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Martial Peak Chapter 843

Chapter 843 - First Thing You Do When You Get Back

Chapter 843: First Thing You Do When You Get Back

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Yang Kai flew forward, swift as the wind and quick as lightning.

He crossed famous mountains and rivers with a joyful smile.

He had thought about going directly to Ice Sect to find Su Yan and bring her back to Dragon Phoenix Palace to obtain the Phoenix Empress’ inheritance, but he reconsidered soon after. If Su Yan was still in a state of frozen cultivation, going to see her now would only be a waste of time.

Also, he hadn’t returned to Soaring Heaven Sect for several years now. In fact, it had already been close to five or six years since he parted ways with his Marital Uncles and Martial Aunt back in Floating Clouds City.

Yang Kai felt that he should return to Soaring Heaven Sect, so he could at least inform his Martial Seniors and Ancestral Founder Chu Ling Xiao that he was alright.

Although he had been in Tong Xuan Realm for a number of years now, Yang Kai still didn’t have a place he felt a strong sense of belonging to; to him, even Soaring Heaven Sect was just the Sect the Ancestral Founder of the High Heaven Pavilion created.

His Martial Uncles and Martial Aunt were no doubt very good to him, but Yang Kai still found it difficult to feel a sense of intimacy towards Soaring Heaven Sect as he did with High Heaven Pavilion.

Regarding this world, he was simply a visitor.

The Central Capital and High Heaven Pavilion were his roots.

As such thoughts flashed across his mind, Yang Kai couldn’t help wondering how all of his friends and family back there were doing, many of their faces flashing before his eyes as he continued on his way.

When he left the Central Capital, Yang Kai had told everyone that when the time was right, he would return and bring them over to this new world. Thinking about it now though, his words had been a bit irresponsible; currently, he didn’t even know how to get back to that world.

Although he was now able to tear space, the most Yang Kai was capable of accomplishing was to move a few hundred kilometres in a random direction, and after displaying this method two or three times, his Spiritual Energy would be completely drained.

This method could only be used in the most urgent of situations or when there was some danger he could otherwise not escape from.

After thinking over the issue for some time, Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly lit up, remembering that both Chu Ling Xiao and Shui Ling of Water Spirit Temple had both found their way over to that side. Perhaps if he consulted with them, he too could find a way to return home.

However, before then, Yang Kai still felt he first needed to improve his personal strength, and second, establish a force he could control.

Otherwise, even if he brought his friends and family here, he wouldn’t be able to guarantee their safety.

The Ancient Demon Clan was a good choice!

Nine Heavens Holy Land was also an alright option. As for Dragon Phoenix Palace… Yang Kai wasn’t considering them for now. He would have to meet with Su Yan again before coming to any kind of decision about them.

Most importantly though was finding a site that could accommodate so many people.

Time unknowingly passed by and Yang Kai crossed a few tens of thousands of kilometres. Now, when he unfurled his Wind and Thunder Wings and used the Nine Heavens Divine Skill Flickering Heavenly Shadow, his speed could only be described as lightning quick.

Along the way, Yang Kai would stop at some towns in order to ask for directions until half a month later, he finally saw the endless Snow Mountain Range on the horizon and felt a faint yet familiar chill in the air.

He was almost there!

Soaring Heaven Sect was located just a thousand kilometres or so away from the Snow Mountain Range.

Two days later, Yang Kai finally returned to Soaring Heaven Sect.

Amidst the mountain valley surrounded by the Hundred Peaks Spirit Array, Yang Kai could see traces of cultivator activity. Smiling lightly, Yang Kai flew straight towards one of the peaks.

Arriving halfway up the mountain where a clear stream flowed, Yang Kai landed lightly next to a small cave.

Serene Resplendent Peaks!

This was the mountain peak which belonged to his Fei Yu Martial Aunt and was also the place where Yang Kai lived.

Walking into the cave, Yang Kai descended into the belly of the mountain. After several twists and turns, before he had even reached the living space, Yang Kai smelled a strong fragrance of alcohol.

