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Martial Peak Chapter 807

Chapter 807 - Despicable Human

The most important thing to do now was the patiently communicate with these Monster Beasts that he bore them no malicious intent. Only after Yang Kai managed to accomplish this would the other party not act vigilantly towards him and actively engage in conversation.

During this process, showing any kind of urgency would only stimulate the other party’s wariness which would be counterproductive.

Somewhere inside the jungle, Yang Kai stood quietly, restraining his aura while integrating himself into the environment, constantly releasing his Divine Sense towards his surroundings, trying to convey his goodwill.

The nearby Monster Beasts silently hid themselves while staring fiercely towards Yang Kai’s position.

Time flowed by but Yang Kai didn’t become anxious.

After half a day’s effort, Yang Kai finally heard the sound of rustling nearby and when he turned his head he saw a giant tiger-like Monster Beast slowly emerge from its hiding place.

*Sha sha sha…*

After the first Monster Beast emerged, the others quickly followed suit and soon Yang Kai found himself surrounded.

Yang Kai swept his eyes around and couldn’t help smiling brightly.

These Monster Beasts came in all shapes and sizes but each of them had a grand an imposing appearance and aura.

When they had approached to within a dozen meters or so of Yang Kai, they all stopped and sent out low roars. At the same time, Yang Kai felt that they were trying to communicate something to him.

Unfortunately, these Monster Beasts’ intelligence was not fully developed so they couldn’t perfectly express their thoughts.

Yang Kai smiled and then passed a message back to them which went something like, “Hello everyone, I have no ill intentions in coming here today, you don’t have to worry, I just wish to see your Great Senior. If it is convenient, could you show me the way?”

After sending out this message, the giant tiger-like Monster Beast let out a growl, seemingly asking why Yang Kai wanted to see the Great Senior.

“I have something to discuss with him,” Yang Kai patiently answered.

The Monster Beasts fell into silence, each of them glance around at each other, seemingly unable to make a decision.

After a while, the tiger-like Monster Beast tilted its head back and let out a thunderous roar.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly but he didn’t make any attempt to stop it, simply standing there quietly and waiting.

Yang Kai had no idea where the Monster Race Great Senior lived, so right now his only option was to try to get these lower level Monster Beasts to help him.

Immediately after the tiger Monster Beast roared, a second roar deeper into the jungle resounded, then a third, then a fourth, each one getting farther and farther away, as if the message was being relayed over and over again.

Yang Kai blinked at this sight but quickly understood, sitting down next to a big tree and taking out a few bottles of pills from his pocket before tossing their contents out towards the nearby Monster Beasts.

These pills were all made by Yang Kai himself and were for improving the flow of one’s True Qi, allowing them to cultivate more easily.

The surrounding Monster Beasts saw these pills and carefully leaned down to smell them.

Monster Beasts had sharp instincts which allowed them to inherently avoid danger while seeking out opportunity. So, although the grade of these pills weren’t very high, the medicinal aura which leaked from them naturally drew their interest.

Within a few breaths, the pills were snatched up by the Monster Beasts and swallowed down like beans before all of them turned looks of anticipation towards Yang Kai.

Smiling and shaking his head wryly, Yang Kai could only pull out a few more bottles of pills.

Roughly half an hour later, Yang Kai, who had been sitting casually, suddenly wore a solemn expression and looked up towards a certain direction.

From the direction he was staring, Yang Kai sensed an unruly aura rapidly approaching.

On top of that, the strength of this newcomer was definitely not low, at least equivalent to a Third Order Transcendent, or in terms of Monster Beasts, a Peak Seventh-Order!


A burly figure descended from the sky like a meteor, landing directly in front of Yang Kai, throwing up a cloud of dust and causing a shockwave that caused all the giant trees in the surrounding to sway wildly.

The Monster Beasts, who had been quietly waiting with Yang Kai, were frightened and quickly dispersed.

Yang Kai blinked as he stared forward, soon discovering a middle-aged male with a massive build about forty years old standing there. The man was looking down at him with eyes filled with scorn and disdain.

This man’s appearance was also quite eye-catching, wearing only some rough animal skins and having thick, messy black hair that blew about in the wind freely.

At first glance, this person appeared like a mad lion, everything about him screaming the word ‘wild’.

[A Monster Race Cultivator!]

Yang Kai immediately determined this man’s identity. After receiving the relayed message the Monster Beasts had sent out, this Monster Race powerhouse had obviously immediately rushed over.

This burly man’s eyes were filled with aggression and blood-thirst; what’s more, the once calm and friendly Monster Beasts that had been lying down next to Yang Kai seemed to be infected by this man’s aura and were now baring their fangs while letting out low growls.

Yang Kai didn’t mind however, simply grinning and standing up calmly.

“Human, you dare intrude into the Beast Sea Jungle, your courage is not small!” The middle-aged Monster Race man roared, his Monster Qi condensing as he directed a menacing intent towards Yang Kai. .

“I have some things to do here and would like to ask this friend to give me a moment to explain,” Yang Kai replied with a genial smile.

