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Martial Peak Chapter 864

Chapter 864 - I’ll Teach You A Good Lesson

Chapter 864: I’ll Teach You A Good Lesson

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Deep inside the Snow Mountain Range, nearly a thousand Ancient Demon Clan clansmen had emerged from their Mysterious Small World and were now scattered around a wide area.

Not far away, headed by Xue Li, Yu Mo, Zhang Ao, Cao Guan and many others were on high alert as they stared curiously as this group of people who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

Suddenly, the surrounding World Energy became disturbed and the Ancient Demon clansmen who had just appeared seemed to be drawing vast amounts of it into their bodies.

In an instant, all the World Energy within a dozen kilometer radius was sucked dry.

From even farther away, World Energy quickly flooded in to fill this void only to be quickly consumed by the Ancient Demon clansmen in the next moment.

A storm kicked up and a horrifying pressure soon descended upon all who were present.

Feeling this pressure, everyone’s expression changed greatly.

The Ancient Demon clansmen showed looks of surprise but soon set their confusion aside and opened themselves up to this Heavenly baptism.

Wu Jie narrowed his eyes as he stared around, exclaiming after a moment, “Are they all going to break through?”

The movement of the surrounding World Energy and how it was being drawn in were both clear signs of impending breakthrough, but this breakthrough was not for just one or two individuals; in fact, nearly all one thousand of the Ancient Demon clansmen seemed to suddenly be on the verge of breaking through.

As for those who weren’t, it was still quite apparent that their strength was rapidly improving.

Yang Kai’s expression also changed, recalling the moment he had arrived in Tong Xuan Realm from his previous world and how his strength had also grown in a flash.

After the invisible shackles which were sealing his potential were broken and he received the blessings of this new world, it was only natural for his cultivation to soar.

The clansmen of the Ancient Demon Clan were now facing a similar situation.

Looking around, Yang Kai was surprised to find that among the Ancient Demon clansmen who were about to break through, Han Fei and Hua Mo were also included and were currently causing the biggest disturbances.

The two of them were both masters at the peak of the First Order Saint Realm, breaking through now would allow them to become genuine Second Order Saints.

The breakthrough of any Saint Realm master was a serious matter.

The two of them also understood this and immediately used their movement skills to fly far away in order to avoid the crushing World Energy baptism they were about to receive from affecting the breakthrough of their clansmen.

Yang Kai glanced over at Li Rong expectantly and found that although she wasn’t about to break through, she was still literally glowing as new found strength overflowed from her body. Obviously, when she left the Mysterious Small World, she too had gained tremendous benefits.

The same was true for Yin Ya and Xue Ji.

“Senior Li…” Yang Kai called out to Li Rong, “Shouldn’t the clansmen disperse some more?”

There were too many of them trying to break through here so when the World Energy Baptism truly began, the pressure would multiply in intensity, if they didn’t disperse, there would likely be casualties.

But at this moment, under the watchful eyes of their enemies, it wasn’t a wise idea to spread out.

“No,” Li Rong slowly shook her head, “Has Master forgotten what the speciality of our clan is? Han Fei and Hua Mo have already left to ensure their baptisms won’t disturb the rest of the clan’s breakthroughs, so the other clansmen should be just fine.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai remembered that the greatest strength of the Ancient Demon Clan was their tyrannical physiques.

Among cultivators of the same realm, Ancient Demon Clan clansmen had the most intrepid physical strength.

Moreover, they could also summon their Demon Crests to further enhance their bodies.

In order to bear the World Energy baptism, what was most necessary was to have a sturdy physical form.

Seeing Li Rong not at all concerned, Yang Kai naturally relaxed.

“Also, the biggest problem right now is not the clansmen’s breakthrough. Master.” Li Rong turned her eyes to Xue Li and asked. “is that woman one of the current Demon Generals?”

“Yeah, she’s a Third Order Saint Realm master.”

“En, not bad,” Li Rong chuckled as she looked over Xue Li, “It seems that my Demon Race has not suffered significant decline.”

At the same time, Yu Mo frowned as he whispered to Xue Li, “Mistress, what should we do now? From the looks of it, it seems like many of these people who suddenly appeared are about to break through, should we…”

Xue Li slowly shook her head, “They are my Demon Race’s people, although I don’t know why they associate themselves with that little human boy, but if we act now, it will only provoke their hatred. When they are finished, we can speak and if possible, bring them back to Sand City with us. Four First Order Saints and a Second-Order Saint is a formidable force! If I can subdue them, my Sand City will instantly become superior to those other three’s territories.”

“Mistress is wise!” Yu Mo nodded, saying no more.

The number of Demon Race people who had suddenly emerged wasn’t small, and there was a significant amount of powerful masters amongst them; if this force could really be subdued, it would certainly become a massive boon, allowing Xue Li’s strength to dominate above the other three Demon Generals’ forces.

“They don’t seem to be planning to interfere,” Li Rong looked at Xue Li and grinned.

Yang Kai coldly snorted, “That woman probably thinks you are not her opponent so it doesn’t matter if she allows all of you to breakthrough.”

“Then she’s in for a surprise,” Li Rong said meaningfully.

Yang Kai glanced over at Li Rong and to his surprise he could see a thick self-confidence flashing across her eyes, stirring a number of thoughts in his head.

He had never seen Li Rong take action before and only knew that she was a well-established Second-Order Saint, a Minor Realm lower than Xue Li.

