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Martial Peak Chapter 844

Chapter 844 - Sly Little Bastard

Chapter 844: Sly Little Bastard

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

After inspecting him for a while, Fei Yu’s furrowed brow slowly relaxed as she shook her head lightly, “There doesn’t seem to be any problems. Your True Qi is both pure and vigorous, not any worse than your Martial Aunt’s; however, just to be safe, we should get Cang Yan and them to check you out as well.”

Saying so, she sat herself back down and stared at Yang Kai curiously, “What exactly have you been up to these past few years? Since we parted back at Floating Clouds City, there’s been no news from you at all!”


Yang Kai had just opened his mouth when Fei Yu suddenly interrupted, “Hold on a moment, Cang Yan and them will definitely want to hear this as well. I’ve already sent them a message so they should be here soon. You’d best be prepared though, those three smelly men all said they were going to teach you a lesson for the trouble you’ve caused.”

“Ah… en,” Yang Kai scratched his head, closing his lips, sitting up somewhat straighter on the stone bench.

Seeing his awkward appearance, Fei Yu didn’t feel like pressing the issue again and instead just lazily rested her cheek on her palm while grabbing a piece of spirit fruit to chew on as they waited.

After less than the time it would take to boil a cup of tea, the sound of footsteps echoed from outside.

“They’re here,” Fei Yu smiled faintly, sitting back comfortably as if she was preparing to watch a good show, her beautiful pupils flashing an interested light.

It seemed she was quite looking forward to how Cang Yan and the others would tidy up Yang Kai.

Yang Kai expression became somewhat dignified as he sat up straight, staring towards the entrance.

After a moment, three figures rushed in simultaneously; obviously, it was Cang Yan, Li Wan, and Fei Jian.

As soon as they entered, Li Wan shouted, “I heard that little bastard is back?”

Cang Yan also wore an austere expression, as if anticipating a coming storm while Fei Jian’s fingers were lightly rubbing, a dangerous aura pulsing from their tips.

Three pairs of eyes immediately locked onto Yang Kai.

In response, Yang Kai jumped to his feet and let out a hearty laugh, “Several Martial Uncles, congratulations on breaking through to the Saint Realm! It is really the great fortune of my Soaring Heaven Sect. With several Martial Uncles’ great strength, you will surely soon become famous throughout the world! Congratulations indeed!”

Fei Yu was startled by this sudden outburst, but soon wore a wry grin as she muttered under her breath, “Sly little bastard!”

The three men couldn’t help glancing around at each other as cramped smiles appeared on their faces. Although they had said they would teach Yang Kai a good lesson, that was only because of all of the worries he had caused them. Now seeing Yang Kai safe and sound, how could they really get angry with him?

Hearing Yang Kai suddenly say these lines as well caused them to laugh dumbly despite themselves and shake their heads despite trying not to.

Moreover, all of them being able to break through to the Saint Realm was in large part due to Yang Kai’s efforts. If it weren’t for him condensing the medicinal liquid of the Thousand-Year Demon Flower, even if Cang Yan and the others could still make this breakthrough, it would have taken them many more years, possibly even decades.

“Little brat!” Cang Yan’s serious expression melted away like a snowflake under the sun, a big grin soon replacing it as he heavily patted Yang Kai’s shoulder and looked him up and down, nodding as he said, “Good good good, two arms, two legs, and your head, seems everything is in place!”

“En, he actually looks more solid than before,” Li Wan also laughed.

Fei Jian narrowed his eyes slightly, “Your aura is also much denser.”

“It seems that you’ve grown up a lot outside these past few years. En, very good!”

His Martial Uncle had only offered some simple praise but Yang Kai could feel their deep sense of care towards him, warming his heart.

Fei Yu, on the other hand, waited for the three of them to finish their greetings before snorting lightly, “You three are also Saints now, yet you didn’t even bother to probe little Martial Nephew’s current cultivation?”

