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Martial Peak Chapter 842

Chapter 842 - Phoenix Lake

Chapter 842– Phoenix Lake

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

The Phoenix Nest was located not far from Dragon Valley, and Yang Kai was very curious what it was like, but he soon learned that it was actually just a jungle.

From above, the jungle itself though appeared to be shaped in the form of a great flying phoenix.

The jungle was comprized completely of a single species of ancient trees, all of which had grown to an enormous height after untold centuries of time.

Phoenix Nest was very different from Dragon Valley in that the latter was only approachable by the Dragon Emperor, no one else could even enter. Once an outsider tried to approach, they would be pushed away by an invisible force.

Phoenix Nest, on the other hand, hadn’t shown any kind of abnormal reaction for many years. It was as if it was just another ordinary jungle. There were even many disciples of Dragon Phoenix Palace who would come here to have romantic trysts.

However, after the Dragon Emperor had reappeared, Chen Zhou had listed Phoenix Nest as a restricted area and banned anyone from getting close.

When Sun Yu told Chen Zhou about wanting to visit Phoenix Nest, the latter was more than happy to comply as he thought Sun Yu was making preparations for the return of the Phoenix Empress. As such, Chen Zhou immediately sent a number of masters to escort Sun Yu to Phoenix Nest.

Arriving at the edge of the jungle, Sun Yu made up an excuse to have his Transcendent Realm escorts wait outside before he alone entered Phoenix Nest.

Sun Yu’s status was completely different now, so these Transcendent Realm masters didn’t dare disobey him. All of them had been among the people who witnessed Yan Zhi’s death, so they were well aware of what kind of power the Dragon Emperor possessed and were naturally not worried about Sun Yu’s safety.

Not long after walking into the jungle, a figure flashed and Yang Kai appeared beside Sun Yu.

“This is Phoenix Nest?” Yang Kai glanced around and asked curiously.

“En,” Sun Yu nodded, quickly explaining the details of Phoenix Nest.

Yang Kai listened attentively while not saying anything, simply walking forward in a certain direction.

Yang Kai felt that there was something in this Phoenix Nest that was calling out to him, causing the Golden Dragon tattoo on his back to become more active and give him a strange tingling sensation.

After explaining what he knew, Sun Yu cleverly and silently followed behind Yang Kai.

After walking for quite some time, the two suddenly emerged from the jungle and saw a small lakefront of them.

This lake was filled with clear, sparkling water but it was impossible to see very deep into it, much less find its bottom. The lake seemed to be covered by a strange and mysterious power. Standing on the shore and looking down, Yang Kai couldn’t help raising his brow slightly.

He found that there was a kind of hazy reflection in this lake, one of a majestic phoenix. It seemed real yet illusory all at once.

“This is Phoenix Lake. It is named so because of the inexplicable reflection that appears to be a phoenix; however, many people have dove down and investigated its depths over the years yet none of them found anything special,” Sun Yu explained casually.

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Yang Kai knew that some mysterious places would only respond when a specific person appeared. Except for that particular person, no one would be able to discover anything, even if they possessed incredible strength.

Standing on the shore of the lake, the Golden Dragon tattoo on Yang Kai’s back began swimming even more quickly, and there was even a feeling like it would rush out at any moment.

Gently taking a breath, Yang Kai did not suppress it any longer.

A moment later, along with a great dragon roar, the Golden Dragon tattoo leapt from Yang Kai’s back and manifested itself.

However, the current Golden Dragon was quite different from the one which had appeared that day in front of Yan Zhi. The current Golden Dragon was only five meters in length.

After rushing out of Yang Kai’s body, it swam a few circles through the air before plunging towards Phoenix Lake.

The lake surface rippled for an instant and then the Golden Dragon disappeared.

Sun Yu was excited as he carefully observed this scene.

Throughout Dragon Phoenix Palace, only he was aware of Yang Kai, the Dragon Emperor’s, secret. Furthermore, only he had been training by none other than the Dragon Emperor himself. This was something he naturally took pride in. Now he was about to witness the appearance of the Phoenix Empress’ inheritance. How could Sun Yu, as a disciple of Dragon Phoenix Palace, not be excited?

