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Martial Peak Chapter 840

Chapter 840 - Little Brat, You’ve Got Good Prospects

Chapter 840, Little Brat, You’ve Got Good Prospects

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

If Yan Zhi had ever been to Nine Heavens Holy Land or had ever met the old Holy Master, he would have immediately recognized these two Martial Skills.

Imprisoning Heaven Chain and Heaven Punishing Spear.

Two of the Nine Heavens Divine Skills.

The former was not only capable of binding the physical but also the spiritual while the Heaven Punishing Spear was unmatched when it came to killing potential.

Yan Zhi had no idea just how fearful these two Divine Skills were and had thus not paid enough attention to the Imprisoning Heaven Chain surrounding him. When he unintentionally brushed it, his Soul received a jolt, causing his thoughts to become dulled and his movements to become sluggish.

Entangled by chains and pursued by the spear, Yan Zhi immediately found himself in a dangerous predicament.

Yan Zhi continued moving about, but he couldn’t escape from this encirclement and began growing anxious. Just as Yan Zhi was feeling pressured, the now shrunken Golden Dragon once again took action, sending out another beam of burning hot golden energy. Yan Zhi cried out as he quickly pushed his True Qi to resist. In an instant, Yan Zhi’s hastily constructed True Qi defences were broken through and burst open.

Two Golden Dragon claws stretched out suddenly, piercing into either side of Yan Zhi’s chest and immediately beginning to pull in opposite directions.

Yan Zhi’s eyes went bloodshot as he felt the aura of death approach, understanding that he would not be able to escape from this calamity and screaming, “Don’t think it’ll be that easy!”

Madly pushing his True Q, Yan Zhi abandoned all defence and sent out a flurry of attacks towards the Golden Dragon.

Seemingly having expended all of his energy in this last desperate attack, Yan Zhi snickered before his aura suddenly deflated and his body lost all strength.

Dark red blood mixed with golden radiance sprayed everywhere as a deafening dragon’s roar echoed throughout the sky.


Yan Zhi body ripped in two and his blood and organs splattered out. A terrifying scene to behold.

The cultivators who heard the thunderous dragon roar looked up just in time to see this bloody picture.

“Sect Master died?” The masters from Frozen Nether Cave Heaven stared dumbly towards the scattered flesh and blood falling down from above, all of them instantly becoming absent-minded, as if they were unable to accept such a result.

Less than an hour ago, Yan Zhi had fearlessly led them to invade Dragon Phoenix Palace, declaring that they would seize the brat who had obtained the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance and bring him back to Frozen Nether Cave Heaven to use for their own benefit.

But now, Yan Zhi had been literally torn in half by the Golden Dragon which had suddenly appeared.

A master who has reached the Saint Realm had actually died so miserably!

Throughout all of Tong Xuan Realm, there were not many masters who had reached such a height and each of them had cultivated diligently for at least one or two hundred years to have such achievements. Each of these masters possessed shocking methods and exceedingly high ability, not to mention various life saving cards, so over the years, there were very few Saints that actually died in combat.

At the very least, none of the cultivators from Dragon Phoenix Palace or Frozen Nether Cave Heaven had ever seen it in front of their eyes.

But now, such a scene that was hard to fathom, was playing out in front of them.

There were only two Saint Realm masters in Frozen Nether Cave Heaven; one of them had just died, and the other was currently being suppressed by Dragon Phoenix Palace’s Palace Master. Seeing this, the masters from Frozen Nether Cave Heaven all lost their fighting spirit, causing their momentum to plummet.

The dozen meter long Golden Dragon let out another great roar towards the Heavens, seemingly venting the pain from its wounds while also putting on a demonstration of its might.

Bai Jing Chu’s face went deathly pale and no longer dared to continue battling Chen Zhou.

Although he and Yan Zhi were both First Order Saints, he was still somewhat weaker than Yan Zhi. Witnessing Yan Zhi be killed by the Golden Dragon, Bai Jing Chu understood he had no chance of victory here.

