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Martial Peak Chapter 1081

Chapter 1080 - You’re Really Cruel And Heartless

Chapter 1080, You’re Really Cruel And Heartless

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Inside Zong Ao’s room, Yang Kai poured a glass of wine for the old man with a respectful expression.

The old man accepted the glass without the slightest politeness or hesitation.

After lifting the glass and taking a sip, Zong Ao grinned widely and said, “If you have something to say, just say it, as long as you’re not after this old master’s treasures of course.”

Yang Kai smiled back, “I didn’t have such intentions, Old Zong is thinking too much. This Junior just came to say goodbye to Senior. En, during this time, I’ve received much care from Senior, which I am very grateful for.”

Whether Zong Ao was a good person or not, or whether he had harboured murderous intent to him or not, these days Yang Kai had really been taken care of well by Zong Ao. Without his guidance, Yang Kai wouldn’t have had any idea about how to save Xue Yue or how to awaken her Soul Avatar.

Although Zong Ao had also gained much from Yang Kai, there was nothing wrong with a Junior paying his respects to an old Senior.

“Say goodbye?” Zong Ao was stunned, “Are you leaving?”

“Good, I’ll be leaving in two days!” Yang Kai nodded.

Zong Ao wore a strange expression as he asked, “Are you afraid that Xue Yue Third Young Master will come seeking trouble with you? En, you should leave, if someone from Water Moon Star wants to seek trouble with you, you’ll definitely die.”

He still believed Yang Kai didn’t fear the Heavens and had dared to covet touch Xue Yue’s woman.

Yang Kai, of course, didn’t bother to explain, allowing the old man to think what he liked.

“Kid, have you considered following this old master?” Zong Ao suddenly proposed, “It’s just a woman, and since Xue Yue is the son of President Ai Ou, I don’t think he’ll fail to see the bigger picture. As long as you follow this old master, when the time comes, I should be able to make big things small, and small things nothing. Otherwise, how is a cultivator at the Third Order Saint Realm supposed to escape pursuit from the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce? I’m afraid the Star Field isn’t vast enough for you to hide in.”

[Why does everyone want me to follow them?] Yang Kai complained in his heart while maintaining a calm look on his face. He knew that Old Zong was making this proposal because he fancied his Alchemy aptitude, so Yang Kai simply shook his head and said, “I appreciate Old Zong’s intentions, but this Junior is still determined to leave.”

Zong Ao nodded lightly, “Since that’s the case, this old master won’t insist. Good, I’ve got some things here for you. I noticed that despite your excellent Alchemy aptitude you’ve never received any kind of systematic instruction in the field so you probably aren’t aware of the uses of various high-grade herbs and pills. These should be of use to you.”

Saying so, he took out a big stack of ancient books from his Space Ring.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and didn’t stand on ceremony, quickly sweeping all these texts into his own space ring.

Yang Kai was familiar with many of these ancient books as he had browsed through some of them in Zong Ao’s palace. Some were written by Zong Ao himself while others had apparently been collected by him over the years. These books gave descriptions of the medicinal properties, grades, and growth environments of various herbs in the Star Field.

As long as he could thoroughly digest the content inside, Yang Kai’s could smoothly adapt to the Star Field’s Alchemy standards and would no longer encounter herbs he couldn’t identify.

Not having a chance to finish browsing through these books was one of Yang Kai’s regrets about having to leave Rainfall Star in such a rush as he had no idea when such a good opportunity would appear again, but now Zong Ao had taken the initiative to deliver these books to him.

Yang Kai was naturally quite grateful.

“Kid, tell this old master, where did you learn Alchemy? The Spirit Arrays you use is a bit different from the ones that are popularized in the Star Field. Although they seem to share the same source, there are still many subtle differences,” Zong Ao asked curiously.

“Old Zong, the place where I come from is a lower world, where the strongest cultivators are only Third Order Saints, the same as my current cultivation. The best Alchemists are also only Saint Grade High-Rank standard. Spirit grasses, spirit medicines, artifacts, and even raw materials are all capped at this grade, that’s why I don’t know much about materials above Saint Grade…” Yang Kai no longer concealed anything and freely chatted with Zong Ao while sharing a drink.

Zong Ao was startled again and again as he listened to Yang Kai’s story, thinking more and more he wasn’t simple.

A Junior from a lower world actually was actually able to obtain such achievements in Alchemy and even provide the inspiration required for Zong Ao to solve the problem which had troubled him for hundreds of years, allowing him to now achieve a ten percent chance at refining pills that formed Pill Veins.

What kind of achievements would this kid have made if he had instead been born on one of the best Cultivation Stars in the Star Field? Thinking about all this, Zong Ao became even more congenial as he spoke with Yang Kai.

After three rounds of drinking, Yang Kai got up to leave and Zong Ao didn’t try to retain him, only telling him that the method of generating Pill Veins would not leak from his lips without Yang Kai’s permission.

Yang Kai waved his hand lightly and said nothing.

Whether it was Artifact Refiners or Alchemists, or even cultivators, they were a not the sharing type who would freely expose the details of their Martial Skills and skills; instead, they would treat these things as their greatest secrets and only pass them on to their own people, outsiders wanting to spy on these things was impossible and attempts to do so often led to life or death conflicts.

Zong Ao being able to learn the method of generating Pill Veins from Yang Kai had already made him very satisfied, naturally, he wouldn’t now go about publicizing it.

After two more uneventful days, Zong Ao moved back to his mountain valley saying he was going to re-cultivate his vast Medicine Gardens. In any case, his cultivation wasn’t low and he had plenty of years left to live, more than enough to grow a new batch of mature herbs.

