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Martial Peak Chapter 845

Chapter 845 - Little Boy, You’ve Got Good Stature

Chapter 845: Little Boy, You’ve Got Good Stature

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

“Since that’s the case Ancestral Founder, how did you get back here?” Yang Kai couldn’t help but wonder.

Chu Ling Xiao chuckled wryly, “A chance coincidence. Over there, there’s a place called Nether Mountain, yes?”

Yang Kai nodded. Nether Mountain was the greatest forbidden zone in the Great Han Dynasty. Yang Kai had even gone there once for life experience in a Mysterious Small World. It was also the place he first met cultivators from Tian Lang Dynasty.

Naturally he remembered that experience clearly.

“It was there that I found a Void Corridor and after I entered it I found myself back in Tong Xuan Realm.”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up immediately.

Was there also a Void Corridor leading to this side hidden in Nether Mountain? Yang Kai knew nothing about it; he had only been able to arrive in Tong Xuan Realm thanks to Meng Wu Ya telling him about the Void Corridor in the forbidden land of Tian Lang Dynasty.

There was also the Void Corridor hidden in the Earth Vein beneath the Central Capital.

When he thought about it, Yang Aki realized that there were actually a lot of hidden connections between his old world and Tong Xuan Realm; it was just that most people knew nothing about them.

Conversely, there should also be a number of ways to get from Tong Xuan Realm back to that world.

After a long conversation with Chu Ling Xiao, Yang Kai unfortunately did not obtain any solid clues about returning home, but there was one thing he did learn. As long as he continued searching patiently, he would one day be able to find his way back to that world.

Yang Kai wasn’t in a rush though. In any case, he had neither the ability to protect nor a place to house his friends and relatives now.

For now, he decided to continue studying the tearing space Divine Ability he had obtained.

Leaving Chu Ling Xiao’s residence, Yang Kai flew back to Serene Resplendent Peak and casually informed his Fei Yu Martial Aunt he wanted to enter secluded retreat.

He had just broken through to the Third Order Transcendent Realm and had not yet had a chance to consolidate his cultivation, so he planned to do so now while studying the mysteries of tearing space.

In the depths of Serene Resplendent Peak there was an extremely expensive secret room entirely comprised of Crystal Stone. Before going to Floating Clouds City, Yang Kai had often spent time in this room studying Alchemy. When he asked, Fei Yu readily agreed to lend it to him.

After closing the chamber, Yang Kai reached out and waved his hand. In front of him, a dark crack split open and from it a chaotic and terrifying energy pulsed.

Yang Kai was already quite familiar with tearing space and could do so rather easily.

After Yang Kai dove into The Void, the dark tear in space quickly closed and vanished without a trace.

As always, a sense of weightlessness overcame Yang Kai the moment he entered The Void. Sitting cross-legged, Yang Kai circulated his Secret Art to consolidate his cultivation while releasing his Divine Sense into his surroundings to study the path of the void turbulent around him.

Yang Kai had always felt that there was some mystery hidden in these void turbulences but the reason no one had unravelled it so far was because these turbulences were simply too dangerous.

Even if a Saint Realm master managed to arrive here, they would not be able to withstand this turbulence and it would only be a short time before their physical body and Soul were torn to shreds.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, wasn’t worried about such things; his physical strength and Divine Sense were both out of the ordinary which gave him a great advantage in this plane.

Transforming his Divine Sense into thousands of individual threads, Yang Kai attached them to the void turbulences around him as he followed and studied them, trying to unravel the laws which governed them.

Yang Kai didn’t become anxious and focused on maintaining a state of mental tranquility.

As time passed, he gradually began to comprehend some simple rules of The Void, but he was still unable to grasp the key, leading him to further immerse himself in his studies.

Suddenly, the turbulences throughout The Void became unstable. Yang Kai quickly awoke from his meditative state and took back his Divine Sense threads. Looking around himself, he was shocked to discover that this entire region of the Void seemed to have become chaotic, with a powerful destructive energy and aura seemingly flooding in from all directions.

Yang Kai had frequently encountered this situation while experimenting with this tearing space method. It was quite similar to what he had experienced back in the Starry Sky; when the Starry Sky energy reached a certain concentration, a storm would form.

Inside The Void, there were Void Storms formed when the strength of the void reached a certain concentration.

This was a natural phenomenon.

Every time this happened, Yang Kai had swiftly avoided it. This time too, when he noticed the Void Storm approaching, Yang Kai’s first thought was to escape, but after thinking about it for a moment, his brow wrinkled and he slowly sat back down.

When he had explored the Starry Sky, he had been forced to endure a Starry Sky storm and as a result, benefited greatly from it, even breaking through to the Transcendent Realm. So, Yang Kai thought, if he now stayed here and felt the mysteries hidden inside this Void Storm with his own flesh and blood, perhaps he could unlock the secrets of tearing space which had thus far eluded him!

Thinking so, Yang Kai no longer rushed to leave and instead quietly sat amongst the turbulent flow of The Void while condensing all his strength in preparation for the arrival of the destructive storm front.

A moment later, the violent Void Storm swallowed engulfed him.

In an instant, all of Yang Kai’s clothes were turned into dust and his body was covered in wounds, leaving almost no place on his skin unharmed.

Yang Kai couldn’t help paling slightly.

Although Yang Kai knew that the energy which flowed here was even more mysterious and dangerous than the power which permeated the Starry Sky, it appeared he had still underestimated it.

