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Martial Peak Chapter 863

Chapter 863 - Must Be Joking

Chapter 863: Must Be Joking

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Atop Demon God Citadel, Li Rong and Han Fei busied themselves while Hua Mo, Yin Ya, and Xue Ji arranged the still gathering Ancient Demon Clan clansmen.

While all this was happening, Yang Kai silently watched while he restored himself.

Wu Jie, who was standing beside Yang Kai, tried to speak up a few times but always seemed to hesitate and stop at the last moment.

“If Sect Master Wu wishes to ask something, please feel free,” Yang Kai chuckled.

Wu Jie paused for a moment before cupping his fists and saying, “Then this Wu will not be polite… May I ask what Sir Holy Master’s relationship with these Demon Race people is?”

“If I told you they are my subordinates, would Sect Master Wu believe me?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes towards Wu Jie, a playful grin appearing on his face.

Wu Jie expression became serious as he stared at Yang Kai for a moment before firmly nodding, “This Wu believes!”

He had stayed here for the past two days and just from the way the several Saint Realm masters addressed and acted towards Yang Kai, he could infer what the true situation was, so now that Yang Kai had frankly admitted to it, how could Wu Jie still not believe it?

“How did Sir Holy Master manage to subdue these subordinates? After all, they’re from the Demon Race!”

“So what if they’re from the Demon Race?” Yang Kai chuckled.

“Since ancient times, Humans and Demons have been mortal enemies,” Wu Jie stated, as if it was only natural the two races should hate each other.

“If they are willing to be loyal to me and are useful to me, why does it matter if they’re from the Demon Race? Isn’t it the most fundamental truth that all of us were born into this world? What need is there to draw lines between us?”

Wu Jie gawked at Yang Kai, somewhat unable to wrap his head around what the latter just said.

Unlike Yang Kai, he was born and raised in Tong Xuan Realm.

The natives of Tong Xuan Realm all had a strong sense of rejection and distrust towards other races, Wu Jie included, who even now felt that associating with this group of Demons was destined to end in tragedy.

Yang Kai’s open-minded appearance was somewhat unacceptable to him.

Think for a while, Wu Jie quickly said, “But Sir Holy Master, have you ever thought about what would happen if word of this were to spread out? You may never be able to stand tall in the Human Territory ever again, even Nine Heavens Holy Land and Soaring Heaven Sect may be implicated.”

Yang Kai just shook his head and firmly declared, “I don’t care what the world thinks, they can say whatever they want about me, if anyone comes to find trouble with me, I’ll deal with them directly.”

Wu Jie’s mouth twitched, quietly muttering under his breath, “Sir Holy Master is really unusual.”

Shaking his head again, he continued, “There is just one point that this Wu hasn’t been able to figure out though, this group of Demons are quite powerful, five of them having even reached the Saint Realm. How could such a group of Demon Race people, known for having greater pride than even our Human Race, willingly become Sir Holy Master’s subordinates given your cultivation and strength?”

There had never been a case where those of the Demon Race became subordinates to a human, any member of the Demon Race would rather die than suffer such humiliation.

However, Wu Jie could clearly see that not only were Li Rong and the other Demon Race Saints extremely respectful towards Yang Kai, they also seemed almost eager to serve him.

“Because I am the Great Demon God’s successor,” Yang Kai grinned.

Wu Jie’s face twitched even harder as he awkwardly laughed, “Sir Holy Master must be joking…”

Yang Kai didn’t bother explaining any further and simply asked, “What are Sect Master Wu’s plans now?”

“My plans?” Wu Jie frowned, “I haven’t thought much about that, surviving this current crisis has been all that has occupied my thoughts recently, but Sir Holy Master can rest assured that everything this Wu has seen these past few days will never leave my lips.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, “I know that Sect Master Wu is not such a person, you don’t need to make any promises to me.”

Wu Jie no longer spoke, turning his attention back towards the top of Demon God Citadel along with Yang Kai.

Over there, Li Rong and Han Fei seemed to have completed whatever it was they were working on and the former reverently held up the Saint Pill Yang Kai had just refined, slowly closing her beautiful eyes.

In the next moment, Demonic Qi began flooding out from both Li Rong and Han Fei.

A brilliant light blossomed at the two beauties’ feet and quickly transformed into a profound Spirit Array.

As the light from the Spirit Array flashed, the Saint Pill in Li Rong’s hands suddenly burst open, transforming into a fine mist that spread out and gently rained down on the Ancient Demon Clan clansmen gathered below.

These Ancient Demon Clan clansmen did not dare to neglect and immediately began circulating their Secret Arts, absorbing the effects of the Saint Pill into their bodies, each of them flashing a happy expression.


The sound of bones creaking and flesh squirming rang out.

Yang Kai was surprised to discover that some subtle and bizarre changes were occurring in each of the Ancient Demon Clan’s bodies, as if some kind of invisible shackles that had been binding them were being shattered.

They were slowly being set free.

This scene continued for the better part of an hour before the mist from the Saint Pill finally began dissipating, all of its effects being absorbed by the Ancient Demon Clan’s clansmen.

Li Rong and Han Fei both opened their eyes and stared down at the scene below with warm smiles.

“Senior Li, everything is in order,” Hua Mo shouted up from down below.

“Is everything packed up?” Li Rong asked.

“Everything that must be taken with us has been packed.”

“Good!” Li Rong gently nodded, unable to conceal the excitement on her pretty face, sweeping her eyes over the crowd below and shouting, “Today, our clan will depart from this place. Each of you should take another look around and engrave this sight into your eyes. For thousands of years this has been our family’s home, but we will never return to it again.”