Xue Yue and Yang Kai both also stayed in their own rooms these two days.

Ha Li Ka and Lin Mu Feng sensed that the atmosphere wasn’t right and busied themselves with their own affairs while waiting for someone from the Home Star to arrive and deal with things here.

Two days later, Yang Kai came to Xue Yue’s room and without saying anything walked inside directly.

There seemed to be a chill lingering in the room. Xue Yue was sitting at the same table as before, looking stoic. When she saw Yang Kai come in, she only shot him a faint glance.

Yang Kai clearly understood that Xue Yue felt a deep resentment in her heart and it was obvious that her attitude was different from a few days ago, there was a cold aura now surrounding her tender body.

Yang Kai braced himself and sat down in front of her.

“Drink this first!” Xue Yue poured a glass of wine and placed it in front of Yang Kai.

“Is it poisoned?” Yang Kai shot her a look of distrust.

“What benefit would poisoning you bring me?” Xue Yue stared at him coldly.

Yang Kai looked at the clear liquor in the cup before shaking his head, “Forget it, I didn’t come here to drink wine, let’s finish our business.”

He was sure there was something wrong with this wine. Based on what he knew about Xue Yue, it was absolutely impossible she would give up so easily. Yang Kai was prepared to not leave her any face and bicker to the end.

Seeing him act with such vigilance, Xue Yue smiled sarcastically, took the wine glass and drank it before slamming it back down in front of him, seemingly wanting to demonstrate that he was thinking too much.

“Have you thought things through?”

“Have you thoughts things through?” Xue Yue returned his words.

“Don’t play games with me, doing so is meaningless, I gave you my answer three days ago.”

“Is there really no room to negotiate?” Xue Yue still didn’t give up.

“No,” Yang Kai shook his head slowly.

Xue Yue grit her teeth and said, “Yes, you’re right, forcefully picked melon is not sweet, you and I are now tied together by the Soul Chains and if I were to really force you to stay, if one day you decide to commit suicide, I’d be buried along with you, I can’t allow that to happen. Since you insist on leaving, then we’ll have to unlock the Soul Chains then neither of us will have anything to do with the other.”

“It’s good that you understand,” Yang Kai was overjoyed.

“Don’t look so happy,” Xue Yue got up, walked over stood behind Yang Kai from a moment before saying, “The reason why I’m so willing to be entangled with you is definitely related to the Soul Chains, but you’re also right that a big part of it stems from my womanly heart. From the age of three until now, the only person I’ve ever been able to truly let my defences down around is you. These days have been the happiest of my life. Old Zong also told me that in order to wake me, you nearly lost your life, and although I don’t know all the details, since Old Zong went so far, he shouldn’t be lying. I need to thank you for that because no one has ever worked so hard for me as a woman. It’s the first time anyone has shown care for me in this form.”

Yang Kai brow wrinkled, secretly raising his vigilance.

The more Xue Yue talked like this, the more he felt crisis closing in on him. For a woman like her, once she revealed what was concealed in the depths of her heart yet didn’t receive the response she wanted, the consequences would be dreadful.

“Once we untie the Soul Chains, without that layer of entanglement, I don’t know what I will do, but most likely my first instinct will be to butcher you!” Xue Yue leaned over behind Yang Kai, her hands resting on his shoulders as she sighed.

“I’m prepared for that, rest assured, I’ll definitely run far away, so far you won’t ever be able to find me,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Your strength is too low, if I really want to find you, it doesn’t matter how far you run or where you hide!” Xue Yue still breathed hot breath next to Yang Kai’s ear, her cold tone slowly showing signs of melting as she softly whispered, “Is a woman like me really not enough to keep you?”

Yang Kai didn’t say anything, but somehow a sense of sadness filled his heart.

“You’re really cruel and heartless!” Xue Yue clenched her jaw and muttered.

The next moment, Yang Kai felt a sharp pain on his neck and drops of warm liquid drip down on his skin.

He couldn’t help wanting to turn around and comfort her but he somehow resisted.

After a long time, Xue Yue released Yang Kai, her delicate mouth filled with golden blood. After swallowing this blood down she once again grit her teeth and declared, “Drinking your blood today is compensation for all the disrespectful acts you’ve done to me. If you ever let me see you again in the future, I’ll peel your skin and eat your meat, don’t doubt me, I’ll live up to my words! Go and never show yourself before me again, because if you do, I don’t know I will do.”

Saying so, turned her back to Yang Kai, her shoulders trembling, the tone of her voice rising in pitch.

Yang Kai sighed softly, stood up, opened his mouth, but still didn’t know what to say.

Listening to the footsteps of Yang Kai’s departure, Xue Yue’s beautiful eyes burst into tears that seemed to flow without end.

She knew that she would never have a chance to live like this again, and that starting today she would have to resume her role as Xue Yue Third Young Master.

A Star Shuttle shot up into the sky like a bolt of lightning, quickly dashing towards the Starry Sky.

After an hour, Yang Kai stopped and stood amidst the stars, overlooking the colourful Rainfall Star.

In the next instant, an indistinct shackle which was tying down his Soul loosened and Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling as if he had suddenly become free. At the same time, a questioning voice seemingly sounded in the ear.

Yang Kai responded affirmatively.

Then, with a loud bang, the invisible shackles on his Soul suddenly shattered and all the sorrow and anxiety he felt for leaving Xue Yue disappeared, allowing Yang Kai’s mood to completely clear up.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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