Yang Kai’s face went black as he sighed, thinking that Fei Yu Martial Aunt was the same as always, completely addicted to wine; however, with such a thick fragrance in the air, Yang Kai really wondered just how much she had drunk.

A moment later, Yang Kai walked into the living space when suddenly a loud bang rang out nearby and a water curtain wrapped around him. This water curtain such a potent alcoholic fragrance that when Yang Kai unconsciously inhaled, he became slightly dizzy.

Hastily circulating his True Qi, Yang Kai quickly recovered from his drunken state.

From behind the water curtain, a jade hand shot out and accurately grabbed Yang Kai’s shoulder.

Yang Kai didn’t put up any resistance and simply let the jade hade catch him, waving his hand to cut open the water curtain in front of him and smiling as he glanced over, “Martial Aunt!”

Hearing this voice, the person behind the water curtain seemed startled and loosened their grip significantly.

Four eyes suddenly met. The beautiful pair of eyes flashed a deep sense of surprise as her drunken face exuded a different kind of brilliance.

On the other hand, Yang Kai’s smile suddenly stiffened and he quickly shifted his gaze.

He had immediately found that his Fei Yu Martial Aunt had apparently just been bathing and, alarmed by his unannounced arrival, had only wrapped a thin bathrobe around her rich, enchanting figure. Even now, she was using one hand to hold this bathrobe so it would not slide off her wet body while her other hand was grabbing Yang Kai’s shoulder.

Her two long, slender, legs were completely exposed to the air while the deep valley between her full peaks glistened lightly and her long, wet hair cascaded down her fragrant shoulders, painting a captivating picture.

Yang Kai also thought he had briefly seen two delicate cherry coloured petals through the sheer bathrobe.

It seems he had picked the worst time to appear! Yang Kai thought to himself awkwardly.

Normally, no one would visit Serene Resplendent Peak. Even Cang Yan and the others would let Fei Yu know ahead of time before showing up, very much unlike Yang Kai who had just casually walked inside.

“I was wondering who would be so bold as to enter my home uninvited, it turns out it was you, you little brat!” Fei Yu grinned meaningfully, not only not releasing Yang Kai but instead dragging him towards her and putting him in a headlock, saying in a teasing tone, “Little Martial Nephew, after not showing up for so many years, this is the first thing you do when you get back? Don’t you think you’re acting a bit improper?”

Feeling an amazing elasticity on his back along with a pair of slightly more prominent bumps on his shoulder blades, Yang Kai hurriedly tapped Fei Yu’s arm and whimpered, “Martial Aunt, can you first let go of me?”

“Martial Aunt doesn’t mind, so what are you worried about? Are you afraid your Martial Aunt is going to eat you?” Fei Yu continued to tease, tightening her hold on Yang Kai, pressing her incredible capital even more onto his back as she breathed hot breathe across his ear.

“Martial Aunt must be joking…” Yang Kai pitifully cried out, feeling a sense of numbness spread from the base of his ear while unable to help his body from having certain other ‘reactions’.

Seemingly aware of this, Fei Yu let out a snort and finally released Yang Kai, directing a piercing stare at him with her pair of beautiful eyes, gritting her teeth as she complained, “Little bastard, have you had enough fun outside and finally remembered to return home?”

Yang Kai quickly sat down on a nearby stone bench and poured himself a glass of water, pretending to drink it calmly as he directed his eyes elsewhere, “Martial Aunt, can you wear proper clothes first before we talk? With you appearing like this, I feel somewhat uncomfortable!”

“Little hoodlum! You even have such a reaction to your Martial Aunt?” Fei Yu’s face blushed as she shot him a warning, “You sit right there and wait for me to tidy you up. If you dare move a single step from that spot, I swear I’ll chase you to the ends of the world and punch you black and blue!”

Saying so, her tender body flickered and disappeared.

Yang Kai finally breathed a sigh of relief, a look of helplessness filling his face.

