Great Demon God.

However, just as everyone thought that Xue Li had successfully escaped, a radiant golden glow suddenly emerged from another point on the horizon and swiftly pursued her.

High up in the sky, a golden chain tore through the sky, as if it was a great dragon with a mind of its own.

This golden chain left behind a long afterimage, like a golden river that divided the Heavens in half, the purest of Yang Attribute auras radiating from it.

As this aura passed by them, all of the Ancient Demon clansmen frowned, showing an uncomfortable expression.

“Demon Sealing Chain?” Yang Kai exclaimed.

At a glance, he recognized this magnificent chain-like artifact as the same one he had obtained back in High Heaven Pavilion. It was thanks to this Demon Sealing Chain that Yang Kai was able to kill Demon General Meng Ge’s Soul Clone as well as the Demon Lord Yang Bai.

After coming to Tong Xuan Realm and entering Soaring Heaven Sect, Yang Kai returned the Demon Sealing Chain to its original owner.

Today, it should be in the hands of Chu Ling Xiao.

“Demon woman, you think you can despise my Human Race so? Coming and going as you please without any consequence?” A mighty bellow rang out, echoing throughout the surrounding world.

There seemed to be a mysterious force contained within this voice, deafening those who heard it and causing their blood to boil.

Everyone present heard this voice and couldn’t help their vitality from tumbling as their faces flushed.

At the same time this voice rang out, the Demon Sealing Chain whipped through the air, drawing a brilliant golden arc that seemed to bypass space itself.

A moment later, Xue Li’s pitiful scream reached everyone’s ears.

The blood-red bolt of lightning burst open, revealing Xue Li’s bloody and distressed figure, but she did not even stop for a second and only fled even faster.

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became awkward.

He knew the owner of this voice was none of than the Martial ancestor of Soaring Heaven Sect, Chu Ling Xiao!

“Master!” Li Rong quickly arrived beside Yang Kai, her pretty face wearing a dignified expression as she quickly said, “The strength of the one approaching coming is very strong, and his artifact seems to be designed to restrain my Demon Race… Wait a moment, if something happens, Master must clearly draw a line between himself and my clan, after which I will lead the clansmen to hide deeper into this Snow Mountain Range.”

Yang Kai glanced at her before letting out a wry laugh and shaking his head, “No, I’ll handle this.”

Li Rong stared at him blankly for a moment but did not object, simply nodding her head and saying nothing more.

“Did Xue Li decide to flee because she detected this master approaching?” Yang Kai asked thoughtfully.

“Most likely,” Li Rong nodded, “Neither of us was capable of defeating the other, but if someone else on our level were to interfere… Even if she wanted to flee at that time, she wouldn’t be able to.”

“No wonder,” Yang Kai nodded.

No wonder Xue Li had so decisively broke off her fight with Li Rong and displayed such a profound Divine Ability just to escape, originally she was aware of the approaching threat.

It seemed this woman’s sense of smell was quite sharp.

“Right, I believe you just called the method Xue Li used ‘Blood Escape’, are you familiar with it?” Yang Kai asked with a frown.

“If I am not mistaken, that should be one of Great Demon God’s Divine Abilities,” Li Rong gently nodded before quickly comforting, “There is no need to be jealous of her, Master, when the Demon God Golden Blood inside you reaches a certain concentration, you will naturally be able to comprehend it.”

“I’m not jealous, just curious,” Yang Kai chuckled.

Speaking of Divine Abilities… Yang Kai had already obtained one after he refined a drop of Demon God Golden Blood, Soul Fission. Even now, his Soul Clone was being nourished inside his Knowledge Sea, waiting for the day it would become complete and ready to use.

However, it was still a surprise that Xue Li had comprehended this Divine Ability belonging to Great Demon God.

After Xue Li escaped, Zhang Ao and Cao Guan did not dare put up any more resistance, gathering together all of their subordinates in one place as they stared vigilantly towards Han Fei and the other Demon Race Saints around them.

They had followed Xue Li to the endless Snow Mountain Range this time thinking they had found a big backer and would no longer have to worry about Nine Heavens Holy Land seeking revenge, but things had actually developed into this abysmal situation.

Last time they joined forces to attack Nine Heavens Holy Land, Yang Kai managed to convince the Monster Race Great Senior to help him, causing serious damage to each of their Sects.

This time, Yang Kai had pulled off an even bigger stunt, somehow recruiting this powerful group of Demon Race people, one of them even capable of fighting on par with a Demon General, each of them a madman, unable to be reasoned or bargained with.

At this moment, Zhang Ao, Cao Guan, and the others couldn’t help admiring Wu Jie to some extent, realizing that he was far more forward-looking than them.

Panic-stricken in his heart, Zhang Ao actually showed nothing on his face as he shouted out, “My Human Race’s master is about to arrive. If you Demons don’t run now when will you?”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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