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Martial Peak Chapter 839

Chapter 839 - Battling A Saint

Chapter 839, Battling A Saint

Twenty kilometres outside Dragon Phoenix Palace, a True Dragon appeared, bringing the heated battle to a halt.

Sun Yu, who was also in something of a trance, suddenly heard Yang Kai’s reminder in his mind and quickly composed himself, turning around and shouting towards Yan Zhi, “Today, this will be the burial place!”

As if responding to the young boy’s words, the dragon roared once more and shot forward like a great golden arrow straight towards Yan Zhi.

Yan Zhi didn’t dare to neglect and immediately summoned his Saint Grade Low-Rank artifact, the Profound Ice Sword!

When this artifact appeared in his hand, Yan Zhi’s momentum increased noticeably as an ice-cold chill pulsed from his body, matching the aura his Profound Ice Sword was giving off, the two seemingly merging into a single entity.

Before the Golden Dragon had even reached him, Yan Zhi swung his Profound Ice Sword, sending out a dazzling ray of frigid light from the Saint Grade longsword.

An ice-cold aura spread out from Yan Zhi’s location like a great winter storm had descended, causing the temperature within the surrounding thousand-meter radius to drop sharply.

The sword waves sent out from the Saint Grade Low-Rank artifact flew towards the Golden Dragon with imposing momentum.

The huge Golden Dragon did not make the slightest attempt to evade and crashed straight into the sword waves.

*Chi chi chi…*

Sparks flew as countless blades of icy Sword Qi landed on the dragon’s golden scales, but upon contact with the blazing hot aura, the Profound Ice Sword’s attacks all evaporated like droplets of water sinking into a raging inferno.

Seeing this, Yan Zhi’s eyes shrank as fear welled up in his heart.

Frozen Nether Cave Heaven specialized in Ice Attribute Secret Arts and Martial Skill, fighting a True Dragon which gave off such intense burning energy was like a mouse meeting a cat.

In this situation, Yan Zhi couldn’t even bring out eighty percent of the Profound Ice Sword’s full strength.

Yan Zhi also had other methods at his disposal but he didn’t dare to use them freely as, under the influence of the Golden Dragon’s burning aura, the power in his body no longer flowed smoothly, so the potential for backlash from failed execution of his techniques increased noticeably.

The True Dragon flew in front of him and opened its massive maw, causing Yan Zhi to shout and swing his long sword, sending out a giant blade of light towards the Golden Dragon.

His move just now had only been made in an attempt to buy himself enough time to escape. Facing a Ninth-Order Monster Emperor, Yan Zhi freely admitted he was not worthy to be its opponent; the majesty of the other party was simply inviolable, if he continued to entangle himself with it, he would definitely die.

In front of this monster, Yan Zhi felt like he was walking a fine line between life and death.

But how could he have imagined that his sword wave wouldn’t actually manage to block the charge of the Golden Dragon, or even freeze it in place for a moment?

Yan Zhi’s brow furrowed, feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

If this Golden Dragon really was a Ninth-Order Monster Beast, it would have been impossible for him to block it.

After examining it more closely, Yan Zhi discovered that although this Golden Dragon’s aura and imposing manner were indeed overwhelming, the pure strength within its body didn’t seem to match it.

The energy fluctuations Yan Zhi felt coming from this Golden Dragon were basically on par with his own, possibly even somewhat weaker.

Narrowing his eyes, Yan Zhi no longer tried to escape and instead began displaying one method after another to fight with this Golden Dragon.

Seeing the Dragon Emperor’s power re-appear in all its glory, Chen Zhou, who had been at a disadvantage in his fight with Bai Jing Chu, also felt inspired and quickly turned the tables on his opponent.

All the masters from Dragon Phoenix Palace were similarly roused, the original gloom in their eyes replaced with a near-fanatical brilliance. It was as if they could already picture their Sect’s bright future and were now fearlessly fighting back against the Frozen Nether Cave Heaven invaders, forcing them to retreat again and again in defeat.

Sun Yu, who was still protected within the Silver Leaf’s light halo stared out at the battlefield, clenching his fists as he silently cheered on the Golden Dragon.

In his heart though, he was feeling some slight confusion, wondering why Senior Yang had chosen to not show up in person but instead use the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance to confront the enemy. In his mind, with Senior Yang’s true ability, if he were to make an appearance, he would be able to easily beat Yan Zhi and the other invaders senseless.

Sun Yu’s vision and experience weren’t high, so he didn’t understand that Yang Kai was actually just a newly promoted Third Order Transcendent!

After a brief but fierce battle, Yan Zhi suddenly burst into laughter, “It turns out this giant worm is just mediocre, hahaha!”

When the Golden Dragon first appeared, Yan Zhi had really been frightened; after all, he was facing a legendary Ninth-Order Monster Emperor, but now he had determined that this Golden Dragon’s true strength was at best, comparable to his own. This meant that he had the power to resist it so he no longer held back, sending out a flurry of attacks, bombarding the dragon’s golden scales.

This Golden Dragon had apparently not fully matured and could only display strength equal to an initial stage Eighth-Order Monster Beast! Making this judgement, Yan Zhi calmed down.

The Profound Ice Sword emitted a chilly aura that collided head-on with the hot aura from the Golden Dragon. The two offset each other, creating a burst of fog that shrouded the entire sky, making it difficult for those standing at a distance to see anything but flashes of light coming from the battle.

