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Martial Peak Chapter 800

Chapter 800 - He Will

Moments later, Yang Kai sensed a faint energy fluctuation and moved towards it, soon arriving in front of a stone wall. After pouring his True Qi into this wall, a Void Corridor appeared in front of him and he stopped through, returning to the outside world once more.

Yang Kai arrived in front of the same blue stone entrance to Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Holy Tomb he had entered from.

As soon as he appeared, Yang Kai immediately concealed his aura and quietly probed his surroundings.

He wasn’t sure how long he had stayed inside the Holy Tomb but he knew it wasn’t a short amount of time. Since there wasn’t anyone around anymore, obviously Xu Hui and the others had left long ago.

This was the perfect time for him to sneak away.

As long as he left Nine Heavens Holy Land, he would be like a bird returning to the sky, a fish swimming through the sea. It would be incredibly hard for Xu Hui and the others to bring him back once more.

However, after carefully examining the situation around him, Yang Kai’s expression became somewhat strange.

The entire Nine Heavens Holy Land was in a state of confusion. It seemed like a big battle had just occurred as traces of destruction could be found all around. There were many houses and buildings among the Nine Peaks that had broken walls or collapsed roofs.

Yang Kai also smelled a faint scent of blood in the air and cries of pain reached rang in his ears.

Suddenly, Yang Kai sensed a familiar life aura. This person seemed to have noticed his presence causing their aura to fluctuate wildly.

Yang Kai turned his head just in time to see An Ling’er.

This Saintess, a symbol of purity and nobility, currently had a blue cloth wrapped around her head and her white dress was covered in dust and blood, clearly she had just been involved in a fight.

When she saw Yang Kai, a look of joy and disbelief filled An Ling’er’s beautiful face as she stood there dumbfounded.

Before she could open her mouth to speak though, An Ling’er saw Yang Kai’s figure flicker and in the next moment appear in front of her. Her mouth was covered and her movements sealed, causing her to be unable to resist as Yang Kai quickly brought her to relatively secluded pavilion a short distance away.

“I’m letting you go now, don’t shout!” Yang Kai whispered.

A hint of panic flashed across An Ling’er’s pretty eyes before she quickly nodded.

Yang Kai released her and then quickly backed away, lest she misunderstand his actions as an attempt to silence her.

“You came out?” An Ling’er glanced around nervously before whispering.

Yang Kai gently nodded, “Just now.”

“You really came out!” An Ling’er breathed out a sigh of relief, a light smile appearing on her face. She had been worried about Yang Kai this entire time so seeing him now, safe and sound, it was like a large stone had been lifted off her heart, causing her to relax.

Yang Kai being forced into the Holy Tomb was something An Ling’er always felt she carried a large responsibility for. During this time, she had always been blaming herself to the point where it had affected her health.

Now though she could finally feel at ease.

“It’s good that you’ve come out!” An Ling’er gently patted her chest, “Since you’ve come out, you should quickly leave before Great Elder or any of the others find you.”

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as he stared towards An Ling’er and asked, “Are you willing to let me just leave?”

“En,” An Ling’er revealed a forced smile, “I know you don’t want to be here, trying to force you to stay would only make you hate me. Since that’s the case, I might as well just let you go.”

Yang Kai expression softened and a hint of gratitude appeared on his face.

“What are you staring at me like that for? If you’re discovered you won’t be able to get away!” An Ling’er frowned.

“I was just thinking you look much more attractive now!” Yang Kai flattered shamelessly.

An Ling’er’s face blushed bright red as she angrily spat, “Don’t try to sweet talk me now, I’ve known you’re not a good thing since long ago. Don’t think you can win my favour after all this time.”

Yang Kai laughed dumbly before putting on a serious face and cupping his fists said, “This is goodbye then, I hope there’s a chance for us to meet in the future.”

“En, go quickly. Head south, Great Elder and the others are currently north of this place,” An Ling’er urged.

Yang Kai nodded lightly, quickly found his bearings and then quietly flew off towards the south.

Shortly after Yang Kai’s departure, a figure emerged from the shadows and walked towards An Ling’er.

“Ah, Elder Yu Ying!” An Ling’er was startled and called out unconsciously.

Yu Ying stared in the direction Yang Kai disappeared for a while before letting out a sigh and faintly asking, “Are you really willing to just let him go like that?”

“You saw?” An Ling’er’s expression became somewhat awkward. She didn’t know when Yu Ying had arrived behind her but from the latter’s tone of voice it obvious she had seen and heard everything just now.

“I only saw him hurriedly leave, without any hesitation.”

“There’s nothing here that would cause him to hesitate,” An Ling’er said with a forced smile.

“What about you? You exhausted yourself worrying about him, spent so much time together with him, shared so many hardships together with him, even admired and respected him. Aren’t the two of you at least more than friends?” Yu Ying looked faintly towards An Ling’er.

An Ling’er shook her head gently, “While he is certainly somewhat hateful, I don’t think I’m worthy to be joined together with him. Moreover, I truly don’t think of him in that way, just being friends with him is probably for the best. En, undeniably, following beside him I felt a deep sense of security, making me mistakenly feel like I was the younger one, and I would always be protected by him… but with the current position the Holy Land is in, I don’t think it’s right to implicate him. Elder Yu Ying, can you not mention this to Great Elder? We might as well just say he died here.”

Yu Ying’s brow furrowed deeply, seemingly weighing the decision.

