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Martial Peak Chapter 798

Chapter 798 - Demon God Golden Blood

Inside the Holy Tomb, Yang Kai spent a few days meditating as he absorbed the essence of the Nine Heavens Holy Land’s previous Holy Masters’ remnant Souls.

His harvest was unimaginably huge!

Although Yang Kai’s cultivation realm hadn’t changed at all, because he assimilated the sentiments and insights of so many Third Order Saint Realm masters, his understanding of his future path had become incomparably clear.

As long as his physique and True Qi could keep up, his cultivation would be able to advance without any worries. It could be said that before becoming a Third Order Saint, he would not encounter any bottlenecks when trying to break through.

Such fortune was something all cultivators could only dreams of.

The reason why it was so difficult to break through to higher realms was that every time one reached a critical point, they would encounter bottlenecks. If they failed to spy on the mysteries of the next realm, they would forever be unable to break through.

All cultivators encountered bottlenecks along their path, preventing them from advancing further. Even those favoured Sons of Heaven with incredible aptitude who rapidly progressed and caused the world to marvel at their talent when they were young, would often times later in life encounter insurmountable bottlenecks and find themselves unable to advance any further.

If they encountered some kind of opportunity or if their luck was good enough to break through that bottleneck though, their strength would increase sharply.

So, bottlenecks were something that every cultivator worried about, and no matter who it was, they would encounter at least some in their pursuit of the Martial Dao.

Yang Kai had also encountered several bottlenecks in the past and only after overcoming several life and death situations had he managed to surmount them.

But from now on, he wouldn’t have to worry about this problem. Before becoming a Third Order Saint, his cultivation path would be smooth.

Letting out a gentle breath, Yang Kai stood up and felt that his entire world had undergone some subtle changes, a sense of connection and understanding permeating his soul, giving him a wondrous and mysterious feeling.

Suddenly, from the coffin in front of him, Yang Kai felt some faint energy fluctuations, and after inspecting this anomaly for a moment, a smile appeared on his face.

Upon direction a thread of his Divine Sense towards the source of the energy fluctuations, a stream of light burst forth from the coffin and flew straight towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stuck out his hand and the stream of light landed on his palm; examining it, it turned out to be a small silver leaf.

The veins on this leaf were distinct and lifelike, as if it had just been plucked from a tree, but this seemingly simple and delicate leaf was actually radiating a shocking aura!

Saint Grade Top-Rank artifact!

Xu Hui and the other Elders had said that the artifact used by the previous Holy Master was of this grade, and that there weren’t many like it throughout the entire world.

This Silver Leaf artifact bore the Soul mark of the previous generation Holy Master, but since Yang Kai had purified all the remnant Souls of the previous Holy Masters with his Demon Eye of Annihilation and absorbed their essence, naturally he could control their leftover Soul marks.

In other words, if there were any artifacts left in any of these coffins, Yang Kai could easily obtain them without worrying about any kind of backlash.

Yang Kai had never seen an artifact like this one, but the variety of artifacts throughout the world were many and they came in all shapes and sizes. This Silver Leaf obviously possessed incredible power but since he had not refined it, Yang Kai couldn’t be clear about its use, so for now he simply stored it into his Black Book space.

Avoiding the various arrays and barriers inside the Holy Tomb, Yang Kai eagerly walked towards the second coffin.

He intended to sweep this place clean!

Making his way around, Yang Kai reaped a great harvest once again. These coffins all belonged to previous Holy Masters who were top level powerhouses, so naturally the artifacts they used were outstanding as well.

Almost every coffin had at least one Saint Grade artifact, most of them Mid-Rank with a small number only Low-Rank. Unfortunately, the only Top-Rank Yang Kai obtained was the Silver Leaf, showing just how rare such powerful artifacts were.

Although these artifacts were all not bad, Yang Kai actually wasn’t that interested in them. These swords, halberds, and spears weren’t suitable for him to use as he had never studied any weapon techniques, he was more accustomed to using his own hands and feet when it came to fighting.

The only item which drew Yang Kai’s attention was a dark red Armour Artifact. This armour was light yet dazzling and had a beautiful design. It could absolutely withstand the attacks of a lower level Saint Realm masters.

This armour was designed for a woman. Yang Kai was certain of this as he had taken it off a female corpse.

The coffin where he had found this armour was different from the others. There were two skeletons lying inside of it, one of them a previous Holy Master and the other one of the Saintesses from that generation. The two of them were embracing one another, even in death, causing even Yang Kai to let out a faint sigh.

This Armour artifact would actually make a good gift, whether it was for Su Yan or Xia Ning Chang.

Thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai decided to collect it as well.

Soon, Yang Kai stopped in front of the last coffin, but what made him surprised was that there was no trace of any artifacts inside, and unlike all the others, this coffin was actually sealed shut and encased in multiple layers of barriers. These barriers had obviously been in place for many, many years and were thus showing some signs of degradation.

Also, for some unknown reason, when Yang Kai stood in front of this coffin, he felt the blood stir and his heartbeat become stronger. It was as if something inside the coffin was calling out to his blood.