“Retreat!” Bai Jing Chu shouted, hastily withdrawing from his fight before turning around and fleeing.

“You think my Dragon Phoenix Palace is some place you can come and go as you please?” Chen Zhou sneered, chasing after Bai Jing Chu and sending out a powerful slash.

Blood splashed out and Bai Jing Chu disappeared into the distance, leaving behind one of his arms that soon burst into a blood fog.

Chen Zhou came to a halt, abandoning his pursuit as he panted for breath.

He had suffered some minor injuries before but because of the appearance of the Dragon Emperor’s power, he had pushed through the pain and fought on, now he was an arrow at the end of its flight.

The remaining Frozen Nether Cave Heaven masters saw Bai Jing Chu flee and no longer dared to remain, all of them panicking as they scurried away like a pack of stray dogs.

It wasn’t until now that Chen Zhou had time to take a good look at the Golden Dragon that symbolized the Dragon Emperor, his gaze filling with a deep and solemn respect as he gazed upon it

However, Chen Zhou noticed something strange. After the Golden Dragon tore Yan Zhi in half, it became motionless, and its pair of giant eyes showed a thoughtful look, as if it was reflecting on the battle it had just fought, digesting the insights it had obtained.

Shaking his head, Chen Zhou convinced himself he was simply thinking too much.

A moment later, the Golden Dragon moved again, transforming into a stream of golden light as it shot towards Sun Yu then mysteriously disappeared.

At the same time, the light halo protecting Sun Yu and Ling Jian also withdrew.

Chen Zhou adjusted his expression and quickly dragged his tired body over to Sun Yu. But before he could say anything, Sun Yu respectfully cupped his fists and bowed, “Greetings, Palace Master!”

Ling Jian also hastily saluted.

Chen Zhou laughed heartily, “There’s no need for you to act so humble, you are now the Dragon Emperor of my Dragon Phoenix Palace, and it is I who should be saluting you. You acting so polite will only make things difficult for me.”

Sun Yu wore an awkward expression as he scratched his head, not knowing what he should say, causing his face to blush slightly.

Only he truly understood everything that had just transpired. A moment ago, he had only put in an appearance and said a few words, the one who actually killed Yan Zhi was Senior Yang, and it had nothing to do with him.

On top of that, Senior Yang had left his own artifact to protect him and his master during the fight.

Chen Zhou smiled brightly as he observed Sun Yu, liking him more with each passing moment, he was under the mistaken impression that this young Dragon Emperor was simply being humble.

“I must also thank Lord Dragon Emperor for rescuing this humble one’s life. If not for your prompt actions, I fear Ting Yi would have already…” Chen Zhou’s face showed a look of lingering fear. If not for the Silver Leaf protecting her at the last moment, Yu Ting Yi would definitely have been killed by Yan Zhi.

To Chen Zhou, Yu Ting Yi was his other half, the woman he shared life and death with, each of them regarded the other as more important than their own existence.

Sun Yu saving Yu Ting Yi had earned Chen Zhou’s heartfelt gratitude.

“It was only what I should have done…” Sun Yu kept waving his hand, the awkwardness and helplessness he felt only growing stronger.

Seeing the young boy’s shy appearance, Chen Zhou smiled and nodded, “Lord Dragon Emperor has just experienced a difficult battle and must be very tired. Elder Ling, escort Lord Dragon Emperor back to the Sect so he may rest, I will remain here to finish processing the battle’s aftermath.”

“Yes!” Ling Jian quickly and respectfully responded before leading Sun Yu back towards Dragon Phoenix Palace.

As he flew forward, Sun Yu kept glancing around, his expression cramping up slightly.

“Heh, Heh heh heh heh…” Ling Jian suddenly burst into a fit of laughter.

“Master, what are you laughing about?” Sun Yu asked in a puzzled tone.