Sometime after the Golden Dragon disappeared into Phoenix Lake, the water’s surface became unsettled, as if there was some great energy rising up from its depths.

As the ripples spread, the phoenix image in Phoenix Lake began to twist and distort. If one were to stand back and observe from a distance, it would look like this illusory phoenix image was actually flapping its wings as it soared upwards from the bottom of the lake.

A tiny wisp of light suddenly fluttered over and sunk into Phoenix Lake.

After the first, a second came, then a third. Soon hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of these wisps began flying over, each one containing a mysterious yet profound power!

Yang Kai and Sun Yu were stunned by this sight, both of them quickly looking around, trying to determine where these wisps had come from.

The pair soon discovered that these wisps of light were actually flying over from the trees which Phoenix Nest was comprised of. When they had come here though, Yang Kai had not found anything unusual about these trees, so this development was quite shocking even to him.

Throughout Phoenix Nest, innumerable wisps of light were being released, just like a swarm of fireflies. These wisps rushed out of the jungle and quickly gathered towards Phoenix Lake.

The Transcendent Realm masters who were waiting outside Phoenix Nest also stared at this scene with wide eyes, unable to control their shock and excitement.

Even Chen Zhou, who was busy handling various affairs in Dragon Phoenix Palace, also quickly stared in the direction of Phoenix Nest upon noticing this development.

The Dragon Emperor had reappeared, and now Phoenix Nest had also begun showing remarkable changes. Clearly, the Phoenix Empress would soon also present herself.

The matters he was handling weren’t of vital importance so Chen Zhou immediately dropped them and soared off in the direction of Phoenix Nest. In Dragon Phoenix Palace, none of the other masters had any mood to continue working on their own matters with such an important event suddenly taking place, all of them quickly chasing after Palace Master Chen, heading towards Phoenix Next so they could witness the reappearance of the Phoenix Empress’ inheritance.

On the shores of Phoenix Lake, Yang Kai waited quietly while Sun Yu stared fixedly at the glowing wisps as they fell into the lake. It was as if he found himself in some fairyland, unable to extricate himself.

Sitting on the shore of the lake, Sun Yu clearly felt that the energy in the surrounding region had undergone a tremendous change.

There was a strong sense of majesty pulsing from the bottom of the lake, and it was growing stronger by the breath.

After what seemed like both a long yet short time, all the wandering wisps sank into Phoenix Lake. At that moment, the hazy phoenix reflection in the lake seemed to come alive and its wings began to flutter more and more quickly.

Suddenly, the lake seemed to explode and water shot up into the sky.

Amidst the great splash of water, a Golden Dragon and a blue Ice Phoenix appeared together.

A thunderous dragon roar and piercing phoenix cry resounded through the Heavens, the former resonant, the latter piercing, the two sounds mixing together and spreading out seemingly endlessly.

Yang Kai grinned as he stared up at the magnificent scene before him.

Similar to the True Dragon in legend, the Phoenix was another sovereign of the Monster Race, a supreme existence capable of reaching the Ninth-Order.

At this moment, the dazzling scene of a dragon and phoenix was on display. The Golden Dragon swam happily through the sky while the Ice Phoenix quietly floated atop the lake, its pair of bright eyes revealing an intelligent light, seeming to observe Yang Kai, carefully scrutinizing him.

A moment later, Ice Phoenix cried out lightly in a satisfied tone.

After letting out this cry, the Ice Phoenix suddenly trembled and its body transformed into a million wisps of light that scattered about and quickly disappeared.

Phoenix Lake became calm once more and the Golden Dragon flew back and returned to Yang Kai’s body.

Yang Kai closed his eyes at that moment and sunk into a state of contemplation and reflection.

The inheritance here was Su Yan’s, but she was currently in Ice Sect. He would have to go meet with her first before bringing her here to obtain what belonged to her.

Seeing Yang Kai not moving, Sun Yu also waited quietly, not daring to disturb him.

A while later, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes and said, “Sun Yu, I need you to do me a favour.”

