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Martial Peak Chapter 846

Chapter 846 - Also Really Giving

Chapter 846, Also Really Giving

Outside, Fei Yu nearly doubled over as her giggling voice resounded like a silver bell.

Yang Kai felt like dying. He had just been so immersed in his comprehension of tearing space that he had even forgotten that all his clothes were shredded to dust in the Void Storm.

It was no wonder his Martial Aunt had been staring at him oddly.

From the pond down below, Yang Kai stuck just his head up above the surface, wiped off the dripping water from his face and shouted, “Martial Aunt, couldn’t you have said something a bit sooner?”

Fei Yu floated down and gently poked the top of his head, still having trouble controlling her laughter as she mischievously grinner, “What’s the matter, your Martial Aunt here is so much older than you. What point is there in acting so bashful?”

Yang Kai retracted his head back into the water somewhat, revealing just his helpless eyes.

In front of Fei Yu, Yang Kai really couldn’t fight back; if it had been any other woman so blatantly sexually harassing him, Yang Kai would have already taught her that there were some men she couldn’t provoke.

But Fei Yu was his Senior and Martial Aunt…

“But seriously, what were you doing here. How did you get all those scars?” Fei Yu’s gaze immediately became serious as she asked with concern.

It wasn’t just Yang Kai’s unusual choice of attire that had caught Fei Yu’s attention just now, she had also clearly seen his bare skin had traces of dried up blood all over it, apparently he had just suffered numerous serious wounds.

“Just a bit of an accident…” Yang Kai replied faintly.

Determining that Yang Kai truly didn’t have any issues, Fei Yu relaxed and let the issue drop, bursting into giggles again before shaking her head and flying back down.

Yang Kai scrubbed himself inside the pool for a while before donning a new set of clothes.

Upon returning to the cave, Yang Kai saw Fei Yu smiling towards him.

“That’s right,” Fei Yu suddenly said, “Have you gone to see Old Man Du yet? After you didn’t return for over a year, he began sending Mi Na over every now and then to inquire about you. Both of them seemed quite concerned about you.”

“Oh, then I should go have a look then,” Yang Kai nodded, “I’m free at the moment so I might as well go now.”

“Good, the earlier you go, the earlier you can return!” Fei Yu waved her hand, knowing that Yang Kai was still somewhat embarrassed to be here right now.

“I might stay there for a while. There’s some Alchemy problems I’d like to discuss with Old Man Du.”

Fei Yu shot him a glance before snickering, “Do as you’d like. After all, the last time you ‘went out for a while,’ you didn’t come back for six years!”

She thought that Yang Kai was just looking for an excuse to avoid her for a bit but in fact, Yang Kai real did want to get Old Man Du’s advice regarding some issues regarding Alchemy.

As for today, Yang Kai’s Alchemy abilities were quite high, almost on par with Du Wan’s, and with the help of the many profound Spirit Arrays he knew, Yang Kai even felt he wouldn’t lose to Old Man Du when it came to purely refining pills.

However, Du Wan had been immersed in this field for a very long time, so he would naturally have his own unique experiences and insights.

Such things could only be accumulated over time and were exactly what Yang Kai was currently lacking, making them extremely precious to him.

In order to free the Ancient Demon Clan from that Mysterious Small World, Yang Kai’s Alchemy technique still needed to improve. Thus, he was quite eager to find ways to promote his Alchemy technique.

If he could acquire the Ancient Demon Clan’s strength, there were many more things Yang Kai could accomplish.

Bidding farewell to Fei Yu, Yang Kai left Soaring Heaven Sect and flew off towards Grand Boulder City.

Two hours later, he touched down outside the city gates.

Upon arriving here, Yang Kai was surprised to find that the city seemed to be much livelier than before. There were many foreign cultivators coming and going, all seemingly in a rush.

Yang Kai shook his head and no longer paid any attention to such things as he walked straight towards the Alchemist Guild.

Just after Yang Kai walked into the Alchemist Guild, a young girl who couldn’t be older than fifteen with her hair done up in a pair of swaying twin-tails rushed over and intercepted him.

Although she was young and her figure had yet to fully mature, it was clear she would soon become a beautiful young woman, a fresh and pleasant sight to behold.

The little girl rushed straight up to Yang Kai and stopped him in his tracks, placing arms akimbo as she questioned, “Who are you? How can you just casually stroll inside this place?”

Yang Kai swept his eyes over her quickly and discovered that this little girl’s cultivation was respectable enough; actually having already reached the True Element Ninth Stage, slightly better than Sun Yu from Dragon Phoenix Palace when Yang Kai first met him.

“Who are you?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

Grand Boulder City’s Alchemist Guild branch should only have three occupants, Du Wan, Mi Na, and Mi Na’s master Ye Xiong.

Since when did such a small girl take up residence here?

“What business is that of yours?” The opposite party huffed as she stared back at Yang Kai, dissatisfied, “This is the Alchemist Guild, don’t you know? It’s not a place just any random person can enter.”

“Random person…” Yang Kai nearly choked. This little girl was neither very old nor very tall, but her attitude was by no means small.

“Hmph, you must be someone looking for Alchemy services from Old Man Du or Master Ye, right? If you want to request them to perform Alchemy, come back in a month. The schedules of the two masters are currently full,” The little girl said, clearing thinking herself quite clever for figuring this out.

“It’s so busy here?” Yang Kai was amazed.