“Smelly brat, you’ve got good prospects… You actually managed to kill that Saint Realm master. I thought we were dead for sure this time,” Ling Jian didn’t treat Sun Yu nearly as respectfully as Chen Zhou had; after all, the two of them had a Master, disciple relationship. Ling Jian had essentially watched Sun Yu grow from infancy to today.

“Master… Let’s not discuss this matter anymore,” Sun Yu blushed.

“Good,” Ling Jian nodded quickly before solemnly muttering, “But the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance is really shocking. You can kill a First Order Saint Realm already, if you were to fully mature and become a Saint yourself, wouldn’t that mean you’d be unmatched in this world? By that time, my Dragon Phoenix Palace would be the most powerful force in Tong Xuan Realm. When that day comes, as your master I can definitely benefit from your fame.”

Ling Jian was essentially talking to himself out loud, his face showing a youthful exuberance unsuited to his age, as if he could already picture the wonderful picture Sun Yu would open up.

Sun Yu on the other hand just lowered his head and remained silent as he flew back towards the Sect with his shameless Master.

Back inside Dragon Phoenix Palace, the tense atmosphere had yet to fade. All of the Sect’s masters had gone out to meet the enemy so the only ones left were the young disciples and weaker cultivators. After seeing Sun Yu and Ling Jian return, these people quickly swarmed them and began asking what was happening.

Even Sun Yu’s suddenly emergence from Dragon Valley had been long forgotten by most.

Ling Jian immediately took advantage of his seniority and told the various disciples to disperse, only informing them that the Sect had achieved a great victory and that of the two Frozen Nether Cave Heaven Saint Realm masters, one was killed while the other had lost an arm before fleeing.

The disciples of Dragon Phoenix Palace grinned wryly at this story, none of them taking Ling Jian’s words seriously.

Although they weren’t very strong, they understood the gap between their own Sect and Frozen Nether Cave Heaven. The other side had two Saints while theirs only had one, how could such a result be possible?

Ling Jian didn’t bother explaining and simply brought Sun Yu back to their original residence and settled him in.

After Ling Jian left, Sun Yu breathed a sigh of relief, finally relaxing his strained nerves as he glanced around and called out, “Senior, Senior Yang…”

“Don’t shout, I’ve been following you the whole time,” A familiar voice came from Sun Yu’s side.

Sun Yu turned towards the source of the voice and quickly saw Yang Kai sitting on a nearby bed. Having not even noticed when Senior Yang had come in, Sun Yu was once again impressed by his powerful means.

Quickly getting up, Sun Yu respectfully bowed, “The great graciousness of Senior Yang rescuing my Sect today will never be forgotten by this Sun Yu. In the future, I will definitely repay this favour!”

Yang Kai simply waved his hand and replied somewhat lethargically, “So long as you don’t reveal my existence its fine.”

Sun Yu was startled upon discovering that Yang Kai was covered in cuts and bruises and that his clothes were filled with blood stains. Especially prominent was a great wound on Yang Kai’s lower abdomen where a faint cold aura still lingered, causing the blood which flowed out to quickly freeze.

However, what puzzled Sun Yu the most was the faint golden hue that came from Yang Kai’s blood.

“Was Senior injured?” Sun Yu asked with concern.

“Just some minor scratches!” Yang Kai shook his head, “As long as I rest for a while these injuries won’t be a problem.”

“How was Senior hurt?” Sun Yu was greatly confused. From beginning to end, he had not seen Yang Kai take action, all the young boy saw was the giant Golden Dragon fighting with Yan Zhi. Although the Golden Dragon suffered numerous wounds in the battle with Yan Zhi, what relationship did that have with Senior Yang?

Also, the big injury on Senior Yang’s lower abdomen corresponded to the injury the Golden Dragon had suffered.

Sun Yu had clearly seen when Yan Zhi condensed all of his Ice Qi into his arms and inserted them into that position on the Golden Dragon’s body.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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