An Ling’er quickly hugged Yu Ying’s arm, acting the part of a spoiled child.

Faced with this combination of soft and hard sell tactics, Yu Ying could only smile bitterly and rub her forehead, “Alright, alright… Nothing happened here and I didn’t see anything… I won’t say a word about this to anyone. Ling’er, you’ve exhausted yourself these past few days, you should quickly go back and have a rest. We Elders will take care of the problems outside, you don’t need to worry about them. All the Holy Land’s hopes now can only be pinned on you. You must diligently cultivate the Saintess’ Secret Arts for now. If the Holy Land can survive this crisis, it will be up to you to train a new generation of Saintesses.”

Seeing Yu Ying agree to her request, An Ling’er immediately became joyful.

However, when the two of them remembered the Holy Land’s precarious situation, their eyes noticeably dimmed. Whether the Holy Land could survive the current catastrophe or what the future held, neither of them could say.

Perhaps, within a short time, everyone here would die. If not for this cruel realty, it would have been impossible for Yu Ying to so easily agree to An Ling’er’s request.

“Elder Yu Ying is apparently quite amenable,” A light voice suddenly reverberated throughout the pavilion, making it impossible to determine exactly where the person speaking actually was.

Yu Ying’s beautiful face paled as she quickly condensed her True Qi, shouting aggressively, “Who goes there!”

As soon as these words left Yu Ying’s lips, a figure emerged a few steps away from her, a somewhat teasing smile upon his face.

“Flickering Heavenly Shadow?” An Ling’er cried out, immediately recognizing this Nine Heavens Divine Skill. This was a very profound movement skill that was equally useful for concealing one’s presence or escaping from an enemy.

Recovering from her shock, An Ling’er stared at Yang Kai who had suddenly returned and couldn’t help asking, “Why didn’t you leave?”

Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders before seemingly unintentionally shooting a glance towards Yu Ying.

When he had left just now, he noticed that this woman was hiding behind An Ling’er, so in order to insure news of his re-appearance was not leaked, he had concealed himself in order to monitor these two. By doing so though, he had overheard the conversation between the two women and suddenly felt that simply disappearing on his own would leave a sour taste in his mouth.

“How did you deceive my Divine Sense? I clearly noticed that you had already traveled far away, just when did you come back?” Yu Ying stared at Yang Kai, a look of incredible disbelief spread across her face.

She was a genuine First Order Saint, but Yang Kai was still able to silently approach this close to her without her noticing. That meant that if Yang Kai had harboured any hostile intent towards her, it was quite possible she would be a corpse right now.

Immediately realizing this, Yu Ying’s tender body shivered as a cold sweat dripped down her back, suddenly discovering that this future Holy Master was somewhat beyond her ability to understand or control.

“No need to be so nervous, it’s not like I’m going to eat you,” Yang Kai grinned, intentionally not answering Yu Ying’s question, his expression then quickly becoming serious as he asked, “On the other hand, I’m somewhat curious about what you two were just discussing. What exactly happened to your Nine Heavens Holy Land while I was gone?”

An Ling’er opened her mouth to explain but before she could get a single word out, Yu Ying quickly cut her off, “Does that have anything to do with you? Since you’re unwilling to inherit the position of Holy Master, is there any point in asking about that?”

Yang Kai knit his brow and felt somewhat confused.

The last time he had seen her, this beautiful woman had spoken and acted very respectfully towards him, yet this time it was as if she had encountered an enemy and was harshly rejecting him.

Yang Kai had no intention of haggling over the issue with her though so he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded, “If you don’t want to say that’s fine too, I don’t have a habit of prying into other people’s business. Farewell.”

Saying so, he really turned around to leave.

“Wait!” Yu Ying suddenly called out again.

“What now?” Yang Kai shot an impatient look towards her.

Yu Ying’s expression became a complicated mix of embarrassment and reluctance, only speaking again after a long silence, “Don’t rush off, I’ll explain everything to you.”

“Sorry, I don’t want to know anymore. The more I know, the more trouble it will be!”

“You…” Yu Ying gawked at him, her face turning from green to red to blue as she grumbled, “How can you like this?”

This boy was acting completely like a delinquent, without the slightest majesty or nobility a Holy Master should have. Didn’t he enter the Holy Tomb? How come his attitude was still so defiant?

In the past, everyone who had passed the Holy Tomb’s test and re-emerged had treated the Holy Land as their home.

Yu Ying simply couldn’t understand.

Seeing this beautiful woman at a loss, Yu Kai’s mood suddenly became excellent, sitting down on a nearby stool in the corner pavilion before turning to An Ling’er, “You tell me.”

An Ling’er snuck a glimpse towards Elder Yu Ying only to see her glaring towards Yang Kai viciously, as if she couldn’t wait to peel his skin, eat his flesh, and drink his blood. Understanding what Elder Yu Ying was feeling all too well as she had experienced similar incidents many times in the past when it came to Yang Kai, An Ling’er did her best to stifle her laughter for a while before pursing her lips and saying, “Why do you want to know about this? Once you know, it will only bring you trouble.”

“From what you two discussing just now, the situation is quite serious, of course I’d want to know. Besides, you just said we’re friends… I don’t have many friends,” Yang Kai suddenly said solemnly.

An Ling’er’s expression changed greatly upon hearing these words, a meaningful smile soon appearing on her face as she said, “That Gou Che will definitely regret not treating you sincerely in the future!”

“En, he will,” Yang Kai grinned, his face filled with confidence.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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