Sun Yu immediately wore a serious look and replied, “Please speak freely Senior Yang.”

“Make sure your Dragon Phoenix Palace carefully looks after this Phoenix Nest.”

“Please feel relieved Senior Yang, Sun Yu will certainly not let any harm come to this place.”


Sun Yu suddenly grinned and asked, “Does Senior already have someone in mind for this inheritance?”

Yang Kai gave him a stunned look and asked, “How did you know?”

“Senior’s aura just became very gentle, as if you were thinking about someone dear to you… If I am not mistaken, that person should be Senior’s companion.”

“Little brat, you’ve got good eyes,” Yang Kai laughed for a moment before nodding, “Good, things here have been settled, so I should make a move.”

“Ah, Senior, you’re leaving?” Sun Yu couldn’t help showing a hint of reluctance.

The achievements he had today were entirely thanks to Yang Kai. If it weren’t for him obtaining this opportunity two years ago, Sun Yu figured he would at best be an Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage cultivator, possibly even weaker, and his aptitude would be nowhere near as good as it was now.

With Sun Yu’s original aptitude, even if he cultivated diligently for his entire life, his limit would probably be the Transcendent Realm.

But now, he could clearly feel that it was only a matter of time before he broke through to the Saint Realm.

Such great fortune was bestowed to him by Yang Kai, causing Sun Yu to be eternally grateful.

“En, it’s about time I left. There are many things I need to attend to. Don’t worry, we’ll meet again in the future,” Yang Kai replied.

“En, then Senior must take care. Next time we meet, Sun Yu will not disappoint your expectations!” Sun Yu said sincerely as he cupped his fists, “Disciple will redouble his efforts to not bring shame upon Senior’s care and training!”

Yang Kai smiled faintly, no longer said anything, and simply flickered, disappearing in the next instant.

Staring off in the direction of Yang Kai’s departure, Sun Yu let out a low-spirited sigh before also turning around and departing.

After exiting Phoenix Nest, Sun Yu couldn’t help being shocked by the scene in front of him.

All the masters of the Sect had assembled here and were standing together with Palace Master Chen Zhou, waiting for Sun Yu.

After seeing Sun Yu come out from inside, all of them revealed looks of curiosity and expectation.

“Palace Master, Master…” Sun Yu cupped his fists.

Chen Zhou quickly returned the courtesy before hesitantly asking, “Lord Dragon Emperor, has the Phoenix Empress’ inheritance begun to materialize?”

The movements inside the Phoenix Nest had been witnessed by all of them so naturally the masters here had begun to speculate.

Sun Yu braced himself and replied, “En, somewhat.”

“You mean?” Chen Zhou was overjoyed.

“Er…” Sun Yu stammered for a moment before a thought flashed across his mind and he quickly stated, “There is no disciple in the Sect suitable to obtain the Phoenix Empress’ inheritance. Moreover, the time for it to be accepted by someone has not yet arrived.”

“Ah?” Chen Zhou suddenly became disappointed, anxiously inquiring in the next moment, “How long will we need to wait?”

Sun Yu shook his head, “This is a matter of fate, only the Heavens know. Even I cannot say.”

The ambiguity of his answer made Sun Yu feel somewhat uneasy, but upon glancing around, he saw that all of the Elders from the Sect actually wearing thoughtful expression, nodding lightly as if they seemed to think his casually made up statement made sense.

Secretly breathing a sigh of relief, Sun Yu relaxed and declared, “I must enter retreat. You don’t have to concern yourself about the Phoenix Empress’ matters, she will appear when the time is right.”

“En,” Chen Zhou quickly nodded, “Right, Lord Dragon Emperor, how should we handle Frozen Nether Cave Heaven? Please give us your decision.”

“Palace Master should so as you see fit,” Sun Yu replied with a bitter smile, how was he supposed to make a decision about such important matters?

Hearing this, Chen Zhou no longer asked anything and simply returned to Dragon Phoenix Palace alongside Sun Yu and the other Elders before preparing the best cultivation materials and resources and arranging a secluded area for the ‘Dragon Emperor’ to enter retreat.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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