“What’s wrong with his cultivation?” Cang Yan frowned, releasing his Divine Sense and sweeping Yang Kai with it casually.

The next instant though, his eyes bulged as if he had just seen something impossible.

Li Wan and Fei Jian noticed this and also quickly checked Yang Kai, both of them soon showing similar expressions to Cang Yan.

Third Order Transcendent Realm!

This little Martial Nephew who had come from a remote backwater was now actually a Third Order Transcendent. His True Qi fluctuations clearly illustrated this.

“I remember when we left the Sect for Floating Clouds City, little Martial Nephew was only at the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary. Although after condensing the medicinal liquid of the Thousand-Year Demon Flower he broke through to the Transcendent Realm, it has only been five or six years since then, yet he has already grown to such a height. Cang Yan, you take a look to see if there are any problems with little Martial Nephew’s foundation,” Fei Yu quickly said.

Cang Yan expression quickly became serious as he began examining Yang Kai.

A moment later, he shook his head slowly, “Strange, very strange!”

“What’s strange?” Li Wan and Fei Jian asked somewhat anxiously.

“There’s no issue with little Martial Nephew’s cultivation. His foundation is very solid and the purity and density of his True Qi are almost no different from even our own.”

“Wha… how is that possible?” Li Wan exclaimed. Before going to Floating Clouds City, the three of them had only been Third Order Transcendents, yet now, Yang Kai had actually caught up with their cultivation at that time.

“If he didn’t obtain some incredible fortuitous encounter, it can only mean that little Martial Nephew… is an incredible Heaven defying genius!” Cang Yan’s eyes flashed as he stared at Yang Kai with great interest, “Little Martial Nephew, what exactly did you experience outside these past few years? “

“Oh, nothing much, I just casually walked here and there. As for fortuitous encounters, there were indeed a few things,” Yang Kai laughed wryly.

“Let’s hear it,” All four of the others in the room suddenly said curiously.

Yang Kai took a breath and, feeling slightly helpless, began to simply narrate what had happened to him these past few years. He didn’t dare mention the matters regarding Nine Heavens Holy Land and Dragon Phoenix Palace and instead emphasized his experiences in Ice Sect, the Mysterious Small World where he met the Sun Clan, and his time in the Demon Land. Listening to his story, his Martial Uncles and Martial Aunt couldn’t help revealing shocked expressions.

After Yang Kai finished his story, his four Seniors went silent for a long time.

Li Wan was the first to break the silence, sighing as he said, “You’ve certainly had many fantastical experiences. The Demon Land… Even we don’t dare venture into that place, it’s rumoured that there are powerful Demon Race masters everywhere, making it extremely dangerous for us Humans.”

“Oh right, little Martial Nephew, were you able to find the locations of those two Senior Sisters you were looking for?” Fei Yu’s beautiful eyes flashed, seemingly quite interested in both Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang.

“En, I already found one of them, she is currently cultivating in Ice Sect. As for the other, I am still uncertain of her exact whereabouts, but I believe I will be able to reunite with her soon,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Good, you must bring them to the Sect at some point after you find them. I must see what kind of charm your two Senior Sisters possess to let you never forget about them.”

“There will be a chance.”

“En, enough about these matters, little Martial Nephew returning to the Sect after so long is a great good fortune, we must celebrate!” Cang Yan suddenly shouted, shooting a sly glance over towards Li Wan and Fei Jian.

Li Wan and Fei Jian immediately understood his intentions and fervently expressed their agreement.

Fei Yu smiled bitterly and said, “You stinky men are just after your Great Aunt’s Thousand Safflower Wine! I knew it from the moment you all said you’d rush to my Serene Resplendent Peak. I’ll say this now, this is the last time! Out of consideration for little Martial Nephew’s face, I’ll let you each drink one bottle today, but if you dare try this again, Great Aunt here will go all out with you!”

The three of them laughed slyly and quickly began to prepare.

