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Martial Peak Chapter 841

Chapter 841 - Recovering

Chapter 841, Recovering

Dragon Phoenix Palace became extraordinarily lively and busy.

Frozen Nether Cave Heaven had invaded in force only to have one of its Saint Realm masters killed by the newly reborn Dragon Emperor, while the other lost his arm to Palace Master Chen Zhou.

When Chen Zhou and the other Elders returned in triumph, everyone burst into joy.

Never before had the Sect had so many reasons to celebrate.

Despite all the accumulated grievances, they had with Frozen Nether Cave Heaven, every time an incident came up, the cultivators of Dragon Phoenix Palace would be forced to swallow their anger and give way. Over the years, this had caused the disciples of Dragon Phoenix Palace to be unable to raise their heads in front of those from Frozen Nether Cave Heaven.

Every disciple of Dragon Phoenix Palace was quite hostile towards Frozen Nether Cave Heaven.

But this time, the enemy had suddenly launched a full scale invasion, sending out all of its masters, causing everyone to think today would be Dragon Phoenix Palace’s last day.

However, the end result was even more shocking.

From those who had returned from the battlefield, the disciples who had taken shelter inside the Sect learned that the reason for their unexpected victory was because of the sudden appearance of the Dragon Emperor.

And that Dragon Emperor was none other than Sun Yu, the youth who had become the most talked about disciple for the past two years!

The Golden Dragon that had soared into the air and displayed unmatched majesty had been witnessed by everyone who took part in the battle.

“The Sect’s chance to rise has come! Sir Dragon Emperor managed to kill that First Order Saint Yan Zhi with just an Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage cultivation, after a few years, I’m afraid he’ll be able to compete with even Third Order Saints!”

“En, en, when Sir Dragon Emperor was fighting that Yan Zhi, I saw him standing back, not taking action personally. The entire time, his face remained calm and relaxed, as if he never doubted he would emerge victorious.”

“Are you saying he didn’t even go all out?”

“Of course he didn’t, if he did, I’m afraid even that Bai Jing Chu wouldn’t have been able to escape.”

“Fierce! The Dragon Emperor’s inheritance is truly awe-inspiring! I also heard that when Sir Dragon Emperor entered the Dragon Valley two years ago, he was only a True Element Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator, yet after only two short years he had managed to reach the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage, such cultivation speed is simply astonishing.”

“I grew up with Sir Dragon Emperor… when we were children, I knew he was no ordinary person, now it seems I was right, hahahaha!”

“Really? Is there any inside news you can tell us?”

“Inside news… there is one thing, heh, but it’s useless to you.”

“Useless to us? Then who is it useful to?”

“To the girls of the Sect who haven’t yet selected a partner of course… I can tell you now; Sir Dragon Emperor doesn’t yet have a dual cultivation partner!”

“This… If any girl is able to catch his eye, wouldn’t she be able to soar from the branches and become a phoenix?”

“En en… Haven’t any of you noticed these days that many of our Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters have been frequenting the place Sir Dragon Emperor lives? Fortunately Palace Master placed him in a different palace, otherwise I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to get a moment’s rest!”


Inside Dragon Phoenix Palace, discussion and gossip ran rampant. The young disciples would gather together in groups big and small and talk at length about Sun Yu.

The world-famous Dragon Emperor was a supreme powerhouse that emerged from Dragon Phoenix Palace many centuries ago. It was because of the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress that the Dragon Phoenix Palace had become a force which was second to none in its prime.

It was a pity that after many years the inheritance was broken and the Sect had gradually declined.

But today, the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance had reappeared and everyone believed that the Phoenix Empress’ inheritance would not be far behind.

Of course, this all depended on the meaning of Sir Dragon Emperor; after all, it was up to him to choose a lifelong companion.

Palace Master Chen Zhou was busy for several days dealing with the aftermath of the war while Elder Ling Jian, for his great meritorious service of training such an outstanding disciple, was directly promoted to the post of Great Elder of Dragon Phoenix Palace, becoming second in authority only to Chen Zhou.

A giant luxurious palace in the heart of Dragon Phoenix Palace that was constructed of the finest stone and decorated with the most exquisite of carpets and carvings.

This palace was equipped with some kind of Spirit Array which made the World Energy aura within its halls extremely rich.

This palace was the residence which Palace Master Chen Zhou usually lived in, but it had been given to Sun Yu as his new home a few days ago.

Outside, numerous masters from Dragon Phoenix Palace were hidden in the dark, their auras carefully concealed as they served as guards, monitoring everyone who approached within a certain distance of the palace.

Although Sir Dragon Emperor had already displayed incredible might, he was still just a sixteen year old boy, so Chen Zhou couldn’t help worrying about his safety. For fear of him encountering some kind of accident, Chen Zhou had naturally deployed some defenses around Sun Yu’s residence.

A few dozen meters outside the palace, a large crowd of young girls was making noise.

Each of these girls was born beautiful and had been cultivated diligently by Dragon Phoenix Palace specifically for the male disciples to choose as dual cultivate partners.

Several dozen girls were scattered about outside, each of them showing different styles of beauty, making for a dazzling and eye catching display.

Sun Yu stood near one of the palace windows and stared out at this sight, glancing around at several of his pretty Senior Sisters who were wearing thin, highly exposing robes while casting coquettish looks towards him.

