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Martial Peak Chapter 799

Chapter 799 - Divine Ability

Yang Kai didn’t open his eyes nor did he use his senses to try to perceive anything, yet the scenes of this battle still vividly appeared in his consciousness.

Soon, Yang Kai found himself drawn in by this battle, even forgetting the extreme pain he was experiencing, all his attention focused on it.

The battle was between two extremely powerful masters, every move they made containing unimaginable power. It was as if these two really had the power to destroy the world.

One of them was a man who gave off a shocking Demonic Qi while the other was a temperate middle-aged man.

The appearance of the former was familiar to Yang Kai, and after thinking about it for a moment, his eyes lit up and immediately understood who this master surrounded by Demonic Qi was.

The Great Demon God!

This was the Great Demon God!

Yang Kai had seen the statue of the Great Demon God back in the Mysterious Small World where the Ancient Demon Clan lived; it was very similar to the person in front of him, practically identical.

The Great Demon God was a legendary existence; during his time, no one was his opponent, the recognized first master under Heaven! Under his command, the Demon Race reigned supreme and even the Human Race with its superior population had to bow and give way.

Since then, no leader of the Demon Race dared to use the title Demon God, all of them instead calling themselves Demon Commander, such was the extent of their worship and respect towards the Great Demon God.

It was said that there was once a Demon Commander who in his arrogance named himself Demon god, and as a result, within a few days, was besieged and killed by his own subordinates.

From this it was obvious just how much influence and prestige the Great Demon God still had in the Demon Race even after his fall.

However, the scene in front of Yang Kai was probably from before the Great Demon God matured and reached that peak. Even so, the masters who could fight one on one with him were still extremely rare.

This middle-aged man was one such person!

He was that era’s Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land! The one whose body Yang Kai had discovered broken and shattered within the sealed coffin.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling somewhat agitated. He didn’t know why he could see this battle which had occurred countless years ago, but he faintly felt it was related to the drop of Demon God Blood. Perhaps the Demon God’s Golden Blood carried with it some memories of the Great Demon God.

The Great Demon God and the Holy Master of the time were both Third Order Saints, it was truly a showdown between peak level masters.

What lead to this battle, Yang Kai didn’t know, by the time he began observing the two masters were already engaged in an intense struggle, both of them holding nothing back.

From the ground to the sky, the sky to the Starry Sky, and then back to the ground from Starry Sky, the scene changed rapidly as the two fought. Their strength seemed even, neither one of them gaining any advantage over the other.

The more Yang Kai watched, the more enthralled he became, unable to think of anything else.

Being able to witness such a high level battle had great benefits to his growth. The Juniors of great forces would often be taken by their Seniors to observe the battles of high-level cultivators so they could witness what true combat looked like, hopefully allowing them to gain some form of inspiration or insight in the process.

It could be said that the scene in front of Yang Kai was a rare opportunity!

The methods these two men used in their battle caused Yang Kai to sink into contemplation while fixedly observing them.

After an unknown amount of time passed, the stalemate between the two men was gradually broken.

Whether the Holy Master made some slight mistake or he couldn’t see a path to victory and his momentum faded, he suddenly found himself at a disadvantage.

The Great Demon God on the other hand was like a raging beast, taking this opportunity to ruthlessly suppress his opponent.

As Yang Kai watched this battle with great relish, the picture in front of him suddenly changed again. Probably because so much time had passed, the memories stored in the Demon God’s Golden Blood weren’t very coherent.

When the vision stabilized again, Yang Kai saw that the battle had already been decided. That generation’s Holy Master coughed up a large amount of blood and his face went pale, his figure quickly transforming into a streak of light as he fled from the Great Demon God.

Before leaving though, he took with him a drop of the blood from the Great Demon God.

The Great Demon God just stood in place, staring coldly and arrogantly towards the retreating figure, not showing any intention to pursue, a moment later his figure also fading away.

The scene in his mind was then cut off…

Yang Kai let out a long breath and slowly calmed his racing heart.

He had never expected he would one day witness the Great Demon God in such a way. Since coming to Tong Xuan Realm, he had heard many legends about this man from many different people and knew that he was somehow inextricably linked with himself.

The Unyielding Golden Skeleton was from the Great Demon God’s body and the Demon Eye of Annihilation was once his eyes, even the Wordless Black Book had been created by him. Unfortunately so many years had passed since the Great Demon God’s time so Yang Kai never had a chance to witness his true strength.

However, now he had.

The inheritance left behind by the Great Demon God had been of great help to Yang Kai’s growth, but Yang Kai felt that he would not be bound by the Great Demon God’s path. On the contrary, Yang Kai was convinced that he could one day exceed the Great Demon God and arrive at a height far surpassing his past achievements.

Only by doing so could he live up to inheritance he received and also prove that all he had obtained was not simply given to him by the Great Demon God.

After watching this great battle, Yang Kai finally understood what had happened to the Holy Master inside this last coffin.