After drinking to their hearts’ content, Cang Yan and the others were dead drunk and stumbled out of Serene Resplendent Peak. Before leaving though, they told Yang Kai to pay a visit to the Ancestral Founder. Chu Ling Xiao was apparently also quite worried about him.

Yang Kai readily agreed.

Fei Yu was also incredibly drunk; her cheeks flushed a deep shade of red as her eyes so moist it seemed like they would squeeze out drops of water at any moment. Holding tightly to a big wine bottle, not caring the slightest for her sloppy appearance, she lay sprawled out across the stone table and was lightly snoring.

Seeing this all too familiar scene, Yang Kai shook his head helplessly and began cleaning up.

The next day, Yang Kai went to meet with Chu Ling Xiao.

Inside the same secluded room, Chu Ling Xiao sat atop his cushion quietly, as if he had not moved at all these past few years.

After seeing Yang Kai, Chu Ling Xiao smiled happily and lightly commented, “I heard from Cang Yan and those kids that you had reached the Third Order Transcendent Realm. Originally, this old master still had some doubts, but seeing you now, it appears to be true.”

“Disciple was just fortunate enough to encounter some opportunities; otherwise I would not have my current achievements.”

“You don’t need to be so modest, opportunities and adventures are another part of one’s strength; since you were able to meet them, the strength you gained also belongs to you.,” Chu Ling Xiao nodded lightly before narrowing his eyes ever so slightly as he stared at Yang Kai, “However, your aura is somewhat odd… Different from how it was previously. You now have an air of majesty around you that did not exist before! Curious, you are quite young and should not be able to exude such a lofty air. Just where did you acquire it?”

Yang Kai was stunned, not having expected Chu Ling Xiao to be aware of this.

The majestic and dignified aura belonged to the Dragon Emperor and was not strictly possessed by Yang Kai himself.

Before Yang Kai could answer though, Chu Ling Xiao waved his hand calmly, “This old master was just thinking out loud, you need not explain to me, everyone has some secrets that they don’t want others to know.”

Yang Kai laughed awkwardly before suddenly wearing a serious expression, “Right, Ancestral Founder, I have something I’d like to consult with you about.”

“En, go ahead,” Chu Ling Xiao nodded lightly.

“Ancestral Founder, have you constructed a Void Corridor before?”

“Oh?” Chu Ling Xiao smiled faintly, “How did you know?”

Yang Kai scratched his head and replied, “Ancestral Founder may have forgotten, but over on that side, inside High Heaven Pavilion, there is a Void Corridor which leads to a place about ten thousand kilometres away…”

“En, there indeed was such a thing,” Chu Ling Xiao thought about it for a moment before nodding, “En, I was the one who created that Void Corridor…. but that was not a result of my own skill, I only managed to create it by borrowing the power of an artifact.”

“Could Ancestral Founder speak about it in more detail?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.

Although Yang Kai could now tear space, he wasn’t able to determine where he reappeared, when he emerged from the void, he would simply appear somewhere in the surrounding several hundred-kilometre region.

If he ever found himself in a dangerous situation, this uncertainty would become a major issue.

However, if Yang Kai could determine where he would reappear, this tearing space method would become of great use to him.

It was for this reason, among others, that he wanted to consult with Chu Ling Xiao about these things.

“That artifact was something I had inadvertently obtained many years ago. Although I knew it contained a trace of the power of void, I had never been able to use it nor understand the mysteries it contained. When I fought with that Demon General, the two of us inadvertently stumbled upon a hidden Void Corridor entrance and travelled to your world. After killing that Demon General, I founded High Heaven Pavilion over there, but was unable to find my way back here!” Chu Ling Xiao revealed a reminiscent look, “I stayed in that land for a number of years before, out of desperation, pinning my hopes on that artifact. Unfortunately, after I managed to activate the artifact, although I successfully created a Void Corridor, it was one that could only convey an individual ten thousand kilometres away rather than one that could cross worlds.”

Saying so, Chu Ling Xiao showed a slightly exasperated expression.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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