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Martial Peak Chapter 808

Chapter 808 - Thunder Tree Palace

After some brief interaction, Yang Kai understood that although this Kuang Shi had achieved a high degree of sentience, like many of the Monster Race, he still mainly relied on his instincts.

After all, having evolved from Monster Beasts, this was understandable.

This kind of person showed everything they were thinking on their face and would change between happy and angry in an instant. If they felt that you were a good person, they would open up to you and trust you, if you weren’t pleasing to the eye though, they would not hesitate to attack.

Yang Kai actually felt that dealing with this kind of person was quite interesting.

So when he faced Kuang Shi, he didn’t try to put up any kind of front.

“Good, I’ll lead you to the Thunder Tree Palace, but whether Great Senior will see you is not something I can guarantee,” Kuang Shi hesitated for a long time before finally agreeing.

“Many thanks,” Yang Kai sighed with relief and knew that it was the approval of the other party.

Thunder Tree Palace… Although Yang Kai wasn’t familiar with this place, he simply assumed it was where the Monster Race Great Senior lived.

It was an imposing sounding name.

After agreeing to lead Yang Kai, Kuang Shi didn’t waste any time and immediately set off. Along the way he constantly warned Yang Kai to not play any tricks otherwise he would make him suffer.

Each time the subject came up, Yang Kai would promise to not cause trouble.

It wasn’t until now that Yang Kai realized just how vast the Beast Sea Jungle was, and as he flew forward he saw tens of thousands of Monster Beasts living here, from newborn cubs to the Monster Race masters that had achieved human form.

There were only a few Monster Race gatherings of this size throughout the entire Monster Domain and each one had their own Great Senior assuming command.

The Human Territory, Monster Domain, and Demon Land, were not equal in size. The Human Territory was the most extensive, followed by the Demon Land, then finally the Monster Domain.

This Beast Sea Jungle was a whole one-tenth of the entire Monster Domain.

If Yang Kai wanted to travel to Thunder Tree Palace from here, it would take at least three days.

Three days one way meant a six day round trip. While this wasn’t a short amount of time but it also wasn’t too long, so Yang Kai didn’t rush, calmly flying forward, following behind Kuang Shi as he appreciated to sights of the Beast Sea Jungle.

Under his Divine Sense’s exploration, Yang Kai discovered numerous types of rare ores, spirit grass, and spirit medicines which were simply growing wildly in the jungle, no one even attempting to mine or harvest them. Occasionally, some Monster Beasts would directly eat some of the spirit herbs like a cow chewing on grass. Seeing this, Yang Kai felt an impulse to spit blood.

If he could get his hands on these materials and refine them into pills, their efficacies could be multiplied several times over compared to simple swallowing them.

However, Yang Kai knew this was not the time to pursue such matters and simply praised the richness of the Beast Sea Jungle instead.

Of course, the only one around to share these words of praise with was Kuang Shi. After traveling together for a day, Kuang Shi discovered that this human was actually quite easy to get along with and began speaking more opening with him.

After Yang Kai gifted him an artifact that was quite suitable for him to use, Kuang Shi immediately became friendly with him.

Giving away a Saint Grade artifact he obtained from the Holy Tomb was naturally impossible; each of them was worth as much as a city and could be called a rare treasure under the Heavens.

Even if Yang Kai was to gift one of these to another, it would have to be someone very close to him.

However, Yang Kai had a number of lower grade artifacts on hand. When he had gone to explore the Ancient Ruins deep below the sea with An Ling’er last time, he had collected quite a few, so giving one away here to acquire some favour was no burden to him.

With a new artifact in hand and a few bottles of pills in his pocket, Kuang Shi was all smiles.

Now, when Yang Kai called him Brother Kuang or friend, Kuang Shi didn’t raise any objections.

As they traversed the Beast Sea Jungle, with Kuang Shi leading the way, although they were stopped every now and then by other Monster Race masters, upon hearing that Yang Kai was the new Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land, all of them simply cast him curious glances before allowing them to pass.

Perhaps, to these Monster Race masters, Nine Heavens Holy Land disappearing was not something they wanted to see.

In the past, the old Holy Master had brought a lot of Crystal Stones, pills, and artifacts which had enriched their lives greatly, so after going two years without any of these, these Monster Race masters were quite anxious to see trade resume.

Three days later, a massive tree that towered higher than any he had ever seen before appeared before Yang Kai’s eyes.

This ancient tree was like a mountain, soaring into the sky, innumerable giant branches growing from its immense trunk, and its massive canopy casting a shadow more than a dozen kilometers in length.

Yang Kai suddenly came to a halt.

When he first saw this ancient tree, he actually thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, but after carefully examining the scene in front of him, he realized it really was a tree.

It’s just that this tree was too enormous.

The world was truly filled with wonders. Compared to this giant tree, the Divine Tree in Yang Kai’s Black Book space was like a three-year-old baby.

Kuang Shi saw the shocked look on Yang Kai’s face and couldn’t help smiling smugly, “What you’re seeing is the Thunder Tree Palace, the place where Great Senior and the various members of my clan live. Great Senior’s residence is at the very top.”

“Why is it called Thunder Tree Palace?” Yang Kai asked with genuine curiosity.

Kuang Shi snorted gruffly and explained, “Thunder Tree Palace is actually a tens of thousands of years old Thunder Swallowing Wood. It is capable of naturally attracting Heavenly Thunder and refining it within its trunk. You must have heard that Great Senior’s original form is the noble Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon. Great Senior’s cultivation requires the power of thunder and lightning so this is the perfect place for him to live.”