The wounds this Holy Master’s bones suffered should have been caused by the Great Demon God. After that battle, the former had returned to the Holy Land and soon after passed away. The reason he had left behind a drop of Demon God Golden Blood was likely because he couldn’t accept this outcome.

This series of coincidences led to Yang Kai accidentally obtaining this drop of Demon God Golden Blood and being able to observe such a fierce battle.

Inside the Holy Tomb, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes. The darkness that had permeated this space had faded and the original gloomy atmosphere had been restored.

Examining himself, Yang Kai was slightly surprised.

Although he had suffered numerous injuries all over his body, with his powerful restorative abilities, such wounds were irrelevant. What he cared about though was that because he had absorbed a drop of Demon God Golden Blood, the blood flowing through his veins had undergone significant changes.

The amount of golden blood Yang Kai possessed increased noticeably and the Demonic Qi which filled his Unyielding Golden Skeleton had become even more potent.

Additionally, he had even comprehended one of the Great Demon God’s Divine Abilities!

Soul Fission!

By using one’s own Soul brand as a base and filling it with a massive amount of Spiritual Energy, one could nourish it using special methods to grow a second Soul. This second Soul could then be split from one’s body and move independently, essentially a Soul Clone.

The strongest of Soul Clones could display over eighty percent of all of its original’s abilities.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, remembering the Soul Clone of Demon General Meng Ge who he met in his previous world.

Inside the Evil Cavern, Yang Kai, without knowing anything, had used the Devil Sealing Chain to kill Meng Ge’s Soul Clone, and was subsequently threatened by the Demon General.

It wasn’t until coming to Tong Xuan Realm that Yang Kai understood just what kind of powerhouse Meng Ge was.

At that time, Meng Ge should have been using this Soul Fission Divine Ability and somehow sent his Soul Clone to the Evil Cavern. However, compared to the Great Demon God’s Soul Fission Divine Ability Yang Kai had just obtained, there was a big gap in performance.

Simply put, Meng Ge’s Soul Clone was far too weak.

Yang Kai guessed that Meng Ge had discovered some ancient books left behind by the Great Demon God and used them to replicate this Divine Ability, but it had turned out far inferior to the original.

Cultivating Soul Fission had many advantages. Once one’s Soul Clone was formed, one would have two Souls inside their Knowledge Sea. Having two Souls cultivating at once meant the growth of one’s Spiritual Energy would be twice as fast.

Of course, the price one had to pay in order to cultivate a second Soul was massive! Cultivating Soul Fission required a huge amount of Spiritual Energy.

However, for Yang Kai, this was not a problem. With the Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus constantly nourishing his Soul, his Spiritual Energy could be recovered far more rapidly than others.

Sweeping his eyes around his surroundings, Yang Kai discovered that the Holy Tomb was now a complete mess. It seemed like because of his entry this time, this Mysterious Small World had been all but destroyed.

From now on, any Holy Master candidate who came here would likely not be able to gain any benefits, nor would they receive any brainwashing from their predecessors.

Even Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit awkward. Although he had been forced to enter this place by Xu Hui and the others, the Holy Tomb was also one of the pillars of Nine Heavens Holy Land’s foundation. If the Elders and Protectors of Nine Heavens Holy Land were to learn that he had ruined this place, they definitely wouldn’t let him off easily.

At the very least, they would force him to accept the position of Holy Master to take responsibility.

On top of that, the Holy Master Spirit Ring had absorbed Yang Kai’s Soul brand.

Yang Kai suddenly felt things have become complicated and unless he was willing to go to war with Nine Heavens Holy Land, the situation had become set.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Yang Kai didn’t rush to leave the Holy Tomb and instead began cultivating the Great Demon God’s Soul Fission.

Inside his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai condensed a Soul brand and then using some special methods began injecting his Spiritual Energy into this brand, building and nourishing his Soul Clone.

The Spiritual Energy required for this process was immense and even with the help of the Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus Yang Kai couldn’t keep up with the consumption. Fortunately, there were many pills inside the Black Book space, including those for restoring Spiritual Energy.

Yang Kai also had a large amount of Myriad Drug Liquid left so he wasn’t worried about his Spiritual Energy running dry.

Days flew by.

Yang Kai had no intention of quickly leaving the Holy Tomb, hoping that with the passage of time, he could fade from the memories of Xu Hui and the other Nine Heavens Elders. And so he continued to cultivate.

Only when he had reached the minor accomplishment stage of the Soul Fission Divine Ability did Yang Kai decided to stop.

From now on he didn’t need to actively cultivate this Divine Ability as his second Soul would now continue to strengthen itself all on its own. Unfortunately, until it reached full maturity it would not have its own consciousness and could not provide him with any assistance. Once it reached maturity, Yang Kai would also need to find a suitable container to implant it into in order to create a true Soul Clone.

Right now, his Soul Clone lacked the ability to think for itself and could only be manipulated directly by Yang Kai. But sending it into places that were inconvenient or dangerous for him to go might prove useful at some point!

Slowly standing up, Yang Kai looked around for the Holy Tomb’s exit.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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