After staring for a while with a frown upon his face, Yang Kai slowly shook his head. Because of the barriers, he couldn’t effectively investigate the inside of the coffin to figure out what was happening.

However, only this coffin was sealed, making it obvious that this particular Holy Master didn’t want others to open it and investigate the secrets hidden inside.

If it weren’t for his strange induction, Yang Kai also would have simply let things be as he didn’t sense any artifacts inside, but now he couldn’t bring himself to simply ignore it.

Even though he tried, Yang Kai couldn’t suppress his curiosity.

After hesitating for a moment, Yang Kai’s expression became firm and he lifted his hand and punched towards the coffin, sending out a burst of True Qi.

The barrier set up by a Third Order Saint, in theory, would be impossible for Yang Kai to break, but this Holy Master had died countless years ago so the barrier was now nowhere near its peak strength.

It took Yang Kai less than half an hour to break through all the barriers.

As the last rays of light faded, the final barrier sealing the coffin lost its effect. Yang Kai took a deep breath, reached out and unsealed it.

After a putrid gas leaked out, the skeleton that appeared before Yang Kai’s eyes causing him a great deal of shock.

This skeleton was severely damaged, with broken bones and fractures all over. From what Yang Kai could tell, over eighty percent of this skeleton’s bones had some kind of injury on them.

Yang Kai was astonished!

Every Holy Master lying here was a peak Third Order Saint, and this one was no exception. When one reached such a realm, their flesh and bones would become incredibly tough and very few attacks could damage them.

However, the scene in front of Yang Kai showed that this Holy Master had fought with a powerful enemy before he died and regardless of whether he won or lost, had actually taken a severe beating. The reason why this master had died was definitely related to these injuries!

What kind of person could kill a peak Third Order Saint?

Somewhat absent minded, Yang Kai’s gaze drifted over the broken skeleton and eventually landed on a jet black bottle.

Before he died, this Holy Master had folded his hands and tightly held this black bottle to his chest. This bottle also had several restrictions on it and was clearly trying to seal something inside.

A terrifying energy pulsed from this bottle, immediately making Yang Kai feel like his whole body was throbbing.


A crisp sound rang out suddenly. It seemed like when Yang Kai broke the barrier around the coffin, he had caused the contents of the bottle to become unstable and at this moment it was violently rampaging, trying to break free of its prison.

The black bottle couldn’t bear such strain and within moments countless cracks appeared on its surface while the light from the seals also began to fade.

Yang Kai stood by and watch, not making any attempt to interfere. He faintly felt that whatever was inside the bottle had something to do with him.

Together with the scene in front of him, he even had some guesses as to what was happening.


With a crack, the black bottle shattered and a brilliant golden light burst forth, brightly illuminating the entire Holy Tomb.

The various barriers and Spirit Arrays all over the Holy Tomb were smashed by this golden light and ceased to function.

A terrifying Demonic Qi, centered on the golden light, erupted into the surroundings, sending all the scattered coffins hurtling through the air before causing them to explode, turning all the skeletons of the previous Holy Masters into dust.

Yang Kai stared intently at the golden light, his expression fluctuating as he muttered under his breath, “Demon God Golden Blood?”

From the golden light Yang Kai could smell a strong bloody scent; there was no doubt this was a drop of blood. Moreover, this drop of blood was like the purest molten gold. It exuded a rich Demonic aura that made even Yang Kai fearful. To actually be grasped by a deceased Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land, besides being a drop of Demon God Golden Blood, Yang Kai couldn’t think of any other possibilities!

Why was there a drop of Demon God Golden Blood here thought? What kind of relationship was there between his Holy Master and the legendary Great Demon God?

Before Yang Kai could organize his thoughts though, the drop of Demon God Golden Blood floating in front of him, as if having discovered its target, suddenly disappeared, leaving behind a golden afterimage and it rushed directly towards Yang Kai’s brow, entering his forehead and disappearing before he could react.

In the next moment, Yang Kai’s expression twisted.

The golden blood in his veins seemed to have been hyper-stimulated and was on the rampaging wildly. This quickly spread to his meridians and physique, causing multiple explosions all over his body. Within a few breaths, Yang Kai was covered in wounds and his whole body felt as if it was on fire, causing him unbearable pain.

A dazzling golden light shrouded Yang Kai. Unable to bear the pain, Yang Kai lifted his head and roared as this Mysterious Small World was filled with a thick bloody aura, transforming it into a strange red and golden space.

Yang Kai’s Unyielding Golden Skeleton squirmed and creaked as the Demonic Qi stored inside it burst forth and transformed into Demon Crests covering his skin, disappearing into his physique in the next instant.

The red and gold Mysterious Small World was suddenly submerged in a thick darkness without a single trace of light.

Inside this darkness, Yang Kai grit his teeth and trembled, his skin filled with cracks as red blood oozed out onto the ground.

However, in front of his eyes, a series of illusory scenes began unfolding, depicting an earth-shattering battle.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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