Yang Kai hastily used all his strength to resist the ravages of the storm.

With his skin cut open, blood flowed out freely, covering Yang Kai in a layer of red and gold, while a profound and mysterious strength seeped into his physique.

A look of shock filling his face, as Yang Kai had to endure an aching pain all over his body and quickly investigated.

The strength which had seeped into his pores was obviously Void Energy, the basis of the method he used to tear space.

More and more Void Energy poured into his body and gradually reached a concentration that even Yang Kai felt was unbearable. It felt as if he was being sliced open from both inside and outside by a million tiny blades.

Moreover, because it was Void Energy that was tearing into him, Yang Kai’s entire figure had become somewhat intangible.

Yang Kai clearly knew that his hands and feet were right in front of his eyes, but because of the constantly twisting space around him, Yang Kai mistakenly felt like his limbs had actually spread out over a vast distance.

Not daring neglect, Yang Kai immediately shouted in a low voice, “Devil Transformation!”

Rich and pure Demonic Qi gushed out from his Unyielding Golden Skeleton and transformed into exquisite Demon Crests that covered Yang Kai’s skin before they sank into his physique and disappeared.

In an instant, Yang Kai’s vitality and physical strength rose madly along with his momentum and aura.

The pain which had just been unbearable suddenly became much lighter.

Gently breathing a sigh of relief, Yang Kai spread out his Divine Sense once more and began exploring this explosion of Void Energy while simultaneously allowing his body to bathe in and forcibly remember it.

Time had never passed so slowly, but gradually, Yang Kai noticed some subtle yet extremely gratifying changes in his perception.

The seemingly random movements of the void turbulences around him now, in Yang Kai’s perception, showed some faint semblance of order, allowing him to vaguely grasp their ebb and flow.

Yang Kai grinned happily and continued to maintain his current state, constantly trying to comprehend the mysteries of The Void through the Void Energy which flowed in and around him.

After what seemed like an eternity, yet for all Yang Kai could tell might have only been a fleeting moment, the Void Storm finally passed and everything became calm once more.

Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes and was surprised to find the originally chaotic yet empty Void before him was now filled with a near infinite number of faint points of light, almost like a beautiful starry sky.

Sweeping these points of light with his senses allowed him to read some subtle information from each.

Yang Kai brow wrinkled slightly as he continued to carefully examine these points, and as he gradually comprehended what each of them was trying to convey to him, his heart filled with excitement.

Focusing all his attention on one particular point of light, Yang Kai saw a palatial mountain peak appear in his mind. The mountain peak soared several thousand meters into the sky and was surrounded by many others. Its most distinguishing feature though was a great waterfall which fell into a river that ran beside a cave which led into its inner depths.

Immersing himself in this image, Yang Kai felt almost as if he was floating mid-air, overlooking this familiar mountain.

Serene Resplendent Peak!

It was his Fei Yu Martial Aunt’s private residence and the place he was currently cultivating.

Stretching out his hand, Yang Kai tore space at that point of light and stepped through.

Looking back, Yang Kai found himself standing inside a great forest bathed in beautiful and refreshing spring like sunlight with the sounds of a great waterfall pouring roaring in his ears.

Yang Kai immediately flew up into the sky and scanned his surroundings, barely able to contain his excitement.

Taking in everything around him, Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a loud, hearty laugh!

The scene before his eyes, when seen from high above, was almost exactly the same as the one he had perceived from the point of light inside The Void.

“So that’s how it is!” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, so excited he wanted to throw his head back and let out a roar.

Today, he had finally, truly grasped the mystery of tearing space and no longer had to worry about losing his way and randomly appearing somewhere within a few hundred kilometers when leaving The Void.

Now, as long as he wanted to, he could roughly determine the direction and position he wanted to go.

Using his body to directly feel the mysteries of The Void had really paid off.

If he had known this method was feasible, Yang Kai would have long ago tried it instead of wasting so much time trying to slowly puzzle through this mystery.

Half-way up the mountain, a pretty figure swiftly flew over, seemingly alarmed because of all the noise Yang Kai had been making, wanting to investigate what was happening.

As she drew near Yang Kai who was still floating mid-air and laughing happily to himself, Fei Yu couldn’t wearing a strange look, placing her jade white hand onto her forehead to block the sun’s rays as she looked up and shouted, “Little Martial Nephew, weren’t you in retreat? What did you come out here to do?”

Upon hearing her voice, Yang Kai quickly looked over and smiled, “I thought I’d come out and take a walk today.”

“You came out?” Fei Yu frowned, “How come I didn’t notice?”

She too had been inside the mountain cave but had not noticed Yang Kai come out of the secret room, so naturally she was somewhat confused.

“Martial Aunt probably just missed me,” Yang Kai said casually.

Fei Yu didn’t ask anything more and instead just swept her eyes up and down Yang Kai a few times, seeming examining him with great interest, pursing her lips as she lightly said, “Little Martial Nephew, don’t you think there’s something a bit ‘off’ with you right now?”

“Something off?” Yang Kai frowned, not knowing what she was talking about.

“Little boy, your stature is quite good…” Fei Yu expressed her admiration, her fair white neck gradually blushing slightly, her pair of beautiful eyes staring at him appreciatively, “I never noticed underneath your clothes held such a treasure…”

Yang Kai’s stupidly grinning face immediately went black as he suddenly realized what she was talking about, his figure flickering in the next instant as he dove into the pond beneath the nearby waterfall.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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