“Naturally, many people come here to request Alchemy from the two Grandmasters,” the girl replied proudly, as if she was the one being requested for Alchemy services by these people, her eyes flashing in the next moment as she suddenly said, “If the grade of pill you need refined isn’t that high, I can help you.”

“You also study Alchemy?” Yang Kai looked down at her, suddenly becoming somewhat interested.

“En, naturally, you shouldn’t underestimate me just because of my appearance, I’m actually a Mysterious Grade Low-Rank Alchemist!”

“Oh? That’s quite impressive,” Yang Kai praised sincerely. So young yet already a Mysterious Grade Low-Rank Alchemist, it was a rare right indeed. On top of that, Yang Kai had never met this little girl before, so she must have only arrived within the last three to five years. She was probably a seedling Du Wan or Ye Xiong had come across and was now instructing in the Alchemic Dao.

Using only three to five years to become a Mysterious Grade Low-Rank Alchemist proved how high this little girl’s aptitude was.

Hearing Yang Kai’s praise, the girl suddenly smiled and no longer felt that this young man in front of her looked so bad, “How about it? I can help you perform Alchemy. At or below Mysterious Grade Low-Rank my success rate is eighty percent!”

“Eighty percent, very good, how much do you charge for your services?” Yang Kai asked, rubbing his chin.

“There’s no charge!” The girl replied quickly, “Old Man Du and Master Ye said that I should take every opportunity I get to refine more pills so there’s no need to offer me any compensation. En, well, of course, if you feel like paying me… I’m not going to refuse. En, actually, Alchemy is quite laborious, each time Wu’er performs Alchemy, she drips with sweat and becomes quite tired!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help chuckling as he nodded, “So your name is Wu’er?”


Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before taking out a batch of Heaven Grade and Mysterious Grade herbs from the Black Book space and handing them over to the little girl.

These herbs weren’t very high grade so they had almost no use to Yang Kai anymore, but they happened to be perfect for Wu’er to practice with in order to improve her Alchemy skills.

Yang Kai remembered when he first started practising Alchemy and all the struggles he went through to collect herbs and couldn’t help lending her a hand.

Wu’er’s eyes lit up as she quickly accepted the herbs and placed them into her Universe Bag.

“Help me refine a hundred pills with those,” After handing over the herbs, Yang Kai made a broad request.

“Good, with so many herbs, it should be enough,” Wu’er happily promised, “But a hundred pills will take some time, en, come back to me after one month and I should be able to hand them over to you!”

“Good,” Yang Kai nodded before taking out some Crystal Stones, “This is your reward!”

“You’re also really giving me…” Wu’er looked up at Yang Kai timidly, her hands gripping her floral print skirt, looking somewhat hesitant and embarrassed.

“Performing Alchemy is laborious and time-consuming, naturally I should compensate you.”

“Then… Wu’er won’t be polite,” Wu’er said, accepting the Crystal Stones as a giant smile blossomed on her face, suddenly feeling like the young man in front of her was much more cordial than Old Man Du or Master Ye, nodding happily as she declared, “En, very good, after one month, you can come here to accept your pills, I’m going to go start refining them now. You won’t be disappointed!”

Yang Kai gently nodded, smiling as he watched her run off.

Rushing forward to happily, Wu’er turned a corner and accidentally bumped into Mi Na, the latter quickly catching Wu’er just as she was about to fall before lightly scolding, “Little girl, how can you be so energetic every day?”

“Senior Sister, look, look!” Wu’er handed over the Crystal Stones she was holding, causing Mi Na eyes to flash as she asked, “Where did you get so many Crystal Stones?”

“There’s still more in my Universe Bag, that person gave me more than twenty pieces!”

“Who gave these to you?” Mi Na couldn’t help but frown.

“A young man… He said he wanted me to help him refine a hundred pills and that these Crystal Stones were my reward!”

“A hundred pills?” Mi Na was stunned, “What does he want so many pills for? On top of that, he actually asked you to refine them specifically?”

“En! The herbs are in my Universe Bag.”

Mi Na’s expression became sour as she snorted, “Must be some degenerate! That person is either blind or has some evil ulterior motive! Is he still in the guild?”

“I don’t know… he was here a moment ago,” Wu’er stared back at Mi Na in confusion, not understanding why her Senior Sister suddenly seemed unhappy.

“I’ll go take a look,” Mi Na said before running off.

Her Junior Sister was too young and was still in the process of learning Alchemy, if that person really wanted to find someone to perform Alchemy, he definitely wouldn’t have looked for Wu’er, she simply didn’t look reliable enough.

Mi Na instinctively thought that whoever this man was, he was trying to get close to Wu’er for some nefarious purpose.

A look of anger and righteous indignation upon her face, Mi Na was determined to confront this low-life and teach him that the Alchemist Guild was not to be trifled with.

But just as she reached the guild’s entrance hall, she saw a familiar figure standing around leisurely. Four eyes suddenly met and the slightly roguish looking young man grinned and called out, “Beauty, long time no see.”

Mi Na froze up as she stared at him foolishly for a moment before coming to her senses and exclaiming, “Yang Kai!”

As she called out, she rushed forward once more, this time with an excited smile upon her face though as she hurriedly asked, “Why you, did you finally come back?”

“En, I got back just a month ago.”

“Hmph, I thought you’d died out in the wood somewhere,” Mi Na grumbled, “Over the past few years, I’ve been sent by Old Man Du to Soaring Heaven Sect to inquire about your news many times, but there never was any.”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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