“Who is your friend!?” The burly Monster Race man shouted, turning his face and spitting before continuing to yell, “Despicable human, my Monster Race can never be friends with you!”

“Ah…” Yang Kai was speechless.

The other party was obviously completely opposed to interacting with him, causing Yang Kai to feel somewhat helpless.

“May I ask Your Excellency’s honoured name?” Yang Kai cupped his fists and asked, not giving up.

“Great Senior has bestowed me the name Kuang Shi (Wild Tiger)!” The Monster Race man’s face seemed to glow with pride as he spoke these words, as if it was a great honour for him to have received his name from the Great Senior, coldly snorting in the next instant, “Got it?”

“En, I remember,” Yang Kai nodded seriously.

“Hateful human,” Kuang Shi shook his head before asking, “What did you do to my compatriots? Why did them seem so close to you a moment ago?”

“I didn’t do anything to them, I simply gave them some pills,” Yang Kai explained casually, “Don’t worry, they’re just pills that assist one cultivate, they don’t have any harmful side effects.”

“Pills?” Kuang Shi’s eyes lit up, apparently quite sensitive to this word.

Yang Kai smiled and asked, “I have some more of those pills here, does Brother Wild want them? As this is our first meeting, consider them a small gift from me!”

Saying so, Yang Kai took out a few bottles of pills and handed them over.

Kuang Shi expression clearly showed he wanted to accept, but there were clear signs of struggle between his brows as well. After smelling the pill fragrance directly though, his desire immediately won out over his reason, reaching out and accepting the pill bottles before grumbling, “Despicable, hateful human, don’t think you can win my approval with these things… En, although, now that I take a closer look, you don’t seem to be too annoying.”

Yang Kai chuckled dumbly despite trying not to; secretly thinking this guy was a bit too pure and innocent.

If everyone from the Monster Race was like this Kuang Shi, perhaps dealing with them would be easier than Yang Kai anticipated.

Checking the bottles of pills, Kuang Shi was apparently quite satisfied and carefully put them into his pant pockets, apparently treasuring them greatly.

Curling his lips fiercely, Kuang Shi swept his eyes over Yang Kai once and asked, “I heard that you want to see Great Senior?”

He had not asked Yang Kai anything since arriving here so obviously he had received this bit of information from the message the Monster Beasts had passed along.

“Good, could Brother Wild possibly introduce me?”

Kuang Shi just laughed in response though, “Boy, what do you think my Beast Sea Jungle is? You think you can just casually meet our Monster Race Great Senior? Seeing how respectful you’ve acted so far, I won’t kill you immediately. Quickly go back to wherever you came from. I’ll give you until sunset tonight, if you dare remain here after that, tonight will be the night of your death!”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled slightly as he patiently explained, “Brother Wild, I wish to see your Great Senior in order to discuss some important matters, is there any way you can stretch the rules?”

“Don’t test my patience; you humans never know when to back down. If you irritate me, your end will be very miserable. The Beast Sea Jungle never allows humans to enter, me not attacking you immediately is already a great mercy,” Kuang Shi coldly snorted.

Yang Kai just laughed though, “That’s not entirely true, Brother Wild, I’ve heard that a man used to come to your Beast Sea Jungle every now and then to chat and drink with your Great Senior, correct?”

Kuang Shi’s expression changed greatly as he shouted, “Where did you hear that? Ah… that ring on your hand, why does it look somewhat familiar?”

“Because the man who used to come here wore this ring,” Yang Kai raised his hand and clearly showed the ring on his finger to Kuang Shi, “You should have heard about the old Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land falling, yes? In a sense, I am his successor! The old Holy Master and your Great Senior shared some friendship, it was for that reason I came here to discuss something with your Great Senior.”

“You are his successor?” Kuang Shi couldn’t help widening his eyes as he stared at Yang Kai with amazement, “That guy was very powerful, even able to fight on par with Great Senior, how could his successor be so weak?”

Obviously he looked down on Yang Kai greatly, as if he thought one finger would be enough for him to crush the latter.

Yang Kai didn’t mind though and just continued, “You should know that the old Holy Master brought a lot of Crystal Stones and pills with him each time he came… But now two years have passed without any new supplies being brought here, yes? Since I’ve inherited the position of the old Holy Master, in the future, I also plan to bring a number of things here to trade, such as…”

“Such as?” Kuang Shi couldn’t help being attracted to this idea.

“For example, those few bottles of pills I just gave you,” Yang Kai smiled.

“Those are already mine!” Kuang Shi hastily covered his pocket and stared at Yang Kai vigilantly, fearing he would ask for them back.

“En, naturally those are yours,” Yang Kai nodded lightly, “But if you want any more of those, I first need to speak with your Great Senior. Only after I reach an agreement with your Great Senior can I continue to bring such things here. Aren’t you interested in that?”

Kuang Shi lifted his head and stared off into the distance, his brow wrinkling tightly as if he was deep in thought.

After thinking for a while, he scratched his and sighed, “Why do I feel that your words are only half true… Boy, are you trying to deceive me?”

Saying so, he glared directly into Yang Kai’s eyes.

Yang Kai returned his stare, not revealing any signs of anxiety.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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