“It can attract the power of thunder and lightning?” Yang Kai was shocked, “If that’s so, how can others live there?”

“Great Senior’s methods are not something you can comprehend. The power of Heavenly Thunder is absorbed by Great Senior and will thus not affect others who live down below,” Kuang Shi proudly explained, “Of course, there are a few others among my clan who need the power of thunder and lightning to cultivate so Great Senior will give a portion to them.”

On the road here, Yang Kai learned that Kuang Shi deeply admired this Monster Race Great Senior, any time his name came up in conversation, Kuang Shi would show a look of worship.

So seeing the abundance of pride on his Kuang Shi’s face right now didn’t even faze Yang Kai anymore, simply nodding and replying, “So that’s how it is, your Great Senior is truly impressive.”

“Naturally,” Kuang Shi laughed heartily, “I wonder if I, Kuang Shi, will be able to reach Great Senior’s height in this life. Good, let’s not discuss this anymore, come with me, we’ll be there soon.”

Yang Kai nodded and quickly followed.

A short time later, the two arrived below the huge ancient tree.

As soon as arrived, from all directions, Yang Kai felt numerous Divine Senses probing him, like a raging torrent, washing over every inch of his body, seemingly want to inspect him inside and out.

Yang Kai’s expression remained calm, allowing them to scan him all they wanted, not putting up any kind of resistance, and simply staring around indifferently.

Beneath the ancient tree there were many Monster Beasts, each and every one of them possessing a sturdy body.

Purple-backed blood spider, golden-striped steel turtle, phosphorous green leopard, red-flowered pheasant… all sorts of rare Monster Beasts Yang Kai couldn’t identify had gathered around.

As if awoken by Yang Kai’s appearance, these Monster Beasts all stood up and glared towards him menacingly, their eyes darting back and forth, seemingly communicating with each other.

Yang Kai immediately understood that these Monster Beasts couldn’t be compared to the ones he encountered in the Beast Sea Jungle.

These Monster Beasts all undoubtedly possessed a high degree of intelligence, no worse than Kuang Shi, and their strengths were also not low, at minimum having reached the Seventh-Order.

Yang Kai secretly guessed that they might not be able to assume human form or were members of the Monster Race who simply preferred remaining in beast form.

Under the gaze of so many eyes, Yang Kai remained calm and composed, further attracting the attention of these Monster Beasts.

On the other hand, after arriving here, Kuang Shi became slightly more restrained, quickly greeting some of his acquaintances here before hurriedly saying to Yang Kai, “You wait here, I’m going to report to Senior Cai Die (Bright Butterfly); whether or not you can meet Great Senior will be up to her.”

Yang Kai gently nodded.

Kuang Shi then leapt up into the ancient tree, quickly disappearing into its branches.

Yang Kai stood in place like he was told while the surrounding powerful Monster Beasts eyed him like an uninvited guest, obviously not pleased with his appearance.

However, all of this was within Yang Kai’s expectations so he was psychologically prepared.

*Sha sha sha…*

Suddenly, a rustling sound came from above his head and a moment later several figures fell down onto some of the lower branches, each of them directing curious and condescending looks towards Yang Kai.

When he heard this movement, Yang Kai unconsciously lifted his eyes and couldn’t help feeling shocked.

Naturally, these figures were Monster Race masters who had achieved human form. Each of them was dressed similarly to Kuang Shi and gave off a wild aura, all of them still retaining some of their original beast characteristics.

The middle-aged man on the left had a furry tail behind him and a somewhat long neck and beady eyes. It was apparent his original form was some kind of ape.

The woman on the right had a graceful figure and snow white slender legs, her flat belly exposed to the air and some small, sharp tiger teeth showing from the side of her mouth. On top of her head there were also two fluffy triangular ears, indicating her original form was some kind of tiger or a cat.

Yang Kai couldn’t help staring curiously.

These Monster Race masters simply stood atop the nearby branches and observed Yang Kai, seemingly having no intention of causing trouble for him. Each and every one of them remained silent, only the young woman with the cat ears showing an extremely interested look, muttering under her breath, exposing her sharp teeth.

When he met eyes with any of them, Yang Kai would gently nod while the Monster Race masters would simply sneer lightly.

Suddenly, a pitiful yell came from high up in the ancient tree. When he heard this yell though, Yang Kai immediately frowned.

Because the one shouting was clearly Kuang Shi who had led him here. It seemed like he had been beaten ruthlessly and was now falling.

With a burst of snapping sounds, Kuang Shi’s burly body broke numerous branches and ripped off countless leaves before smashing into the ground in front of Yang Kai, directly opening up a large pit.

“You dare bring a human to my clan’s Thunder Tree Palace, Kuang Shi, are you tired of living? If so, I’ll send you to the afterlife right now!” A tender yet ice cold voice suddenly called out from above. In the next instant, in a flash of multi-coloured light, a pretty figure appeared in front of Yang Kai and gently floated mid-air. Although this woman was clearly reprimanding Kuang Shi, her beautiful eyes were actually fixed on Yang Kai, a sharp light flashing across them.

Silavin: Wow. What a blunder. I accidentally scheduled this one to be posted today instead of yesterday.

With this posted, it will still be 9 chapters a week. Though, there might have been some broken-hearted readers.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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