This display of ten thousand charms stimulated Sun Yu’s heart like a gentle and enticing caress, causing his pulse to race and his face to blush bright red. He wanted to look away but simultaneously felt incredibly reluctant to do so, only increasing the helplessness he felt.

After staring for a while, Sun Yu somehow forced himself to close his eyes, took a deep breath, and circulate his Secret Art to calm his mood.

“Who isn’t a bit loose when they’re young? If you want one of them, as long as you say a few words to that Palace Master of yours, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to arrange things for you,” Yang Kai suddenly called out.

Sun Yu was startled and immediately became embarrassed, blushing again as he said, “Senior must be joking, I don’t have any such ideas.”

“Then what are you thinking about?” Yang Kai smiled teasingly from his perch atop a nearby jade bed.

Sun Yu thought about it carefully before replying, “Everything this Sun Yu has today is all thanks to Senior Yang’s blessing, I simply don’t have such skill. If it were not for Senior insisting on concealing himself, I would immediately report everything to Palace Master. The Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters have all come here with high expectations of me, so if I was to really choose one of them under false pretenses, they would definitely be disappointed in the future. Right now, what I must do is become stronger, strong enough so that none of them will be disappointed becoming my partner, only then can I seriously consider such matters…”

Reaching this point, Sun Yu began scratching his head awkwardly and saying, “Moreover, I’m still young… Master said that I’m still maturing, constantly thinking about such things isn’t good for me.”

“Ha ha ha ha!” Yang Kai laughed heartily, nodding slightly, “Fair enough. Then you should focus on becoming strong so when you do find a partner, you have the strength to protect her.”

“Good, it is just as Senior has said,” Sun Yu nodded and earnestly before asking, “Have Senior’s injuries been restored?”

“Almost,” Yang Kai casually responded. He has been healing here for a few days now. Regardless of anything else, Yan Zhi was still a genuine Saint Realm master, so the damage Yang Kai received in battle with him would not be restored in a short amount of time; especially the giant wound on his abdomen which contained an amazing destructive power. It took Yang Kai quite some time to disperse the residual Cold Qi from the wound before he could focus on healing it.

Sun Yu still didn’t understand why Yang Kai had been hurt because from his perspective, Yang Kai had never shown up during that fight.

The truth though was the Golden Dragon fighting Yan Zhi was none other than Yang Kai himself.

After obtaining the true Dragon Emperor’s inheritance, Yang Kai was able to use the enormous energy contained within his Golden Dragon tattoo to assume the form of a dragon.

This was still a type of True Qi transformation, but it was simply too real, essentially no different from a flesh and blood Monster Beast.

Since it was Yang Kai’s first time using such a method, he had initially made himself too large and could not immediately adapt, causing him to suffer a lot during the opening moments of his battle with Yan Zhi.

If Yang Kai were to use this method again, he would be able to perform much better than before.

After transforming into the giant Golden Dragon, both his strength and defence grew substantially.

If this hadn’t been so, Yang Kai estimated that if he wanted to defeat or kill a Saint, he would have to use his Devil Transformation.

Third Order Transcendent was just a stone’s throw away from First Order Saint, but ultimately it was not the Saint Realm.

Yang Kai had gained greatly from his battle with Yan Zhi; at the very least, he confirmed that it was not a problem for him to kill a First Order Saint with his current cultivation.

As for Second-Order Saints, such experts were quite rare, and Yang Kai couldn’t make any judgements without actually fighting one first.

While he was recovering, Yang Kai was also reminiscing about the bloody battle, examining his mistakes and silently learning from them.

“Senior…” Sun Yu suddenly stammered, “From now on, what should I do? Palace Master and everyone else really believe I’m the Dragon Emperor!”

“Let them think so… This way you can obtain the best resources. I believe that with your current aptitude, it won’t be difficult for you to become formidable.”

“This… Deceiving Palace Master and Master makes me feel quite ashamed.”

“Don’t think too much about it,” Yang Kai knit his brow, “When the time comes, I’ll personally explain everything. For now, all you need to do is cultivate diligently.”

“Good,” Having obtained Yang Kai’s promise, Sun Yu relaxed. If the real Dragon Emperor came forward to explain, presumably Palace Master and his Master wouldn’t blame him, right?

“En, if I haven’t guessed wrong, it won’t be long before your Palace Master begins pushing you to pick a Phoenix Empress.”

The Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress re-emerging was the greatest wish of not just Chen Zhou, but all of Dragon Phoenix Palace’s ancestors. Now that the Dragon Emperor had appeared, Chen Zhou would naturally expect the Phoenix Empress to quickly appear.

Only when both of them appeared would Dragon Phoenix Palace truly be complete.

Chen Zhou had not stopped the young girls from coming here, probably thinking it would be best if one of them could win Sun Yu’s favour.

Listening to Yang Kai, Sun Yu became nervous again, “What should I do?”

Yang Kai laughed dumbly and simply said, “Just reject them all. You’re now the Dragon Emperor, Chen Zhou wouldn’t dare ignore your opinions. Just tell him you want to focus on cultivating for now!”

“Good idea!” Sun Yu nodded. As long as he entered secluded retreat and did not emerge for a few years, he could really become powerful enough to no longer feel embarrassed.

“I need to take a look at your Phoenix Nest, lead me there,” Yang Kai then said.

“Good… but Palace Master will definitely not let me go alone.”

“That’s fine, they won’t be able to find me,” Yang Kai smiled.

Sun Yu no longer said anymore and quickly went out to arrange it.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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