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Martial Peak Chapter 1080

Chapter 1079 - In The Name of Xue Yu

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

In this verbal confrontation, neither side could convince the other.

Inside the room, Yang Kai looked helplessly at Xue Yue while Xue Yue drank tea constantly to calm her anger. Unfortunately, her teacup had long ago been emptied, leaving nothing behind but air.

The atmosphere was incredibly depressing.

“Are you really so cold and ruthless?” Xue Yue suddenly spoke, staring towards Yang Kai with a chilly gaze, this man’s persistence had wounded her somewhat.

Yang Kai just shook his head in response, “No matter what you say, I want to leave. This time I suffered a big loss and I never want to leave my life in the hands of another again, especially a woman like you who possesses so many secrets. Once you’re exposed, even Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce won’t be able to protect you, and if you were to die, I’d be hit with the same fate.”

Xue Yue’s Dragon Marrow Phoenix Body special constitution was a very unique physique; it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that she was the best Moon Slave in the Chamber of Commerce.

When those Moon Slaves were taken by men, they would only be able to give them some slight benefits.

But Xue Yue was different. Even at her current strength, Yang Kai was confident he could directly break through to the Saint King Realm, and as her strength improved, her special constitution would only provide greater benefits to her first man.

Moreover, this wasn’t just a pure boost in strength, but one in realm!

There were too many masters in this world who painstakingly cultivated for hundreds or even thousands of years yet were unable to break through to the next realm; to them, Xue Yue’s body was the greatest tool.

President Ai Ou was a man of profound vision so when Xue Yue was three years old, he had taken her away to be raised as a man in order to avoid her suffering such a fate and bringing disaster to Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce in the process.

“How long could you restrain me?” Yang Kai stared at Xue Yue indifferently, with no intention of backing down, “Forcefully picked melon is not sweet, on top of which, both of us know that the biggest factor by far in your current behaviour is the effects of the Soul Chains. The reason you’re acting this way is because of your own desires, you’ve lived as a man for so long and during that time the only one who you’ve been able to let your guard down around is me. Rather than any other kind of feelings, the biggest reason you want to keep me around is so you can maintain that sense of freedom, right?”

Xue Yue remained silent.

Yang Kai’s words were clear and concise; she could not find anything in them she could refute.

Yang Kai’s expression gradually became solemn as his tone of voice became firm, “You see me as nothing more than a tiny Third Order Saint, someone you can order around at will, but have you ever thought about things from my perspective? I am the first one from my world to enter the Star Field, which also means that I am the strongest cultivator from that world; there, I am the master!”

Xue Yue’s absentminded look became slightly thoughtful upon hearing these words.

“You’ve captured Monster Beasts before, haven’t you? Do you remember that Monster Beast King?” Yang Kai’s solemn expression twisted into a snide one, “What was the fate of that Monster Beast King you captured? Were you able to tame it?”

Xue Yue’s mind involuntarily recalled an event in the past where she had captured the king of a pack of Monster Beasts. That king refused to obey her and would often lash out at others, offending those it shouldn’t. No matter how she tried, she was never able to tame it, and in the end, she had no other choice but to put it down.

“I…” Xue Yue opened her mouth to speak but found that she didn’t know what to say.

“Think it over carefully, I’ll wait for you for three days. Give me your reply then, I don’t want to make things too stiff,” Yang Kai glanced at her lightly before standing up and leaving.

From the look in his eyes, Xue Yue was able to see a kind of firm will, one that told her that regardless of what choice she made, three days from now, he would still choose to leave.

Without unlocking the Soul Chains, him leaving would make her situation difficult.

How much risk a Third Order Saint travelling by himself through the Star Field would be taking on was something Xue Yue knew better than anyone. How could she feel secure leaving her life in such a precarious state?

With her thoughts in a mess, Xue Yue grabbed the cup on the table and threw it hard against the ground, grinding her teeth in grief for a long time before finally muttering a few words, “Cruel and heartless!”

From when she was a child until now, she had never been at a disadvantage when confronting others. She had always held the initiative, whether that person was male or female, young or old. As long as they fell into her hands, she could bend them to her will.

The senior executives in the Chamber of Commerce all agreed that she was the best and most outstanding successor candidate for the presidency.

Xue Yue accepted such compliments as if they were only natural.

But when facing Yang Kai, she found herself constantly being restrained, even during their brief conversation now, she had been forced into a position where she couldn’t even refute his words, leaving her extremely annoyed and disgruntled.

Hiding inside the room in a distressed state of mind, she sat cross-legged on the bed, quietly circulating her Secret Art in order to stabilize her disordered mood. Gradually, her breathing calmed down and she began to think about herself and Yang Kai from a different angle, mainly the pros and cons of their relationship, what letting him leave and making him stay would mean.

Outside of Xue Yue’s room, Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

He had given Xue Yue three days, but when the time came, no matter what choice she made, he would definitely put as much distance between himself and this woman as possible, perhaps because of Soul Chains’ effects though, he was feeling a bit bitter at the moment.

Several people who were standing around nearby giving him curious glances made Yang Kai even more unhappy.

These people apparently had nothing better to do and had come to enjoy a good show, each one eager to gossip about it to anyone and everyone they could find, wanting to ask about the situation yet too embarrassed to open their mouths.