But listening to her tone, it seemed like Li Rong didn’t put Xue Li in her eyes.

Yang Kai grinned and said nothing more, but inside was looking forward to the show to come.

He very much wanted to know what kind of scene it would be when these two women began exchanging blows.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Ancient Demon Clan clansmen were beginning their breakthroughs.

The surrounding atmosphere became solemn and dignified.

*Hong long long… kacha…*

A terrifying pressure suddenly descended from the Heavens above and slammed into the crowd of Ancient Demon clansmen.

With an audible snort, a number of the Ancient Demon clansmen who were breaking through suffered injuries and blood began to leak from the sides of their mouths.

If only a single one of them was breaking through, with the quality of their physiques, they wouldn’t have suffered any kind of injury from this level of pressure, but with so many of them gathered together to break through, the power of the World Energy baptism had clearly exceeded such a threshold.

All of them stood close to one another but were still evenly spread out, a number of them soon showing signs of being unable to continue standing.

However, the injured Ancient Demon clansmen not only didn’t panic, but instead began laughing, turning stubborn looks towards the Heavens as their flesh began to distort, waiting for the second round of the World Energy baptism to descend, each of them wearing looks of anticipation, seemingly hoping it would be even more violent than the first.

Wu Jie had already distanced himself from them for fear of being implicated.

Yang Kai also flew over to him at that moment, calmly standing beside him and watching.

“Lunatics…” Wu Jie’s mouth twitched as he muttered, “These people are simply a group of madmen, how can they bear such a fierce Heavenly baptism? They’re simply courting death!”

“That may not be so,” Yang Kai smiled and shook his head.

“Does Sir Holy Master think they can withstand this? Some of them were even injured in the first round of this baptism, it is difficult for this Wu to imagine how they will insist to the end. Right now, it’s obvious they should spread out to increase the chances of all of them successfully breaking through, so why did they choose to huddle together? I really can’t understand.”

“An average Demon Race person probably wouldn’t be able to withstand this, but they are not ordinary Demon Race people,” Yang Kai chuckled.

Wu Jie looked at him with a frown, his confusion only deepening.

The Demon Race was the Demon Race, how was one group of them different from another?

*Hong long long…*

The waves of pressure continued to descend from the Heavens, bombarding the Ancient Demon clansmen, causing all of them to gain fresh injuries and bleed profusely.

But this group of demons seemed to have gone crazy, the more blood they saw, the more excited they became, their voices echoing throughout the night sky as they screamed and howled, creating a terrifying scene.

The disciples of Shattering Mystical Palace and War Spirit Temple stared at them with horror and even masters like Zhang Ao and Cao Guan couldn’t help shuddering.

Hundreds of people breaking through at once was a spectacular display no one present had ever witnessed or even dreamed of before.

In the distance, two other earth-shaking movements were occurring.

Naturally, this was the fallout from Han Fei and Hua Mo’s breakthroughs, the disturbances they were creating in no way weaker than the one occurring right before everyone’s eyes.

Xue Li’s beautiful eyes flashed with pleasant surprise, her desire to subdue this group of Demon Race people growing even stronger.

Everyone in front of her, no matter how high or low their cultivation and regardless of their age, exuded the purest Demon Race aura from their body, violent, bloodthirsty, and cruel…

Xue Li appreciated their might.

She was secretly thinking to herself that these people were the true Demon Race.

Suppressing the excitement in her heart, Xue Li called out, “You there, woman, what is your name? Where do you come from?”

Li Rong smiled gently and asked back, “Are you talking to me?”

“Yes,” Xue Li nodded sincerely, “This Queen is one of the four current Demon Generals, Xue Li, tell me your name and origin!”

Addressing another member of the Demon Race, one whom she was higher in realm than, it was only natural for Xue Li to speak so authoritatively.

“Since you are a Demon General, could it be that you cannot see through the origins of my clan?” Li Rong waved her sleeves as she questioned Xue Li, her voice filled with a dignified tone.

Xue Li frowned and replied in a disgruntled tone, “Should this Queen have seen such a thing?”

Li Rong chuckled, “This Queen, this Queen… Does a mere Demon General dare call herself so in front of me? It seems my Demon Race has truly forgotten its origins and legacy.”

Hearing these words, with the exception of the Ancient Demon Clan and Yang Kai, the expressions of everyone present became weird.

Xue Li sneered towards Li Rong, her eyes flashing a cold light.

She was obviously irritated.

The reason why she did not stop this group of from breaking through was because they were all from the Demon Race and she wanted to leave a good impression, making it easier for her to subdue them, but never had she expected this female leader of their’s to speak so rampantly.

In this world, the only one who dares speak this way to Xue Li was the Demon Commander herself!

Even the Demon Commander would not casually use such a tone with Xue Li though.

“Do not treat the favour of this Queen as weakness,” Xue Li coldly snorted, “If you were not also a member of my Demon Race, this Queen would have already taken action; then how could your people have so leisurely made their breakthrough? Since you, a trivial Second-Order Saint dares act dissolute in front of this Queen, I must teach you a good lesson!”

“A good lesson indeed must be taught here,” Li Rong’s pretty face became cold, “After several thousand years, it seems my clan’s name has been forgotten by this world’s Demon Race… Today, to mark our return, I will use your death to remind everyone just who we are!”

Xue Li narrowed her eyes and shouted, “Who are you?”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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