Inside the layer of fog, as Yan Zhi and the Golden Dragon collided with each other over and over again, the former saw the later begin to show almost human-like expressions on its face.

Since a while ago, Yan Zhi had felt that instead of fighting a Monster Beast, he was fighting with another person!

As the battle progressed, Yang Zhi also discovered that this Golden Dragon’s movements were becoming sharper and more refined, as if it was rapidly becoming stronger, exerting more and more pressure on him.

Every time the incomparably sharp dragon claws slashed towards him, Yan Zhi had a misconception that they were tearing through space, causing cold sweat to trickle down his forehead.

His eyes flashing a cold light, Yan Zhi forcefully calmed himself and channelled his strength into the Profound Ice Sword, causing it to release a brilliant glow. In the next instant, at the tip of his long sword, Yan Zhi condensed a gigantic ice spike and sent it flying towards the Golden Dragon.

Facing this incredibly powerful and unavoidable attack, the Golden Dragon showed no fear, opened its giant mouth, and sprayed out a blazing hot golden beam of energy.


The two masses of opposite attribute energy collided with one another and exploded in a brilliant display of light, blinding everyone in the surrounding area.

The scorching hot energy beam won out in terms of purity and density though so after melting away the ice spike, its remaining momentum shot towards Yan Zhi unimpeded.

Yan Zhi’s look became flustered as he hastily tried to dodge when suddenly a taunting voice resounded in his mind. Startled by this unexpected communication, Yan Zhi’s movements stagnated as he turned a shocked look towards the Golden Dragon not far away.

By the time he came to his senses, it was too late for him to escape.

The beam of golden energy which was still powerful enough to cause the surrounding atmosphere to warp hit Yan Zhi head-on, causing the latter to release a pitiful scream. Hastily releasing a burst of Cold Qi from his body, Yan Zhi desperately tried to offset the damage caused by the burning energy.

A moment later, after leaping out from the golden energy beam, Yan Zhi’s breath was in disarray. Although he had not been fatally wounded, his beard and hair had been completely burnt away and he appeared distressed.

Turning his eyes back to the Golden Dragon, Yan Zhi glared at it with undisguised hatred.

The voice that had disturbed his concentration just now should have been transmitted to him by the Golden Dragon in front of him, causing him to suffer a blow he should have been able to avoid.

However, what bothered him the most was that the voice he heard was too human-like as though it was from a Monster Beast.

“I don’t care if you really are the Dragon Emperor! Since you dare injure me, today, you must die!” Yan Zhi shouted angrily as he tossed his Profound Ice Sword up into the air.

The long sword instantly transformed into a giant bizarre shaped Monster Beast in midair, comparable in size to the Golden Dragon itself, and launched itself towards and entangled the Golden Dragon.

A fierce dragon roar rang out as the hundred meter long Golden Dragon struggled violently, but was ultimately unable to escape the binding of the transformed Profound Ice Sword.

Yan Zhi took this opportunity to concentrate a bone chilling energy into his hands and close in, sending a vicious double strike towards the Golden Dragon’s belly.

The golden scales which had so far been impervious to any kind of attack could not prevent this and were directly broken, allowing Yan Zhi hands to sink deep into the Golden Dragon’s flesh before finally being.

When Yan Zhi pulled out his hands, a dark red blood mixed with golden radiance splashed out.

“Ha ha ha!” Yan Zhi laughed madly, since the battle had begun, this was the first time he had managed to hurt the other party, making him see hope of victory. Not waiting for the Golden Dragon to counterattack, he quickly fell back and taunted, “You think just because you have this massive build you’re invincible? Naive!”

Hearing these words, the Golden Dragon seemed to become completely irritated and its huge body actually began to twist and distort before rapidly shrinking down.

Upon doing so it immediately escaped from the Profound Ice Sword’s entanglement.

Yan Zhi was stunned once more; he had never heard of a Monster Beast being able to freely adjust the size of its body.

He knew about Monster Beasts that had achieved human form, but the scene in front of him exceeded his knowledge by far.

Not waiting for him to come to his senses, the now much smaller Golden Dragon shot towards Yan Zhi, swiping its razor-sharp claws towards him, causing his hair to stand on end.

Yan Zhi quickly discovered that although his opponent’s body size had shrunk, its imposing aura and momentum had not changed at all. What was worse though was after it had reduced its size, it had become faster and more agile.

Suddenly, a number of golden energy chains appeared beside the Golden Dragon before sealing the space around Yan Zhi, trapping him in place.

Simultaneously, a great golden spear appeared out of thin air, carrying with it a Heaven destroy power.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

In a blink of an eye, this spear seemed to leap across space and pierce towards Yan Zhi.

“Impossible!” Yan Zhi screamed, his vision was still quite good so he could naturally tell at a glance that whether it was the chains binding him or the imposing spear trying to impale him, both were extremely profound Martial Skills.

How could a Monster Beast display such exquisite Martial Skills?

With a great shout, Yan Zhi somehow managed to throw his body aside, narrowly avoiding the golden spear, but failing to escape from the chains surrounding him.

When he made his desperate dodge, Yan Zhi inadvertently contacted one of the golden chains and suddenly felt his body become heavy, as if a mountain was pressing down on top of his head; even his Soul showed signs of being imprisoned.

Although this feeling only lasted a brief moment, in a contest between two evenly matched masters, even the slightest of gaps could greatly affect the outcome of the fight.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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