His Fei Yu Martial Aunt really didn’t have the dignity a Marital Aunt should.

After a short wait, Fei Yu walked out again, this time fully, if not neatly dressed, a brilliant light flashing across her beautiful pupils as she smiled widely and sat down opposite Yang Kai, staring at him attentively.

“Heh heh, Martial Aunt, after not seeing you for several years, it seems you’ve become even more beautiful. A moment ago I didn’t have a chance to look closely but now that I do, it’s clear that you look even younger and radiant than before, just like a young woman in her prime!”

“Smelly brat, don’t think that by tossing out a few glib comments you’ll be able to appease your Martial Aunt!” Fei Yu quipped, the anger and frustration she had been suppressing for several years melting away.

Over the past few years, she had frequently inquired about and investigated into Yang Kai’s whereabouts but had never been able to discover anything. Naturally, this caused her a great deal of worry; after all, Yang Kai was from a remote backwater countryside and his strength wasn’t very high. When she last saw him in Floating Clouds City, he only had a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivation.

How could Fei Yu not be worried?

Not only was she concerned about his safety, his three Martial Uncles were also worried about him.

Each of them had vowed that if Yang Kai managed to return safely they would teach him a good lesson!

However, after seeing Yang Kai again, Fei Yu somehow couldn’t get angry and only felt like a big stone had finally been lifted from her chest.

After staring at her wayward Martial Nephew for a moment, Fei Yu’s expression suddenly became solemn and quickly released her Divine Sense. Carefully probing Yang Kai, a look of shock appeared on her face as she couldn’t help covering her mouth and exclaiming, “Little Martial Nephew, what is your current cultivation?”

Although she could already tell, she simply couldn’t believe it.

“Third Order Transcendent!”

“You’re really a Third Order Transcendent?” Fei Yu leapt up and immediately arrived beside Yang Kai, grabbing his wrist and sending a thread of her own True Qi and Divine Sense into Yang Kai’s body to examine him in finer detail.

While she probed him, she asked nervously, “You haven’t cultivated some kind of forbidden Secret Art, right?”

Yang Kai laughed dumbly and shook his head, “No. Also, such Secret Arts are only effective at rapidly increasing one’s realm during the early stages, how could they continue helping someone in the Transcendent Realm?”

Listening to him, Fei Yu nodded slightly in agreement.

Forbidden Secret Arts were ones that defied the natural order and went against the Heavenly Way. There were actually many such Secret Arts in this world, and cultivators who were blinded by power often chose to cultivate them, allowing them to grow rapidly early on. However, the higher the realm they reached, the weaker they became and the harder it was for them to advance due to the many hidden dangers in their foundations.

Before reaching the Transcendent Realm, so long as one had high enough aptitude, given the quality of Secret Arts and resources available in Tong Xuan Realm, it was not difficult to rapidly grow. For example, Shui Ling had already reached the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary before she was even twenty years old.

Such cultivation at such an age back in the Central Capital was simply extraordinary. At the time, even Yang Kai had no choice but to admit his inferiority.

Such young geniuses were common in Tong Xuan Realm.

Nevertheless, after reaching the Transcendent Realm, breaking through each minor realm was accompanied by great difficulties. Some people spent several dozen years just to break through a single minor realm, many not ever being able to advance for the rest of their life.

Fei Yu’s aptitude was also quite good, but even she took six or seven decades to cultivate from the Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary to the Third Order Transcendent Realm, and she had remained in the Third Order Transcendent for another thirty or forty years after that before breaking through to the Saint Realm.

Counting strictly, Fei Yu was now over a hundred years old!

However, with such a formidable cultivation base and by using certain youth retaining techniques, she still had the appearance, and temperament, of a young woman.

When Yang Kai went to Floating Clouds City with her in the past, he was only a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator, but today, after only five or six years, he had actually become a Third Order Transcendent.

This kind of cultivation speed was simply too terrifying.

Fei Yu was understandably worried he had taken advantage of some dubious method to achieve this.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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