“Old Ha!” Yang Kai couldn’t stand it any longer and called out.

Ha Li Ka’s face turned slightly red as he strode over with the other executives while pretending to discuss something, wearing as serious an expression as he could as he did.

“Old Ha!” Yang Kai shouted again as they approached.

“Little brother…” Ha Li Ka said with a slightly unhappy look, “Even though these old fogies call me Old Ha, it’s not quite appropriate or polite for you to address me so. Although I don’t mind personally, if outsiders were to hear about this it wouldn’t be good.”

“Lady Xue’er asked me to get her some cultivation materials from the branch’s storeroom,” Yang Kai ignored his protest.

“Lady Xue’er made such a request?” Ha Li Ka was startled but without asking much, he turned to Yang Kai and said, “Come with me, there are many good things in the storeroom, I don’t know if they can enter Lady Xue’er’s eyes though.”

“Lady Xue’er isn’t too particular,” Yang Kai scratched his cheek.

No matter what, he would be leaving in three days. This time he had nearly lost his life in order to wake up Xue Yue, and he couldn’t remain on Rainfall Star for long, so he decided to fish for some advantages before departing.

Especially Saint Crystals, Yang Kai had exhausted his current supply.

As such, he decided to borrow Xue Yue’s name, by the time she found out about it, he would already be long gone.

In front of the storeroom, Ha Li Ka and Lin Mu Feng each took out a key and together opened the heavy door.

Old Ha was a clear cut and decisive person, so standing at the door to the storeroom, he simply said, “Go in and see for yourself, don’t hesitate to take anything you need, we’ll wait here.”

Yang Kai nodded and casually strode into the storeroom.

A moment later, bright colourful lights flashed in front of Yang Kai, making it difficult for him to even open his eyes.

This was the treasury of Rainfall Star’s Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce branch, the wealth stored inside was astonishing. Rows upon rows of shelves filled with cultivation materials, artifacts, and pills along with ores of each of the five elements and even Space Spirit Crystals used to manufacture Space Rings were carefully placed inside.

As he looked at the assortment of treasures before him, Yang Kai walked straight ahead to a pile of Saint Crystals.

The Saint Crystals here were piled up into small hills of Low-Rank, Mid-Rank, and High-Rank…

Yang Kai went straight up to the pile of High-Rank Saint Crystals and collected fifty thousand of them before stopping, this would be enough for him to use for quite some time. After spending this long in the Star Field, Yang Kai had gained a rough idea about the value of Saint Crystals.

Fifty thousand pieces of High-Rank Saint Crystal was enough to purchase an Origin Grade High-Rank artifact!

After storing away these Saint Crystals, Yang Kai next went to the place where herbs were placed.

Yang Kai already possessed a lot of Origin Grade and Origin King Grade herbs, but he had no way to use them yet as his Alchemy proficiency wasn’t high enough.

On the other hand, he was lacking Saint King Grade herbs which corresponded to his current level. Yang Kai could current refine Saint King Grade Mid-Rank pills fairly easily and with some effort, he could even refine some High-Rank pills.

As such, he collected as many Saint King Grade herbs as possible to help him promote his Alchemy level in the future.

Yang Kai hadn’t gone too far in his pillage, only caring about a few good things while leaving most the wealth here behind so as not to create a life or death enmity.

Yang Kai packed up enough Saint King Grade herbs to fill a single space ring before stopping.

The five-element ores were also essential as the two pitch-black round stones inside the Black Book space were like bottomless pits. The ores he had purchased back on Water Moon Star last time had already been consumed by these two stone so now was the right time to add some more.

Worthy of the treasury of a Heng Lou Chamber of Commerce branch, the grade and amount of ores stored here were quite good, allowing Yang Kai to easily fill up a ring before moving on.

When he arrived at the area where artifacts were stored, Yang Kai was filled with anticipation.

He hoped to find a couple of artifacts here, preferably for defence; as for offensive type artifacts, Yang Kai wasn’t as interested. Compared to these external boosts, he preferred to concentrate on enhancing his own strength.

However, defensive items were a different matter, the more such artifacts he could possess, the better, as in critical moments they could save his life.

After browsing around though, Yang Kai wound up disappointed.

There were indeed a lot of artifacts here, but none of them were able to catch his attention.

The best artifact stored inside the storehouse was a Saint King Grade High-Rank halberd.

Yang Kai has never been interested in such a bulky weapon. Only those men with excess muscles everywhere, including in their heads, would use such an artifact to show off their might. Taking such an artifact would be useless to Yang Kai and would also waste a lot of his time to refine.

Looking around for a while longer but turning up empty-handed, Yang Kai left the storehouse.

Ha Li Ka and Lin Mu Feng, who had been waiting outside, saw Yang Kai walk out but didn’t ask him what had taken much less inspect his haul, instead just nodding to him before closing the treasury’s doors.

They were also counting on Lady Xue’er to put in a good word for them when the representatives from the Home Star arrived, allowing them to escape punishment. So naturally, now that Lady Xue’er wanted something from their treasury, they were more than happy to open the doors wide for her.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, couldn’t help worrying about Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce a bit, thinking that if every branch president was as irresponsible as Old Ha, wouldn’t the Chamber of Commerce soon go broke?

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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