Each of the clansmen of the Ancient Demon Clan gazed around themselves, some complex emotions surfacing on their faces.

Since the moment they were able to think for themselves, they all wished to leave this place and see the outside world, but when the moment finally came, it was inevitable that they felt a slight sense of loss.

After all, this was the place where they were born and raised.

“All Great Commanders, please come up,” Li Rong waved.

Hua Mo, Yin Ya, and Xue Ji all flew up to where Li Rong was standing, the five Saints exchanging a silence glance before nodding, the next moment each of them pushing their strength and tearing open a hole in the Mysterious Small World’s space.

Their approach was not the same as the method Yang Kai used to tear space and was only a unique technique designed to open the exit of this Mysterious Small World to the outside world.

The last time Yang Kai left, Li Rong and the other Saints had used this method to send him out.

“I’ll take the lead, the rest of you should follow after me while protecting our clansmen!” Li Rong said, immediately soaring up into the tear.

After her figure disappeared, Han Fei and the others began arranging groups of their clansmen to leave the Mysterious Small World in an orderly fashion.


Atop the endless Snow Mountain Range, Xue Li stared down with a dignified expression while Yu Mo stood nearby wearing a similar look.

Simultaneously, Zhang Ao and Cao Guan, who were not far away, both showed looks of lingering fear.

Down below, several mountain peaks had been razed to the ground as a result of the clash between the Second Order Saint Coffin Carrying Man and the Third Order Saint Demon General Xue Li.

A vast area was now bathed in thick poisonous gas and no one among them dared go down and explore, the once white Snow Mountain Range now dyed a toxic shade of green.

Those whose strength wasn’t quite as good, upon sniffing this poisonous gas, were killed on the spot and soon melted into pools of puss; several Shattering Mystical Palace disciples who had been sent down to investigate had suffered such a fate.

“That damn Coffin Carrying Man, clearly he was a member of our Demon Race yet he actually dares raise his hand to this Queen, he deserves to be damned!” Xue Li’s pretty face warped as she angrily shouted.

A few days ago, she had been pursuing Yang Kai’s aura when it suddenly disappeared in this very location. Upon arriving here, Xue Li quickly discovered the Coffin Carrying Man inside an ice cave but before she could say anything, the Coffin Carrying Man suddenly attacked her.

Facing a living corpse that had reached the Second Order Saint Realm, Xue Li complained constantly.

After a hard two day long struggle, she finally managed to destroy his physical body, but even after doing so, the putrid toxins released upon his destruction had exploded out and blanketed the surrounding area, forcing Xue Li and everyone else to retreat while using various methods to slowly dissipate the poisonous fog.

The blood red coffin being protected by the Coffin Carrying Man had caught Xe Li’s attention though.

From it, Xue Li sensed an aura which greatly excited her, the aura of Great Demon God!

She could all but conclude that this blood red coffin had something to do with the legendary Great Demon God.

Zhang Ao and Cao Guan stood to the side, staring at all of this, feeling particularly helpless in their hearts.

They had come here for the secrets of the Coffin Carrying Man, but now, the fruits of their labour would all be going to Xue Li, but in the face of this Demon General, they really had no other choice but to wait and see while suppressing all their bitterness in their hearts.

The poisonous gas which had enveloped the surrounding region gradually weakened and after some time they could finally begin investigating the situation.

Just as they were about to send in more people though, a red light bloomed and an aura which even made Xue Li feel somewhat uneasy spread out.

Her beautiful face becoming solemn, Xue Li stared towards the red light and soon saw a female figure appear and fly up in the air. Waving her hand to dispel the poisonous gas around her, this female swept her eyes over her surroundings and her expression soon becoming cold.

She was apparently staring at the broken and scattered remains which belonged to the Coffin Carrying Man.

“A Second Order Saint?” Xue Li stared at this beautiful woman who had suddenly appeared and couldn’t help feeling puzzled.

Xue Li had clearly felt that this newly appeared woman’s body contained a rich Demonic Qi, so she was clearly a member of the Demon Race.

But how did such a woman suddenly appear here?

The other party also seemed to have noticed her existence and even though a fair distance separated them, Xue Li could tell that this unknown female was directing a cold and gloomy look towards her, not showing the slightest bit of fear, even giving off a kind of provocative aura.

Xue Li smiled silently back at this woman, being a Minor Realm higher than her, naturally she wasn’t afraid.

*Shua Shua Shua…*

One after another, flashed of red light burst forth and with each one a new Demon Race member appeared, each of them quickly gathering around the woman who had first appeared.

After finding a place to settle down, each of these newly appearing Demon Race members began looking around curiously, their faces filled with clear excitement.

Breathing in the cold air, picking up the snow at their feet, cheering out happily as they seemingly played around.

It was almost as if they were children who had never seen such sights before.

It was currently late at night and cold moonlight poured down. These icy moon beams seemingly caught this group of newcomer’s attention, many of them soon turning their eyes towards the sky, a look of wonderment flashing across their faces.

Xue Li and the others silently observed all of this, not making any sudden moves, their brows all furrowing deeply, none of them understanding where so many Demon Race people had come from.

The Ancient Demon Clan clansmen who had been imprisoned for generations were seeing the outside world for the first time, causing all of them to feel a sense of rebirth, their bodies trembling as they found it difficult to suppress their excitement, many of them even bursting into tears as they roared towards the sky.

The scene was as lively as it was strange.

Xue Li and her group had quickly become spectators that no one paid any attention to.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai and Wu Jie finally came out of the Mysterious Small World with Han Fei that Xue Li’s eyes lit up, a look of greed flashing across their depths.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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